Guys. It’s official. Antelope Lending Library and Iowa Youth Writing Project have bought a bookmobile! And it is currently parked in my driveway.

We are at a very different place now than we thought we would be when we started fundraising back in November, but we could not possibly be happier. While we’re still a ways off from rolling into action, we are a lot closer than we were. The crazy idea of a small, non-profit library would have remained just that—an idea—without The James Gang teaching us about what it means to be a non-profit and helping us become one, the bookmobile Defunct Books sold to us at an incredibly reasonable price, our enthusiastic volunteers whose help we will continue to rely on, and all of our wonderful supporters sending us books and donations from across North America. We are incredibly lucky to have so much support.

Here’s to a busy, book-filled summer!

Library Director

Today is the first day of our October book sale! Come visit us at the Mercer Park Farmers’ Market every Tuesday in October from 3-6 pm: pick up some great reads for you and support our bookmobile services in the process. All donations are tax deductible. It’s a win-win!

Many thanks to our friend Kathryn Heffner for this amazing flyer! See it printed in rainbow colors at the Market today!

This is our last week in the parks with the Parks and Rec Summer Playground Program. To celebrate, we’ve been giving away 2 books to each kid who has participated in our programming this summer. We’ve had a great time getting to know the kids and families at each of these locations and we think they’ve had fun too. ;)

We’ll be visiting each of our parks locations once more next week and after that you can continue to find us at the Mercer Park Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays from 3-6 pm until October 29th. For our full schedule (and to sign up to volunteer!), go to our Sign-Up Genius page.


Check out the great sentences and illustrations that the kids in ROAR over at Grant Wood put together today at the first official Antelope Lending Library program! We read National Geographic’s African Animal Alphabet by Beverly and Dereck Joubert and discussed alliteration. Then we talked about why animals can’t borrow library books and used alliteration to describe what they would do to the books if they did! The kids had a great time and came up with some fabulously fictitious and funny phrases and paired them with illuminating illustrations. For more amazing alliteration (and a few sentence “translations”), head over to our Facebook page to see the whole album!
June 18, 2013 City Council Meeting

Library Director Cassandra Elton presented at the City Council meeting this Tuesday and they approved our grant application for $3,000 to buy new books for the library!

This will enable us to drastically increase our selection of books in Spanish, French, and Swahili (which, combined, we have about 10 of right now), help us to grow our graphic novel section, and allow us to complete a few series we already have that are missing a book or two (who wants to read Harry Potter sans books 5 and 7?).

She’s introduced around minute 65—and be sure to listen for the mayor’s praise of “Fantastic!” at the end of her presentation!