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The Indian Mutiny: The Assault at the Kashmir Gate, Delhi.

In this video, I take a walk around Delhi’s Kashmir Gate, scene of heavy fighting during the Indian rebellion of 1857. Two VC’s were won on this very spot.

A wonderful little video from @redcoathistory on the assault at the Kashmir Gate, Delhi, filmed on location!


fake movie meme: a midsummer night’s dream

the athenians

molly quinn as hermia
armie hammer as lysander
imogen poots as helena
aaron taylor-johnson as demetrius
aidan turner as egeus
brad pitt as theseus
angelina jolie as hyppolyta

the fairies

lee pace as oberon
cate blanchett as titania
colin morgan as puck
juno temple as peaseblossom
emma thompson as cobweb
lesley manville as moth
imelda staunton as mustardseed
suraj sharma as the changeling boy

the mechanicals

russell brand as nick bottom
anthony head as peter quince
zach galafinakis as francis flute
anna galvin as robin starveling
blu mankuma as tom snout
sean maguire as snug

Lt Col Anthony Herbert

Former US Army Lt Col Anthony Herbert recently passed away. I had a very memorable encounter with this amazing soldier while in Vietnam and I will always carry a deep respect for him. During a joint tank/infantry sweep through some hamlets, an infantry sergeant and a few other “grunts” came up to our tank with a “captured prisoner”—actually just a frightened farmer—who they had severely beaten. In fact, the sergeant and another guy were still beating him with their fists & rifle butts. After some heated words, we ended up taking control of the poor man, sitting him on our back deck and giving him water & some reassurance. The still furious sergeant wanted to hop up and beat him more for “bleeding on the tank”. This is where our gunner had an armed confrontation with the sergeant—lots of swearing and yelling about whose tank this was, etc—until they finally walked off, angry and threatening. (Later, over the radio, we were called “gook-lovers”.) Meanwhile, I was told to take the “prisoner” over to a chopper that had landed in a dry paddy. When we got to the chopper I saw a tall 173rd Airborne officer—a Lt Col—pacing back & forth with some maps in his hand—and he had very shiny boots! When he saw the bloody, swollen face of the Vietnamese, he got very grim and angry. I explained that we tankers had not touched him, told him all about the sergeant and his friends. He ordered me to have these men report to him right now—and, I admit, I greatly enjoyed relating this order. When we all got to the chopper, the colonel put these guys at attention and proceeded to give them Holy Hell, calling them cowards. He then placed them under arrest for assault and took them off with him in the chopper—the farmer was “dusted off” to hospital. This true soldier’s soldier was Lt Col Anthony Herbert. I will never forget you, sir.

Submitted by a veteran.

Read more about Herbert’s story here.