POWER & MAGIC: A Queer Witch Comics Anthology…

…About Women of Color, By Women of Color!

Accepting submissions between February 15th - March 15th 2016.

Who Are You? And Why Queer Witches?

I’m Joamette Gil, a contributing cartoonist for EverydayFeminism.com as well as an all-around comics maker and social justice pusher. My heart belongs to speculative fiction and watching badass women of color get ahead. 

In addition to being the title for the anthology, “POWER & MAGIC” is also the imprint name I’ve been sitting on for years for my non-autobio/educational comics work. I want POWER & MAGIC PRESS’s premiere anthology to encapsulate its mission: putting forth stories by myself and others that capture the relationships between us, the powers that be, and the magic of “we.” 

Witches are icons of female power. They represent rebellion, transcendence, healing, feminine monstrosity, so-called “deviance,” and interconnectedness (with the earth, with their bodies, with each other).

And I’m a queer witch, of course. 

Why Only Women of Color?

Because we exist and we matter! 

Because our spirits soared for the Japanese magical girls on television. Because an avatar from the Southern Water Tribe captured our hearts. Because a black female protagonist is not “unbelievable” in a world where sorcery reigns and mythical beasts run amok. 

Because queer women of color are on the front lines of fighting for change and justice in real life. Because the fierceness it takes to survive as both a queer person, a person of color, and a woman is worthy of legend. Because comics need women like us, and women like us need to get paid.

And because someone is going to ask this as well: yes, this anthology is open to all women of color, not just cisgender or single-gender women. Women are women! 

The Nitty Gritty

Submission Period: Submissions will open at 12:00 am Pacific Standard Time on February 15th, 2016, and close at 11:59 pm on March 15th, 2016

Acceptance and rejection letters will go out on March 31st, 2016.

Specs: All comics will be 6″ x 9″ (trim size) and in black & white (grayscale and tones okay). Stories will range between 3 - 13 pages long. More details will be provided to those accepted!   

Instructions: Send an email to powerandmagicpress@gmail.com with the subject line “Power & Magic Submission” including: 

  1. The name, pronouns, and role of everyone on your team. Solo submissions are fine, too!
  2. A working title and page count for your comic (doesn’t have to be exact).
  3. A synopsis of your story, including a beginning, middle, and end. Spoil everything relevant - I need to know! - but try to keep it under 500 words. Well under.
  4. A list of any relevant publishing credits (whether you’re writing the comic, drawing it, lettering it, or doing everything yourself) plus links. Try to choose examples that best reflect the style you’re going for with the anthology comic. Self-published work/webcomics count! You can simply include a link to your art portfolio if you have no pre-existing credits, but please note that folks with examples of sequential storytelling will receive preference. 
  5. Tell me about yourself, your cultural and artistic background, and why you want to be in POWER & MAGIC. Short and sweet is best!

Rights: By accepting payment, you are ceding exclusive first worldwide rights to your story for a full calendar year from the date of publication, and non-exclusive worldwide reprint and digital rights in perpetuity. That means you are granting me permission to print, reprint, and sell the anthology with your work included in it (in both physical and digital format) indefinitely. It also means you are promising not to print or post your POWER & MAGIC submission until after the print copies of the anthology have been on sale for one calendar year. The *second* they have been, you can do literally anything you want with the comic pages you made - post them all on your Tumblr, reprint it as its own mini, sell that mini, submit it to other anthologies that except pre-existing work, etc - because they are YOUR sole intellectual property!

Compensation: $100 per page, per team, pending Kickstarter success. 

If the Kickstarter does not succeed, for whatever reason, you are free to self-publish your submissions as you see fit, and I will have zero rights to publish your work! If everything goes well, compensation will also include a minimum of 10 complementary copies of the anthology for each creative team as well as the right to purchase more copies at 50% off the cover price for as long as I have copies in stock. If everything goes very well (overfunding), excess funds will be used to raise creator pay!

What Should I NOT Submit?

No fan comics. No autobio. No prose. No one-off illustrations. No unexamined bigotry. No genitals (sex and sexuality are fine so long as they service the plot). No excessive gore. No torture porn. No steampunk.

Wait! I have another question!

Pop it in here so I can build up a FAQ! :)

The Kickstarter for Cautionary Fables and Fairytales: Asia Edition is now live!

This fantastic anthology of fairytales is up on Kickstarter now, and it needs your support! Come check out these awesome comics by a ton of wonderful indie/webcomic artists!

With a glorious cover by Sabrina Cotugno, too! 

There’s also copies of the previous Cautionary Fables books, including our European and African editions, up for grabs, as well as prints, original pages, and commissions from some of the contributing artists!

If you don’t have the funds right now, any reblogs are very much appreciated! Thank you!


Watch on ben-solo-trash.tumblr.com

please tell me that this is legit


Hey Team! I am really excited to be able to share with you all the short story I did for the @valor-anthology this past year. My story is based on the fairytale East of the Sun and West of the Moon. This book was so much fun and amazing to work on. It was run by some truly amazing people, and has so much talent packed into the book. I am honored to be among them. You can still get copies on this anthology here! Or at any convention I am attending while they last. 

Jeremy Whitley Discusses His Princeless Anthology
We first caught wind of an anthology of stories revolving around the world of Princeless when writer (and Princeless creator) Jeremy Whitley joined us on Graphic Policy Radio. We've seen some teasi...

So, in case you didn’t see, I’m finally cashing in all the good will I’ve been building up.

Okay…that makes it sound horrible and this if for charity, so I’m just really glad to finally let you all know about something amazing.  The list of creators is in the article, so rather than listing everybody’s credits right here, I’m going to try and hit you with some twitter handles for people working on our Princeless anthology so you can go find their other amazing work yourselves!

Emily Martin - @megamoth

Rosy Higgins - @unassumingpumpkin

Ted Brandt - @tenbandits

Kelly Sue - @kellysue

Kit Cox - @kitcox

Gail Simone @gailsimone

Kimya Dawson - @kimyadawson

Tini Howard - @tinihoward

Mikki Kendall - @karnythia

Katie Cook - @katiecandraw

Jules Rivera - @misfortunehigh

Bri Rudd - @brirudd

Emily Willis - @arbitrarymusecomics

Ann Uland - @nymaulth

Whit Taylor - @whimsicalnobodycomics

Maggie Venable - @makkunsta

Ivy Noelle Wier - @ivynoelle

Brenda Hickey - @crazyary

Christina “Steenz” Stewart - @steenzartblog

Tara O’Connor - @taraocomics

Kelly Thompson - @1979semifinalist

Janet Lee - As far as I can tell, she doesn’t tumbl.

Sorah Suhng - @sorahsuhng

Gemma Bedeau - @kromatroncomics

Tristan J Tarwater - @backthatelfup

Telenia Albuquerque - @9musesandanoldmind

Susan Beneville - Help Susan I can’t find your tumblr name!


Alicia Whitley - Who does not tumblr, but will tumble for you!

G Pike - @twapa

Joe Illedge - Just find all his articles at CBR, they’re everything.

Tony Fleecs - Like, he doesn’t even tumblr

Ted Naifeh - @tednaifeh

Jason Strutz @strutzart

Marcus Williams - @marcusthevisual

Greg Pak - If he has a tumblr, I can’t find it. Greg-Pak is a makeup blog though

Bryan Q Miller - @bryanqmiller

Jamal Igle - I’ve been trying to get him to tumblr, but no

Brian Hess - @hesstoons

Wes Knipe - @theabominabledeadair

David Pinckney - @sequentialgeek

Kyle Latino - @kylelatino

DeWayne Feenstra - @adventuresofaerogirl

Axur Eneas - @axureneas

Our wonderful contributors:

Aaron C Snow

Agawa Robinson

Aimee Laura: HBO, Zinetendo, RAWR

André Valente: Não Fui Eu, Fabio Zines, Revista Samba

Anna Sellheim: Dirty Diamonds Vol 6, 7 Days (Vermont’s Alternatively Weekly Newspaper)

B. Mure: Dirty Rotten Comix, Meat Popsicle: A Fifth Element Fan Book

Barbara Geoghegan

Bis Thornton: The Keys and Doors Cycle, Enchanté, This is Not a Metaphor (Published in Dates! A Queer Historical Fiction Anthology)

Brian Prince

Brian Traynor

Bryan Stone: Funny Aminals #1 and #2, Hush

Cara McGee: Over the Garden Wall, Zinetendo

Cathrin Peterslund

Celia Favorite

Chris Brunner (COVER ARTIST): Loose Ends, Southern Bastards #12, Wolverine & the X-men #10

Christina Mattison Ebert: Love Circles the World, Can a Frog Fly?, Don’t Play With Your Food: Fufu’s Bistro

Christina Poag: Press Start

Claudia E. Berger

Constanza Yovaniniz

Emily Helen

Erick Trinidad

Erin Hunting: Grumpy Cat (cover), Welcome to Showside (cover), Splendidly Evil

Gillian Blekkenhorst: Friendship Edition Anthology, Moon Power: A Sailor Moon Fanzine, Creepy Coffee

Glip: Open to Change (Oh Joy Sex Toy guest comic) , Steven Universe #8 (Cover B), Steven Universe #41 (Cover B)

Hayden Myers


Jackie Lewis: Lion of Rora, Play Ball, Jam: Tales From the World of Roller Derby 

Jackie Roche: Fusion’s Graphic Culture section, The Cartoon Picayune, Irene

Jamel Jones

Jenn Woodall: 1001 Knights, Secret Loves of Geek Girls, Ladies Night Anthology Volume 3: How to Magic

Jimm Pegan

Joamette Gil: Contributing Cartoonist on EverydayFeminism.com, Dates: An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction Comics, Womanthology: Heroic

Joseph Whitt

Justé Urbonaviciute: Stolen Volume 3, Still Without Name Zine #1 and #3, Citadelė Magazine #10, #11,and #12 

Justin Hubbell: Every Day Feminism - It’s Not a Race, UpWorthy - Which Men Are Gay?, LQTU - You Don’t Have to Show Pride to Have Pride

Kat Fajardo

Katy Farina

Kevin Budnik: Lumpen Magazine, What’s Your Sign, Girl? A Zodiac Anthology, Grow

Liz Enright (Sweaty Palms editor): Zinetendo

Lottie Pencheon

Lucie EbreyMuggyebes - A Comic Diary Collection by Lucie Ebrey, CBSP Fairytales for Bad Bitches, Thought Bubble 2016 Anthology

M Dlabick: Rick and Morty fanzine, Undertale fanzine

Maddi Gonzalez

Mary Verhoeven: Ladies Night Anthology: How to Magic Hexpresso, Other Side Anthology, Friendship Edition Vol 1 A Quiet Place To Toke

Max Currie

Mike Freiheit

Miranda Harmon: Chainmail Bikini, Comfort Food Zine, Glitch PokéZine

Morgan BeemValor Anthology, Then It Was Dark Anthology, Law of Averages (short story extra for Shutter, Image Comics). 

Olly Blake

Rachel Ordway: Art School Adventures, Chainmail Bikini, Space Case: Brave New Workplace

Sage Coffey (Sweaty Palms editor): Small but Present, Zinetendo, Dirty Daimonds

Sara Goetter

Sarah Halik

Sarah Simes: Bring Down the Sky: A BioWare Fanzine, Where Is Home? Comic and Illustrative Anthology Volume 2, Glitch PokeZine

Scott Stripling: Atomic Elbow, Synesthesia, Gigantic Sequins

Shawn Daughhetee: Comic Stars!, The Time I Was Treed by Cows, Seeds

Shivana Sookdeo

Sloane Kim

Sofie Louise Dam: Knivsæg, Hunger Of Horror

Stephanie Hovden: Wolf Years, Dirty Diamonds #6: Beauty, Out Into the Cold

Thomas Slattery: Felony Comics, Rider 0, SexyMF

Tony Wolf: Greenpoint of View Vol. 1, 1-800-Dead-Robin, Schmuck

Weston Notestine

Cloud 9 - A Winter Daiya no Ace Anthology

Cloud 9 is a general, all character winter-themed Daiya no Ace fan-made anthology, by the fans, for the fans, and features works from a multitude of talented writers, artists and comic illustrators from across the globe. It is projected to be released late December 2015.

Keep an eye out on this blog for more information coming up soon, including the list of contributors, what this anthology is all about, and pre-order information. 

Please wish all our contributors the best of luck as they make their last push to finish off their wonderful works!

(Cover illustration & design by Vi)

The Dream Cluster is an illustration anthology that aims to publish the stuff of dreams of a number of artists! So, if you are an artist and you happen to dream at night - and remember what you dreamt of in the morning - we would love to hear from you!

The book will be Kickstarted to cover the cost of production (printing, design, etc) and compensation (as in, monetary compensation) for all contributing artists. In addition, we would also offer all artists involved in the project multiple (up to 3) copies of the book.

To contribute, you just need to fill the following submission form with your name and portfolio by March 15, 2016. We will notify everyone by the end of march. We are looking primarily for one page illustrations, however, we are open to include short comics (one page).

For more information or extra details, feel free to check out or tumblr page (in our about section) or e-mail us at thedreamcluster@gmail.com (we promise a human will get in touch with you, unless you prefer otherwise).

We’re very excited to hear from you all!

-poster art by Addy Rivera.

Tomorrow’s Cthulhu: Stories at the Dawn of Posthumanity, edited by Scott Gable and C. Dombrowski, Broken Eye Books, 2016. Info: brokeneyebooks.com.

“Super science. Madness. Transhumanism. This is the dawn of posthumanity. Some things can’t be unlearned. Gleaming labs whir with the hum of servers as scientists unravel the secrets of the universe. But as we peel away mysteries, the universe glances back at us. Even now, terrors rise from the Mariana Trench and drift down from the stars. Scientists are disappearing—or worse. Experiments take on minds of their own. Some fight back against the unknown, some give in, some are destroyed, and still others are becoming… more. The human and inhuman are harder and harder to distinguish. Mankind is changing, whether it wants to or not, with brand new ways of thinking. What havoc is wreaked by those humans trying to harness and control their discoveries? As big science progresses and the very fundamentals of this universe are understood, what stories are being hushed up? Of course, the Old Ones laugh at our laws, scientific and otherwise. These are transhumanist near-future science fiction tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. These are tales of more than merely cosmic dread. They exist in our world of the next couple years. This is the era of big science and—what is that? We’ll be right back…”

Authors: Desirina Boskovich, Lynda Rucker, Samantha Henderson, Daria Patrie, Kaaron Warren, Richard Byers, Damien Angelica Walters, Spencer Leary, Joshua L. Hood, Jeff C. Carter, Simon Bestwick, Matt Maxwell, Shannon Fay, Adam Heine, Mike Allen, Darrell Schweitzer, Cody Goodfellow, Bruce R. Cordell, Pete Rawlik, A.C. Wise, Robert Brockway, Nate Southard, Molly Tanzer, Joshua Alan Doetsch, Thomas M. Reid, Clinton J. Boomer, L.A. Knight, Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi, J.M. Rozanski

Call for Submissions: Ghost Story Comic Anthology

Hey so, people seemed interested so I thought I’d make a formal post about this! 

“Something Strange Happened” will be a collection of 1-3 page auto-bio horror comics about each artist’s personal ghost story. 

Tentative deadline will be August 1st, 2016 to allow enough time to assemble, fund, and distribute the book before Halloween.

The month of August will be used to Kickstart the project. The goal will be to give each contributing artist their own copy of the book, with any profits after being distributed evenly amongst the artists. 

CMYK color, 11x17″ page with 10x15″ live area.

If you are interested or know of any artists who may be, please let me know and help spread the word (:  

I’ll admit that I get scared of losing you sometimes,
alright, a lot of times,
but it’s real hard not to because
we’re practically in two different worlds right now,
where the weather and the people and even the time, they’re all different,
and I get scared you’re gonna like those different people more
because they are different and they are not me.
And you wouldn’t believe how many monsters come out at night,
ones that I’m not strong enough to face alone, at least not yet,
but I suppose I’d have to learn how to if I lost you,
but God, what a grueling trail of glass that’d be.
So yeah, with tongue tipped in shame and guilt, I admit that I get real scared, real often,
and I feel real bad about it all.
But I must thank you,
because you’ve got this benevolent voice that cures everything soon as I hear it,
and all the monsters flee as fast as they can, lest they be purified by it and lose all of their might,
and I must admit that hearing it makes everything feel alright for a while
—  “Monsters in the Night” - Alec Prevett (Taken from Juvenile: Volume Three)

This past Friday night, we had to say goodbye to @locustmooncomics’ beautiful shop.

A few weeks beforehand, Rafer Roberts (@plasticfarm) suggested the idea of making some kind of tribute comic as a surprise gift for the Locust Moon boys, with a riff on Goodnight Moon, and I don’t think he knew just how seriously I’d take that challenge. It was an immediate frenzy of sending emails, writing the book’s poem, calling in half a dozen favors… and this beautiful beast came together.

We’re not ones to say goodbye, so instead, we said “good night” to Josh and Chris’ magical store - where I spent so many days and nights meeting incredible creators, hung out with my favorite people, and was only a drunk stumble away from my front door - with the help of so many generous, fabulous people. We love you boys, so here’s to your next adventure!

Please enjoy Goodnight Locust Moon.

One million thanks to Farel Dalrymple, @jarreauwimberly, @cynwhy, Denis Kitchen, @weshoyot, @msgier, @andreatsurumi, Dean Haspiel, Bob Sikoryak, and everyone else who helped make this happen. ❤🌛 ❤


Hello everyone! Now that the Kickstarter-backed hard copies of Purity: The “Post-Yaoi” Anthology have arrived and started shipping, we’re back to our Artist Spotlights! (It felt a little cruel to keep teasing content that folk weren’t going to see for a while.) Anni’s contribution is something we are absolutely elated to tell you about today–it’s beautiful, adorable, and an absolute star story in the anthology! 

Anni K is a Finnish illustrator and comics artist, most famous for their BL webcomic, Transfusions! Her webcomic, which is a modern-day vampire romance, is known for its crisp visuals, deliberate pacing, carefully-developed cast, and touching intimacy. Plot and characterization take priority, and you can feel the care taken in every single panel. Years of hard work have yielded hundreds of pages of engaging romance for you to read–so make sure to check it out! (It’s also available in German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish!) And if you love it–and who doesn’t?–don’t forget to donate!

Anni’s short comic in Purity, starring the couple featured above, is about two sweet (and raunchy!) metalheads–one of whom is feeling a little under the weather. Without giving too much away, oh my god, it is too precious for words  ❤. You’re going to love these two–and their ink.

You can also follow Anni on Tumblr, where you can find even more of her work, as well as Deviantart, her portfolio, and Twitter!

Having Anni on board is an absolute thrill, as both AE and Anne are longtime fans. Let’s have a big hand for Anni, and please look forward to her story “Cold Medicine”! Thank you again, Anni K!

You can order copies of Purity: The “Post-Yaoi” Anthology on Storenvy.