Introducing: Madame Belle

Madame Belle  is the preeminent name in hospitality at the Aerodrome. She and her staff of ladies and gentlemen welcome guests from multiple time-streams to her magnificent house, which accommodates guests for just an afternoon of delight or for a longer stay. Discerning patrons of, regardless of gender, rave about the quality of entertainment available at this most orderly of disorderly houses.

Madame Belle has a keen interest in scientific matters. She funds a fitted laboratory in the basement of her guest house. Belle’s particular interest lies in the theoretical implications of time-stream physics, but her staff makes use of the lab for all manner of experiments.  Under her watchful eye they make inquires into mechanics, chemistry, metaphysics and the electrical sciences with an eye towards future product developments.  One exciting line of inquiry includes experimental prototyping of an extremely thin rubber that may  offer countless applications.

In her spare time, Madame Belle delights in acquiring jewels, admirers, and valuable bits of information.

Румыния, Бухарест, Romanian Antheneum ✈