Like I don’t know if you read the tags on my last post about squibs

But I have some serious deep thoughts about squibs and how the wizarding world treats disabilities

These Questions

These questions they haunt my soul
how important is this game we play
are we actually here to win anything
or to love, be kind, and enjoy today 

How urgent is this final destination 
on arrival have we gone anywhere
is it about recreational procreation
or seeking something far more rare 

God are you listening are you near
if you hear me and might be so kind 
I’d be most grateful if you’d answer
these questions racing in my mind

happy kikuro day + month! 7/11 prompt

guess where kise and kuroko are working~ and guess why they are about  to get fired~

Who else feels really uncomfortable about people on twitter using #growingup_ as a base for anything like I’ve seen “growingupshy” or “growingupwithglasses” but like…. wasn’t the entire starting point of the tag itself for black people to talk about how #growingupblack was like?? I mean I’m not black but the entire thing seems appropriative of the movement?

doublebarrelrenegade asked:

// Well, Vik. I have a problem and that is that I can't draw worth a lick and I get very jealous of good artists sometimes. How does one overcome jealousy and depression?

Hmm. Well, this is a fairly common problem I see amongst new artists, or younger individuals.

               To put a long story very short; don’t make comparisons. This goes for advanced and new artists. Making comparisons makes you feel like shit. It’s hard, but try not to.


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How much time should I allot each day to practice a language I'm learning entirely on my own? I should also add that I'm still a high school student and also have regular homework and a job

I mean, there’s no way to answer this. “Time” is a meaningless measure because depending what you’re doing and how efficiently you work you could work for hours and achieve very little. Similarly, people work at different speeds, so someone could achieve in an hour what someone else would need an hour and a half for.

Take as much time as you think you can handle while still enjoying it. If you try to do too much (especially since you’re already busy) it will feel like a chore and you’ll drop it. Don’t worry if you spend less time one day but get on a roll another day and spend more time. I know people always say scheduling is so important but ‘allotting’ a window of time every single day is just not something that ever has (or ever will I imagine) work(ed) for me personally.

Take. This. Off.” was not the reaction she was expecting to her reveal of the shimmering golden garment adorning her head and neck.

Rose frowned, confused by the uncharacteristic outburst.

“Why? What’s wrong with it? Yanell gave it to me as a gift.”

She nodded her head over to the young alien still standing under his shoppe’s awning. He gave a congenial smile and waved at them.

The Doctor snorted. “Yeah, I’ll bet he did. And I’ll bet you’re just the type to get an Asian character tattooed on your forehead without looking up what it means first.”

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lol child-thing asks such big questions for a five-year-old and i struggle so hard to put things in terms he can understand like it hurts my head

trying to explain evolution with diagrams on the whiteboard and trying to help him understand just how much longer ago 4.5 billion years versus 200,000 years is

whether he understands at all or not tho he’s having fun, at least

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pls pick an oc/several/all of em and tell me abt them i am here and i am Ready™

While I have several OC’s, developed and developing, I’m gonna tell you about THIS cutie! 

This is my FWS fanchild Nemises, and she is literally the cutest piece of fluff I have ever created. She is a literal cinnamon roll. 

She’s quiet, sweet, and gentle most of the time, but can have her mother’s explosive temper when someone insults her family. 
She’s the Hero of Balance; Kyurem’s Hero. 

Nemises, usually called “Nemy”, or “Nem”, enjoys cooking, chocolate, and being outside with Pokémon. She’s also a PokéSpeak, a trait she inherited from her father. She also always has a perpetual blush in her cheeks. 

She’s also shipped with this loser:

That is one of guardianangel9x‘s FWS fanchildren named Niko. 

Yes they’re both FWS fankids, to make a long story short, they’re from different universes and their parents aren’t actually the same people so technically they’re doppelgängers. (That’s a whole other story I can tell you about)

I created Nemises a little over a year ago, haha. I just adore her so much.

Her info page can actually be found here , though it’s a little outdated. 

Have some more Nem

anonymous asked:

hi! I really like your blog and I'm in need of someone else's opinion. I'm a lesbian but every time I get close to a girl and we start hooking up or just admit we like each other I freak out and talk myself out of it. it's causes a lot of problems bc I'm so confused and it's really starting to stress me out so bad I get sick. Do you know why that might be??? I just need someone else's opinion on this bc I'm lost. Thank you!!!!!

You should probably ask yourself why that happens and figure out what seems to be triggering this reaction. Like, is it a self-confidence issue, are you worried you might “mess up” or something along those lines once things start getting hot and heavy, or is there something from your past that makes you anxious about getting close to people? You need to take a minute to pinpoint the causes of your reactions, instead of just focusing on the effects. You know what I mean? Cuz I can’t really tell you why you do the things you do because I don’t know you. You’re the only one who can answer the question. 

But once you figure it out or you think you’re close to it and need a second opinion, then you can always come back to me and we can talk about it. My ask box is always open and you’re more than welcome to message me. :)

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No problem. Thank you for reading it. Sorry for bother.

There was no bother!  “I’m sorry, your princess is in another castle” is not the same as “you have bothered me.”

One of the fun things about the way my brain works–and by “fun,” I mean “sometimes I am a swarm of very confused paper wasps and salamanders in the body of a girl”–is that I really don’t do well when I can’t find everything that matters.  Which is why I’ll answer Toby social questions here, since those answers can change without anyone getting mad at me, but won’t answer cosmology/functionality questions.

At the end of the day, the only things that are “real canon” are the things in the books and stories.  Everything else remains subject to change.

maesgirl reblogged your post:i noticed a while ago that every time norman…

While I agree with 99% of what you say here, I have long had issue with NR and how he says things. If he would just shut the fuck up about ships, that would make things a lot better. He needs to look to MMB for guidance on how to handle these types of questions. 

no disrespect, but i think you might’ve missed the point of the post? norman can’t “shut the fuck up” about ships if he’s constantly being asked about them in interviews. have you seen this interview? he actively tries to avoid answering the question, multiple times. i’m sure he’s more sick of these questions than i am (and i’m sick to death of them… i’d love to hear him answer some interesting new questions). but he has to answer the question without offending anyone, like i said in my original post, which you might wanna reread. you don’t have to like what he says but i don’t think you have the right to tell him to shut the fuck up just because you don’t like what he has to say.

I feel like a lot of my asks would be better answered with a screencap or a gif. I am a very slow artist and I get drained quickly, but I’d like to answer a lot of these questions, but I can’t do much other than draw a headshot and answer the question. I would feel bad for answering someone’s question without a drawing unless a lot of people seemed okay with the idea. … Maybe I could just do it with anons? Not sure. Give me your thoughts and I might start answering more questions with just gifs and text, since I have almost 80 questions in my inbox and every time I answer an ask I get two more;;; 

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We've forgotten about one kid- Tiny Clara. Tiny Clara making mud pies. Tiny Clara knowing things about history and not knowing how she knows them and frightening herself. Tiny Clara catching falling leaves and playing with little plushie spaceships. (I also feel like Tiny Clara would really, really idolize Tiny Rose...)

Oh my gosh… but if Tiny Clara is even tinier than Tiny Rose… how tiny is Tiny Clara?