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Elena Williamson was born with a white hair, which meant only one thing - on her 19th birthday she would become a fated protagonist. Elena, herself, c

“Elena Williamson was born with a white hair, which meant only one thing - on her 19th birthday she would become a fated protagonist. Elena, herself, couldn’t have cared less of this and just wanted to live her life normally. To help her keep magical creatures and her fated adventures away, her father gave Elena a bodyguard A or R as a birthday present. However, when Elena finds A or R badly injured, she has no other option than go to a quest to find a cure, together with her annoying, flamboyant antagonist Loid.” 

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I’m super excited with this! This is my very first published own novel so personally it’s a big thing for me.
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*slides anet 20$* so about malyck coming back

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You already moved back to your mom's? Pathetic..

just wondering but how does it feel to be such a sad creature? im visiting my hometown for my friends birthday and visiting my mom because i love her. i hope your “I’m gonna talk like an anime antagonist” phase ends soon so you can look back and realize that acting like this is getting you nowhere.


    Late this night august 27-28, right around midnight, in 1628 was the fictional execution of The Three Musketeers antagonist Milady de Winter. 

    Milady is portrayed as having orchestrated at Richelieu’s behest the (actual, historical) assassination of the Musketeers’ buddy the (actual, historical) Duke of Buckingham, which Milady accomplishes by seducing and manipulating his (actual, historical) assassin, John Felton. In reality, Felton was motivated by the stirring Republican sentiment that would soon generate a revolution; in Dumas, he’s a horny dupe who sees his seductress escaping by sea even as he’s placed under arrest. The fictional narrative picks up on August 25, when the escaped Milady writes to Cardinal Richelieu from the safety of Boulogne. Unknown to her, her hours are numbered. Milady proceeds the next morning to a convent in Bethune where she chances to encounter the mistress of her old foe d’Artagnan and, by that night, to slay said mistress constance with poison just ahead of the arrival of the Musketeers. But the Musketeers are able to track the escaping murderess down by the next evening. There, they subject her to a snap “trial”. Then these obviously impartial judges judge her guilty, and have the executioner of Lille — whom they have thoughtfully procured in advance — chop off her head and dump her in a river. [x] 

Signs as Professor Layton things
  • Aries:The top hat
  • Taurus:Those damn puzzles
  • Gemini:The Laytonmobile
  • Cancer:Hint coins in random places
  • Leo:Antagonists that are attractive af
  • Libra:Layton's fro in high school
  • Scorpio:Emmy being a badass
  • Sagittarius:Hints that never help you
  • Capricorn:"that reminds me of a puzzle"
  • Aquarius:Don Paolo somehow managing to disguise as everyone
MORAN: (Lowers hands to reach for gun.) That’s mine. WATSON: Keep your hands up... or I’ll... MORAN: (Facing Watson, arms wide apart, daring him to shoot.) Doctor Watson... surely not? When your sole purpose for existence is to save life... not destroy it.

~The Return of Sherlock Holmes, ACT ONE, Scene 2, a play by Ernest Dudley 

It’s no secret at this point that Mary is partly based on Colonel Moran, a “crack-shot…”

Originally posted by yesimblackrose

A direct antagonist to another “crack-shot”, one with “strong moral principles”: John Watson. John shoots in A Study in Pink to “save a life” (Sherlock’s) whereas Mary’s actions only have taking a life as their goal. 

These lines from the play The Return of Sherlock Holmes made me wonder if we’ll see Mary taunting John just like this. It would be a spiteful way for Mary to mock a particular part of Sherlock’s best man speech… 

JOHN: What do I do?
SHERLOCK: Well, you’ve already done it. Don’t solve the murder. (Intensely) Save the life. (x)

For the current feature(s) of interest in this play (which will be updated as I read!) see:

shoot you down like the dog you are,”- the Sherlock shooting Milverton/Magnussen plot

Criminals when choosing an alias, invariably pick a name which has some connection with the crime they are planning.

“I consider her case singularly appealing.”& The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes/ The Abominable Bride parallels= Sherlock is gay

extension of the sexy lamp test, for female video game antagonists: if a female villains contribution to the plot can be replaced with your path being slowed by a sexy traffic cone then youre still kind of a fucking hack

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For me Clarke and Bellamy are clearly the 2 leads of the show, Clarke seems to be the face of the show but Bellamy is the male lead. I can't really explain from a story/arc perspective why that should be clear as day, I can't put it into words, so I would like to hear your thoughts, analyzing the arc/struggle of those 2 and what makes their journeys different from let's say Kane's or Raven's for example and why that means Clarke and Bellamy drive the story the most and are the leads.

I think we can tell who, indisputably, who the leads are, who the mains are, who the guests are, by how they are billed in official materials. I don’t know their exact contracts, and some of the older actor are going to have better contracts because they are the name actors, but of the younger cast, it comes down to Eliza, Bob and Marie. Mostly Eliza.

Also, we see who they present as the leads in the, say, official posters and commercials. Clarke is always the lead, and sometimes it’s other characters who are up there with her, but more often than anyone else, those posters feature Clarke and Bellamy in the primary positions. In the front, the center, taller than others, with more focus, or just the two of them alone. Or perhaps we look at  who is doing the voice over for the opening. That’s pretty important. Clarke in season 1 and 2, and Bellamy in season 3. 

Another good way to tell who the mains are is to look at who has the most screen time and dialogue. Whose stories do we follow. Whose relationships are developed. Who gets more back story. We get little bits of jasper back story in amongst other stories. We get whole stories about Bellamy as a child, as a young man, with Octavia, with his mother, becoming a cadet, how he got onto the drop ship. The only other characters who get as much back story are Clarke, Octavia, Abby, and Jaha… but they are all tied to how Clarke and Bellamy got on the drop ship.

As for character arcs or character development? I think it’s clear that Clarke is set up to be “The Hero” of the story. We open on her. It’s from her point of view, for the most part. But when it’s NOT from her point of view, when they are separated, it’s from Bellamy’s point of view. Although Bellamy started out as the antagonist. Still clearly set up to be an important character, but a sympathetic antagonist with noble qualities that had him stepping up to be a hero.

I’m not even sure he counts as an anti-hero. Although he is clearly imperfect and flawed and makes terrible mistakes and causes injustice through his actions, his noble qualities firmly put him in the non-anti category. I guess it depends upon how you define an anti-hero. 

I like to think of him as the human, everyman kind of hero. Clarke is kind of “the chosen one,” (although she’s not really chosen, she is just “elevated”) and so starts out on this pedestal, while Bellamy is a jerk and a selfish ass, who, as we come to learn his motivations, we find to be less bad guy and more understandable. When Bellamy messes up, he tries to fix his mistakes. He tries to do better. He tries to make up for them, and that I think is what has his story turning him into a hero. He’s not a hero because he’s more special, he’s a hero because he cares and he tries and he doesn’t give up. He’s an accessible kind of hero. His need to protect his people makes him selfish at first, and maybe has him returning to selfishness at some point, but as he expands his idea of who his people are, he steps up into more responsibility, his heroic arc develops. And yes, his choices and his actions are often the deciding factor in where the story goes, even when he gives away his power and lets someone else make the choices. Like Pike. 

But you know, it’s a good question. Where’s the difference between Bellamy and the other important characters, like Kane or Abby or Raven or Lxa? Kane had his character arc, and since then, he’s been kind of static. The same for Abby. They both learned these big lessons and have continued to act within the story from the same place. Raven has had, maybe, two big lessons. But also, Abby turns to either Clarke or Kane for decisions. Kane is very focused on Bellamy and his place in the story. Raven has always looked to either Clarke or Bellamy. Lxa however barely interacts with anyone else in the main cast. She only turns to Clarke and while her actions affect the story, as an important powerful character who is often an antagonist threating to eradicate the Sky People, no one else but Clarke has an affect on her. You can’t be a main character if you don’t interact with the other characters. I don’t think.

I don’t know. We can follow the story arcs for each of these important characters, but none of them are as extensive as that for Bellamy and Clarke. While Clarke and Bellamy seem to be pretty evenly matched.

This is a good question and I don’t know if I have my theories down on it yet. I think we should consider it some more and think about just what it means to be a main character other than just the focus of the narrative. 


^In hindsight, it really does makes you wonder though, just how many of those early demon antagonists that were introduced both in the manga and anime, were nothing more than brainwashed victims of King Yama (aka Koenma’s Father), whom if you noticed was always mysteriously away for some reason up until late in the Chapter Black arc. 

I dunno, but when I first found out what kinda messed-up crap King Yama was trying to pull when I was reading towards the end of the YYH manga way back when, it just really put everything into a whole different perspective for me, and kinda lessened those early demons as villains in my eyes. 

I mean shit, when you really think about it: Sensui was fucking right about everything in the end, and it’s a damn shame he didn’t live long enough to see King Yama and the corrupt side of Spirit World get what they deserved, along with seeing Demon World start to open and integrate with Human World.

Out of all the Villains Togashi wrote, King Yama really took the fucking cake didn’t he? <— (that friggin conniving manipulative old-bastard really did end up playing everyone till the very end: Spirit World, Koenma, Botan, our Heroes, etc).

But seriously tho, all this time - just how many innocent people did our Heroes, Sensui, and (Oh God I just remembered), and even Kuroko as well, helped put behind bars, or worse - got them wrongfully executed down the line all thanks to King Yama….I mean jeez, did he just jump at the chance the moment the Kekkai Barrier was put up way back when, has this whole conspiracy been going around since then, all so that he could keep what little grasp he had of power over Half of the first Basement so-to-speak of Demon World’s Terrain?! 

^It kinda makes me really sick to my stomach, when I start to really think about it all, tbh. …..But maybe it’s just like Kurama says: 

Perhaps it’s best not to dwell on it too much. ….After all not all heroes are shining.

I don’t understand why people are always so judgemental about me loving the antagonist of a series. Yes I know, they’re evil, they probably killed a lot of people and most of the time they’re just a piece of shit but…..I don’t want to be their friend!? I just think their character is interesting and important for the plot, that’s all. And in my opinion that is reason enough to like a character that isn’t even existing in real life.


hello requesting input (sonic and ray pictured as reference points)

preface: my plan for blaze involves completely dropping her existing backstory (as cool as it is) and making her a minor antagonist who’s a counterpart to sonic; jet and knuckles will fill similar roles for ray and mighty, respectively. as a result i’ve dropped her princessly features, like the bindi and tied-back… hair? hair.

also the clothes, because while they looked really cool on her, i don’t get why female (non-human) sonic characters need to wear (non-glove-non-shoe) clothes when all the other characters don’t. she’d look incredibly out-of-place in this context if i slapped a coat and tights on her. that uh, of course, means i have to figure out how to give her a distinct design without her garb.

so, this is my current attempt. i kept certain features like the splaying cuffs and socks to help make her stand out from the main cast, and also the high-heeled shoes because they go a long way to make her appear “above” the rest of the characters, both literally and figuratively. her legs are longer to accomplish this effect as well.

i actually took some inspiration from my cat to figure out how i’d make her white fur patches look natural, heh. i think the white patch extending up between her brows helps to emphasize the lines of her eyes.

that all said, i’d like to get input from others to figure out if this is a good direction to go in. any critique is welcomed.


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Love Letter to Donald Morgan

This is the character in the Dresden Files that I love beyond reason. Not my favorite, or the best, but the one that I love reading and wish we could have more of.

1) I always love the lawful extreme character (Morgan, Javert, etc.) While these characters are almost always antagonists, the way they hold themselves to these rigid ideals they hold is pretty awesome. And the extreme makes the times we do see them in conflict with their rigid ideals is so fascinating.

2) We know that we’re getting a bias view of Morgan from Harry, and he’s lived through a ton of horrifying scenarios that have shaped his approach to being a warden. At least one of these involves, not just throwing down with a Naagloshii, but being so tactically adept that he manages to TRICK IT INTO BEING NUKED while evading it to escape. There’s a reason he’s a well-respected warden. He’s a badass.

3) Even while hating Dresden and thinking he’ll eventually turn evil in book 1: Morgan immediately rescues him when Dresden is shown to not be the killer and admits officially and publicly the white council (including him) was wrong about Dresden. He’ll hand you a shovel so you can dig your own grave, but he will also go 100% to bat for you if he knows you’re in the clear.

4) Consistency. Wizards, in his opinion, have a lot of power and must be held accountable for their control. When that power’s been abused, that control is suspect and should be tested. Doesn’t mater if you’re 30+ yo antagonistic obnoxious man or an attractive ~20yo (I think) woman actively helping him. He doesn’t believe in playing softball. And while I don’t agree with his philosophy, I respect the hell out of how subtly he implements it and stands by it.