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Connection - Simon Imagine

Title: Connection
Pairing: Simon x Reader
Requested(?): yes thank you I love this request with all of my heart and soul
Warnings: smut

As our monthly collab, the Sidemen and I have decided to be quite simple and go with a Q&A. All of us tweeted out asking for questions - no limitations. Everything was going to be answered honestly if possible.

I made sure the camera was in focus before sitting down in my spot right in the middle. Getting eight people in frame for a video was quite difficult.

Simon smiled at me and walked in with an extra water bottle for me. “Thanks babe.” I opened it and took a drink before everyone started to try to fit into frame. Four of us would be sitting on the back of the couch and four on the seats. I was sat in the middle of Tobi and Vik with Josh to the right of Tobi. Simon, Ethan, JJ, and Harry were sat on the seats with Simon sat in front of me leaning back and resting on my legs.

“Yo what’s going on everyone today I am here with all of the sidemen and my girlfriend Y/n. Today we will be doing a nothing held back Q&A!” Simon introduced the video and we all pulled out our phones ready to get these questions answered.

“First question is from Kailey and she wants to know who takes the longest to get ready out of the guys.” I read out.

“Wait why not out of all of us?” Harry asked.

“Because that would obviously be me Harry.” I said.

“I’d say either JJ or Simon.” Josh piped up.

“Oi what! I don’t take that long.” Simon tried to defend himself.

“Yeah whatever you say pretty boy.” Tobi said. Simon huffed and crossed his arms like a child.

“Okay okay next question is from Aimee and she wants to know when we all met Y/n.” Ethan read out.

“Simon met her first, like five years ago or something like that.” JJ said. “And then I met her a few months later.” He added.

“I met her at wireless four years ago.” Tobi wrapped an arm around me and squeezed me close.

“I think the rest of us met her at the Sidemen event a few years back. When Simon finally decided to share her with us.” Josh said lightly pushing Simon.

“Not my fault I didn’t want you guys to scare her away.” I laughed at Simon’s comment and ruffled his hair. He turned around and frowned at me.

“Love you.” I said smiling at him sweetly. Knowing he couldn’t stay mad at me for long. 

“Love you too.” He smiled back and everyone pretended to gag.

“Ooooh here’s a juicy one.” Harry said. “Y/n, the question we’re all dying to know. When did you lose your virginity.” He finished his sentence and I blushed, shaking my head.

“About four years ago.” Was all I said. I didn’t want to give them all of the details.

They all nodded and Vik started reading his question. He was interrupted by an outburst by JJ.

“Wait! Four years ago? You and Simon were dating then! Y/n lost her virginity to Simon!” Everyone started losing their minds and screaming about everything going on. I slid off of the back of the couch and hid myself in Simon’s back.

“Calm down guys it’s not that funny.” Simon tried to stop them but he was laughing along with all of us.

After the extreme laughing session we continued with all of the questions and soon we ended the video.

Simon took the camera up to his room and I followed behind him, jumping onto the bed and taking out my phone. I scrolled through various social medias while Simon edited his video and I was growing quite bored. I stood from the bed and walked to Simon. My hands trailed through his hair and down to his shoulder. I gently massaged his neck and shoulders and he stopped his editing to enjoy it.

Spinning the chair around, I straddled his lap and took his face in my hands. I pressed my lips to his in a gentle kiss that soon intensified.

He held my thighs tight and we continued to make out until we stood up and moved to the bed. Clothes were removed, kisses exchanged, and a few cheeky kisses down the jaw led to Simon burying his head between my legs.

My hands grasped the sheets as Simon held my hips in place. He was teasing me in the exact way he knew how to get to me. This boy knew me inside and out. Every single thing that got me going he was trying to use to his advantage.

“Simon, please.” I breathed out and Simon placed a gentle kiss on my hip before bringing his lips to mine. I raised my body to meet his and I rolled over, grabbing a condom from the nightstand and giving it to Simon. He rolled the condom on and I pushed him onto his back, grabbing his length and inserting him into me.

We both let out a moan as he filled me and I began to rock my hips back and forth. Simon was enjoying the show as I bounced on him and let out small strings of profanities.

“You know I love when you’re dominant, but I’m taking over.” Simon whispered into my ear as he kissed my neck roughly and gave me love bites along my collar bones. With the way my nails were digging into his back I was sure to leave marks, though it wouldn’t be the first time I did so.

Simon’s thrusts were beginning to slow down and he alerted me that he was close. Reaching his hand down and rubbing my clit, I was soon a moaning mess as I came undone beneath him and he came as well, laying himself on top of me with both of our chests rising and falling deeply as we tried to catch our breath.

“Well that sure beat editing.” I laughed at his comment and gave him a kiss.

“I love you.” I said softly, caressing his cheek in my hand.

“I love you too.”

overthetopobsessed  asked:

I'm just putting my honest opinion out there I don't mean to dis anyone but this is my own thought. Um I don't believe that iris deserves barry yet I mean yes we know they'll get together and he loves her, but she's done nothing worthy yet in my eyes that truly deserves all the love that barry wants to give her. I don't wanna offend anyone truly.

You’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that, as should everyone else, but I have to disagree with you. I may not ship Iris and Barry romantically, but I will defend them as separate entities.

People shouldn’t have to do worthy things to be loved. If anything Iris has already “earned” Barry’s love. She’s been there for him his whole life and she’s always been a good friend to him. Iris is not obligated to be in love with Barry. Barry chooses to love Iris and anyone who says you can’t choose who you love is wrong. You may not be able to choose to unlove someone, but it’s always our choice to let them into our hearts. Barry chose to let Iris in and he chose to hide his feelings from her. Any consequences of that is on him.

At the moment, Iris is in love with Eddie, and you know what? That’s okay. And if it turns out she’s in love with Barry than that’s okay too. There is nothing wrong with feeling love or being in love (with more than one person, more than once). Love is varied through our emotions. It’s a part of who we are and you should never tell someone they have to earn the right to express them. My point is you’re saying Iris isn’t worthy of Barry’s love when love has nothing to do with worthiness. Love is a choice and if Barry wants to love Iris than that means she’s worthy in his eyes. Because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks.