Herbert George Ponting, A Cavern in an Iceberg, 1910. Scott’s Last Expedition. Carbon print. 

Ponting was the official photographer for Captain Scott’s tragic final expedition, enduring sub-zero temperatures to document this environment. In The Great White South (1921), he recalled discovering this cavern: ‘A fringe of long icicles hung at the entrance of the grotto and passing under these I was in the most wonderful place imaginable. From the outside, the interior appeared quite white and colourless, but, once inside, it was a lovely symphony of blue and green.’ Source V&A

Sei nicht kalt. Die Welt ist kalt genug. Und dafür muss es nicht einmal Winter sein.
Sei höflich. Sei fürsorglich. Sei gutherzig.
Sei all das Positive auf der Welt.
Doch wenn es Zeit ist kalt zu sein, dann sei eine verdammte Antarktis.
—  Als meine Freundin mich um Rat bat