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Is Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo (of Star Wars Legends) the basis for the Renperor and RenpressRey at the end of Episode IX?

Disclaimer: This post is not to advocate for any certain point of view. It’s to educate and provide information in regards to a particular headcanon/theory/meta/speculation on the topic at hand. Please enjoy reading.


(Above) Jaina Solo and her husband, Jagged Fel. Note: Jagged Fel’s scar.

(Above) Rey and her (future husband) Kylo Ren a.k.a. Ben Solo.

2nd) Who is Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo in Legends?

(a.) Jagged Fel, Chiss-trained pilot for the Chiss Ascendency. The Chiss is the race that Admiral Thrawn (Star Wars Rebels) belongs to.

(b.) Jaina Solo: daughter of Han Solo in Legends. Twin sister of Jacen Solo (legends!Kylo Ren).

(c.) Both Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo got married.

(d.) It is likley that Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo in Legends do become Emperor and Empress of the remaining Imperial Remnant (Legends!First Order). They too end having descendants of their own.

3rd) How does this tie with Kylo Ren and Rey as the Emperor and Empress of the remaining Imperial Remnant  i.e. First Order?

(a.) Jagged Fel and Kylo Ren both have a face scar on their left eye.

(b.) Jaina Solo and Rey are both force users and also pilots.

(c.) So, if in Legends that Luke Skywalker forced the Imperial Remnant Moff Council to appoint Jagged Fel as Head of State (in order to control the Imperial Remnant)…

Imagine Luke Skywalker helping to install Kylo Ren and Rey as Emperor and Empress of the First Order or whatever remaining Imperial Remnant in order to control them and maintain peace between the Imperials and the New Republic - in the way it happened in Legends.

4th) The Imperial Knights of Fel Dynasty/Fel Empire.

In the Star Wars Legacy Comics, the Imperial Remnant that became the Fel Empire installed the Imperial Knights as Light-side users as a way to have an Empire no longer following the dark side of the force.

Note: See how certain characters here resemble, Hux, Kylo Ren, and Rey. Hence, Reylux. hehe.

So, in canon for this Renperor and Renempressrey: their Imperial Knights follow some “Gray” code and become Gray-side users in practicing a form of the Force that combines the best of dark or light. Or, they end up creating an Alt!Light Imperial Knights that follows the light side of the Force while still having emotions and passion to do good and have love for people and even be permitted to marry.

Note: Antares Draco and Marasiah Fel kissed. Yes, this does look like Kylo Ren and Rey kissing.

Issues with this Theory/Meta/Speculation:

* Firstly, it’s just a head-canon. There is nothing confirmed in the canon materials to fully confirm this is the path it would take.

* Second, just because it appears in Legends does not necessarily mean it would happen in canon. But, one can dream.

In conclusion: There is basis for Kylo Ren/Rey becoming rulers (or leaders) of their own organization, but whether that would the case remains to be seen.


Here’s a pic from the same place of shooting “Ophelia” where Daisy now coincidentally resembles…Marasiah Fel from Star Wars Legends. Marasiah Fel is the descendant of Jagged Fel and possibly Jaina Solo.