anthology book

the signs as abandoned places

ARIES Abandoned gas stations, beholders of tumbleweeds and roadside tales, filled with dead fuel yet frozen in time, eyes on the passengers with their hands and hair out the window, haunted by old desert songs and engines revving behind it.

TAURUS: Abandoned bars, stools turned over, a ripped flyer shouting BABES BABES BABES hanging off the bulletin board, a lost motorcycle tire, glass shattered, and the spirit of hell still living somewhere inside.

GEMINI Ghost towns, at the base of old mountains, houses with shutters like eyes and doors like mouths, swallowing stories whole, convenience stores still stocked with stale bread, cabins and headstones still peeking out from behind fairy wood brambles, nature stretching into steel, ready to come alive with a shift of the wind.

CANCER: Abandoned motels, empty pools filled with deflated flamingos, the sign out front screaming VACANCY forever, each room a different anthology of guest book tales, smashed television monitors and a love note ( or goodbye note ) caught up in the rust of the honeymoon suite.

LEO: Abandoned theaters, stages dented with the ghosts of performances past, torn scripts scattered across floorboards in a mess of Playbills and shattered eyeglasses, broken lights and tattered dress hems, mannequins poised at an eternal act one.

VIRGO Abandoned train stations, cars sprayed in a kaleidoscope of graffiti, drifters still starting fires in some of the shells, grass growing over old gears, ghost conductors with no destination, rails intersecting at odd angles like flowers and bones.

LIBRA Abandoned campgrounds, rattlesnakes and desert blues, dead hot and forgotten, a shelled-out RV and the dry lake where the kids used to play, swallowing up broken toys and flat tents, showers crawling with critters, vintage t-shirts printed with campground bears promising that it’s still “the happiest place on earth.”

SCORPIO Abandoned amusement parks, soggy coaster cars paused mid-ascension, cheap thrills and screams still stagnant in the air, ferris wheels trembling in the wind, clown faces distorted and torn down the middle, a mascot head smiling out from the overgrowth.

SAGITTARIUS Abandoned renaissance fairs, an acre out of time, fake pirate ships swinging, fairy wings trying to fly, dead flower crowns tangled with bright ribbons and peasant blouses shed by the lake, empty squares and old stage buildings, Arthur’s sword caught at the entry, still waiting to be pulled.

CAPRICORN Abandoned toy stores, broken pinball machines, ghost clowns, and popped balloons, playing cards stuck to the floor, a crooked house of childhood horrors, teddy bears bleeding stuffing, and a funhouse mirror distorting the distorted. 

AQUARIUS: Abandoned piers, driftwood split down the middle, coastline the last alive thing, neon lights still calling Gatsby home from the horizon, but promising only the ghosts of mermaids washed ashore, tires and bottles filled with sand, dead trees spouting from old rocks, branches a wind chime of ripped dresses, forks, and seashells on strings.

PISCES: Abandoned waterparks, slides overlooking entire old cities, perfect for climbing, hoses and pools now scrawled over and used as skateboard ramps, kids climbing over the old towers and ladders in their bathing suits when it rains, pure want as their tickets in, yelling, “We’re still here, we’re still here, we’re still here!”


I got the second Persona 5 comic anthology book and there are some pretty funny comic strips so I wanted to translate a few (emphasis on few) of my favorites. Here are a couple to start!

(I cut up the comic strips for better readability and I had to use photos for my raws since I don’t have a scanner so I’m sorry they’re pretty ugly lmao.)


THREE SIDES OF A HEART: Stories About Love Triangles

Here it is! Presented in triplicate for the obvious, oh-so-clever reason. 

As excited as I am to be sharing the cover, I’m even more excited for you to read this collection, coming December 19, 2017! Want to know more? Here’s a teaser….

A teen girl who offers kissing lessons. Zombies in the Civil War South. The girl next door, the boy who loves her, and the girl who loves them both. Vampires at a boarding school. Three teens fighting monsters in an abandoned video rental store. Literally the last three people on the planet.

           What do all these stories have in common?

           The love triangle.

You may think you know the love triangle, but you’ve never seen love triangles like these.

In Three Sides of a Heart, a collection masterfully compiled and edited by Natalie C. Parker, your favorite authors tackle the much-debated trope, and the result is sixteen fresh, entertaining, and yes, even romantic stories you don’t want to miss.

With stories from: Renée Ahdieh, Rae Carson, Brandy Colbert, Katie Cotugno, Lamar Giles, Tessa Gratton, Bethany Hagen, Justina Ireland, Alaya Dawn Johnson, E.K. Johnston, Julie Murphy, Garth Nix, Natalie C. Parker, Veronica Roth, Sabaa Tahir, & Brenna Yovanoff.

hey, i’ll be back to life soon, but until then i present you this great project you can help to fund and make better and better - a comic anthology ‘klub zin #2′, check out the prizes and artists participating! the photos of prizes will be added with time, they’re still in making, so follow @klubzin to stay updated!

the ‘huh?’ drawing is from my little comic published in ‘klub zin #1′


thanks for your help (○`ε´○)/

Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana Del Rey and Sylvia Plath TOC

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TRAGEDY QUEENS is an anthology that brings together two powerful muses: Sylvia Plath and Lana Del Rey. Sylvia’s voice haunts us from beyond the grave. Her words cut like diamonds—sharp, deadly, and forever beautiful. Lana Del Rey’s dark themes and enchanting vocals resonate with listeners from all around the world. Both of these artists explore taboo topics. They find the words to voice the things they are not proud of, the things that haunt them. It takes courage to do the verbal striptease. Let these two extraordinary muses guide you into your own heart of darkness.

TRAGEDY QUEENS will be available for preorder in September 2017. ARC’s will be available to reviewers at that time. CLASH Books will also have copies available for purchase at the Brooklyn Book Fair this year.

Official release date is December 1st 2017.

Contact editor for ARC’s email:

1. Stephanie M. Wytovich - Because of Their Different Deaths
2. Ashley Inguanta - A Room of Infinite Cat’s Eyes
3. Lorraine Shein - SP World
4. Gabino Iglesias - Gods in the Blood
5. Larissa Glasser - Ritual of Gorgons
6. Monique Quintana - Sad Girl
7. Tiffany Scandal - Loose Ends
8. Devora Gray - Pipedreams
9. Cara Di Girolamo - Sphinx Tears
10. Patricia Grisafi - Crazy Mary
11. Rebecca Charlotte - My Pussy Tastes Like Pepsi Gnosis
12. Brendan Vidito - Stag Loop
13. Christine Stoddard - Going About 99
14. Manuel Chavarria - Dayglo Reflection
15. Kathryn Louise - The Blacklist
16. Farah Rose Smith - The Land of Other
17. Tiffany Morris - The Lazarus Wife
18. Laura Diaz - Without Him (and Him, and Him) There is No Me
19. Victoria Dalpe - The Wife
20. Max Booth III - All the World Drops Dead
21. Lisa Marie Basile - On the Elevation of Pain Through Art and Beauty - a Diary of Muses
22. Jerry Drake - Corinne
23. Selene MacLeod - Panic Bird
24. Laura Lee Bahr - Catman’s Heart

Hi guys!

We ordered the last of the rewards (that don’t have such a long production time) yesterday, so ALL the rewards and the books are in production!!

Basically, we could just wait and have tea now IF it weren’t for the shipping process that requires some more preparations - we’re in the midst of setting everything up so we can start shipping right away, when the books arrive!!

Keeping our fingers crossed that everything will be ready by the first week of October. That’s when the Radiance Packing Team is supposed to come together and tackle the boxing of the first (and hopefully biggest) batch of book & goodie packs for you guys :)

We (and also our printing guy!!) are very excited to be “meeting” our book baby for the very first time so soon now!! And we wanted to take a moment again to thank you all for your support, enthusiasm and kindness during the past 7 ½ months - it was so much appreciated and a welcome (and needed) reminder time and time again why we started this project in the first place ❤️

And last but not least: A special shout out, big THANK YOU and all our love for the fabulous @felidfannibal l who created a tiny, very cool, special surprise reward for ALL of our physical rewards backers 😊

Alright, guys, please stay tuned for our updates about incoming rewards during the next two weeks and, most importantly – Herr Hönig said all the finishing processes should be through by the end of September – for a first glance at the finished books!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!! *blows kiss*

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Made to support the RADIANCE Anthology

The RADIANCE ANTHOLOGY is a fan book based on Bryan Fuller’s HANNIBAL, a collection of stories and art, envisioning and conjuring the incarnations of Will Graham’s becoming, fueled by blood and breath.  




“Family” Sanpshot. Paul and John posing with some assistant to master Maharishi, Jane, Cynthia, Pattie and two other ladies, one of them presumably Prudence Farrow, Mia’s sister, to whom John would dedicate the song ‘Dear Prudence’.

The fact of so many attractive women being at this retreat would cause some problem. It’s been said that Maharishi Mahesh was kind of a womanizer, and John would also compose a song about that: 'Sexy Sadie’.