Suicide Squad; 12 days

Doctor Strange; 103 days

The Wolverine 3; 222 days

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; 285 days

Wonder Woman; 313 days

Spider-Man: Homecoming; 348 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 439 days

Thor: Ragnarok; 467 days

Justice League; 481 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 537 days

Black Panther; 572 days

The Flash; 600 days

Avengers: Infinity War - Part I; 649 days

Ant-Man and the Wasp; 712 days

Aquaman; 733 days

Untitled DC movie; 803 days

Captain Marvel; 957 days

Shazam; 985 days

Avengers: Infinity War - Part II; 1013 days

Justice League 2; 1055 days

Untitled DC movie; 1195 days

Cyborg; 1349 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1377 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1447 days

Green Lantern Corps; 1461 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1566 days

Deadpool 2; TBD

Gambit; TBD

New Mutants; TBD

Suicide Squad 2; TBD

The Batman; TBD

Untitled Harley Quinn movie; TBD

Inhumans; TBD

Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up; TBD

Avengers Assemble the animated series is going to have a major change up.

In the wake of the disappearance of the usual team the new team will include: Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jane Foster’s Thor, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Vision.

I like how they’re going to showcase other superheroes but I’m going to miss the original team.

I was hoping the next season would include more team interaction (especially with Steve and Tony) and cameos from other superheroes like they’ve been doing with the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Animated series are a great way to introduce characters people aren’t familiar with but I’m surprised that this team isn’t getting it’s own show. All of them have unique backgrounds that I’m not sure a season can cover.


                                                            Female are strong as hell. 

Bonding time in Wakanda
  • [playing scrabble]
  • Wanda:Why don't you just take your turn, Clint?
  • Clint:I will put my A down to make 'a'.
  • Steve:I will add onto your 'a' to make 'at'.
  • Sam:I will add onto your 'at' to make 'rat'.
  • T'Challa:I will add onto your 'rat' to make 'biostratographic'.
  • Scott:[knocks the board onto the floor]

New Marvel Studios Logo

Woowee! Ok real talk, this drawing was so last minute, I’m surprised I finished it in time for the con. I was trying to figure out the angle of the piece for so long! That’s brainstorming for ya! Think it came out pretty swell tho!

Okay, this has been in my head since Captain America: Civil War.

I would LOVE a Marvel team-up movie called The Buggs.

The team could consist of these characters:

  • Ant-Man
  • The Wasp
  • Spider-Man
  • Black Widow
  • Mantis (from the new Guardians of the Galaxy) [Depending on what happens to her in that film.]

And then the villains could be Electro and/or Shocker because they’re like giant bug zappers.

I’m guessing a lot of you feel this way:

(GIF sources unknown [these GIFs are yours please let me know].)

Seriously, I would watch the shit out of this movie. Am I crazy for thinking this would be cool?