capmeme: eight quotes [2/8]

↳ "Is this a test?" 
Question time :)
  • 1: What would have been your greatest advice for your past self?
  • 2: Have you ever been in love?
  • 3: What's your worst mistake?
  • 4: Have you ever hurt yourself?
  • 5: Do you have someone you can tell anything to?
  • 6: Are you happy with the friends you have?
  • 7: Are you in a relationship?
  • 8: What is your sexual orientation?
  • 9: Do you think it's possible to love someone if you don't love yourself?
  • 10: What's something your looking forward to?
  • 11: Do you have a favourite poem?
  • 12: Who's your favourite poet?
  • 13: What's your opinion on death?
  • 14: What's your favourite story or myth?
  • 15: Is there something you have been keeping a secret?
  • 16: Who's your favourite fictional character?
  • 17: Show a sample of your handwriting:
  • 18: What's your current top 3 songs?
  • 19: What is the ultimate gesture of total trust?
  • 20: Why did your last relationship end?
  • 21: What is something you have changed your mind about?
  • 22: If you found out that your life was a book, and you met your author, what would you say to them?
  • 23: What's your favourite paradox?
  • 24: What's your biggest fear?
  • 25: What is something not many people know about you?
  • 26: What would you name your future child?
  • 27: Who is someone that you think knows the most about you outside of family?
  • 28: What's your favourite simile or metaphor?
  • 29: What is something you wish other people could know about you without you having to tell them?
  • 30: Got anything planned for your next birthday?

Quick Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Questions

1. Read question and underline what it’s asking you.
2. Cover the answer choices (a, b, c, d) with your hand and try to answer the question yourself, without any help. Seeing the answer choices will just confuse and distract you.
3. Use the Process of Elimination: 
    - Eliminate what is obviously a wrong answer
    - Now only focus on what’s left. Now you won’t pay attention to the wrong answer choice and it won’t distract you anymore. 

Note* Strongly-worded answer choices are rarely the right answer! See example on the picture :)

My econ professor told us a few of these- you still have to study, but these techniques makes it easier for you to find the right answer among all the wrong ones that distract you.  

** If you have any more tips you’d like to share with us, Submit them to me and I will post them and credit you, of course, or comment below! 


Take. This. Off.” was not the reaction she was expecting to her reveal of the shimmering golden garment adorning her head and neck.

Rose frowned, confused by the uncharacteristic outburst.

“Why? What’s wrong with it? Yanell gave it to me as a gift.”

She nodded her head over to the young alien still standing under his shoppe’s awning. He gave a congenial smile and waved at them.

The Doctor snorted. “Yeah, I’ll bet he did. And I’ll bet you’re just the type to get an Asian character tattooed on your forehead without looking up what it means first.”

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anonymous asked:

how's the peepo doin?

Still inactive. I figured it would be too risky to have her potentially reform while I’m asleep and rampage through the off-limits part of house (nearly all of it), so in my efforts to keep her close I’ve contained her gem in a carrier next to me.

Its already been about a day. I’m not even sure if the cat actually did significant enough harm for her to take this long, so I’m hoping she’ll be out soon.

I’m gonna answer some questions while I wait. feel free to ask me more things.

The Hot Darkness of Hannibal Lecter’s Mind

A look at the intimacy that Will and Hannibal shared in the first half of season two, in the context of their physical separation

The first chapter of the third season operates in a manner in which everything that happens physically also happens metaphysically, and this is key to the resolution of both the events that occur and of Hannibal and Will’s relationship. 

On the surface, the story divides itself into multiple main locations: Florence, Palermo, Aukštaitija, and the United States. But, within all these locations, there’s only one real location, and within that location, time moves both backward and forward. It is the landscape of Hannibal’s mind. 

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Serendipitous Fate

Adrien is excited to reveal his true identity, while Marinette is terrified. But Master Fu says they can’t afford to be distant any longer. Chat Noir and Ladybug are meant to work in tandem both in and out of uniform, their strength stemming from the bond created between them. Yet, teenagers are sometimes better at dancing blind than running with wide open eyes, even with the steps laid out before them.

Steps in the path of an expanding world. Apart, they’ll flounder. But together, they might just stand a chance.

Chapters 1 - 10
Word Count: 122,141

Chapter 19: Questions Without Answers

Approximately One Week Prior

Flopping down in the chair, Nino took a deep breath, reaching up to wipe the sweat from his brow. He’d dropped his and Master Fu’s bags to the floor beside the wicker chair, not a single care for the sloppy behavior.

They’d been hiking half the day—no exaggeration. They’d left at three in the morning, reached the mountain trail by six, and been climbing ever since. It was near one in the afternoon by that point, though it felt later. Likely because they were so deeply tucked away in the woods that sunlight hardly filtered through the trees, let alone the windows of the cabin.

Sinking further in the chair, Nino watched as Master Fu slowly made his way around the room, lighting lanterns. The dim glow revealed the empty shadows of the cabin. Hardly any furniture—just the two wicker chairs and the small table between them. The floor was hardwood, a few matts folded up against the wall. There were no other attached rooms, no working water, no electricity. There was a small fireplace, but it was boarded up.

Nino knew this wasn’t supposed to be a luxury trip, and that he and Master Fu would be spending most of their time outside, but the one-room cabin was looking even bleaker than he’d imagined.

Not that he was complaining. There were plenty of things he could complain about, but the extras of being a superhero didn’t fall into that category.

It was an honor, being Tortue de Fer. He knew that. Certainly it was a threat to his life, was challenging, but it meant something. He was being given an opportunity to do good. To accomplish things no one else could. Which, more often than not, left him insecure. But that was all the more reason to work harder—to show he was worthy. Or try to, anyway.

“You’re letting your thoughts get the better of you,” Master Fu said from across the room, causing Nino to jolt upright.

“S-Sorry,” he sputtered, springing immediately to his feet. “Do you need help?”

“I may be old, but I think I can light a few lanterns.”

“Right… Sorry.”

“Do not apologize for things undeserving of such consideration.”

Which left Nino not knowing what to say.

Humming, Master Fu finished with the final lantern before turning his thoughtfully masked expression on his student. It was a look Nino was more than used to at that point, what with spending hours alone with the man after training with Marinette and Adrien. Yet, despite this, he could never read anything off his features.

He was used to it, but it wasn’t exactly comforting.

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  • : :
  • *outside Speedy's*
  • Molly: *approaching Mary* What's going on?
  • Mary: *grins* I found the father of your baby.
  • Molly: *wide-eyed* What? do you even know who the father is?
  • Mary: *digging in her purse* I believe this belongs to the father of your baby *removes the scarf*
  • Molly: *groans* Oh God...he’s in there right now?
  • Mary: Yup.
  • Molly: *sighs* Let's get this over with.
  • Molly & Mary: *enter Speedy's*
  • Tom: *waving* Hi, Molls.
  • Molly: ...
  • Tom: *looking between them* So, what’s up?
  • Mary: *nudging her forwards* Well, Molly has something that she wants to tell you *gestures the scarf* while we're on the subject, I believe that this is your scarf.
  • Tom: No... *unzips his coat* this is my scarf.
  • Mary: ...
  • Mary: *looks at the scarf in her hand* Ah. Could I get anyone a coffee or...poison? No? Just for me? Okay *hurries off*
  • Tom: *concerned* What’s going on?
  • Molly: *sits opposite him* Nothing. Mary just... sort of made a mistake.
  • Tom: *smiles* I’m pleased Mary called. I know we broke up because you thought we weren't compatible. I was thinking...does that matter?
  • Molly: *hesitates* Tom...
  • Tom: We were perfect together *holds her hand*
  • Molly: I’m pregnant.
  • Tom: Oh. *drops her hand*
  • Tom: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: You can go.
  • Tom: Thank you *runs off*
  • *John & Mary's*
  • Sherlock: *staring at the baby*
  • John & Mary: *enter the flat*
  • Mary: *smiles* Hi. How was she?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Fine.
  • John: *lifts his daughter* There's my girl. Were you good for your Uncle?
  • Sherlock: *sighs*
  • Mary: *smirks* You love her really. You're a natural.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I'm going to have to get used to it.
  • John: *nods* Yes, you are.
  • Sherlock: *winds the scarf around his neck; smiles a little*
  • Mary: *looks up; points* That's your scarf?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Yeeeeeees.
  • Mary: ...
  • Sherlock: *shrugs on his coat* Goodnight *leaves*
  • Mary: *squeals with happiness*

anonymous asked:

Why are Tessa and Catarina considered more powerful than Magnus?

Tessa was born from an unmarked Shadowhunter and an Eidolon demon. She has shapeshifting capabilities and bears no warlock mark. Catarina is an extremely skilled healer. Personally, I think Hodge had to find some kind of criteria in order to make his list of warlocks who could have made the potion (like, apparently Ragnor was up there just because he was older?) but it’s likely the reality is that one warlock being more powerful than the other isn’t cut and dry.

Though it is curious to consider where Magnus sort of ranks. I’ve never really seen him as being the most powerful, which I know sounds weird because I’ve been screaming about prince of hell Magnus since the day I was born. But while I think he is extremely powerful, I’ve never gotten the sense that that’s what really got him to where he is as High Warlock if that makes sense.

I mean, Magnus’s reputation has always been about more than his magic. He’s also more politically involved, having been there at the Accord negotiations, and he’s simply charismatic. In the books, Magnus started taking contracts at 16 and pretended he was some ancient warlock who knew what he was doing and it worked. As powerful as he actually is, I suspect those in the Shadow World sometimes overestimate his power even further because he’s just that good at building and maintaining his image. This talent probably has as much to do with the influence he currently holds, if not more. Like, people literally whisper about whether or not he exists. That’s a level of personal branding that goes far beyond how much magic he can do. 

tl;dr I’m in love with the idea of Magnus’s high level of influence being as much about his personality and his ability to navigate the different factions in the Shadow World as it is about his magic.

happy kikuro day + month! 7/11 prompt

guess where kise and kuroko are working~ and guess why they are about  to get fired~

Ask me some!
  1. Can you unlock your phone without looking?
  2. How many hours do you usually spend on social media every day?
  3. Is your room messy or organized?
  4. Do you like wearing sunglasses
  5. Winter or Summer?
  6. Spring or Fall? 
  7. What are you listening to right now?
  8. What was your first tumblr url?
  9. When did you make your tumblr?
  10. How did you find out about tumblr?
  11. What other social media do you use? 
  12. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
  13. What’s your favorite band? 
  14. What’s the first album you bought and how old were you? 
  15. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
  16. What was your first kiss like? 
  17. What’s your favorite emoji? 
  18. Do you like the school you go/went to? 
  19. Are your nails currently painted? 
  20. What type of phone do you have and do you like it? 
  21. What foreign countries have you been to?
  22. How many concerts have you been to? 
  23. Have you ever been to a festival? 
  24. What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy evening?
  25. Do you like taking pictures? 
  26. Do you like taking selfies? 
  27. Who’s your favorite youtuber? 
  28. Do you have any posters in your room? 
  29. Do you have any accesoiries that you wear daily?
  30. How many languages can you speak? 
  31. Do you enjoy answering questions like this? :p 
  32. How would you describe your personality? 
  33. What’s your favorite country you’ve ever been to? 
  34. One place you still want to visit? 
  35. Do you prefer wearing T-shirts or tank tops? 
  36. Do you prefer wearing shorts, pants or skirts? 
  37. Do you drink a lot of water? 
  38. Do you spend a lot of time in your room? 
  39. Do you like inviting peole over? 
  40. What’s your favorite food? 
  41. Do you enjoy baking?
  42. Do you enjoy reading? 
  43. What’s your favorite book? 
  44. What’s your favorite movie? 
  45. Do spend a lot of time on your phone? 
  46. What’s your favorite place to shop? 
  47. Do you enjoy shopping? 
  48. Is there anything you want people to know about you when you meet them? 
  49. How would your family react if you came out as queer? 
  50. What’s your favorite animal? 
  51. Do you usually wear perfume?
  52. How long do you take to get ready in the morning? 
  53. At what time do you usually go to bed in the weekend?
  54. At what time do you usually go to bed in a schoolweek?
  55. At what time do you usually get up in the weekend?
  56. At what time do you usually get up for school? 
  57. Do you feel comfortable wearing crop tops and shorts? 
  58. Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? 
  59. Do you sleep with a nightlight or anything like that? 
  60. How often do you take a shower? 
  61. Is there any medication you take daily? 
  62. Do you think your room is big enough? 
  63. Do you enjoy swimming? 
  64. Do you play any instrument? 
  65. Do you play any sports? 
  66. Is there anything you want to say right now? 
  67. When was the last time you went on vacation? 
  68. Do you believe in love at the first sight? 
  69. Are you a virgin? 
  70. What do you think is the right age to lose your virginity? 
  71. What’s your favorite color? 
  72. Do you have kik? 
  73. What was your favorite game as a kid? 
  74. Are you single or taken?
  75. What’s your sexuality? 
  76. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? 
  77. Do you enjoy listening to the radio? 
  78. What was your favorite band/artist when you were 12?
  79. What do you look for in a friend? 
  80. Do you prefer having 1 absolute best friend or a small group of good friends? 
  81. Do you think you’re good at making friends? 
  82. Do you currently have a crush on someone? 
  83. What’s your opinion on tattoos/piercings at work? 
  84. How do you feel about guys wearing pink? 
  85. What’s your dream job? 
  86. Would you like to be the president of the US? 
  87. What’s your favorite song lyric? 
  88. Do you have any band shirts?
  89. Do you think you need to listen to the band to wear their shirt? 
  90. Have you had a ‘scene phase’ or anything like that?
  91. Do you like living in this place?
  92. Are you a country or city person? 
  93. What’s your favorite movie genre? 
  94. Do you care about grammar? 
  95. Do you have a lucky number?
  96. How many phone numbers do you know by heart? 
  97. Do you think you have a bright future? 
  98. Do you like to wear hoodies? 
  99. Do you have any siblings?
  100. Do you feel like your parents support you?