anteroom sessions

Strategy #1: Connecting with People

08.26.2011 6:41AM

Okay, so I’ve really put off my strategies post for a while now, so I think to get the ball rolling, I’ll just start posting strategies one at a time.

Today’s strategy, which I’ve already applied today, is connecting with people. Whether it be people based in the Philippines as well, or abroad. This is where comes in.

I recently messaged foreign travelers who mentioned they were in the Philippines for vacation. An Indonesian girl answered, albeit when she got back to Indonesia. :P Nonetheless, a slight connection has been formed, and is available for future use.

I also posted details of Anteroom Sessions on, and I got a few more attendees, two of which seem like really interesting people based on their CS profiles. In any case, I messaged them to express my interest in meeting them. :P

This is just the beginning I guess, and the more connections I make, the better for both my brand/company, Punchdrunk Panda, and my plans of couchsurfing and/or bringing the business to other countries. :D

Off to see if I can get a free yoga class this morning!