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Molly pines for Sherlock. Molly writes about Sherlock on her blog. Jim, who has never been heard of before but supposedly works with Molly, asks her out to drinks on her blog. Jim later is revealed to have been lying about his true identity and turns out to be a main antagonist.

John pines for Sherlock. John writes about Sherlock on his blog. Mary, who has never been heard of before but supposedly works with John, asks him out to drinks on his blog. Mary later is revealed to have been lying about her true identity and-

Well. I’ll let you fill in the rest.

The problem with building up every single character hating Arthur is that I genuinely don’t know who should kill him in teh end.

Should Minnie kill him to prove her worth and her strength (and her position as the main character)?

Should Nicolas break his “pacifist” rule and finally win the sword and the crown that he had to give up so many years ago to save Victor?

Should Victor kill him for reasons that I can’t yet reveal (but are pretty damn good reasons)?

Should Felix kill him for paralyizing him and just because it would make Nicolas and Victor mad since he would steal their glory and that is 100% what Felix would do if given the chance?

Should Morgan kill him for reasons I can’t yet reveal? (You don’t even really know who Morgan is at this point but just wait.)

Should I have a Deus Ex Merlin and have the sorcerer kill him for effing everything up?

Should Perry kill him because she’s a badass and would do anything to protect her family?

Should Nimue kill him because I can literally make you feel anything about any character and I will make you feel something for a sentient being of water, so much so that it would be a very satisfying ending?

Should all of them just circle the jerk and repeatedly stab him?

Who knows? I don’t know. What do I look like - the author of this series?

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To again, continue with your Avengers parallel, the difference is Nahiri didn't opposed Jace in the SOI block, actually, they never even met! So yes, her actions made her a villain, but not an antagonist for Jace or the Gatewatch but to Sorin.

Look at every problem facing the heroes in the block. *All of it* was the direct result of actions taken by Nahiri. What does a woman have to do to get some villain cred?

According to several posts, Litten’s final evolution is likely to become a Fire/Dark type because even though it is based on a wrestler, it is based on a type of wrestler known as a heel.

A heel is a type of wrestler that is supposed to be the bad guy, deliberately being an antagonist as part of the show and to make the crowd more invested in the match. 

So a tiger-themed wrestler who acts like a jerk to play the crowd, where have I seen that before?

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As a writer, I don't agree that Nahiri was—structurally speaking—the primary antagonist of Shadows over Innistrad. Generally, the primary antagonist is the one the protagonist faces in the climax of the story. That would be the Eldrazi in SOI.


So you believe the Chitauri and not Loki was the main antagonist of the first “Avengers” movie?

Or Doomsday and not Lex Luthor was the main antagonist of “Batman v. Superman”?

NDRV3 theory: Kaede is the mastermind

 She’s voiced by Sayaka Kanda, who plays Junko in the stage play adaptations of the games, and casting an actress that played the previous antagonist to play the new protagonist to foreshadow the big twist at the end seems like the kind of BS we should expect from this series. 

 During free time in DR1, Celeste tells us a story about how she won a game of mahjong against a white haired boy who had “the devil’s own luck”. That is a reference to the Akagi manga/anime, but in Super Dangan Ronpa 2 we actually meet a white haired boy with “luck” (control of probabilities) as his talent. 

 That same character tells us about a book he read once. In it a girl investigates a series of murders, and it turns out that she is behind them all at the end, the narrative just followed an angle in which it wasn’t apparent at first. At that point Nagito is just hinting at the murderer, and also being used to foreshadow the twist about the Ultimate Despair group, but it wouldn’t be surprising if that very forgettable dialog ended up matching Kaede’s twist near the end of NDRV3, just like Celeste’s shot out ended up matching Nagito’s character in SDR2.

 Also, Kaede being such a convincing liar that it is actually a game mechanic and the other characters supposedly never suspect a thing might be a play on her manipulative nature as mastermind, doing what’s necessary to ensure that things go as planed, while previous protagonists were trying to uncover the truth behind the events and therefore had no reason to lie during trials. She’s also described as “pulling the other students along,” while it refers to her being active and intentionally taking the lead, unlike the previous protagonists, that could also be her leading the other students down the path she planned for them. Her voice actress also describes her as “dependable”, a trait that is useful when directly manipulating others.

 That’s all I got with the information I have now, but how awesome will it be if I’m proven right? Come on Kaede, be the mastermind I know you can be!

True Facts About the Blogger

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I feel like I talk about myself so much that it’s hard for me to come up with things for this that people might not already know. Or else maybe I’m a kind of boring person. shrug emoji?

1. I have two older siblings: an older sister and an older brother. If I seem to have a Thing for disaffected younger siblings - I do, and that is why. If I seem to have a Thing for complicated, sometimes antagonistic sibling relationships? I do, and that is also why.

2. My first serious OC was an elf named Iris who was very tall with long black hair and good at swords. She was a massive wish fulfillment fantasy in every way, so that tells you just about everything about what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

3. I have wanted a pet snake for years. Specifically a ball python. I could get one now, but there is nowhere for me to put it. Tragically, I will probably continue to not have a snake.

4. In terms of which deadly sin is mine, I go back and forth between Wrath and Envy, but Pride is also way up there. The honest answer is probably Envy, though. 

5. The girlfriend actually knew me by my handle before meeting me in person. She’d been reading my Avatar fic for a while. This came up like a week after we met, and it remains the single wildest coincidence in my life, ever. Fortuitous, though.

I tag…oh man, I don’t know who’s already been tagged so I’ll just try to spread it out. @allalpha, @portraitoftheoddity, @mostfacinorous, @barbeauxbot, @ouyangdan, @ameliarating, @thelightofthingshopedfor, @wemblinfool, @seventybyheart, @vefanyar.

A list of things I thought to myself during the PSAT

1. “Is the antagonist in this story the girl, the photographer, or the grandma?

2. Damn these people are really obsessed with those subway voices.


4. I’m sure if I just choose A) NO CHANGE for every problem I’ll get like a B on this section

5. Wait, can we write in these books?

6. WTF is a positive difference?

7. How can I solve for x if there’s no x in the-oh wait nvm

8. Toadfish aint slick

9. The answers probs not 5, but imma put five because I have no clue what I’m doing.

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Using your Avengers analogy, Eldritch Moon was like making the Battle of New York its own movie, and in that situation yes, the Chitauri were the big antagonist. Nahiri might have been the antagonist in SOI, but her role was finished by EMN.


A block is one movie with the large set being the first two acts of the story and the small set being the third act. In “Avengers”, Loki doesn’t do a lot in the third act.

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(What is yuri on ice? I'm so confused! I though yuri meant girl x girl.... But the characters are all guys right? I dont mean to be rude or mean, I'm just confused.)

hehe, it’s totally fine :3 “Yuri!!! On Ice” is an ice-skating sports anime where the both the protagonist and one of the antagonist’s name is Yuri ^^ meaning Yuri on ice is about the protag and not the porn genre ^^ They’re all basically guys and it’s a whole new level of gayness in it and I really recommend it~~☆☆☆☆

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Hi, poof! I was wondering, if u dont mind, if u could tell more about ur sheith rwby au? Like since u mentioned keith and shiro on the same team, i was trying to think about who else would be on team (allura? lotor? rolo? Nyma? idk) im assuming the other paladins would be on their own team. Or would lotor be like an adam in this case? I just wanted to learn more about ur au ^u^

oh!!! yeah, sure!! so the rwby/sheith au is still in the works
tbh i’m still working out what kind of teams they would be in–for now i just have the garrison trio in the same team while shiro and keith are paired up as a duo but i will add more characters soon in the team! tbh while i was making it i never thought about lotor being in it but now i know who our antagonist is other than zarkon and haggar uvu
so far, i have keith as a panther faunus and i’m a little bit conflicted in making shiro a faunus too but i don’t know yet hah;;; if you want to share any ideas for this au feel free to message or pm me anytime! i would love to hear your ideas!

Can we talk a little bit about Holster and Jack’s weirdly antagonistic relationship?

I mean, before Catan (or possibly after? I mean, Bananagrams isn’t technically a board game, is it?) there were apparently other family game night related tensions. Jack’s cruel sheep empire apparently wasn’t a one-time fluke.

And then, out of basically nowhere, Jack tries to divert attention/chirping from him and Bitty by just dragging Esther S into the convo? (I mean, who is ES? Can we please read that email?) but on the other hand JACK’S GONNA WRITE AN EMAIL? JUST TO LOOP THE FROGS INTO HOLSTER’S SORDID DATING PAST?

Like, it’s Jack, so I really want to know whether he’s just being weirdly obtuse and thinks he’s just chirping normally….. or if that one sided dislike Holster had going on year one isn’t as one-sided as we thought

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Why do you like Alain so much? I mean, I liked Ghost, but I sorta wish Alain... wasn't there.

i like alain because he’s a character who changes throughout the entire show, like incredibly dramatically. he goes from the enemy to an ally and best friend, and he doesnt stop changing even then. he grapples with his own shortcomings, he learns how to be human, how to support others and accept support in turn. he learns how to be compassionate, how to love, and put his truth in people he used to want dead. he’s the most dynamic character in the show and the one with the most personal attachment to the antagonist and the overall plot. he struggles with a lot of things all season long and he overcomes them through his own strength and through his friends. he’s a good character i could go on but im running out of steam.

The second anniversary of Brothers Apart is coming up fast on October 24th, so I thought we’d have some fun on Monday! Starting at 12am est on October 24th, we will reblog all the wonderful fanart and commissions for the stories from the last two years, posting once every 15 minutes. They’ll all be tagged under #2nd BAversary queue, and to round out the night, a special artwork of the main antagonist, Celeste, will be released!

So, something I noticed about SPN’s premiere was that everyone that our daring heroes (Dean/Sam/Cas/Mary) fought/killed was either a woman or a man of color. Even the two demons Crowley killed were a man of color and a feminized-for-laughs white dude.

[Yes, I know their were in-story reasons for the violence,  that’s not what I criticizing. I am criticizing the decision by TPTB to make it so, why they decided to cast all the villains/antagonists as women or men of color. And the one bad white guy was feminized for a cheap, unfunny joke about teenage girls.]

This is not a show that has historically treated female and PoC characters well. So given that history of misogyny/racism, this shouldn’t go unremarked upon. It’s a red flag indicating not a damn this has changed despite the showrunners changing.

And before you accuse me of thinking too much about this, keep in mind this episode was written by new showrunner but veteran writer Andrew Dabb, who, in his very first episode after the absolute storm of shit SPN got for fridging Charlie (their only recurring canonically queer character) for Dean’s angst, made a female character queer only to immediately kill her off for Dean’s angst (And this was done with full knowledge of how Charlie’s death affected the fandom, as Charlie was killed in 10x21, and Dabb’s first episode after that was 11x02). That was obtuse and insensitive at best, spiteful and deliberate at worst.

This could be deliberate casting choices. Or it could just be that they don’t even notice, that they don’t care enough to bother even trying not to appear so damn sexist or racist. After so many years of the same complaints, they can’t exactly claim ignorance (not that that is an excuse).