Enzo! Your resident party boy and the most non committal guy you’ll ever meet. (Also it’s Dove again bc I have no self control and picked up a second character. This will probably happen again sometime in the near future. Someone pls stop me.)

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Light-to-Dark Series: Anteros, God of requited love

The easiest form of love is one that is reciprocated. He’s quiet because he knows it to be true. People look towards him, fingers interlacing and eyes sparking. He doesn’t hurt those who’s love can never be accepted. He hurts those who believe that they are incapable of love or being loved. He’s quiet but he knows. That’s why it hurts more.

for @hostilemakeover

I had a mighty need to see these two dorks together, and it is 100% @cute-ellyna‘s fault. STOP MAKING HIM SO DAMN SEXY!

Set about a month before Trespasser, when Ashalya’s hair has grown out and Solas took away her vallaslin (I know in game it’s only for romanced Inquisitors, but in my headcannon he did it for his bestie)

Also props to me for not rage quitting after my asshole cat decided I wasn’t paying enough attention to him and took a stroll on my keyboard and deleted my pen of choice =‘D

Look at that jealous little asshat.

Antero hashtag translations

maidenfairelady replied to your post “I never knew how much I needed Antero’s instagram in my life”

I just wish I could understand the Finnish hashtags. ��

(Why does xkit not know how to emoji?!)

Anyway, oh no an excuse to translate things… :D
Some are also in Swedish and Finnglish so I guess I’ll translate those too. o__O

A post shared by Antero Manninen (@antero_man) on Feb 9, 2017 at 5:29am PST

#fillariteline = fillari teline = bike rack :’D
#perse = arse
#noperse = no perse = no arse
#kiitollinen = thankful
#keravanquasimodo = Keravan Quasimodo = Quasimodo of Kerava

A post shared by Antero Manninen (@antero_man) on Feb 10, 2017 at 5:22am PST

#hartiatsuorassa = hartiat suorassa = shoulders straight
#kehobalanssissa = keho balanssissa = body in balance
#tervemieliterveessäruumiissa = terve mieli terveessä ruumiissa = healthy mind in a healthy body

A post shared by Antero Manninen (@antero_man) on Feb 11, 2017 at 3:45pm PST

#pukkilanurpot = Pukkilan urpot = Morons of Pukkila/Pukkila’s morons
#pukkilanspedet = Pukkilan spedet = (I don’t directly know how to translate it, but “spede” is another rude name for someone irritating and stupid. The Finnish urban dictionary tells me that it’s one of those words young people use to look cool but ultimately do not, lmfao) Clowns of Pukkila, maybe
#tarkkaavaisenkatsojanbonus = Tarkkaavaisen katsojan bonus = Observant viewer bonus (because Mikko’s butt is hidden somewhere in th full photo XD)

A post shared by Antero Manninen (@antero_man) on Feb 13, 2017 at 9:32am PST

#kaksoisleuka = kaksois leuka = double chin
#lapinlyhyitlaitgai = Lapin lyhyit lait gai = Lapland’s shortest light guy (Finnish/Finnglish, and Pekka is Apocalyptica’s lights guy, if you didn’t know)
#sipoonsusi = Sipoon susi = Wolf of Sipoo
#sibbolynx = Sibbo lynx = Sipoo lynx (Swedish/English)
#pekkafrånfinland = Pekka från Finland = Pekka from Finland (Swedish)
#hyvämeininki = hyvä meininki = good happenings/atmosphere
#janoaviakatseita = janoavia katseita = hungry gazes/looks of hunger

A post shared by Antero Manninen (@antero_man) on Feb 15, 2017 at 9:12am PST

#kiertueröllykkä = kiertue röllykkä = tour belly (I believe röllykkä is more specifically like a small beer belly XD)
#aivanpoikki = aivan poikki = exhausted, dead tired
#hilfe = help (German)

Songs That People Should Really Listen To (with links)

So I did these on my last blog, so might as well continue the tradition!

A cute explanation for why Patrick has been so quiet lately (probably):

I bet Patrick and Elisa switched out when their second kid was born. After Declan was born, Patrick almost immediately went on tour and left Elisa at home with the baby. But after Antero was born, Patrick virtually disappeared from the earth and only came out to perform a couple shows or release one or two songs. A lot of couples do that – Mom stays with the first kid and Dad stays with the second one – so I won’t be surprised if Patrick and Elisa did the same, which explains Patrick’s limited appearances. I bet it was Patrick’s turn to stay home this time around.

We miss Patrick but aww! What if!


Anteros kupris by Colin Hutton