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JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS creator John Davis claims that even though he was once a boy, he was never a genius. Fans of Jimmy, Planet Sheen and the movie Ant Bully will certainly disagree. Hector talks tech with the computer whiz, animation master, and astrophotographer (whatever that is!) and learns how technical challenges can be your best inspiration as we roam Spaceship Earth.

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The wasps from The Ant Bully are not accurate to any real life wasp ever, yet at the same time are the most passionately insecty cartoon insects I’ve ever seen.

 I actually… kindof love them (SHAME). The Ant Bully was a forgettable mess as a movie, but ended up probably having the best insect anatomy ive seen in an animated movie about bugs SADLY.

I like the snazzy color scheme they gave the wasps too. Real life wasps can be very stylish beyond yellow stripes.

hey, its me, the collective of movies Antz, Ant Bully, and Bug’s Life. we put ant boobs on the ants to show that theyre girl ants. thats just the kind of thing that we do here at Animated Feature Films About Ants Collective, or AFFAAC