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wow i really love your "the gang as girls" headcannon! thanks whoever requested and thanks for writing that haha. i was wondering though, what would their names be if they were females?

Thank you! I really enjoyed writing it, I actually considered what their names would be for a while but didn’t know if I would write it seriously or as a joke (i.e. Ponygirl). Anyway, I decided to try and find names for the guys (girls?) that are semi-decent and sound like those given to the boys. With the likes of Soda and Ponyboy I tried to think of names that were equally as unusual but also something Mr and Mrs Curtis would name them. Hope you enjoy!

Ponyboy Michael Curtis - Peppermint ‘Pepper’ Michelle Curtis

Sodapop Patrick Curtis - Stardust ‘Star’ Patricia Curtis

Darrel Shaynne Curtis - Daria ‘Dari’ Shalynn Curtis 

Dallas Tucker Winston - Alice ‘Ally’ Terri Winston

Johnathan Andrew Cade - Joni ‘Jo’ Andrea Cade

Steven Lucas Randle - Stephanie ‘Stevie’ Lucille Randle

Keith Daniel Matthews - Kiera Danielle Matthews

Bonus round because I took so long to reply lmao

Bob Sheldon - Bonnie Sheldon

Randy Adderson - Amanda ‘Mandy’ Adderson

Sherri Valance - Sheridan Valance

Marcia - Martin ‘Marty’

Tim Shepard - Kimberley ‘Kim’ Shepard

Curly Shepard - Courtney Shepard

Angela Shepard - Anthony Shepard

Sylvia - Sebastian

Evie - Evan

Sandy - Riley

Ship songs!

I’m bored at home and trying to avoid editing, so I’m going through my playlist tot try and find good ship songs.

Ember/Garret: Telescope (Starset) 
Ember/Riley: Every Breaking Wave (U2)
Riley/Wes: Dark on Me (Starset)
Garret/Tristan: I Found (Amber Run) 

oc shit number dos

since hte roommates club tm see themselves as a family austin forces them to take a family photo every year. misha and anthony hate it. riley loves it.

they don’t hire a professional photographer to do it tho so they try to do it themselves. this usually results in several failed photos. all of which riley keeps in a photo album

also austin forces them to wear the most formal shit they can bc he wants the photo to look as Normal as possible (which usually succeeds in making it look more odd. u tried, austin)

so basically
you have austin and adrien in cute formal wear and ?? they look cute. good children
misha in a tux and honestly? theyre fucking hot
jasper, anthony and jesse in big blazers they borrowed form misha bc they don’t own any of their own lmao (jasper’s probably still wearing pastel ripped skinny jeans tho lbr)
riley’s .. wearing a tux but riley being riley he made himself look as emo as physically possible. goddamnit riley
hes also staring at misha. he’s probably drooling. why are they so hot this is unfair.
jasper is staring at riley. angrily. stop staring at his sibling riley u disgusting mothball

Y'all. There is no reason to tell the Falsettos actors about the stupid fandom memes. Especially a twelve year old. ESPECIALLY ABOUT EATING DIRT.

Anthony could have gone his entire life without knowing about this joke that will be dead by the end of the week. Don’t DO this shit!!!! It’s unprofessional and unnecessary.

Joke about Mendel eating dirt, fine. Spread it all around tumblr. Whatever. I don’t care. But don’t drag the actors into this. They don’t need to know.