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What is your opinion what makes sad Ivar happy?

hey there anon :) thanks for keeping my mind busy with your ask ❤️

I imagine being with someone who truly loves him could cheer him up again. I suppose all Ivar needs is appreciation and he wants to be encouraged. Besides that I guess the following could work: 

  • pamper him
  • cook him a nice dinner
  • ask him what’s the reason of being sad
  • let him talk and listen
  • address him with ‘KING IVAR’
  • hug him and stroke his hair 
  • give him a relaxing back massage
  • fill a tub with warm water and bathe together with him
  • just hold him in his arms
  • tell him that he’s special and superior to all other men
  • just worship him and tell how much you love him
  • & let him fuck you ;p

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Hi! I was just wondering if you know the fic that’s like based of text messages where beca has never come so stacie sets her up with chloe for that purpose

I hadn’t heard of that one and now I’m intrigued. The only one where I know Stacie sets Beca up with Chloe is the cuddle fic.


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who do you use for hp fancasts (mainly lightning era)?

hi there, here’s some face claims i like for lightning era. some characters i’m not picky for and i’m pretty flexible. these are some of my favorites, but there’s many more!

harry potter - reece king or marcus sivyer or tom ali or chris fleischer or tre samuels or brian whittaker or francisco henriques or earth vangwithayakul or desmond wyer or jackson hale

ron weasley - linus wordemann

hermione granger - sasha kichigina or samantha ellsworth or vickie sorensen or vie chidiac or ashley moore or isabella peschardt or sarah amstrup

ginny weasley - luca hollestelle or lulu valentine or ho yeon jung or daria milky or dani witt or laura gwyneth butler or alina bobyleva or charlotte kaiser

cho chang - iu

pansy parkinson - antonina vasylchenko or kiko mizuhara or emily bador or zoe jungbluth or margherita boffetta or angie angielska or rachel trachtenburg

cedric diggory - tom webb or tim borrmann or frederik westen

draco malfoy - baptiste radufe

oliver wood - adrien sahores or pepijn goudsblom

luna lovegood - neve caffrey or emma laird or iana leshukova or delilah parillo or meike deipenwisch

theodore nott - darwin gray or luke powell or hugh vidler

dean thomas - bruno fabre or harry uzoka or abdulaye niang

seamus finnigan - fionn creber or matthew clavane or charles de vilmorin

daphne greengrass - remi bennett or katya li

astoria greengrass - lilly kruk or lily neale clayton or izella drake

marcus flint - elias de poot or dylan patrick hartigan

alicia spinnet - ellen rosa or regan kemper

katie bell - natalia dyer or marta aguilar

susan bones - anastasia ivanova or meta gewald or flora marchon or edwina preston

millicent bulstrode - laura o’grady or alice vink

angelina johnson - alecia morais

lavender brown - antonia haswell or duckie thot

hannah abbott - anna vivchar or celina fagerdal

neville longbottom - nicholas sinclair 

fleur delacour - katty trost

padma and parvati patil - neelam gil or pooja moor or kiran kandola or diya prabhakar

lee jordan - olajuwon anderson

blaise zabini - adonis bosso or fabio tavares or bakay diaby

“Im sorry youre having a bad day sweetie!.. come here..” she says outstretching her arms and pulling the anon in for a hug “it’ll get better soon..just..stay strong.”

(I hope your day gets better and that youre doing okay)

- Mod Creeps

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Ufah'ra Vamsidu - For the name meme (the actual murder of masao)

“What ter actual fuckin’ ‘ells-”

The sound of a table flipping over and shouting is heard, a cup smashes on the ground, a keg goes skyward, there’s some sort of scuffling as someone tries to keep Subetei away from the camera. They fail, and are subsequently flung out of the room with a scream while they sail into the unknown.

Subetei is now directly in front of the camera, holding it up to his face as he menaces it.

“Ye listen ‘ere ye fuckin’ glitter infested shirt-hatin’ fucker, ah’ll mark ye nah. Ah dunna care ‘ow fabulous yer skin be, ‘er ‘ow many fuckin’ frost tips ye pour inter yer ‘air, ‘er ‘ow deep ter pit wha’ spawned ye be ‘er any ‘o t’at.”

The camera is pulled close and Subetei is glowering down into it.

“Ye come near m’ ‘yuki ahn by ter fuckin’ salt ahn storm ah’ll fuckin’ put ah cannon so far down yer-”

The camera goes static as someone knocks it desperately out of Subetei’s hands, immediately causing a wild thrashing and the scene flickers back into focus with Subetei putting a camera technician through the bar, then accidentally smashing the camera under his boot, followed by several minutes of static.

Subetei seems less than impressed with the man, to say the least.

Thanks for the ask! - Give A Name, Get my muse’s true opinion!

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Hi, I would like to ask about something that may interfere in typing women. I generally have trouble telling apart Fe vs Fi in me because I don't really know what's Fe vs “women are socialized to please others/seek approval” and Fi vs “women are socialized to be more sensitive and go for moral ways than logic ways”. I'm sensitive and I've realized I do stuff more to impress others than for myself, especially if I've seen it in another person: I have a lot of artsy friends so I started drawing +

+ again “to be up to them”, also “oh she started to wear that and it’s impressive, I’ll try to imitate it to see how it suits me”, and so on. Not to say I don’t have dreams or my own persona, but I find it hard to adhere to my own stuff, to find my own self. Sometimes I think if I’m a T over F, but I think I’m a IxFP in a loop and a really weak Te. Not to say that T cannot be sensitive, but I’m always thinking and reflecting on my own emotions and I feel that high T users can easily “forgot (+)

+ emotions for a moment”. I’m very embarrassed to have this teen-like thoughts in my adulthood, but I also think it would be quite interesting to use this info to help me, and maybe other women dealing with this too. As a high T user and a woman, what do you think about this? What would you advise me in telling apart this stuff?


Hi anon,

I think there are a few things here:

Women are socialized typically to please others and seek approval. That’s true. But at least in my experience (so, cis woman in the U.S.*), while women are permitted to be more sensitive, they can also be penalized for it. It’s ‘good’ to show a lot of excitement about a baby or a wedding; it’s ‘bad’ to show passion and anger about politics or at work. Women are permitted more leeway in doing the ‘moral’ thing…but if it conflicts with someone else’s logic there can be an expectation to abandon it in favor of seeking approval. Therefore I would not think that behavior that seems like high Fi is something you can chalk up to gender roles in the same way that high Fe behavior in women sometimes is.

Difficulty finding your own self is also unlikely in high Fi. It is common in Fe users, and again in my experience it was something I mostly did in my late teens to early 20s. And as for emotions…everyone has them and reflects on them, thinkers included. Thinkers will be more likely to repress them/less likely to act on them or show them, but the fact is pretty much everyone can be assumed to have their own complicated emotional inner life.

You don’t offer much outside of the discussion of approval-seeking, so I can’t do any typing of you specifically, but I would advise as I always do not assuming a loop. Loops are vastly overstated and I don’t believe in using them unless you’ve already figured out the type from baseline (non-loop) behavior already. Similarly, if you don’t show Te, you probably don’t have high Te (which doesn’t rule out IxFP as their Te is their inferior function, but there’s no reason to assume a loop).

*Based on the phrasing of this ask you don’t sound American (your English is great - it’s just not phrased as I’d expect an American English speaker would phrase it) so it might be that these aren’t the cultural norms where you are, but in that case I also can’t be sure of what they are.

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Do you have any tips about writing a character who has survivor’s guilt?? (To give a little context, the character in question unwillingly killed a close compatriot of hers)

Wow, very sad!

I recently wrote a character with survivor’s guilt for a very different situation, but it was a very new and interesting experience for me. Actually, it took me a while to realize that he even had it, funnily enough. When I was writing scenes in which he was involved, or writing chapters from his perspective, everything came out a lot angrier and more intense than I expected. Halfway through the story, I finally realized that he was lashing out due to his grief and pain.

That doesn’t mean that is what survivor’s guilt always looks like, however. In fact, I think that guilt and grief can be tied very well together, and look very similar. But the reaction shown is going to differ depending on the character. For my character, a strong-willed person with a bit of a temper already and a lot of bitterness, anger was a natural reaction to what he was feeling. To him, he was angry that this terrible thing happened, and that he lost so much because of it, and that now he had to keep on living with all that loss when it might have been easier to just die along with his friends.

If you are familiar with the stages of grief:

A lot of those emotions and symptoms are very applicable to survivor’s guilt. Emotional outbursts, panic, denial, shock, anger, as well as parts of the recovery can all be a part of what they are dealing with.

Think specifically about your character, and what makes the most sense for them. They may not go through every point on the graph. Maybe, if they are a quieter type of person, they just feel numbness, or denial, or despair. Maybe, if they are more tempestuous like my character was, they lash out. Perhaps they feel panic, or get paranoid and put up extreme precautions to ensure that nothing like that ever happens again, to the point where things get a little out of control. Maybe they blame themselves, feeling a lot of self-hatred or going over the scene over and over in their minds and trying to figure out what they could have done differently.

Even though your character’s killing of this person was unwilling, they may still blame themselves, or think “I should have been stronger/better/smarter” etc, or think “If I have done this differently, then we never would have been in this situation”, even if realistically there was no way of knowing what was going to happen.

Another common reaction is the “It should have been me” reaction. The survivor may feel that the person or people who died were better people than themselves, or that they had more to live for, or even that their actions were what got them into trouble in the first place and that they should have paid the price. 

Remember that their guilt will tell them to think terrible things, even if they aren’t true and aren’t realistic. The mind will go to great lengths to blame itself when it is entrenched in such terrible levels of despair- even if there was logically nothing they could have done, guilt will always tell them that they should have done better.

Another thing to remember is that they will likely be experiencing grief at the same time. After all, they just lost someone close to them. That is an entire presence that will be forever missing from their lives, and to make it worse, they feel like it’s their fault. It’s okay if sometimes they just miss this person, and that’s enough to deal with.

Finally, don’t neglect the recovery side of the graph. With support, your character can learn to cope with what happened. Any one of the things listed above can be catalysts for a new phase for your character, emotionally. For my character, it was reassurance and support from his friends, particularly the introduction of a new character, who had a very positive influence. Your character may still carry the loss and the guilt with them, but it was will someday be a lighter burden.

Six Tips for Handling Survivor Guilt

Understanding Survivor Guilt


Stages of Grief

- Penemue

“I can’t sleep. Let’s look at some asks!

Ted the Animator: “…you’re not supposed to be sleeping, we need to bang out this scene before 6 AM tomorrow.”

Carl the Animator: “Which I already contributed my part to…”

Carl the Animator: “…in derpy…”

Carl the Animator: “…and derpier fashion. So, asks time!”

Ted the Animator: “Things are so busy right now… Colin’s barely keeping up on posts, anyway.”

Carl the Animator: “Which is all the more reason we gotta pick up the slack.”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “Ok, fine. Just a few.”

Carl the Animator: “Yesssss!”

Ted the Animator: “…I feel like a babysitter”

Carl the Animator: “Welp.”

Ted the Animator: “…I… huh.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, that’s… strangely ominous.”

Ted the Animator: “Can I retract my approval of checking asks?”

Carl the Animator: “Ah, good to know! Will keep in mind.”

Ted the Animator: “…if a hit for you is priceless, wouldn’t it be unrequestable, then?”

Carl the Animator: “Naaaaah, you’re thinking about it backwards. Carrying out my bidding is of *infinite* reward.”

Carl the Animator: “And you are very welcome.”

Ted the Animator: “We don’t run it, though.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, but we’re the only reason it’s any good.”

Ted the Animator: “…I mean, I can’t deny that.”

Carl the Animator: “What? No! Why would you think that?”

Ted the Animator: “I think that was intended for Colin.”

Carl the Animator: “Ohhhh. Wait, does he look Irish?”

Ted the Animator: “…maybe? Isn’t he part Scotch-Irish or something?”

Carl the Animator: “Lemme go through his phone and find a random image of him.”

Ted the Animator: “Why do you think you can just– wait, how do you even have his phon–”

Carl the Animator: “HA!”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah, you show off those elbow patches, Colin.”

Carl the Animator: “Man, wonder what other random images he’s sent people.”

Ted the Animator: “I feel like a stalker, but it’s too funny to object to at this point.”

Carl the Animator: “Let’s see, there’s… um….”

Ted the Animator: “…oh.”

Carl the Animator: “That’s quite a camera roll preview.”

Ted the Animator: “Why… why is that his most-recent image?”

Carl the Animator: “I… think we might be cursed now.”

Ted the Animator: “We may be cursed, but at least we’re appreciated.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, we even help with writer’s block, look!”

Ted the Animator: “Wow, that’s flattering. Very kind of them.”

Carl the Animator: “Here, let’s give ‘em an inspiring conversation!”

Ted the Animator: “…about?”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “…I dunno. Like, TV, maybe?”

Ted the Animator: “Well… uh… how ‘bout those new Red Dwarf episodes?”

Carl the Animator: “I don’t know what that is.”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “They’re really good.”

Carl the Animator: “Cool.”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “Well, I’m definitely inspired.”

Carl the Animator: “Nailed it.”

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Jay: “Oh it definitely is, and  Batman is actually one of the founders Along with Supes and Wonder woman!

I already told you guys about meeting Supes, but I’ve met Wonder too (great lady, death glare that could kill on sight) and there’s really nothing like seeing the whole trinity together, it’s incredible and terrifying all at the same time.

Aside from them tho i’ve also met Green Nightlight, Manhunter and a few others. Tbh i don’t think batman really belongs up there in that big spaceship thingy battling god knows what with a bunch of superfreaks, but… what can you do.

Also no matter how cool or powerful those other guys are, Bat’s will always be my favorite weirdo in tights”

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Dialogue prompt. Sterek number 9 or 30. Pretty please with a Derek on top?

Welp, this one got out of hand.  I went with #9 and I hope you enjoy, Nonny!  Thank you for the prompt.

Dialog Prompt#9: “You’re in love with her”

Derek drags Stiles through the front door of the rebuilt Hale House, a meaty fist twisted in the front of his red hoodie, claws poking holes in the cotton.

“A curse most foul is amiss; the only cure be true loves kiss!”  Stiles smacks both hands over his mouth, amber eyes going round as dinner plates when the whole pack turns to stare at him.

“What the hell’s wrong with Stilinski this time?”  Jackson asks, bored.  

“Witches,” Derek replies, finally detangling himself from Stiles and stalking a few paces away.  Erica laughs so hard she rolls off the couch.  

“Do not guffaw, sweet lady, ‘tis true!  This lovesick lad be sad and blue.”  Stiles abruptly walks into the kitchen, returning moments later with duct tape firmly placed over his mouth.  

“It’s like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one,” Isaac says with a mean-spirited smirk.  Stiles flips him the bird and plops down onto the love seat, motioning magnanimously at Derek to fill the pack in on what transpired in the woods.  

Derek sighs like he’s the one doomed to be a Disney prince, and sits down next to Stiles.  “We were out patrolling, and Stiles trounced right into the middle of a magic circle where a witch was performing a love spell; he ruined the whole thing.  Apparently she spent months preparing for the ritual, so you can imagine how pissed off she was.”  The whole pack nods in understanding, which Stiles thinks is pretty rude.  “She cursed him, disappeared in a puff of pink glitter and now he’s a poet.  A really, really shitty poet.”

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