anthea knows


After seeing that we were given the ok to color these, I’ve been wanting to color this for awhile now and finally did.Characters and line art belongs to the lovely @thisiskindagross​.  I wanted to stay as close to her style as I could possibly get while keeping my own little coloring touches.

okay so I’m rewatching ASiP, and I know everyone and their mother has made a connection between classic lip lick flirt™ by Johnny h. Watson directed at Anthea and then the not-date/date with Sherlock, but like, the writers were also really blatantly making another significant parallel here, extremely early on, in revealing that John had A Type

I mean think about it. he JUST met Anthea, he doesn’t know a thing about her, except for the fact that she’s mysterious, haughty, hot, and is working for THE MAN WHO JUST KIDNAPPED HIM.

like?? mmm, now, Watson my lad, I’m not sure about this but I feel like maybe you just met someone, tall, dark, mysterious, handsome, and arrogant, who investigates dangerous crime, that you are also attracted to. who on earth could that be I wonder?? sounds so familiar

(and, of course, this Type is further compounded by Mary, who he says he’s not known for a very long time, and then later we find out she is a Murderess Extraordinaire who is Extra full of herself, ms. “I agree I’m the best thing that could have happened to you ehehehehhee”)  

the writers couldn’t have hit us over the head with this any harder if they’d released a statement with that THIS MAN IS BISEXUAL gif with a psychiatric evaluation pinned to it that states in bold red letters: ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO DANGER

like?? live your life johnny boy but maybe someone needs to sit down and have a talk with mr. trust issues about fuckin stranger danger

You know what’s bugging me? Why was anthea working with both irene and mycroft? Did she switch sides? Was mycroft working with irene in some way shape or form? Did anthea work with her to get more information for mycroft? Like this is from s2 and is still bugging me /apparently it was Kate not anthea I thought it was anthea I am Ill rn tho to be fair to myself and I only even thought of this because I was reading a fanfic and it mentioned anthea and reminded me for some reason (also I haven’t watched the episode in like years because like fuck that pain??)

zipette  asked:

Anthea, I don't know what Mycroft has eaten, or drunk or smoked today but it certainly was... hair-rising! :-)

He hadn’t taken any mind altering substances.

That was… Mycroft.

- A.

100% sure London is a metaphor for John, or at the very least 221b which represents his time with John. Look at his face in the last image. He’s imagining something with vivacity, he’s forlornly anticipating feeling the “quiver of its (his) beating heart”. But immediately after Anthea tells him there’s an imminent terror attack on the city he so desperately wants to be back in?

Sherlock: “And what about John Watson?”

Oh an Anthea? She knows what’s up.