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Good wood - feels like you’re in some kind of warren with this house in Makinohara, Japan, by Japanese studio mA-style architects. The aptly named ‘Ant House’ looks like a totally different house to what you’d expect inside the minimalist industrial shell.


Vans Girls at Camp Gritty
It’s Do or DIY: Button Bar

Embroidering our backpacks just wasn’t enough, so we upped the decorative ante with a button bar for campers to add some more flair to their Realm Backpacks. We saw everything from funny phrases and matching cabin crew names (shoutout to “Brandon’s B5 Babes”) to intricate handprinted watercolor buttons. You better bet we collected buttons from all of these talented campers to pin on our own backpacks!

Shout out to these campers for letting us repost their rad photos: Photo 1: Buttons/Backpack by Skye Bronte & photo by Caroline Kolbe Photo 5: Buttons by Ashlie Chandler & photo by Jazzy.

anonymous asked:

Draw hawkfrost or breezepelt ( please ) i honestly want to have your drawing ant decorate it all over my house , because for me you draw the best in the world!

Aww anon!! that’s so kind of you omg… You’re very nice!! I’m so happy you think so ^^
(have both)

X-men Halloween

Peter is down for all of the fun of halloween. He’ll dress up in the most shitest costume he can find or something really nerdy he really likes, like Ghostbusters or Adam ant. The place is decorated almost as if it’s christmas, orange tinsel, little paper skeletons hanging everywhere, at least 3 craved pumpkins. It also gives peter the excuse to eat more candy than he usually would eat “but it’s halloween”. Will not stop saying spooky and shoving as many marshmallows in his face.

Alex isn’t huge huge on halloween. He likes the atmosphere and party more than he actually cares about halloween. Gives him a chance to be a bit of a dick. He’ll come in a costume he could put together really easy unless someone makes him. Probably standing on the sidelines drinking beer until someone challenges him to beer pong. He’ll be more open the more beer he drinks.

- Scott uses it to try flirt with people but just ends up getting drunk and passing out in the pool patito. Will wake up with pen all over his face, not remembering a single thing while regretting it all at once.

- Jean actually tries really hard to have a decent costume. She the one who’s busy dancing to every song having a really good time. Probably has eaten all the candy corns and candy apples before you can look left. Want to still dance even when everyone’s passed out.

- Warren comes in cover in fake blood claiming to be lucifer with 12 bottles of vodka under both his arms like ‘well it’s a party right?’ Will switch the music over to heavy metal and everyone will shout at him. Him and jubilee are the ones drawing on the people who are passed out. Get annoyed when he loses beer pong and drinks it in defeat to annoy Alex.

- JUBILEE SO EXCITED ABOUT HALLOWEEN. Will punch you if you say you don’t care (alex has been punched a lot) Has been playing this for months, has had decorations up since june, has had her costume sorted and bought way before, craved at least 20 different pumpkins, painted the people’s faces and has planned at least 6 spooky games. Tries her best at beer pong but sucks.

- Storm has been lowkey excited about this. Has a really good outfit and is planning on winning every single games against everyone but mainly Warren. Doesn’t have a hangover the next day and is proud of it.

- Kurt is reallly excited about halloween. Hes got a cute costume that the other picked out for him. He just wants to try everything and be involved in everything. Eats too much candy and spends the next day trying not to throw up.

- Hank likes to join in the fun, he’ll come up with a really smart cute pumpkin that he’ll leave in the lab. It takes him a lil bit to join in because he’s a little nervous but once Alex spirits have raised he’ll drag him into and he’ll be just fine. Put his head in the apple bobbing bin and fell into it.

- Charles wants to join in the fun because he’s a giant child but doesn’t stay for long as he knows it’s a night for the kids.

- Erik just wants to go to bed, couldn’t care less.


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