Ele ordenou a Queda no sentido de escolher permiti-la, mas não no sentido de escolher coagi-la. Sua graça predestinadora é graciosa precisamente porque Ele escolheu salvar pessoas que sabia de antemão que estariam espiritualmente mortas.
—  R. C. Sproul – Eleitos de Deus

At the Drive-In - Hourglass

It’s a new band
It’s not acoustic
It’s the best music they’ve ever made together
I can’t wait for you to hear it
However good you think it is, that is but a quark in the cosmos of how good it actually is”
“Everyone should pretty much be the most hyped and excited they have ever been for anything Omar+Cedric related, ever. If music has anything to do with it, I expect Antemasque to be their most successful project to date. I can’t BELIEVE they reinvented themselves again! It’s unheard of.
—  What is Antemasque? - Matt, Sound engineer for TMV.