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They're making a netflix series about that terrible Jim Carrey movie involving those orphans?

They’re making a Netflix series about Lemony Snicket’s thirteen-book series which have sold over 60 million copies worldwide do your homework

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I feel persecuted because people like you make fun of my beliefs?? And many politicians(including our current president) claim to be Christian, but then don't support Christian beliefs. We are the scapegoat for EVERYTHING. And yeah, you're right, what's going on with the Duggars is messed up, they shouldn't be protecting their son when he harmed their daughters, I am 100% against that. But they are extremists, not the norm!! You wouldn't use ISIS to represent Islam...

This ask is really, really sad. Everybody’s beliefs get made fun of and Christians definitely don’t catch the worst of it. Besides the only thing I’ve said recently that “makes fun” of Christianity is pointing out the vast amount of homophobia that consumes your “all loving” community. Which, by the way, isn’t “making fun”, it’s pointing out one of the many ugly poisons that taint your mainstream religious teachings. (And yes, I know, #NotAllChristains but unfortunately, most Christians).

You go to France right now and your ass would be fine and dandy but if you were a Hijab wearing Muslim woman in France you have the delightful risk of being jumped, beaten to the point where you’d suffer a miscarriage, and verbally berated. You’d have your religion targeted daily in a series of racist and offensive comics. You’d have your places of religious practices bombed and vandalized. 

What Christian Churches have been targeted daily and consistently and recently in America and not a third world country? And don’t even try to say that all the Black churches in South Carolina are victims of religious discrimination because we ALL know that shit is strictly about race and not religion.

Honestly, the fact that you can’t see how lucky- how privileged- you are to be a a member of Christianity, the most widely accepted religion world wide, a religion that 75% of the world belongs too, well then I hope your God blesses you with some better sense real soon. 

Artist to go!: Answers

1:Take a picture of your workspace.

2:Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.

Mostly for art class & school… 2 Art pens, eraser, ordinary pens, (There should be actually a mechanical pen, and I think I just put it from other places), sky blue pencil, dark blue colored pen, smudger.

5:Who/what inspires you?

Ordinary yet unique and simple designs that attracts me so much.

7:Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

9:Do you have any OCs?

I have, she’s a robot too named “Miri” and her lost sister was actually a villian. Long story folks.

10:Draw a gijinka of your blog.

11:Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Zedd greatest hits version 2014

Zedd - Beautiful Now (Audio) ft. Jon Bellion

Robot Love (feat. GRÉTA) | (Official Audio) | Klaypex (2015)

… And many more.

12:Favorite thing to draw?

Drift, and other simple robots like Kup and Ratchet

13:Least favorite thing to draw?

Megatron and other being too much detailed robots 8-/

15. Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

I slept on my drawings and drool on it like a baby

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I cant link it but copy and paste this on Youtube search: Dan & Phil Share First Kiss Stories In Hilarious Game! (VIDCON 2014) SKIP TO 0:23 for phil ;)

ok that one’s a bit more clear than the one i watched but still idk if i believe it or not tbh

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hi again (: i would like to ask, how should i take notes when going through my readings? Also, i am all for understanding, but memorisation is inevitable ay times. Do you have any tips for memorising stuff? Thank you for your attention (:

Hey there. This is a pretty good jumping off point for a post I’ve been meaning to make for a while. There was a post kicking around studyblr a while back about how to take notes from a textbook reading. There was nothing wrong with the post, per se, but it bothered me a bit because it was a daunting amount of work, and I don’t want people to see stuff like that and be put off from the outset because it seems too hard. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with meticulous note-taking, if that works for you, but there are also quicker ways. I’m horrendously busy all the time, and I absolutely do not have time to implement a colour-coded post-it note system in my readers. Some weeks I barely keep up with my readings at all. My note-taking system is aimed at maximum efficiency without compromising on note quality. It’s served me pretty well. 

Without further ado, then: 

How to take notes from readings with maximum efficiency 

The key to this is understanding what you’re doing when taking notes from readings. The point, as I have always seen it, is to make sure that when it comes time to study, you can quickly familiarise yourself with the important points of the readings. Basically, you’re trying to really understand the content, and then encode that understanding in a form that you can quickly retrieve later. 

Your notes, then, should be as brief as possible, as discerning as possible, and run like a neatly organised highlights reel of the content. Think of it like a competition with yourself, with two aims: 

  1. Make it as brief as possible 
  2. Find the best structure to explain that particular content in (sometimes this will follow the reading’s structure, sometimes you can do it better) 

Here’s how you do that step-by-step: 

  1. (Optional) Quickly skim the abstract (or intro), conclusion, and any section headings. This should take about 2 min, and is so that you have a sense as you’re reading of where information fits into the whole. 
  2. Read the reading for the first time, with a highlighter or pen nearby. Don’t bother with colour-coding or anything, you just need one. Read it as slowly as you need to take it in fully. You’re aiming for understanding. As you read, highlight (VERY SPARINGLY - highlight as little of the page as possible) anything that you’ll need to flag your memory on the second read, which will be a quick skim as you assemble notes. Things you might highlight include: key headings, key terms, a line or a phrase that will jog your memory as you skim. 
  3. By this point, you should have a sense of the article’s structure, or perhaps a better structure. Pretend you’re explaining it to someone (or for bonus points, actually explain it to someone). Do it in ridiculously basic language. If you can’t recap the article as you’d recap an episode of a TV-show to your friend, you didn’t understand it - go back and read it again. This step should be quick, a few minutes at most. You’re just checking that you understand it, and working out how best to structure an explanation. 
  4. Skim article again, paying attention ONLY to highlighted sections. Make your notes from these (i.e. use the highlighted headings then explain in your own words, copy down definitions then try to define in your own words, check up on anything you don’t understand) 
  5. (Optional - this can be a good thing to do later in the semester when studying from the notes) - skim your notes and prioritise ruthlessly, cutting them down to their absolute slimmest form. You’ll end up with a neat, short outline of crucial definitions, the stuff you know least, and a bunch of memory cues to prompt your awesome understanding of everything you’ve just learnt. 

For a visual aid, here’s a random page of my reader, to give you a sense of how little I highlight: 

And here’s a screencap of my final notes on that ~30 page reading, after I’d streamlined all the bullshit. These notes won’t mean much to someone who didn’t read and understand the reading, but they were enough to remind me of the author’s key points, and jog my memory to allow me to explain them. 

Part 2: Tips for memorising 

I have no idea if these will be helpful, because I naturally have a good memory, and rely on it a lot. Here’s what I do to memorise (for reference, I usually end up with 20-30 A4 pages of notes on a subject, formatted like the above. Memorising it takes about 6 hours if I’m reading through it twice. By memorise, if we’re going off the image above, I that mean I could recall the term “sanctions paradox” if given the author “Baldwin” in an exam, or vice versa, define the term, list the five dimensions of success, four methodological problems or four recommendations for improvement), and explain all of the above. This tends to be a short-term effect - I’ll do this kind of memorising in the one or two days leading up to the exam. In the long term, I recall the general gist of it, but would have to brush up on details if asked. 

For best results, begin with notes on content that you already understand, streamlined as much as possible. Understanding and memorisation go hand in hand - it’s really hard to memorise something if you can’t see the links between it. 

  1. Print your notes 
  2. Find a quiet room or outdoor space where you can pace and talk to yourself without self-consciousness or needing to look up
  3. Holding your notes, pace around and read them out. Read them as if you’re explaining them to someone, elaborating on them as you go. Work in chunks of about 5 dot points. I would do the above notes in chunks of dotpoints 1-2, then the 5 dimensions, then the methodological problems, then the improvements. 
  4. After explaining each chunk, look up and away from your page and try to explain them again, recalling al the points. When you get stuck, check the notes, then try again. Move on to the next chunk when you can explain all the points confidently without referring to the sheet. 
  5. When you’ve finished all the chunks in a section (a page, a reading, a lecture), see if you can explain the whole thing without forgetting anything major. Skim afterwards to check, and spend time going over anything you’ve missed. 
  6. Move on to next section. 
  7. Repeat 1-6 until you finish your notes. 
  8. Go do something different for a while (it’s good if you can sleep in-between). 
  9. Come back later, preferably the next day, for session two. Do the same thing, but ideally quicker. You should be anticipating some of the content before you read it, or recognising it faster. 
  10. Repeat 1-9 as many times as you have time for before the exam. When in the shower, or on the bus, or whatever, practise recalling sections. 

I’ve found that for me, the pacing and speaking aloud is crucial. My shoddy, pseudoscientific theory is that it’s because I’m activating multiple cues. When recalling things, I can remember the way I said it, which way I was facing, what time of day it was. The multiple cues help me to visualise the situation, so if I know I have 5 points and can’t remember #4, if I remember making a silly joke about #3 in the mirror as I passed it, #4 will eventually come to me. The walking also seems to stop me from sitting at my desk and listing off into space. The walking itself is so monotonous that it’s easier to study than to not. It also forces a physical sense of progress. 

I’d recommend trying this, even if you think your memory is crap. I’m always daunted when I start this, but I always end up remembering more than I think I will.

I hope these answers help. Let me know if you have any more questions! 

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obligatory 'YOU ALMOST GOT ARRESTED??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!' ask

someone had to ask

so interestingly (or just funnily) enough both of the times I almost got arrested for Homestuck was at New York Comic Con, once in 2011 and once in 2012. NYCC was going through renovations to the convention hall at the time so we ended up sequestered into this little hallway. Here’s a panorama of the 2012 crowd for ref:

And a pic I posted in that last post but it illustrates well the area we were in:

If you look to the top right of the second photo, you’ll see there’s a walkway for people to get through the crowd. That’s because I got the fire marshal called on me for not having space (even though there was construction just behind me, so no one was in this area of the convention hall). They threatened arrest, I made space, and thankfully it was near the end of the shoot, so it wasn’t a big deal.

2012 is the real story.

So the format of these shoots used to be big group shots (like Beta Kids/Alpha Kids, Trolls, Guardians, ect) at which point we’d move on to the pairing shots. One of the first ones called was always John and Vriska, because we’d start with patron trolls. I had a John send me a message on Facebook before the shoot that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend at the shoot, and we worked out a system.

Well, right at the end of the general shots, the police show up, full-force, and demand we shut this whole thing down. They have con staff (despite me having gotten permission, and permits, from the convention to hold the event there) and they’re demanding we disband. And I think, oh god, I can’t let them do this. I need like two minutes more. So I grab a couple of the people helping me to wrangle the crowd and try to calmly explain to these police officers that we have space for walking and no one is disturbed, and they won’t hear it, and tell me that if I protest more I will get my ass hauled to jail. For reference, I am five feet tall and am dressed like this:

Today is not the day to get arrested.

So teeny me looks the police in the eyes and demands to see his manager, because I have a right to be here, and he gives me the stinkiest eye, says he’s coming back with the convention chair and more reinforcements, and that I am so dead when he does.

I speed through that proposal as quickly as I possibly can.

Almost exactly as soon as they’re done, the police come back, and they end up standing in the center of the semicircle pictured above talking to me. I’m showing them my written proof that this was planned, that we’re not disturbing anyone, and they won’t hear it. Of course, the crowd is loud and, well, huge. Semi-accurate counts for that show say it was about 500 people. 

So I looked at them and said “Look. I have everything worked out to be here. And you can either work with me, or arrest me in front of 500 people that you’re currently in the center of. If you’re not happy with us being here, find us a new space, or you have no right.”

And they looked at me. Looked at the entire circle. And OH SUDDENLY, THERE’S SPACE OVER HERE, and they tore down some caution tape around an area they’d already renovated and let us go there instead.

So yes, I was almost arrested over Homestuck more than once. Thanks NYCC security.

(In the following years we were able to move the photoshoot outside bc construction was no longer an issue and it’s been great ever since that happened, bless to Em for organizing them now)

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Lance was fighting Beerus. "HA!",He fired a Kamehameha. The god sighed. "You'll never reach ever Gohan's level like that",he pissed Lance off and he powered up to Supee Sayain 3 he reached a new level.

Goku gasped as he felt the power surge and rushed to see what was going on. “Eh?! Lord Beerus?! Lance! Stop!”

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THIS IS SO FAKE link me or i don’t believe it anon B)

send me anonymous asks about anything!

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oh my god. ohhhhh my goooood. ok lets this this straight: im a christian transgender (and still tryna figure out my sexuality. def not completely straight). in no way have i ever been discriminated against for being christian. you know what i have been discriminated against for? being queer, BY CHRISTIANS. christians are catered to: we get our religious holidays observed, do all other religions get that? they sure the fuck dont. lmao that anon is sad, keep doing ur thing!

THANK YOU!!!! Please have a GREAT day, okay! I’m proud of you for staying strong to your faith despite the discrimination you suffer. You’re an inspiration, honestly. 

What is the difference between and traveler and a tourist?

A tourist stays at the surface.
They avoid the grit of their location.
They look for the clean cut moments. They often struggle to recognize beauty within the turmoil and hardship.
A traveler seeks out relationships with those around.
They challenge themselves.
They look pain directly in the eye and push on.
Travelers seek out the beauty they want to behold.
Their schedule is rough and ever changing.
Travelers are in the place as much as the place is within them.

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YAY ask box is open!!! Could we have fluffy headcannons for the Quinx Squad please!

((of course! (๑╹っ╹๑)))


  • Loves stuffed toys, would shower her lover with them, and sleeps with many, so that when her partner and her shared her bed they’d both be enveloped by plushies
  • Uses analogies related to video games, half the time the person she’s talking to has no idea what she’s talking about
  • Loves playing with her lover’s hair and will ask them to play with hers, she finds it very soothing
  • Will depend on her partner as much as she depends on Haise; they’re like her second (third?) mother. Often asks them to cook for her/do her hair/put her to bed/etc.


  • Loves to draw, though he’s not as good as Urie. Often draws things he finds pretty, like his s/o. 
  • Loves flowers and horticulture. If he could, he’d own a small garden consisting of various flowers and cacti, which he would name and talk to.
  • Hates loud noises and physical contact; the only one who he lets touch him is his s/o, and even then it’s minimal. 
  • Has a strong need to protect those around him, so he always aims to be stronger. He’d worry endlessly over his s/o and insist on walking them everywhere and would call them at odd hours to make sure they were safe.


  • Wishes he could be in a band, and listens to a lot of punk rock music.
  • Is secretly a hopeless romantic, and attempts to be as romantic as possible around his s/o (holding doors open for them, backing their chair up to tuck it in again once they’ve sat down, holding their hand, etc)
  • Loves it when his partner wears his clothes, especially if they’re short/petite
  • Loves manga/comic books (especially shounen manga), is entranced with the main characters’ lives and gets really invested (emotionally and physically) in them


  • Will punch anyone who questions his masculinity in relation to his ability to paint 
  • Actually loves/craves the physical contact he receives from his s/o, though he’d never admit it
  • Finds philosophy/philosophers very interesting, especially Nietzsche 
  • Will subconsciously play with his lover’s fingers when he’s bored, and often does this during meetings/briefings