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"to people of all religions" -- okay so your last post got me curious! Miraak + religious views headcanon please?

     ^ disgusted @ the gods face

In summary: The Gods Are Garbage And You Shouldn’t Be Encouraging Them. He doesn’t like gods, he doesn’t like all-powerful beings that get to exist free of the gore and filth of the world having control over people’s lives. ‘But Miraak’, you might say, ‘that sounds awfully hypocritical of the man that wants to be an emperor’. But Miraak isn’t talking about literal filth. A good ruler, an actual ruler, gets their hands dirty and makes the hard choices. They march on the front lines when there’s battle and they get down into the slums and take a look at what needs doing when there’s building projects or problems with crime or health.

Gods exist free of that - gods have all this omnipotence that they didn’t do shit for - gods inevitably fuck you over by giving you huge power but then pulling some bullshit about ‘you can’t be super duper powerful and happy/alive/without sacrificing something’ like mate come down here and sacrifice something for your heavenly kingdom then. Gods are powerful, they never do anything themselves, they never solve problems, and they tell you that power doesn’t make you happy or solve your problems and it’s because they’re lazy and covetous and they don’t want the normal people who did the hard work to get all the love, or to get power. And sometimes, when you live in a world where there’s a lot of power kicking about, they’re just afraid that you’re going to get enough of it to challenge them. Because you’ll win, because you’ve actually been getting off your arse and doing shit while they’re been sipping margaritas in another dimension.

I was in a conversation with my secular student alliance club teacher (idk what you call them) last year and he is right, people have turned atheism into a basically a religion. For the love of god look at how many people jerk themselves off to being an oh so smart atheist. I cant wait for the radical atheist terrorist groups. 

That’s a lovely thought, but Buddhism is still full of ideas and principles that most normal people would refer to as “bullshit”. There is no reason to believe that dharma (universal justice) or samsara (re-incarnation) might be real. Science can’t prove “dharma” wrong any more than it can prove “ugly” wrong. It’s a nonsensical proposition.

When pressed as to what religion they might consider, atheists often answer “Buddhism”, because it has no gods (and Buddhists in general tend to be nice people). I feel they would be less inclined towards Buddhism if they knew more about it. 


Questions for Atheists - ANSWERED!