Moana Oscar Rant

Ok I just got off work and learned that Moana lost out to both Zootopia and La La Land. Like so many people here I am feeling saltier than the fucking Dead Sea right now. But rather than go on rant why I think Zootopia and La La Land shouldn’t have won here are my reasons why Moana should’ve won an Oscar:

The story of Moana I believe is the most profound one Disney has made. Moana’s story is the story my country (the United States of America) needs right now. It’s a story about rediscovering the forgotten parts of one’s roots and knowing who you truly are. It’s a story about restoring balance to the world. In the story there are people who do bad things including one of the protagonists, but there are no villains. Just antagonists. Sans the Kakamora (who were the weakest part of the film in my opinion) everybody in this film has understandable reasons for acting the way they do. Even Tamatoa who is a very cruel character has a reason for his anger; he lost his leg to Maui. And Maui was driven by a need to overcome loneliness. And Moana needed to overcome her sheltered upbringing and rise to the challenge of rediscovering the lost art of wayfinding and bring it back to her people. And perhaps the most profound part of the Moana’s story is the fact that rather than defeating the main antagonist she HEALED her and THAT’S what saved the world. She and Maui helped restore Te Fiti’s heart and Maui apologized for his actions. The goddess of life was healed by a young woman who came of age and a man who atoned for his mistake. For me that message is so deep and so moving and is far more pertinent today than ever before. Moana’s story is a timeless story and a story for this age.

And THAT is why Moana should’ve won at least one Oscar.

So, above is my scene by scene plot breakdown for my novel. I did it all on post it notes at first, but it spanned several pages. By transferring it into my bullet journal on one page, I can clearly see how my novel breaks down in terms of main focus for each scene.

Blue- main plot
Green- subplot
Orange- character interaction/ development
Yellow- Info on world, enemies, history
Pink- antagonist conflict, mentions

By doing this I can break down my scenes. The long line is the main focus of each scene, and the small squares are minor focus in those scenes. So in a scene where character is dominant, I will also move my main plot forward, and also peek in on the sub plot.

Looking at the colours, I can see there is not enough main plot and antagonist within the scenes as a whole. Too many scenes focused on information, and maybe too many character focused scenes. I can easily head to one of these scenes and add more of what is missing to even everything out. I’ll write down what chapter everything falls in later- where act one, two, three are, and which scenes are be inciting incident, first plot point etc.

I’ll re do this after I complete my first revision, to see how my scenes look again, and continue until my novel is deemed complete.

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Something that really bothers me is that the more butch/masculine characters aren't treated very well. Like everyone's saying, Jasper keeps being portrayed/taken as a one sided villain. Steven bubbling Bismuth didn't solve anything. Sugilite (I know she dresses femininely in a way but she's still butch in my opinion) has only been portrayed as a brute and an antagonist. A lot of people love Ruby (I do of course) but even she seems to be portrayed as just anger and muscle

su definitely has a bad track record when it comes to the treatment of their butch characters. Ruby is probably the best treated out of them bc while she’s a hothead, she’s still one of the “good guys”.

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I don't know if you are into video games or not, but have you ever heard of Abzu? It's a pretty ocean game that has lots of different sharks, and doesn't show them as antagonists! A great white shark is even a main character.

i hadn’t heard of it before, but that sounds awesome! i looked it up, and it looks really calming? also i love when things treat oceanic life as the beauty it is, rather then demonizing it because it’s not our world. 

Unpopular opinion: I like Echo

Yes, for some reason I am strangely invested in her character: I guess all the camera close-up shots of her gorgeous face and reactions are working in my subconscious.

I get that people don’t like her because she is an antagonist to Skaikru and she has betrayed Bellamy them on several occasions. But yeah, in my opinion Echo is a very interesting character because she represents all the Azgeda traits in their pure form. Echo is the stereotype of an Ice Nation warrior: loyal, ruthless and distrustful. And as a symbol, her reactions are very telling of where the writers are going in the narrative.

To me, Echo represents hope and forgiveness.  Hope, because I think they are setting her up to start opening-up her point of view and reassessing her beliefs and values through Roan and Bellamy. And if the person who represents the stereotype of an Azgeda can start sympathizing with a Skaikru person, then there is HOPE for future peace between both tribes. Co-habitation is possible (if they survive Primefire 2.0, of course!).

If last season, some members of the Skaikru had to learn to relate to other tribes, I feel the writers are turning the theme around this time: getting some grounders to reevaluate their vision of Skaikru, and Echo will probably symbolize this shift.

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Do not read if you have not watched 4x04, there might be spoilers!

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Hey there. I hope my matter doesn't break your blog rules. I'm writing a story which is half fantasy and half real, but it has some steampunk elements in it. So, my problem right now is; I need an antagonist, but can't think of background, reasons why he is bad, etc so far. There are just the same old clichee reasons on my mind and I don't want to use one of them. So, do you have any suggestions/ideas/what so ever for me, please?

//Nope, this doesn’t break my rules!! 

I will start out by stating that a cliche villain isn’t always a bad one, per se. They just need a little bit of work to work.

A few things that you need to sort out is what you want your antagonist to do. If this antagonist has a lot of money and power, the things they can do is likely innumerable. 

What’s the premise of your story? I’d say figuring out the direction of your plot is important for who the antagonist needs to be. If you want your character fighting against the government, your antagonist needs to be a part of said government- as an example. 

There’s a lot of reasons why a character would be bad- and they don’t even need to have a sad past to be one. They could be rich and spoiled, with a lack of empathy towards those they see as “lesser” than them. They could be poor with an anger towards those who never bothered to help them out. They could be bored with their life, wanting to spice it up by causing trouble. 

Sadly, this is all I can really suggest without knowing the full details of what you’re aiming for. I hope it helps, even just a little, but if not, you can always submit another ask!

A TAZ theory

Everyone’s talking about the birds prophecy so I’m gonna throw my 2 cents in here too. (This is mostly borrowed from a conversation I had with the lovely Aggie @taahko)

Okay so the prophecy predicted 7 birds coming to defeat the hunger, right? And there are 7 grand relics which, thanks to episode 57, we know were created by an organization trying to stop the hunger, so it’s pretty safe to assume that’s a power they have even if we don’t know how yet.

But anyways. We’ve only seen 7 people (that aren’t from Magnus’ planet) use the relics so far. And the prophecy predicts 7 birds (the twins, the lover, the protector, the peacemaker, the lonely journal keeper, and the wordless one). So what I’m saying (in an admittedly long winded way) is that those birds align with the antagonists from each arc. (Save Jenkins, because, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Jenkins ever used the Oculus.)

The twins are obviously Edward and Lydia, the lover is Sloane, the lonely journal keeper is almost definitely Sheriff Isaac (Isaak?). That leaves the protector, the peacemaker, and the wordless one between gundren, Lucas, and an as yet unknown person. (I believe it was @magehand who suspected that it’s Davenport and honestly it could be since Griffin is zagging on everyone this year.)

The protector sounds to me most like Lucas, since he was trying to protect Maureen (in a way). But, there’s also the chance it’s Barry because he’s been trying to protect them this whole time. The peacemaker sounds like Gundren, since he did become peaceful before he got shot and blew stuff up. However there’s also the chance it’s Kravitz since he was a villain in his own right for a bit there and he keeps the peace between the astral and the prime material planes (however we haven’t seen him use a relic, but you never know what he’s got on him.) That leaves the wordless one, and for all we know it might fucking be Davenport. (But if I was wrong and Jenkins did use a relic, he did pretend to get his head cut off. Which might count as not having any words.)

Tl;dr: the seven birds are the 6 antagonists who have actually used a relic, and whoever the last villain is gonna be. The relics likely hold power to stop the Hunger and that power is only gonna be harnessed by those who already used it, but this time they’ll do it for the greater good.

okay, so i’ve seen a lot of people calling batjokes archetypal “kismesis,” but i don’t think that’s accurate. despite what was shown in the lego batman movie, joker doesn’t… really… hate… batman? the hatred was a joke. the joke was that the narrative treated their antagonistic relationship as if it were a romantic one. very simple. you don’t have to read or watch any other piece of batman media, even well, to see that joker actually loves and respects batman, a lot.

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I wonder if part of the reason I think S6 > S5 is that S6 challenges the viewer to rely more on deductive reasoning skills, whereas S5 featured more dramatic irony (we knew [mostly] all about Alison before Saul, Carrie, and Dar did, and part of us kept hoping that Saul was playing Alison all along, but he was just duped). What do you think?

Hi Anon! Totally agree with you that part of what’s making S6 feel fresh and exciting is that it’s borrowing from the toolbox of the mystery genre, as you wisely put it, making the viewer rely on deductive reasoning. 

But I don’t think the use of dramatic irony was the problem in S5. After all, dramatic irony is the name of the game in spy thrillers – where the antagonist is typically revealed early on and the story unfolds as the protagonist and antagonist (both equally smart) try to outwit each other. This is the formula of the thriller and it normally works just fine, including in Homeland.

The formula failed Homeland in S5 because:

  • Let’s face it, Allison was smarter than Carrie in S5. 
  • Rather than bringing down Allison through her smarts, it was a serendipitous discovery (e.g. the screensaver) that tipped off Carrie to her treason, a thoroughly unsatisfying way to bring down a villain. 
  • Meanwhile, the climax of actually confronting Allison and bringing her down was inexplicably transferred to Saul. Carrie, the hero, was sidelined and the Allison story just kind of fizzled out ITO Carrie’s role in it. 
  • In the meantime, in episode 10, Carrie was given a brand new adversary (the jihadist cell) out of thin air, which was only tangentially related to the Allison storyline. She wasn’t even aware of them up to then and the whole story was resolved in 10 minutes in the finale with Carrie simply asking one of the jihadists not to go through with it. Huh? 

All of these things are no-no’s in the use of dramatic irony for storytelling in thrillers. The problem was not in the use of dramatic irony as much as in its execution. It boggles the mind how experienced showrunners made such amateurish mistakes. 

But, hey, S6 is awesome, so let’s just pretend S5 never happened.

((FICTION is not the same as reality. Often fiction is based on real life problems, ranging from abuse, to racism…the antagonist supports such ideas. they are the antagonist. that’s the point. just imagine seeing a movie from the villain’s point of view. they’d glorify every horrible thing they do. now the character is not the writer.


1. people tag triggering subjects. they don’t? ask them to do so.
2. if you are uncomfortable with certain subjects actually block them or don’t follow that person. lots of blogs straight up tell you about the material they post. It’s simple. If you don’t like a book with gore, you don’t go reading that book. 
3. don’t send hate or complain unless that person comes to you with the triggering subjects?? hate is still not the right way to go, but yeah. I think you get my point))

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8., 9. and 17. for the video game ask meme!!

Best Soundtrack

It’s a toss up between Oblivion, Halo ODST and Life is Strange.  They all get regular play in my daily rotation!

I once read that Jeremy Soule had a near death experience while writing the music for Oblivion, so he was inspired to infuse his music with a wonder for life (I believe it, wow those instrumentals are vital).

Martin O’Donnel is a master composer.  All the Halo soundtracks are pulse poundingly good, but ODST invokes the most emotion for me.

And Life is Strange just did a really good job conveying the genre and feel of the game.  

Saddest Scene

I bawled the first time I played Mass Effect 3 and experienced Thane’s death scene.  I knew it was coming, but it was written really well.

Favorite Antagonist


Kreia.  Her motivations are very interesting and unique.  Few things are ever really surprising in the Star Wars universe, since it tends to be a very simplistic moral narrative, but the plot arc of this game was pretty well written.

Thanks for the questions!

OOC: Since the old-ass acoustic guitar has brand new strings and plays better than ever, there’ll be more covers posted on the blog (and if they’re good enough, I’ll post them on my Soundcloud too haha~). 

I’m definitely doing Hanamiya’s version of Seishun Tip-Off tomorrow (complete with him talking and all that shit lol coz I just love how naturally antagonistic his voice is HAHA), then Blue Sky Memories (this song is just one of my ultimate faves), then maybe Time Machine Ga Nakutatte (for Jessie and Sierra because TWO-IN-ONE and coz I love them, ofc hahahaha~) :3c <3