Andy squinted in the light, the sounds of the city almost overwhelming her. Antalon had sent her out, annoyed with her hermitish ways. So here she was in London, and completely lost. The peryton was annoyed, scowling at passerbys. “Oh fuck off.” SHe muttered at someone who was staring. “Aint ye ever seen a dark skinned woman before?” To be truthful, it was probably her clothes, a billowy shirt, cinched against her waist with a emerald green underbust corset, and tight trousers, with high boots.

A figure approached, and she doubled over as she got hit with a vision of him, catching a glimpse of him and an older gentleman, and a knight in armor, followed by a boy in a garish jacket and hat.

Hrm, that was a quick visit here - but got lots to do today and most of what’s ahead is FUN (I will watch Minions with my friends and then we’ll have dinner together). Summer is NOT the plays to find me in front of a screen all THAT much…

But there might be more replies in the evening or tomorrow - aaaand Antalon will finally get his own sub-blog ^_^

You all have fun & enjoy the weekend!