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Hi Cassie! Sorry to bother you again. I was wondering, do you know if we'll ever be able to buy steles? I really want one! Also, I know it doesn't have anything to do with my first question, but do you think Sebastian didn't actually want to kill Max, or was that his purpose? Thank you💞

Sure, you can buy steles here:

Sebastian killed Max because Max knew something (that Sebastian had climbed the demon towers) that he didn’t want Max to tell anyone. He had no emotion about killing Max: it was a practical decision, like putting out an ant trap to kill ants. He never regretted it or thought about it again.

lunchables, dirt-caked sneakers, hot pavement, back to school commercials, animal cracker boxes, the smell of woodchips after rain, popsicle stained tongues, sidewalk chalk, scraped knees, “summer 2005” on a tie-dye bouncy ball, ant traps, rooftop fireworks, bug spray odor, windowsill crickets, chlorine-and-ice-cream-cold, sleepy rainbows, a barbie diary full of stories

new ED omg!!!! NICE

Anyway thank you, everybody who gave me advice on the ant infestation in my apartment due to my roommate’s kid hiding candy. My room (next to the kid’s room) now consists of ants, dead ants, and ant traps, a flood of Windex, and my rapidly eroding mental state

My husband got Mac n cheese from the deli today (he’s home early because they managed to settle instead of having to go to trial) and he took the lid off at the end and made a tiny plate of Mac n cheese for Otis and Otis was SUPER HAPPY and it was like watching him eat off a dog sized paper plate

Artificial Love: Part 1


Scenario: I got this idea from Letsgonorth’s Vine she made about being chosen to test out an A.I., Jungkook, capabilities.

Genre: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 2025

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

It felt like your head was split in two. Your tongue heavy with the metallic taste of blood and the bitter aftertaste of bile. You must have thrown up at some point. Fabulous.

Your body forcefully awoke, the flashbacks of the day before hitting you like a speeding train on the end of a nightmare. You imagined your head must have resembled a melon, but you weren’t all too concerned with your looks. You hoped these assholes would’ve been kind enough to leave behind something for the headache that pounded against your skull, making it feel like your eyes were trying to free themselves from their sockets. Or at least a change of clothes would’ve sufficed.

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The RFA members' reactions to MC having a huge fear of any kind of bugs and screaming on top of their lungs whenever she sees them?

Thank you for an actual request *glares at @evenfxlls*


- it never came up until one morning when you were out on the balcony, admiring the view and


- Zen would probably be there in a flash if he could hear

- Jumin falls out of bed, it was a day off for him, and runs outside, security guards on their way

- “There is a spiDER, Jumin, a SPIDER”

- call off the national guard

- he calls in five exterminators for separate days

- not one bug shall live

- he instructs all the security guards and maid to kill any bugs they see

- he also does the same at his work building so you can go there without fear


- you were visiting him at rehearsal

- it should have been safe

- but it wasn’t


- it’s some kind of beetle and it’s flying right towards you

- you fall over screaming and flailing your arms

- Zen drops everything and runs to your side, ready to fight

- after it’s confirmed that the bug is gone, he realizes your fear

- “that is so cute”

- “shut up no it’s not”

- despite his teasing he keeps the image of a knight in shining armor

- anytime there’s a bug, you can just yell and he’ll come running in with a fly swatter

- also his director really liked how Zen acted running to your side and tells him to channel that for his current role


- you see a cockroach in the bathroom

- you run out screaming

- it follows you and it’s flying

- hell on wings

- Yoosung sees and now both of you are running

- you get out of that house so fast

- you both agree it’s time to move


- you go downstairs to open up shop

- someone had missed cleaning up a small clump of frosting last night

- ants are marching back and forth like soldiers preparing for war

- the screaming commences and you run upstairs, running straight into Jaehee who’s having a momentary panic freeze because of your sudden shrieks

- “they’re everywhere Jaehee! Everywhere

- she calms you down, which takes a while

- once you can properly explain, she heads downstairs

- “no! They’ll get you!”

- you slowly go down after her and peak around the corner

- what is she doing

- she’s wiping them up with a paper towel

- how

- she buys a ton of ant traps and keeps everything doubly clean

- if you see a bug you book it out of wherever you are and send Jaehee to do the dirty work


- you’re just messing around online

- when a long, spindly claw sticks out over the top of your monitor

- the gruesome head emerges and you fall out of your chair shrieking like a banshee



- Seven runs over and then both of you are screaming

- you run into the living room and hide behind the couch

- Saeran is out shopping right now so you can’t send him in

- Seven comes up with a genius idea

- carefully, you two make your way towards the kitchen

- you arm yourselves with spoons and forks Saeran hides the knives after a food war

- bowls are your armor and plates are your shields

- cut scene to you two running outside screaming with the praying mantis in a cup

- Saeran has no idea what he just witnessed as he pulls in