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After they're hatched, the grubs go through some sort of trials in the caverns correct? What would these trials include? And do they go into the caverns grubs and come out young trolls? I'd love to hear your headcanons on this...

here are all mentions of the trials:

“Karkat: Leave your room.”

You step outside your respiteblock, onto one of your hive’s numerous extraterraneal landing slats. You were allowed to design this hive when you were young, after you emerged victorious from your trials deep in the brooding caverns. You have lived here with your CUSTODIAN ever since. 

“Karkat: Deal with crabby customer.”

The eggs hatch into young larval trolls which wriggle about to locate a cozy stalactite from which to spin their cocoons. After they pupate, the young troll with his or her newfound limbs undergoes a series of dangerous trials. If they survive, they are chosen by a member of the diverse and terrifying subterranean monster population native to Alternia. This creature becomes the troll’s lusus, and together they surface and choose a location to build a hive. The building process is facilitated by CARPENTER DROIDS left on the planet to cater to the young. But only for building. They’re on their own otherwise. 


AG: Nothing comes easy, Tavros. That is why we go through the trials in the 8rooding caverns when we are young. 
AG: To make sure we are strong when we come out! 
AG: Do you remem8er the trials, Tavros? 
AG: Well, I do, and they were a 8itch. 
AG: 8ut now that I think a8out it, it would make perfect sense if your trials were really easy 8y some mistake. 
AG: That is why you are such a soggy phlegm sponge, and why you got picked 8y such a sad, frail little lusus! 
AT: }:( 
AG: 8ut that’s ok, it pro8a8ly wasn’t your fault. Just a 8ad 8r8k! 

“Terezi: Examine douthchebag.”

The youngster receives striking new eyewear. Quite a handsome set. Perhaps it is customary for this species after emerging from the trials in the brooding caverns? 

Or just MAYBE, this is some sort of coolkid you are dealing with here.

“[o] ==>”

The Sufferer required a less conventional upbringing to reach maturity. As a young grub, he landed in the brooding caverns where he would be expected to face his trials. But due to his mutation, surely no lusus would select him. No creature sympathetic to his scent had been bred yet. His odds for survival would have been remote, if not for a chance encounter.

from all of this, we can gather a few things:

  • the trials all take place in the brooding caverns where troll grubs are born. the moment trolls hatch from their cocoons in their new, humanoid bodies, they begin the trials
  • the trials are dangerous and not all trolls survive them. it is considered an achievement to make it out of the caverns alive
  • it’s unknown what the trials actually are, and we will probably never know! however, we know that they’re deadly but still not deadly enough that toddler eridan was unable to survive them, which is impressive
  • the trials are presumably intended to strengthen young trolls and weed out the weak ones. the presence of the trials is likely one of the differences between beforus and alternia
  • after surviving the trials, trolls are chosen by lusii and go off to design and build their own homes

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prompt idea: everyone's reaction to the fact that pidge has been hiding their trash meteor fluff buddies in the castle of lions for months


“You know, Pidge,” Shiro says, somewhat weakly. He’s standing in the doorway with Keith, staring slack-jawed into Pidge’s bedroom. Approximately four dozen Pastel Space Caterpillars blink curiously back at them, little mustaches glowing far too cheerfully in the dim lighting. “When you said you needed help, this isn’t exactly what I thought you meant.”

“How did you smuggle so many of these things in?” Lance gawks. Hunk’s delighted, already inside cooing at a handful of the pastel yellow friends.

“I didn’t ‘smuggle’ them, thanks,” Pidge says, “And I never meant to have fifty-something of them here or I wouldn’t have let them get used to my room. I only started with two.”

(Accepting mini-prompts tonight!)

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What spicy delight are you cooking Daddy-o!

You guys know my view on being called “Daddy”, but “Daddy-o” I’ll allow!

I’m cooking a strange breakfast choice… *looks at time* err brunch I mean. Some yummy chicken tacos. They are pretty much just me cooking the shredded chicken in a bunch of spices until my eyes water… I’m still congested from my illness so I want to burn it out! 

Holy Family Special!: Christmas With The Angels!

Hello~ I decided to write an special chapter for this Christmas! I hope you like it!

Supernatural and its characters don’t belong to me.

“So this house belonged to your grandpa” Gabe said.


“The one Luci killed.”

“Gabe, I didn’t revive you for this.”

“Right, it was an accident actually” he commented. “But just to be clear-

“Gabriel” Castiel cut him off.

I thanked Cass with a nod and he gave me a shy smile.

“Now,” I looked at Lucifer, who was sitting on a chair “you, move your ass and help me with the onions.”

“Me?” Lucifer put one hand on his chest and acted innocent.

“Yes, you!”

“Why not Cass? I know he’ll love to.”

“Because he didn’t try to kill me, now move.”

“I actually want to help” Cass spoke quietly.

“Okay” I sighed and smiled a bit. “Gabe.”

“Yeah, babe?”

“Can you look after Mike? He’s been sleeping a lot since he got out of the cage and lost a lot of power…”

“Sure.” Gabe winked at me and left the kitchen.

“Why didn’t take me out of the cage too?” Lucifer asked and I hid a smile.

I could have heard a bit of jealousy in his voice.

“Because you always manage to get out by yourself, honey” I smirked and he pointed at me.

I started making dinner with Cass’ help. I laughed a bit at Castiel innocent comments and hummed some Christmas songs while we stayed in silence.

“This is boring” Luci finally spoke.

“Then go watch Tv with Balthy”

“You know what would be great? Having our powers back!” He stood up behind Castiel and I.

“Not in this house!”

“Then I leave!”

“You can’t” I sang. “If you’re so bored, then help us.”


Five seconds later


“Y/N, I’m bored…”

“Cass, can you pass me the oil?”

“Of course.”

“Y/N, pay attention to me.”

“You’ve sauce in your coat, let me clean it.”

“Y/N, listen to me. I’m bored.”

“I heard you, Luci.”

“Then play with me… Y/N… Y/N! Look what I did with the glasses! Hey! It’s a tower! A fucking tower I ’ll break if you don’t look at me now! …….. Y/N!”

“Oh my Dad!” I exhaled “Now I know why you were kicked from Heaven! ‘Daddy, I’m bored!’” I imitated him. “'Daddy, pat attention to me’, ‘Daddy, you wanna play a game?’ ‘Daddy!!!’”

“…I don’t speak like that” Lucifer murmured.

“You do.”

“And what about you?” Lucifer said. “'I’m a good girl, I can change the world and save everybody.’” he talked girly. “'Dad is the best dad of the world!’, ‘he’s very handsome! No more than Lucifer, but…’”

“I’ve never said that!” I turned to see him and he was smirking at me.

“Now you’re paying me attention!” He got close. “You know all this is stupid, right? It’s a fucking joke! If we had had our powers, we would have killed each other! We are not this kind of-

“Of what?” I asked. “Family? Well, sir, I don’t think so! Even if we’re different, all of us, we ARE family! And old and wise man said Family don’t end with blood! He’s right! We’re a dysfunctional and weird family! And you like it or not, this is my way of getting on well; having dinner together, a beautiful and bright Christmas dinner!” I looked at Castiel, who was watching me in silence. “Sorry… I know we’re not exactly a happy family; we all had our moments… Lucifer tried to kill me… First time I met Gabe he threw me a shark…”

“I tried to kill you… twice” Balthazar spoke from the frame door of the living room.

“That too” I said sarcastically. “But… I really want-

“Mike is awake!” Gabe announced while he and Michael entered in the kitchen.

Michael walked to Lucifer and punched him right in his face. Everybody let out an “Ouh!”, and more than one was smiling.

“Michael!” I stopped him and took his face between my hands. “Calm down.”

“Hey” he finally said.

“Hi” I smiled and Michael hugged me. “O-Okay, this is nice. Now, go to the dining room, I’ll be here… And please don’t kill each other…”

“We can’t promise anything” Balthazar left with the other while I started mashing the potatoes.

I realized I forgot the milk so I turned to the fridge. However, someone grabbed my arm and handed me the milk. I looked up with a smile thinking that it was Cass, but I found Lucifer’s eyes.

“Thanks” I said hesitantly. “Are you playing soft now we’re alone?”

“Why did you revive Gabriel?” he avoided my question.

“Because…” I locked my eyes on the dish. “Because dad left and I felt lonely” I answered without looking at him. “And I don’t know… Gabe was really close to me.”

“You got me” he joked.

I didn’t respond; I just smiled a bit. Was he jealous? Or just curious? I really wondered what was going on in his mind. He never was the jealous type, he always annoyed me with questions and embarrassed me every time he could… especially when there were people around.

“What about Balthazar?” Lucifer snapped me to reality.

“I don’t know…”

“Why not Raphael?”

“I don’t know!” I finally looked at his motionless face.

“Zachariah? The others?”

“I don’t know why!” I realized he was trying to make me feel bad, and he succeeded. “I don’t know how to control my emotions, okay? I guess I have faith in you!”

“You have…faith in me?” he asked, almost whispered.

“Yes” I answered shyly.

“You little lamb, you shouldn’t” Lucifer smiled.

“Then why didn’t you kill me yet?” I asked. “Are you waiting my thirty third birthday?”

He laughed at my stupid joke and stayed silent for a moment. I could feel his eyes on me, watching every movement I did while his mind trying to find an answer to my question.

During dinner, I sat in the middle; Michael sat on the right chair and Lucifer on the left one. Cass, Gabe and Balthy sat opposite.

“Stop kicking me… Y/N, Lucifer is kicking me.”

“Balthazar, Lucifer is not kicking you.”

“Then who is?!”


“You’re a party pooper.”

“This turkey tastes funny.”

“Then don’t eat it, Luci.”

“I think it’s really good!”

“Awe, thanks, Cass!”

“Can I punch Lucifer again?”

“No, Mike.”

“You don’t understand!”


“The things he made me do in the cage!”

“Becoming friends wasn’t one of them…”

“I’m not kidding, Y/N!”

“Michael, calm down!”

“Yes, calm down, big bro!” Lucifer hugged me.

“Don’t touch her!” Everybody shouted.

“Wow” I said. “Guys, can we just have dinner, I promise I leave you alone! I just… I just wanted us to be together, having fun and… being happy at least for a moment…”

Nobody answered.

“The onions are fabulous, Cass” Gabe spoke and I smiled.

“Thanks!” Castiel looked at me proudly.

“Good boy” I muttered.

“I supervised” Lucifer joked.

“Yeah, you did!”

“I looked after Michael!”

“You poked at me until I woke up, Gabriel.”

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“You slapped my ass!”

“I would have done the same” Lucifer commented.

“Me too” I said.

“I guess me too” Cass added.


“You’d have done it too, Balthazar, don’t deny it.”


I laughed along Gabriel and the others joined us. We talked for a long time and after dessert we decided to watch TV.

“I heard there’s a Dr. Sexy, M.D marathon” Gabriel sat on an armchair and took the remote control.

I sat on the couch and rested my head on Castiel’s shoulder. I felt warm, like home… I didn’t even hear what Balthazar and Gabriel were talking about; I simply couldn’t stop feeling happy. I sighed and hugged Castiel’s waist.

“It wasn’t that bad, uh?” Castiel told me. I nodded. “The spell thing was a good idea.”


“We should’ve invited Dean and Sam.”

“Yes, they’re family, too.”

“Maybe next time.”

“I love you, guys” I yawned.

“We love you, too” Balthazar spoke sincerely and my heart melted.

“I guess we should get going” Gabe stood up.

“You can stay if you want to” I said.

“It’s okay, baby girl” Gabe kissed my forehead. “You should rest… after removing the spell, of course!”

“I removed it like six hours ago,” I said “the trick was on you, trickster.”

“You got me” he joked.

“I actually knew it” Lucifer sat next to me.

“Really?” I looked at him and he shrugged. “Then why did you stay?”


“Alright” Balthazar stood up too and walked to me. “Sweet dreams” he winked at me and disappeared.

“I should go too, in case Dean needs me.”

“Run to your boyfriend” Lucifer joked and I hit him on his shoulder.

“Good night, Cass.”

“Good night.”

Cass left and Michael just went to sleep. Good Lord, that guy was devastated after some time in the cage. I wondered how Lucifer…

“If you hurt her, I’ll kill you.”

“I killed you once, Gabriel” Lucifer smirked. “Don’t threat me.”

“Call me if you need something” After kissing my cheek, Gabe vanished.

“We’re alone” Lucifer looked at me and I giggled.

“Aren’t you leaving?”

“Christmas isn’t over. Besides, I have nothing more interesting to do…”

“Would you like some cocoa?”

“Just if you pay attention to me now.”

“It’s a… deal?”

“Oh, dear, you shouldn’t make deals with the devil.”

“I’m not bidding my soul, Luci” I joked and he barely smirked. “Right…?” He didn’t answer. “Right? Lucifer, stop smiling!” He smile went bigger. “Luficer!”


“Stop smiling! You’re scaring me!”

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I think I'm just gonna have to love and cherish Allura even more now because she deserved so much better. Like okay she's a teen and we can't change that but how fucking dare they say she acts the way any teen would. Like excuse yall she radiates peace, grace and serenity. She is passionate, determined and hard working. She acts with naturally authority beyond just being princess. She handled losing everything in a way that suggests hella emotional maturity. Has the vld staff ever MET a teen


Also like they kept saying she reacted to the whole galra situation like any teen would and that’s Bad Scoob because it’s implying Allura, a black girl who was severely wronged by the galra, ostracized by them, oppressed, and had her entire civilization wiped out because of them, was acting immaturely for being wary around her oppressors. That’s steaming with unintentional racism but sure as long as we act like Allura was in the wrong here it’s ok :)

But this is all true. I think we should try our bests to take this hurt and just push the love we have onto the characters because the staff obviously doesn’t want to do it. Allura is a beautiful character severely wronged by her writers and she deserves better than all of this.

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My favorite thing about the gif with hair floof in the wind is how content Shiro is in wind that is gusting hard enough to blow another person away and to force Lance to brace himself behind Hunk. That kind of wind /hurts/ and Shiro is just so happy and content.

Fellow friends of tumblr, here it is: definitive proof that Shiro embodies the qualities of the Guardian of Air and Sky.

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I have recurrent depression and its especially bad for me to stay alone at home, even during remission. My place is crazy messy although when I go out I look ok. Do you have the same problem?

Yessss, have done! I’ve spent long periods of time having to wade through the sea of shite that was my floor, and if I’m low it could take a whole week just to mustard enough energy to clean one bit of one area of one room. I’ve stood staring at a sink full of washing up unable to start because my brain has been so twatted that looking at dried up old cereal fused to a bowl made me cry. Illness is bollocks. Keeping on top of things is a monumental effort. And I think tidying/cleaning is one of those things that becomes out of reach or seemingly pointless when you are pouring what little energy and motivation you do have into scrabbling around trying to remain in one piece.
It’s not unusual and you’re not alone. There are worse things than mess and it does get sorted. Look after you!

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if you're still taking prompts - shiro and space puppies? :D

I’m always taking prompts. <3

“I hate to say it,” Hunk says, tentatively, “but we were supposed to be back an hour ago.”

All four of the Paladins look over to where Shiro is still seated on the floor, absolutely surrounded by a dozen of the fluffiest, cuddliest little pastel puppy-dogs that Hunk’s ever seen in his life. Nevermind that puppies don’t usually have six legs.

Four of the pups are in Shiro’s lap; several more cluster by his knees; one brave little puppy has even clambered all the way up to Shiro’s shoulder, clinging carefully with its multiple tiny paws. Shiro’s face is a gentle wash of complete joy.

“Five more minutes?” Keith suggests, weakly.

(send me a prompt and I’ll write a three(ish)-sentence ficlet!)

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goddamn i got chills reading that con thing, like just fucking imagine being there and that happening. i NEED to see "did you miss me?" from mary

i know i mean…….. something very similar to this has gotta happen. sherlocked is only 2 months before jan, aka the date every series of sherlock has premiered since 2012. bc after it became a hit they realized they had to capitalize on it as much as possible. this can’t be a coincidence. that’s the perfect amount of time to ramp up rumours and hype. and it’s the perfect opportunity to tease it. like it’s just gotta happen?? they’re gonna be fending off question after question about s4 plot holes and just the validity of s4 in general of course, so after a few days of that torture i imagine they’ll want to give us a hopeful send off in the form of a TLS teaser

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Haha, sorry, I know how Prospit and Derse work and all; but can you give me more of an explanation as to how it's determined if you're a Derse or Prospit dreamer?

from hussie’s tumblr:

  • What exactly determines whether a person is a Derse or Prospit dreamer? Or is it just random?

I wouldn’t say random, but it’s certainly vague. I guess it’s a little like sorting hat logic in Harry Potter (which I have a really halfassed understanding of because I haven’t read it), but even more vague, and more binary.

You get some sense there is rhyme and reason to it when you look at the personality types of the two groups. John, Jade, Jake, Jane vs Rose, Dave, Dirk, Roxy. And the troll groups were divided by their teams, red vs blue. Blue team (Derse) was generally stocked with more scheming members. Red team (Prospit) had some more straightforward heroic types, at least as far as trolls go. But then there can be oddball designations that don’t seem to make sense by such simplistic parameters, like Vriska being on Prospit. If she and Nepeta were swapped the criteria might seem more clear cut. See again, sorting hat logic. Like I think Harry was supposed to be in Slytherin because he could talk snakes and was kind of moody and shit but he was just SO BRAVE and loved friendship SO MUCH he got put in the other one. But for real, my fanfic where he was a Slytherin all along is so much better. (he is naked in most of it)

You could also look to the passive/active nature of the classes in making some retroactive sense of the Derse/Prospit dreamer duality. Passive/active classes are also a pretty vague thing, and don’t resolve so easily into simple dualities like defensive/offensive and such. Those are the guidelines for understanding them, but there is clearly a lot of flexibility within that system. They seem to suggest tendencies rather than absolute capabilities. Like there isn’t a rule that says a passive class could never use an offensive technique. The system is meant to be very flexible, and in the story, classes suggest a little more about a hero’s path and role in the greater quest than what their battle capabilities are.

But if we’re saying active/passive literally translates to offensive/defensive for the sake of this topic, then Derse would be very active and Prospit would be very passive. Derse’s job is to attack. Prospit’s is to defend. This seems to carry over to the roles of the dreamers too. Dave and Rose turned out to be very active players. Dave time traveling all over the place, making a fortune on stocks and such. Rose went on her crazy solo mission to break the game and fight Jack. Jade and John had more passive roles through most of that, players who were “acted upon” by other players and circumstances. John was always being led around by trolls this way and that, drifting around wherever the wind took him. Jade was especially passive for a lot of the story, spending a lot of time falling asleep (or being put to sleep) at key moments. It wasn’t until she reached god tier as a Witch (said to be a highly active class) that she became extremely active, making lots of stuff happen, rounding up planets and all that. Rose may have been a similar case, being excessively active as a Derse dreamer, but then flipping over to a passive role upon reaching god tier as a passive class.

Being from Derse means you are from a culture of offense and aggression. Being from Prospit means the opposite. You could argue that these are qualities that either rub off on the dreamers, or they are designated as those dreamers in the first place because of those qualities. You could take the view that these are innate tendencies to overcome, as seemed to be the case for Jade and Rose. Or maybe sometimes they are tendencies that are resisted, and need to be understood and embraced. As a Prospit dreamer, did Karkat struggle because he was actually passive in nature, but had a very active self image as a leader and conqueror? Was Vriska an even more extreme case of misplaced active behavior from a Prospit dreamer? These are yet more things to consider when looking at everything contributing to the hero story of an individual in this game.

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ok so I had to go through all that shallura discourse and. ugh. LIKE YOU SAID THERE WAS LITERALLY NO REASON FOR THEM TO NOT GIVE US AGES FOR ANYONE. IT'S NOT HARD. Y'ALL WROTE SEASON 1 TO BE SHALLURA CITY. YOU DID THIS....AND NOW WE FEEL ALL GROSS AND NASTY BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T TELL US THIS FICTIONAL CHARACTER WAS A TEENAGER (who definitely acts more mature than all the other paladins and gave off the old wise vibe but w/e writers have fun with keith i guess) *salt over*

ages are so basic why were they so vague. this honestly makes me really mad because 1. this was either a recent development so they just retconned their own damn characters or 2. they willingly let us fall into shipping the two of them, conceiving her as an adult, all why she was a teen all along. it’s Bad Writing fam and I’m so annoyed, to be honest, because while I am not a shipper anymore and won’t be posting it anymore, I worked really hard on some of the art I’ve posted and me and my friend Eli were working really hard on ootd and we can’t just rewrite it because it’s literally so heavily revolving around sh//allura it’s so gross. 

but i mean as long as they can give the thus far non-confirmed east asian pale boy the hero card and he gets the girl, who cares lol?