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My first papercraft! I read an article about it last week and decided to give it a try. I’ve always found Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence to be really beautiful and loved the idea of curling the paper for ribbons.

I’ll be putting this one up for sale soon!

I’ll also be making a few more to test some techniques I think might work, like a Jack and Sally Nightmare before Christmas one and of course my Teen Wolf/Little Red Riding Hood Lydia/Peter papercraft.

They’ll all be framed, but I’m working on some plaques as well so they’ll be more affordable. I’ll also be doing a small giveaway on my twitter.

Transform, Cardstock, 5x5


Oops I Sterek’d Papercraft? 

This Teen Wolf rewatch with Lady has slowly worked at my sanity so I had to make something cute and not emotionally devastating.

This frame was damaged, but too small and cute so I worked with it anyway. How about I do a small giveaway for it? More details tomorrow!