anthem for america

imagine quitting a well-paying stable job because of a 30 second bopless anthem. white america…….. is………………. a Mess™

The most patriotic thing an American can do is advocate for a better tomorrow. If you consider a drunk person running around with a flag thong on as they shout propaganda slogans more patriotic than any person protesting the violation of our rights, you have no idea what patriotism means, and no idea what the American flag stands for. This country is literally built on protest and going against the grain to build a better union. You lash out against people who respectfully kneel during a song, but applaud nazis shouting anti-diversity, anti-American slogans. You are more concerned about hand and crowd size than the future of our children. Put down your phone and pick up some books if you don’t comprehend this, Mr. President, and if you still can’t comprehend it, hand in your resignation before the American people turn your own words against you - “You’re fired!”

America: Hey, buddy, quick question, why is your national anthem so freakin’ terrifying?!

France: Oh, did Canada finally translate it for you? 

America: Yes!! Wtf, dude, everyone else has nice songs about how pretty they are and shit but– 

France: Was it the line about the blood–

America: So much blood… 

France: It’s invigorating.