anthony and riley


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Headcanons I've developed while reading:

In no particular order, for no particular reason, but I thought I could share.

  • Garret has the worst tan lines in the history of tan lines.
  • Tristan has and will forever have slightly crooked teeth, complete with a tooth gap that’s never going to be fixed. 
  • Garret and Tristan can both sing, have no shame in this, and have done spontaneous duets more than once.
  • Ember and Dante have really prominent freckles, everywhere. Face, shoulders, arms, everywhere. 
  • Ember has had problems breathing ever sine her bullet to the chest.
  • Ember still picks up shiny rocks and carries them around for a while, even if she can’t keep them permanently.
  • Dante listens to screamo.
  • Riley wears wedges and heeled boots if the elevation is small enough not to make balance an issue. He likes being tall(er).
  • Riley’s Celtic knot tattoo mentioned in the first book is there to cover up a bullet scar.
  • Wes can make clothing repairs quickly, easily, and surprisingly well.
  • Wes is green/red color blind.
  • Dragons are lactose intolerant.
  • Dragons have natural speech impediments when speaking human languages in dragon form due to their mouths not being able to form certain sounds.