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Oddly, I wasn't expecting such a violent reaction from Percy. I don't know why, but it surprised me in such a wonderful way. In hindsight it makes perfect sense, but the helpless rage, the knee-jerk reaction to step between Vax and the Raven Queen as if there was anything he could possibly do...

tbh I think (and I think tal confirmed?) that it was more about percy and the RQ than vax and the RQ, and it’s easier to lash out at what’s there in front of you than it is to rage against the blind tragedy of chance (though how much of it is chance, really, when you’re dealing with the goddess of fate???? mmmmm great question)

The number of messages I’ve failed to answer across all my devices and media platforms will be weighed against my soul on judgment day, and I will be cast into hell

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Maybe draw some dear evan hansen comfort hugs,,,, like between evan and connor or evan and connors sister (i cant remember her name helo)or like,,,,,,,,, any one i just need som comfort hugs

connor isnt used to hugs so he gives people his hoodie as A Hug™

(<- that hoodie hug idea is from @askconvan / @nellos12 follow them :O)

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I really want an episode of AA where all coffe machines in the Tower break so Tony doesn't get his portion of coffe to function properly and avengers have to get it at some cafe but it takes a lot of time (maybe half of an episode) so all this time Tony has enough energy only to communicate with grunts and everyone except Steve struggle a bit to understand what he says.

tony: *head on the table and grumbling*

sam: ?????

steve: he says he’s so desperate he’ll even take instant coffee at this point. and also we’re out of eggs

sam: how did you manage to understand any of that

steve: *thinks back to tony trying to keep him from leaving the bed most mornings by clinging to him and mumbling into his stomach*

steve: lucky guess


deleted scene from x men first class



what you gon do now charl

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How about Smol Tony tryin to reach things on high shelves and Bucky and tchalla fighting over who can get things for him. They get so distracted fighting that they don't notice Tony just using his armor's boots to hover and get the damn thing himself

Holy shit, I adore you! <3 This is a thing of beauty!!! And so fluffy :D

Just imagine the two of them almost falling over themselves trying to help Tony out. It’s not that they don’t think he can get the sugar on his own, alright, it’s just that nothing ever prepares them for smol Tony, stumbling through the kitchen wearing one of Bucky’s washed out sweaters that slips down on one shoulder and the tinkling anklets T’Challa gave him on their six month anniversary, nothing ever prepares them for the pureness of their boyfriend when he doesn’t feel like putting on a mask.

And it wasn’t supposed to be a contest at first, but then Bucky gives T’Challa a playful shove and T’Challa narrows his eyes and pulls out his feet from under him and suddenly there’s an all-out war going on in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Tony is still standing in front of the shelf, tapping his foot against the ground. He’s given up jumping now, he doesn’t even know why he still bothers to try, and is decidedly unimpressed by his boyfriends’ antics. He gives them another minute, but when the first dish breaks, he decides enough is enough. 

He clicks his heels together–and so what if a certain movie served as an inspiration–activating the boots and slowly floats up to get the damn sugar himself. It’s a bit shakier than when he has the repulsors in his hands for added stabilisation, but he makes it. Takes one look at his grown up boyfriends–who haven’t even noticed–steps around their fighting forms with a derisive sniff and gets to work.

In the background, Peter is filming the entire thing, but he’s laughing so hard the video is too shaky to be of any worth.

FightWrite: Your Killers Need to Kill

Killers need to kill. It’s surprising how many writers ignore this very specific and important piece of the ones they claim are killers, heartless or not. Sometimes, there’s a difference between the character we describe in the text and the actions the character takes. An author can tell me over and over that a character is a deadly and dangerous person who strikes ruthlessly without mercy, but if they don’t behave that way in the actual story then I’m not going to buy it.

Show versus tell: the difference between who the author says the character is and the actions the character takes in the story. Especially if the actions counteract the description. Now, you do have characters who lie, characters who misrepresent themselves, characters who say one thing and do another, but these are not the characters we’re talking about. This is about ensuring that you, the author, know the character you are writing. Unless you’re hiding their habits, let us glimpse the worst they’re capable of.

Monster. I could tell Jackson I was a monster, but he wouldn’t believe me. He saw a strawberry blonde, five feet eleven inches. A waitress, a Pilates nut, not a murderer. The nasty scar across my slim waist that I’d earned when I was ten? He thought I’d gotten it from a mugging at twenty one. Just as a natural layer of womanly fat hid away years of physical conditioning, I hid myself behind long hair, perky makeup, and a closet full of costumes bought from Macy’s and Forever 21. To him, I was Grace Johnson. The woman who cuddled beside him in bed, the woman who hogged the sheets, who screamed during horror movie jump scares, the woman who forgot to change the toilet paper, who baked cookies every Saturday morning, the woman who sometimes wore the same underwear three days in a row. The woman he loved.

No, I thought as I studied his eyes. Even with a useless arm hanging at my side, elbow crushed; my nose smashed, blood coursing down from the open gash in my forehead, a bullet wound in my shoulder, Sixteen’s gun in my hand, the dining room table shattered, and his grandmother’s China scattered across the floor. He’d never believe Grace Johnson was a lie. Not until I showed him, possibly not even then. Not for many more years to come. Probably, I caught my mental shrug, if he lives.

“Grace,” Jackson said. “Please…” The phone clattered the floor, his blue eyes wide, color draining from his lips. “This isn’t you.”

Gaze locking his, I levered Sixteen’s pistol at her knee.

“Don’t,” she whispered. “Morrison will take you in, he’ll fix this.” Her voice cracked, almost a sob. For us, a destroyed limb was a death sentence. Once, we swore we’d die together. Now, she can mean it. “Thirteen, if you run then there’s no going back.”

My upper lip curled. “You don’t know me.” I had no idea which one I was talking to. “You never did.”

My finger squeezed the trigger.

Sixteen grunted, blood slipping down her lip. In the doorway, Jackson screamed.

Do it and mean it. Let it be part of their character development, regardless of if which way you intend to go. In the above example, there’s a dichotomy present between the character of Thirteen and her cover Grace Johnson. There’s some question, even for the character, about which of them they are. It sets up a beginning of growth for the character as she runs, but it also fails to answer what will be the central question in the story: who am I? Which way will I jump?

If Thirteen doesn’t kill Sixteen, if the scene answers the question at the beginning then why would you need to read the story?

Below the cut, we’ll talk about some ways to show their struggles.


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Do you know the song words fail from dear Evan hansen? Because if you do please do a langst fic on that if you're taking requests


Now I haven’t listened to Dear Evan Hansen before but I did enjoy this song 
(Despite The Fact That I Was Confused AF) 

Words Fail 

(I don’t own the video)

“Lance!? Can you hear me?” It was Shiro, his voice filled Lance’s ears as he attempted to lift his head from his location in Blue. 

I never meant to make it such a mess.  

Lance had lost control, he lost his connection with Blue. He wasn’t sure what happened everything was going so well, him and Blue were in perfect sync. Yet one mistake, one tiny slip up and Lance was being tossed half way across a galaxy. 

I never thought that it would go this far.

He opened his ocean blue eyes, scanning the cockpit. Everything was thrown everywhere and red filled Blue’s screen, Altean words filling his vision. “Blue? Can you hear me?” Silence, he didn’t get a response, the only thing filling his ears were warning beeps telling him things he didn’t understand.

“Lance! It’s so good to hear your voice.” Hunk’s voice cracked slightly, indicating he was slightly panicking.   

“Where are you?” Pidge’s voice was firm yet small and Lance couldn’t will the words to flow out of his mouth. 

So I just stand here sorry. Searching for something to say

“You’re not fit to be a paladin of Voltron.” Lance couldn’t figure out who was talking at first, the voice was raspy and sounded off to him. The atmosphere in Blue became heavy and Lance felt cold all of a sudden. “The team is only looking for you so they can have the Blue Lion. They don’t care about you.” 

“Who are you?” Lance’s voice was cracky, his throat felt raw. 

“You know who I am paladin.” Lance’s eyes widened at the voice and he felt fear consume him.  

“The witch.” 

Words fail, words fail. There’s nothing I can say.

He was speechless, how did she get inside of Blue? Inside his head. Lance threw his helmet off his head, ignoring his team’s questions on who he was talking too and fought to bring air into his lungs. “Get out.” 

A laugh, a simple laugh and Lance felt shivers go down his spine. “Do you really think that the team wants you? That they actually view you are a valuable member of the team? They don’t see you as anything more than a placeholder.” 

Lance covered his ears, praying to block out the witches voice. “You’re lying!”

“Am I?”

I guess I thought I could be part of this. I never had this kind of thing before.

Lance shook his head violently, she was lying he knew she was but something about her voice got to him. Maybe it was because Blue had gone quite, or the fact that Lance knew he was the 7th wheel. 

“You’ve never been wanted since day one. You’ve always been the one in the way. Never contributing to anything. You hide the fact that your relationship with your family is strained and that you’re the reason everything fell apart on Earth. That you’re the reason you and your friends are stuck in space with no return to your home planet.” The witch laughed and Lance could feel panic build up as the words sunk in. 

I never had the dad who stuck it out. No corny jokes or baseball gloves. No mom who just was there. ‘Cause mom was all that she had to be.  

Lance dug his fingers into his scalp, “shut up! You’re wrong!” He knew she was lying, he knew that she was trying to get under his skin, and it was working. Lance was attempting to denying it but she was playing with his insecurities. 

“You’ve never had the perfect life, you’ve never had the perfect day but how could you? You’re no one on the team. The Black paladin is the fearless leader, the Red paladin is the best pilot. The Green paladin is the brains of the team and the Yellow paladin is the mechanic. You can’t even fly the castle, you bring nothing to the team.” Her words seemed to get louder, driving home what Lance didn’t want to believe. 

Except sometimes, you see everything you wanted. And sometimes, you see everything you wish you had. 

“Stop this! You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Lance felt like he couldn’t breath, his head was pounding and he knew his attempts to stop the witch had no effect on her. 

“Then you pretend, you’re always pretending never telling anyone the truth. You act like they don’t bother you, but they broke you. They shattered you to pieces and you’ll never be whole again.” Her voice was a whisper but it felt as though she was breathing down his neck. 

No, I’d rather pretend I’m something better than these broken parts. Pretend I’m something other than this mess that I am. ‘Cause then I don’t have to look at it

Lance stopped fighting her, he couldn’t bring himself to deny what she was saying. He knew that she was stretching the truth, he knew that the team cared about him. He knew that he played a role in the team but he had yet to figure that role out. 

“So tell me Blue paladin, why do you hide from your team? Do you not trust them enough to open up to them? Or do you already know that they won’t care?” Her voice started to move away from Lance and he silently prayed that she was leaving. 

Before I lead with the worst of me, I never let them see the worst of me. ‘Cause what if everyone saw? What if everyone knew? Would they like what they saw? Or would they hate it too?

Lance kept his eyes shut, feeling tremors move across his body. He finally broke. He thought that he could deny what she was saying but he was never strong when it came to things like this, he could never push away the lies. 

All I ever do is run. 

“Just keep what I said in mind, I’ll see you soon paladin.” Hagger laughed and everything became quiet. Heat slowly came back around Lance and everything felt lighter. The beeps were still going off but Lance couldn’t bring himself to care. Slowly he brought his knees up to his chest, hugging them and burying his face in them. 

He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, letting the words that the witch said repeat in his mind. He wasn’t aware when the other lions appeared around Blue and gently brought them back to the hanger. He wasn’t even aware of Hunk entering Blue and asking him if he was okay. Even if he was he had no words, even if he did words failed, don’t they?

Ahhh I hope you like it! This appeared in my head as I listened to the song!

Thank you!!!!!!


In case you guys didn’t know, there is a Voltron comic book with stuff that isn’t exactly in the show.

In chapter 5, Pidge is tested to beat the universal sphinx. She “fails” to answer a riddle (the riddle could have different answers) so they have to form Voltron in order to defeat it. The sphinx accepts defeat (saying they change it so that no one can win) and says “It’s pathetic really.”

Then Lance replies “I’ll say” in which the sphinx says “Hey, I saw into your mind. Do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?”

Then Lance says “Nevermind”

I’m not saying that Langst is even more canon… buT LANGST IS EVEN MORE CANON AND I WONT STAND FOR IT!

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"Jonsa will happen in season 8" bitch where? They didn't even hug each other when Jon left. Dan and David saw how crazy Jonsa fans are and they decided not to have them hug so that you'd stop with this madness 😂 say bye to your ship 👋

Oh hun, D&D decided not to give Jonsa a hug, not because of how “crazy” Jonsa fans are (lol what?😂😂), but to create a contrast between the Jonsa goodbye, and the ?goodbye? between Jon and Dandelion. 

He turned to look and wave goodbye at Sansa, because he loves her, but he did not turn to look nor wave goodbye at Dandelion, because he doesn’t love her, Jorah turned instead, because a man, a woman, a person whom is in love, will always look back at someone they love, one last time.

Jon (not)turning to wave/look at Dandelion:

Jon turning to look and wave goodbye at Sansa:

Striking difference ay? 🙃

Same reason why we had that beautiful Missandei & Grey Worm love scene this season. It was written to show the contrast between their love scene, and the Jondelion sex scene. Grey Worm and Missandei made love, Jon and Dandelion had sex.

Nice try nonny, but I ain’t saying bye to my ship lol 😂😂

I am saying bye bye to you tho. Thanks for the good laugh 👍😂


Remember when BamBam fucked up the kimchi stew & JB got mad and started questioning BamBam’s receipt like he was fucking Gordon Ramsay then got frustrated when BamBam failed to answer his question correctly and was 5 seconds away from beating him because he was just that hungry.

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Why the Little Brother of Ciel had a rude attitude when he met Ciel in the chapter 130?

It wasn’t necessarily a rude attitude, it was more of a ‘protective yandere brother’ attitude + ‘I am the older brother and I have more power than you’. From CHP.131 we know that OC was a sickly child and RC generally looks after him, and thats basically what he was doing in CHP.129/130 but his lines were more patronising:

There basically the same lines however due to the atmosphere in CHP.130 they seem more harsh and rude. We’ve only seen one glimpse of RC acting yandere towards OC here:

We don’t know why RC shot soma but you can interpret that he didn’t like the fact that soma was acting like ‘ciels big brother’ so he was fueled by jealously possibly. To conclude RC may not have been as ‘evil’ when he was younger but neither was ciel until he grew up. In CHP.129/130 hes just being a protective big brother, but in a more patronising way considering ciel is sort of acting out of line by stealing RC identity and doing things that he shouldn’t be doing; Plus the fact that hes close to RC murderer (sebastian) so he needs to be told off according to RC since hes the one that keeps OC safe and in line.