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Uh had a terrifying nightmare where a tiny kitten was eating me alive because i refused to kill it after it had been cursed

Doctor Strange:  Halloween

So it’s actually old Marvel Canon that Doctor Strange was born in 1930 (He’s not aging as Sorcerer Supreme) and his father was something of a… well, kind of an asshole who discouraged anything fanciful and what he considered frivolous.

Stephen’s Father didn’t even believe in celebrating Birthdays and once punished Stephen for showing pride in a blue ribbon he won for a spelling Bee.  As a child Stephen Strange had a natural attraction to Magick, unaware of the innate powers waiting inside him.  However his father squashed that interest around the age of eleven.  

Doctor Strange is essentially what would have happened if Harry Potter had not been able to attend Hogwarts until he was in his forties.  

Now fast forward to 2016.  Here we have the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.  It doesn’t precisely follow the comics at all.  In fact it plays loose and free with a lot of canon.  However it keeps the canon fact that poor Doctor Strange has never experienced Trick or Treating for himself.  So toward the end of the episode called “Strange Little Halloween” Spider-Man talks Doctor Strange and Ant Man into trick or treating with him and the first stop they make is Nova’s door where this happens…

This is now my favorite Halloween gif set. 

Another moment I love from this cartoon series is the first episode we see Doctor Strange Spider-Man asks him to guess what number he’s thinking of.  Doctor Strange replies with “You’re not thinking of a number.  You’re thinking of flapjacks.”  And sure enough he was right. 

Getting Stood Up - Avengers Preference (1)

Author: Clara
Prompt: @amazingbaylorisnotonfire​: When they find out your date stood you up.
Warnings: Insecurity
Characters: Steve, Clint, Pietro, Wanda, Natasha, Bruce, Tony, Bucky, Peter, Scott, Sam.

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                                ❝ —  why, if it isn’t my ol’ pal,    L  U  I  G  I   !  !
                                                      or is it…  
BABY luigi?

                                                                                     …i can’t tell the difference. —  ❞

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anonymous asked:

Por favor, una reacción de GD, Beakhyun, D.O, Mark (Got7) y Jackson al descubrir que tienes tatuajes en tus brazos y espalda y no los habían visto porque eres de usar jersey y esta vez te dio por usar blusa de tirantes, beshos 💕😘✌


“¿Y esos tatuajes? ¿Cómo es que nunca los había visto?" 

A GD le gustarían mucho, él ya tiene tatuajes así que sería una sorpresa bastante placentera. No le daría mucha importancia al asunto pero te preguntaría sobre su significado y esas cosas.


D.O no diría nada, no querría incomodarte porque pensaría que si no se los habías mostrado antes sería por algo y solo se dedicaría a mirarte de reojo.


"Te sientan genial _______. Voto porque lleves siempre manga corta.”


“Vaya ______, menudos tatuajes. ¿Puedo verlos un poco más de cerca?”


“¿Qué es eso que tienes el el brazo? ¿Por qué no lo había visto antes?”