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馃幈? 鈿滐笍?

🎱: Favourite TV show(s)?

aaaaaaaaa i really, really love bones and how to get away with murder!! also shadowhunters is pretty cool too

⚜️: Name your 3 favourite tumblr blogs!

aaaaaa i have a lot of favorite blogs, but these are the top favs @y-uri @tobiohchan @queerbatnana @nopea-huoli @rinablet and you!! @glaspaladin whoops that’s more than 3 :P but also all mutuals are very great! and @tulituikku is a very cool aesthetic blog!!! go follow these very cool beans!

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Anon that failed their exam! So did I!!!! A few! that I studied like crazy for! I even had to cancel a class because there was no way I was going to make the grade to pass. And guess what? I took it again. and I got the other exams right. And I got my degree! I also got a masters degree in December and literaly just got an amazing job that is hella fun and pays more than I was aiming for when looking. My point is. Take that failed test, learn from it, chill and you'll be A-ok. I promise.


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so i was going through nodding my head at the cherik-ness of this list until i saw the real slim shady and now the image of rapper!charles will not leave my mind lol

oM G

(here’s the song)



deleted scene from x men first class



what you gon do now charl


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Hi! Micah here! It’s my first time doing this so I’m not really sure what to say but since this is a holiday ff, I guess I’ll start by greeting y’all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

And I’d also like to thank everyone for staying with my stupid blog. I’m sorry if it has become such a mess. I didn’t mean to get into all of my fandoms/ships, I swear. It just happened. But seriously, thank you for following my super lame blog, sending me sweet messages, tagging me in stuffs, liking my crappy edits, and just being nice to me. You guys are the best *hugs and kisses you all*. I’m also sorry if I ever fail to answer messages/get back to requests. I know I suck but please don’t hate me!

Thanks again for sticking with me and may the next year be good to us all! ♥

Here are some of the super cool people I follow. If you aren’t following them yet, please do since all of them are recommended 10/10 blogs! They always make my dash beautiful! 

Bold: mutuals (really lovely people)

Italic: friends/favorite blogs (precious beyond words)


@a-sakuras @ackermanss @aeselyn @aizawashoutta @akutagawah @akutagawaryuunosuke @aparrish @bertholdts @bokouto @centxm @choidasa @dazaiosamu @ekubou @erwonmyheart @evngelion @flamefly @fujiiwara @genosus @genoza @grifith @hiwazumi @ichimatsus @kahgeyamas @kanerdki @keigoo @keikoku @keitsukishima @kenmacchis @kenmasan @kishibesrohans @kiuroo @kkenma @kofee @kourai @kurooa @kurorolucilfer @madeki @mamurasm @mihkoriz @miyeuki @mmomota @monstrux @nanzse @nehkomas @nikifohov @nikiforovic @nikiforv @nickiforov @nikiphorov


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And if anyone wants to know, the characters from the lame graphic is from the bl manga Canis by Zakk. :D

532. One of the reasons why Snape's hate extended to both Ron and Hermione was because when they were with Harry all three of them made up Lily. Ron had her hair, Harry had her eyes, and Hermione was a smart muggle born. Every time Hermione raised her hand, Harry glared at him, or Ron ran his fingers through his hair, an imaginary knife went deeper into his heart.

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