My name is
Hana May, and I own and run Hearty Magazine for a living. 

I’m originally from
Van City, but currently rep NYCEE! Chinatown!
You might know me from
Hearty, or bylines in Antenna Magazine, Interview Magazine, Elle, We Are The Market’s Website.

and have done works for
Umm, I guess “Your Mom” joke isn’t the appropriate thing to put here.

On my desk, you’ll usually find:
Stacks of other people’s business cards, a wood H, hair dye, a box of receipts, to do lists, empty coffee cups.

My workspace is alway
Pretty tidy I.E. organized chaos. 

The dopest thing in it would have to be 
The Internet Router.

Without it we would have no internet. Technology, Holla!

The 1 thing I know you won’t have is
This weird plush toy that makes noise when you squeeze it that I got from my nephew. (he slobbered on it first)

Without my
window and/or bright light I can’t function. 

Being a professional is
I’m a professional?

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in this game is
Always say Thank You.

If you wanted to follow in my footsteps, I advise you to
Take the leap

If I were stranded on a

and had to bring 1 item from my desk, it would definitely be my
cell phone. S.O.S. tweets coming at ya. 

If someone stole my

I’d probably
Be really happy. 

The one thing I wish I had in my space is
More food. 

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Photo credit: Rafael Rios

Original Article

Self Stylin' with Sebastian Stan

Over at Antenna Magazine we run a story called Self Style.  For the upcoming Summer issue we got Sebastian Stan in our studio.  KarmaloopTV came by to film it for the Antenna Mag channel.  Here I am explaining the looks that we shot. 

We used menswear from all across the board; such as well known designers John Varvatos, Paul Smith and Ferragamo to sporty brands like Keds, Fred Perry and Lacoste to a lot of independent designers like Assembly NY, Burkman Brothers, 18 Waits, Rogue and Juma to international brands like Closed, ASOS and Allsaints.  An array of new shoes by the likes of Zeha BerlinTween & Barque.

Yes, styling this guy is a perk of the job.  Of course, I was familiar with Sebastian from Gossip Girl but you can see more of him this summer in the sure to be blockbuster Captain America.  He was down to earth & humble; just how I like my handsome celebs to be. 

Watch the full Self Style video here.