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From May 16 through 24, 2016, we took an epic road trip in the American Southwest, visiting some of the USA’s most treasured National Parks;

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Carrizo Plain National Monument

This was our first time to Carrizo Plain and it’s a truly incredible place. It’s home to the largest concentration of endangered species in California and we managed to see a few including a Pronghorn and Tule Elk. 

It’s hard to believe that such a cool National Monument is the least crowded place we’ve ever visited in California. The Carrizo Plain is just 100 miles as the bird flies from Los Angeles but by vehicle it’s a trek and be ready for dirt roads because that’s how you’ll be getting around. The Carrizo Plain gets brutally hot and dry in the summer and there are no services in the monument. Come prepared with lots of water and watch out for the low flying birds. The Carrizo Plain is a remarkable hidden treasure. 


Arizona: Monument Valley, Lower Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon National Park, Route 66