KARRIN MURPHY ~ “If you people want to have your plots and your shadowy wars in private, you should take them to Antarctica or somewhere. Or you could do this in New York, or Boise, and this isn’t any of my business. But you aren’t in any of those places. You’re in Chicago. And when things get out of hand, it’s the people I’m sworn to protect who are endangered.”

rule of thumb for overwatch lore: if it came out before recall (march 2016), take it with a grain of salt. the lore had not been fully fleshed out before then so lots of inconsistencies pop up between pre-recall and post-recall content


- reinhardt’s bio said ow was founded over 30 years ago, but newer sources say it was a bit less than 30 years ago as a response to the omnic crisis

- mercy’s age used to be 34, but recall changed it to 37

- mei’s bio called it Watchpoint: Antarctica, now it’s Ecopoint

- all of First Strike was written pre-recall, so now it’s cancelled


Sea ice swaying in waves, just off of Elephant Island, Antarctica


A Delaware-sized sheet of ice is about to break off from the Antarctic shelf

  • A Delaware-sized portion of the Antarctic ice shelf is poised to break off and float away.
  • The departing chunk of ice is part of what’s known as the Larsen C shelf, the site of a crack that got significantly larger in the latter half of 2016.
  • When the 2,000-square-mile iceberg finally breaks off, it will leave the remaining mass in a rather tenuous state.
  • But scientists still can’t say for sure what the long-term consequences will be. Read more

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An *epic* second trip of the season, this time an Antarctic Classic and for me the opportunity to work as a camping and kayaking guide. 

We had a beautiful sunset/sunrise camping on Orne Island in amazingly calm conditions, landed with Adelie penguins on 10m+ thick sea ice in the Weddell Sea, bashed through ice on our way to Port Lockroy (and even more ice leaving through the Neumeyer Channel), and kayaked through brash on a bluebird day in Cierva Cove. Incredible!