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“You’re rescuing kittens now?”

“Look, it’s got such lovely eyes.”

“We have places to be - though…you are right.”

so guess who loves ineffable idiots


Hey y’all I took some time to do a thing after hearing about Anthony Padilla leaving @smosh.

I’ve only come around to watch Smosh again around 2015, and I was pleasantly surprised about how far the channel has gone, both in entertainment and in casting.

Anthony leaving Smosh will make the channel never be the same again, but I trust his decisions, and I trust the people he left behind to continue building the channel. I’ve seen some incredibly funny and talented people in all of Smosh’s branches, and I can’t wait to see more from both Anthony and Smosh in the future.


Anthony Gonzalez & Benjamin Bratt perform a song from Coco

Complete with live music and dancing, the performance at D23 Expo was part of Pixar’s panel on the upcoming film

- Courtney ( @harmonicacave )


Beltino Toad and ROB64 are interrogated by two mysterious ruffians.

(scene from upcoming episode 102 of A Fox in Space)


Beltino Toad - Joshua Gotay ( @RealWTS )
ROB64 - Anthony Ross
Sagan Hachok - Christopher Niosi ( @Kirbopher )
Sonny Van Der Küt - Vinny Vinesauce ( @VinnyVinesauce )


Special thanks to Felicity Morland for helping out with some animation on this.
 : D


If you want to see how the second episode is coming along, I stream on this channel about 8 hours a day every weekday. Feel free to stop by and watch me work.

I’m not amazing at it myself but I have a basic understanding so I’ll try to explain what I know.

Usually I’ll listen to the audio I’m using a few times before actually starting just to get an idea of how long each frame should be etc. Then when I start animating I’ll keep a mirror next to me so I can see the shapes the mouth makes with certain sounds.

You have to do your research and find out how the mouth moves with each different sound, but after that it should be fairly easy.

To demonstrate, I’m going to sketchily animate Justin from the epilogue of 21 Chump Street.

It’s fairly obvious that in this frame he’s making an ‘o’ sound.

When there’s an ‘m’ sound, the mouth closes for a brief second.

After I’ve made all my frames, I’ll put them to the music to see if they look right (scroll back up). Yep, that looks pretty good.

Hope it helps :)

- Alex


I had the privilege to attend Laika’s 3-D Film celebration, Laika brought some on screen figures and prints from each on their films for viewing. It was amazing to be able to see the attention to detail that goes into every piece up close. #Photography is Important 

raemickey & viciouslola