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Please actually fucking kill yourself. Your one of the worst writers here on tumblr I don’t know why you get notes. I’ve seen your selfies and your also fat and ugly. The world would be better off without you.

it was a good morning, now it is not.

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I have read your Headcanons for lesbian!Soukoku and fem!Dazai and male!Chuuya and i love them. Do you have also Headcanons für fem!Chuuya and male!Dazai ?

Thank you! I’m happy you liked them! ♥ I hope I can satisfy your thirst for this combination too!

- fem!Chuuya - 

  • Chuuya learns to walk in High Heels so she is closer to Dazai’s height 
  • She loves the fact that she can wear them without being bigger than him if she wants to hug him and listen to his heartbeat
  • The first time, asked her for a double suicide together, she totally freaked out and may or may not gave him a bitchslap out of embarrassment
  • She despises it if he asks other girls for the double suicide because it makes her feel worst due to her more tomboyish attitude
  • Chuuya loves being the small spoon because she loves being completely embraced by Dazai but she would never tell him that - at least not sober

- male!Dazai - 

  • Dazai teases her of being the perfect housewife because he loves how she blushes with that comment before she kicks his ass
  • He loves the sight of Chuuya in a cute yukata and presents her a black one with red camellias painted on it
  • Instead of her height, he teases her about her small breast and non-feminine attitude 
  • Dazai hates the looks she gets from other boys
  • He loves to use her lap as a pillow 

- family!Soukoku -

  • Dazai hates it when she does breastfeeding outside of their apartment
  • I imagine them with two children, either with a difference of 2 years or twins
  • Dazai is the one looking after the children when they cry in the middle of the night
  • The first day without children around them (they are both in the kindergarten) they oversleep the whole day snuggled up instead of doing other stuff planned
  • Dazai has thousands of photos of his family on his phone and proudly shows them to everyone

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Imagine when Romeo drags James out on a camping trip. Or when James hands Romeo a tissue for his snotty nose. And when James asks what Romeo wants for dinner and he replies "chicken nuggets" XD

lmao good that Romeo isn’t 5

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I think I get why you are doing what you're doing with your blog cause I felt kind of the same way after seeing them live in concert this week (btw did you go to the concert on the 16th cause I think we were there on the same day) After seeing them in the flesh I felt like all of the fanfics, not only smut, will never feel the same cause it hit me they are real and we tend to objectify them or project our emotions onto them but they are human just like you and me, so it's kind of unfair to them

What I’m trying to say is that I understand and support your decision completely. You do you girl, anyone who’s not happy can just leave but just know that we’ll stay with you whatever you do. I think namjoon would be proud of your growth overtime (i’ve been following you for a while so seeing you coming to this decision and deleting everything is really interesting) I purple you, I hope we still see you on here


I’m glad we feel the same way. I felt this way before the concert (I was at the concert on the 17th btw) but after the concert I was completely sure that I want to change something. That I don’t want to sexualize and objectify them anymore. I know that there are blogs that are way worse than me. And most of you know that I always respected BTS. But it just doesn’t feel right to post smut anymore. It’s interesting that you feel like for fanfics in general tho.

Thank you for understanding and supporting me. You have no idea how much that means to me. I agree, anyone who’s not happy is free to leave. I’m not forcing anyone to stay. But everyone who decides to still stick around is appreciated and loved. And I really hope that Namjoon would be proud. Thank you 💜💜💜

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Soukoku kiss where Dazai closes his eyes expecting a headbutt from Chuuya except Chuuya softly brushes his lips against Dazai's. The next time he tries to catch Chuuya's lips in between him however; Chuuya leans back and teases Dazai a bit.Which of course makes Dazai all pouty and whiny but Chuuya can't help but to admire the sight of his adorable suicidal detective uwu

I’m not sure what to write?! I’m just a puddle of happy feelings with that imagine ;u;

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I got my zine!!! Can I ask which of the merch got the protective sheet that we need to rip off? Is it only the pin?

Hello Anon! There will be protective films on the pin, charm, selfie charm and standee. For the last 3 there may be films on both sides since they are double sided. Make sure to take them off the base of the standee too!

Hope this helps! We’re really happy to hear you got your zine, feel free to share your pics with us if you want ^^

~ Saeran Zine Mods

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Fetch — how about with Anti, Marvin, and a dog?

“I'v̷e҉ ͏h̸e̷a̷rd ̴t͠hát ͡ev̧en th̵e l͏e̸v͞ęļheaded, d͡i̧s͢tant͜ magi̶c͢iaņ h̢as his fe̴a̶rs…” Anti hissed in Marvin’s ear, giggling as the barking grew fiercer and closer and Marvin’s face quickly drained of color. 

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After hearing how James reacts to the son reveal I think he'll probably end up pushing Harry away. That's why Harry is angry saying I've given up everything for you because James is being harsh after Harry left everything for him. It'll be because of romeos mother and what it makes him feel and how he can't bear feeling vulnerable and Harry will leave after choosing James. Hopefully not with Ste.

St*rry is done! No way he’s leaving with him.

I think he’s for sure leaving by himself and hopefully once he comes back he’s ready to fight for James.

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Hi guys! I'm so excited for this zine, I literally have notifications on so I can keep track! BTW are you going to send a copy to cheritz? I was just wondering because it seems like a lovely surprise for them, especially since they've been so generous with Jumin content (and ICON) recently.

Thank you for the support! The team is very grateful that the hype for Heir Exclusive is still going strong.

As for your question: Yes! We absolutely intend to send Cheritz a copy of the zine; it’s the least we can do to show our gratitude! 

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Ok, but what about, jealous Chuuya headcanons?

  • I imagine Chuuya gets jealous pretty easy and fast because up til now everyone who was close to him left him one way or another 
  • Depending on what exactly he is jealous about, he is oblivious to it
  • Because he doesn’t want to show his jealousy, he gets annoyed and angry faster with smaller things
  • Sometimes he is sulky around others when he is jealous about minor things and it’s easy for others to figure out he is jealous
  • He needs some time until he can face his own jealousy but when he comes to terms with himself and sees it as important, he openly states what bothered him and confronts the other person
  • He is a little bit more possessive without realizing it himself because usually, he isn’t a fan of showing a lot of affection in public 
  • When Dazai made him jealous for whatever reason, he is definitely the top in bed and takes his revenge Dazai secretly loves it
  • A fic I wrote with jealous Chuuya

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Omg my baby harry is going to be there at the wedding looking at the entrance waiting for James to come and save him one more time like he usually does ,but James won't show up because he is busy with romeo, for the first time ever James wont show up to rescue him, I hope he as the strength to rescue himself.