anthony and riley


2016 ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards Luncheon|  Red Carpet
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Stuck - Riley and Anthony


Riled had most of her things packed in bags and dragged them to the hotel with her after hearing that her flight was cancelled. She got her bags piled in the corner of the room and sat on the bed, rubbing her face. She was really leaving, and going back to London. 

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the door opening. When she saw Anthony walking in, she stood up. “Excuse me? What are you doing in my room?”

Something funny / Tonisha

United States Of America.
The home of the free, the brave, the Kardashians and college partied with red disposible cups.
That was 23-year old Anthony Morgan Riley thought to himself as he got off the plane at the JFK airport as he got a big offee to work at the indie comic publisher Darkbright Comics.

He walked around, looking around in awe the surroundings.
So many people with different cultures and Tony felt like a big kid.
His new boss has told him a young woman was picking him up to his new flat. He looked by the arrivals to see if she was there, looking awkward with a Marvel sweatshirt, jeans, worn out Adidas Superstars and ruffled ginger hair.