Listen: Anthea x Janine 😱
* Both luscious brunettes
* Both occupied assistants positions for two of the most powerful men in the western world
* Have this titillating 6000-miles-ahead-of-you aura
* Both mysterious AF
* Both outsmart men
* High resistance to pressure and mindfuckery
* Idk Man they just look great as a lesbian power couple 😌

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Sherlolly, Mythea and Warstan. The girls shave their heads for charity. How the boys react is up to you.

And finally, I am answering this! (It feels like forever, I know). This I think was supposed to be gifted to @ladyofdragonflies for some reason and I forgot, so I hope you enjoy it as well, m’dear!

For A Good Cause (A “nongentorum” Story) - The women shave their heads for Little Princess Trust and the reactions that their significant others have aren’t quite what they expected.

Fandom: Sherlock (TV)

Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Molly HooperAnthea/Mycroft HolmesMary Morstan/John Watson

Characters: Molly HooperSherlock HolmesAnthea (Sherlock)Mycroft HolmesMary MorstanJohn Watson

Additional Tags: CharitiesShaved headsHaircutsFor A Good CauseHair Donationadmission of feelingsGoing Out For CoffeeAngry SherlockHurt Mollysurprised MollyAmused AntheaEnamoured MycroftMycroft Holmes Has FeelingsFlirty Maryflirty johnworkplace flirtingBanterEstablished Anthea/Mycroft HolmesEstablished Mary Morstan/John WatsonMarried Mary Morstan/John Watson

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“I am not crying, okay?! I’m allergic to jerks!”

Sherlock felt his blood boil at the sight of his Molly, her long hair gone, given to a charity he couldn’t be bothered to remember, pulling down the tight cap on her head as tears streamed down her cheeks and the callous laughter of the interns echoed in the lab. He, personally, thought she looked beautiful no matter whether she had hair on her head or not, and he was not about to let this stand, especially when she had done what she had done for a good cause. He pushed away from his station and stood, fists clenched. “Excuse me.”

The look on her face changed to one of alarm. “Don’t do anything!” she said, reaching out to grab his arm and instead grasping a fist. He stopped, looking down at their joined hands. “It’s not worth it. They’re prats.”

“But they’re harassing you,” he said. “They need a lesson in manners.”

She looked up at him, surprised. “You’d give them one?” she said.

“You donated your hair to a worthy cause,” he said. “And you still look quite beautiful regardless.” He could see red dotting her cheeks as he said that. “Had I not told you that before?”

“No, Sherlock, you hadn’t,” she said. She slowly eased his hand out of the fist and then threaded her fingers between his. “You really think so?”

“Yes,” he said quietly. “Not having any hair changes nothing about how beautiful you seem to me. You were always lovely from the inside out.” He looked up at her. “Perhaps, if you would like, we could go out? Together? Have a coffee?”

“I would like that very much,” she said with a wide smile. That smile was all she needed to be beautiful, really.

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The Tables Have Turned - afteriwake - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Anthea/Mycroft Holmes
Characters: Anthea (Sherlock), Mycroft Holmes
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Soulmates, Romantic Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Timers, Resistance, Unhappy Anthea, Unhappy Mycroft, Eventual Happy Ending, POV Anthea, BAMF Anthea (Sherlock), Anthea (Sherlock)-centric, Pre-Relationship, Pre-Series, First Meetings, Impressed Mycroft, Nicknames, Anthea Is An Orphan
Series: Part 5 of A Thousand Different Lives

Andrea Roosevelt never dreamed that her soulmate was going to be the man whom she was interviewing for a position for. But when they reach an impasse as to whether he will get a PA and she will have a job, she uses her skill at deductions to prove just how valuable she can be…and might get more in the end than she bargained for.

And here it is, ladies and gentlemen, my 800th Sherlock-centric fic! ::throws confetti:: 

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This particular couple was picked out by @stickyrive, and I used an old prompt from @ladysolitaire that went “Mythea prompt: Soulmates AU, where a clock somewhere on their body counts down until they meet their soulmate.” So please enjoy and now I can get cracking on all the other wonderful prompts I have! 

Sometimes, she swore if she looked at the clock on her arm, she could hear it tick. Tick…tick…tick… Every second counting down until she was supposed to meet her “one true love.” Something she thought was utter bullshit, to be honest. Most everyone who had grown up in the same orphanage she did had. Most of them were children born because people had fooled around in relationships out of soul mate bonds and they were the consequence and…well, no one really wanted pesky little illegitimate children in the way of a true soul mate bond, did they?

No, of course not.

There were some, of course, that were the product of true love bonds, who were victims of the system. They hadn’t stayed in the orphanage long; it was apparent in their faces they were good children. The right children. And so she had studied them, acted like them. She knew with her pedigree she may never get adopted, may never get a halfway decent family of her own, but at least she could slip on a mask. Be proper. But what the world wanted.

And now that she was older, free, that mask did her well. Add in a British accent, good clothing, stylish hair, perfect make-up and Andrea Roosevelt was no longer an unwanted. She had power, she had worth.

And today Andrea Roosevelt was going to ignore the hell out of her soul mate clock if it was the last thing she did.

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