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Do Lydia or Wednesday ever get flustered around the other? Like if Lydia did something cute and caught Wednesday staring, would Wednesday get flustered? Or are they just two creepy and cool girls who don't get flustered?

They’re not very romantically involved people by nature. But Lydia is a much more friendly, open and positive person and thus, more in touch with her emotions. She’ll probably just take in the moment with a smile and let Wednesday know she was staring because she looked “Absolutely Haunting!” Which Wednesday would probably take with a small thank you or a snarky remark that Lyds would like and would cover the almost ‘bubbly’ feeling it’d give her. It’s that way up until and after they start dating as well (Not to say some of Gomez’s suave didn’t pass on)

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oh also since this was asked a couple times.. chapter 4 will be starting after i finish the mini comic! i’m currently done with 1.5/10 pages of that.. so i’m unsure when EXACTLY but yea

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