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What hcs do you have for the Cahn kids?

My inbox is now empty, and I’m still taking requests!

  • Briar and Hazel adore River so much. They gave her the title of world’s cutest baby the day she was born, and they jokingly compete for her love all the time. They like trying to see who can make her laugh the hardest or lying her down between them and seeing who she reaches out for or crawls to.
  • Briar and Hazel love to trade clothes or wear the exact same thing, and then make their parents play guess the twin. Craig is a champ, but he still plays along and pretends it’s difficult before giving them the right answer. It’s harder for Ashley since she doesn’t see them as much, but the girls just find it all the more amusing since it’s a genuine challenge for her.
  • Briar and Hazel think it’s amusing to purposefully get in the way of softball moms that try to flirt with their dad. They don’t mind the idea of Craig moving on, but they don’t want him dating their friends moms. If they notice a softball mom getting a little too close to their dad they’ll walk up and feign illness or tell the mom the most embarrassing Craig facts and stories they can think of.
  • The twins are happy that their dad has primary custody, but they also really value the time that they get with their mom. Ashley might not be as nurturing as their dad is, but she is a much more laid back parent since she has such limited time with her girls. Briar and Hazel are always trying to convince her to ignore Craig’s bedtime rules and to buy them junk food that he disapproves of.  
  • Of course the twins fight sometimes, but they never stay mad at each other for long. They’re incredibly important to each other. They’ve been through everything together, and some of that stuff has been hard. When they moved to Maple Bay and when their parents separated they both relied on each other. They look out for each other, and remain best friends throughout their entire lives.
  • The twins always stay protective of River. They try to get her into sports and give her lots of advice so she can take care of herself, but they also make it very clear that they will fight anyone that tries to hurt her. River rolls her eyes sometimes, but she knows they mean well and she’s grateful that she has two big sisters she can go to for anything.

ok but honestly a high school reunion is a perfect place for Waverly to come out. High school was hard for Waverly, being liked for a lot of what she wasn’t, was just pretending to be, and being disliked for something she feels so strongly about (being an Earp), was an exhausting balance for her. A lot of emphasis has been placed on Waverly feeling so suffocated by the people around her, but still fighting for their acceptance. A lot of that probably really intensified in high school, which is so intense anyway. When she started dating Champ, or maybe other boys before him, when cliques cemented, when pressure really builds, she shaped her identity around the people around her.

Keeping in mind that we don’t really know what’s going to happen yet, but with minimal clarity on whatever episode this is and what happens before it, Waverly kissing Nicole in front of everyone at that reunion is really brave – she’s really brave. She wants to be herself finally and she feels confident enough that being herself means being open about her sexuality and relationship, even if that doesn’t yield the most positive reactions from her peers. Honestly, we don’t know how well anyone in town will take it, and neither does Waverly. But she does it anyway and I’m proud <3

additional headcanons under the cut, btw because I could write fic but I don’t want to

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Knock, Knock Ch. 25: New Beginnings

Full disclosure: I literally just got off an actual real life pirate ship excursion and I might be a little drunk. But I wrote this sober, promise! I hope you enjoy this chapter - things are definitely wrapping up for our pirating lovebirds.

Read on AO3.

Read from the beginning on Tumblr.

Recovery wasn’t like it was in the movies and TV shows. Well, not in the happy ones at least.

Emma was miserable a lot of the time. Her voice was mostly back to normal, but the aching in her chest was still pretty severe. The burns she and Belle had suffered were admittedly minor by comparison to what they could have been, but they still hurt like a bitch (and didn’t look very aesthetically pleasing either).

And the pain. Ugh. The pain was nearly constant. She’d stopped taking the pills the doctor had given her – the addiction videos did their proper job of scaring the living daylights out of her – but now she was left at a constant 6-7/10 pain scale (definitely the level of one of the miserable looking emojis) and it was negatively impacting just about every part of her life.

“For God’s sake, Emma, is there any meal you will eat?!” David snapped at her, deeply frustrated by her current distaste for all food that wasn’t ice cream, frozen yogurt, or milkshakes.

“Sorry, dad, I’m just not feeling lasagna today. Especially not since you most definitely just bought this from Granny.”

“Well my pregnant wife and I got sick of putting in so much effort to try to cook you delicious, homemade meals just to have you turn your nose up at them! I know you’re going through a lot, Emma, but, quite honestly, you’re acting like a toddler. Mary Margaret and I are happy to have you here and we love you but I swear to God if you don’t eat this lasagna I’m going to throw it at you.”

Yeah, most people were at their breaking point with her.

Killian was the most patient, of course, but he’d finally broken just the day before. And what a delightful break that was (sarcasm).

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I have a weird request: What do you think the male paladins (and Coran) do when their s/o is in labor? Who faints? Who cries? Etc.

mod Flux: I don’t think this was weird at all, I had fun answering it lmao thank u for this experience


  • He reads all the possible material about expecting/raising a baby before the due date, dude even has a baby bag ready and everything so when it’s time to get to the hospital he’s got a plan and will be as patient and reassuring as his s/o needs
  • Is actually pretty nervous he’s about to become a dad, but keeps his composure like a champ and focuses entirely on making sure his s/o is comfortable and doing alright – he’ll hold their hand the whole time and coach them through pushing and breathing and offer encouragement when possible
  • When everything is said and done and he gets to see and hold his child for the first time he’s overwhelmed with happiness. All the nervousness from before melts away and he won’t be able to stop smiling, he’s so thankful for his precious family


  • The entire experience would be incredibly surreal for him, no matter how much he tries to prepare for it. Has no idea what to expect, really isn’t 100% sure he’ll even be a good dad. It’s been a stressful 9 months for Keith.
  • He feels really useless and basically does whatever his s/o asks or tells him to try and make up for it. The good thing about it is that at least he’ll be pretty calm and probably good at keeping them calm too because of it. His s/o could actually crush his hand during the delivery and he would be chill about it because it was something they needed him for.
  • Once the baby is born he gets really quiet and just wants to sit and look at/watch his child do things like sleep. He’s a bit hesitant to hold something so small and delicate but when the nurse places the little bundle in his arms he knows he wants to do his best as a parent for them.


  • He’s had experience helping care for kids of all ages due to his large family so he’s confident and excited to be starting a family of their own with his s/o. Even though he does get nervous once they go into labor he’ll reassure them a lot so they don’t get stressed or scared.
  • The doctor asks if he wants to see the baby crowning and he gets a whole two second look at it before he’s hollering about regret, oh god the horror. His s/o will worry that means something is wrong with the baby and the medical staff threaten to remove him from the room if he doesn’t chill.
  • Cries like a baby when he sees his child for the first time and doesn’t really stop after that, everything about his kid is perfect and so amazing! I mean have you seen those tiny hands? Unbelievable.


  • The guy that constantly asks if his s/o is comfortable. Do they need anything? A pillow for their back? More ice chips?? Yes you have 2 cups of them already but he can totally go get more it’s no problem. He just wants to feel useful because sitting around waiting makes him even more anxious
  • Would also ask every 5 minutes if his s/o is dilated enough for the epidural because he hates seeing them in pain during contractions and knows it’ll only get worse. Reading up on this stuff was supposed to help him feel more prepared for when it happened, instead he has 1000+ scenarios where everything could go wrong.
  • Might be a little too stressed out to stay in the delivery room, but a warning or some advice from the nurses or doctor would help him calm down. As soon as he hears the baby’s first cries he’s also crying. Periodically bursts into tears the rest of the day


  • Who knows if Altean babies are born the same way as humans, regardless though Coran does everything he can to be prepared and is extremely excited to become a parent alongside his s/o!! Might even have some Altean remedies for things like morning sickness.
  • He tries to be helpful and remind his s/o about things they read or learned about but they really don’t want to hear it in this situation and Coran gets yelled at. He knows better than to take it seriously given circumstances, it’s ok he’ll just try to be helpful quietly.
  • He’s extremely moved to be a father, he can’t really muster up anything to say except for how thankful he is. Just wants to hug his s/o and child and keep this happiness safe forever. Is already making plans to teach his child about their Altean heritage and customs as well.

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// so i played my first ranked game today and lets just say it made me wanna die. so i talked to my pals about it and theyre like u need to pick a lane blah blah you cant main 629283 champs so i gave them a list of all my champs and they wouldnt give me a straight answer soo HELP ME i have lvl 5 Jhin, Caitlyn, and Lux then lvl 4 Kindred and idk what lvl my shens at but plz help me out dawg

// I mean, jhin has low mobility by high burst, caitlyn has burst and range but not as much as jhin. Lux can be easily countered by an assassin or high mobility mid laner, Kindred is only good if your team is aware that you require help when you gather marks. 

if you play solo id say cait//jhin would be the best

oh right and Shen, ima be honest my boy aint really in the meta at all rn, unless ur teams on point and fucking botlane//understands how ur ult works then Shen’s gunna get his asshole FUCKED in top 

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so uh what lol rp blogs do you want to see? asking for a friend

ALL OF THEM ! that’s the most generic answer i could give u but listen,,, fr?? i’d like to see a gangplank like this fandom can miss me that mf x gangplank shit bc it’s actually gross & i will publicly shame it idc abt ur feelings but anyways, a gangplank! a graves and twisted fate. i do ship them but also graves x mf?? mm.

also the fuckin supports i love support champs. show me a sona, a nami, a soraka. bot lane & chill??? x333 also a kayn and vlad,,, a yasuo! listen i know that there probably are blogs??? for them but i don’t fuck with the lol rpc & since ur sending this im assuming ur a friend cause im only following those rn. but anyways! im excite for any lol blogs! but a solid gangplank, graves, tf, then the supports would make me Die. also diana and leona. even an urgot x333


Was the Lake Champlain Monster (Champ) caught on tape?

Recently, a 33yr old man uploaded some footage to YouTube of what he claims is Champ swimming by the shore, at night, on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain. The man, who happens to be Navy veteran, states that in the video you can clearly see what appears to be the head of a creature swimming by the shoreline where he set up his camera trap. 

The man says that you can see a shape resembling that of an alligator. You can see the top of the head, eye ridges, and some of the snout. He also goes on to say that he wants serious discussion to take place within the scientific community of what is shown within this video.

Is this thing really Champ? I am going to instantly say no. The reason for this is because the video is way to smooth to show what is generally regarded as an extremely large, dinosaur-like creature. Time to explain why we feel this way.

First off, the camera trap was placed on the shoreline so you can make out the general distance from the waters edge to the location in which the unknown thing is “swimming”. From how it looks, it appears to be around 12ft (give or take) away from the shoreline. If this was the legendary Champ, it should appear to be much larger than what we are seeing in the video. We should be seeing more of a small horse-like head sitting on top of a somewhat long neck as generally reported by eyewitnesses. Since we are not seeing this, one would have to assume that the water giant is submerged so far below the surface (while still continuing to move) that only the top of its head is visible. This now presents new problems. The average depth of the lake is 64ft, the middle is around 400ft at its deepest, so near the shoreline the depth should be in the area of single digits to possibly the teens in terms of depth. Basically, this is not enough space to hide the extremely large body of Champ.

To further sell this point, look at the Mansi Photograph below which was taken in 1977. This photo is widely believed to be the best photo ever taken of a large unknown aquatic animal in a location where a monster is said to dwell.

The area of the lake in which this photo was taken is no more than 14ft deep. Look how much of this creature is exposed in this shallow of water. You can see the head, the neck, the top of the body. This is what you should be seeing in shallow areas of the lake where Champ is hanging out in, not a small exposed part of its head.

Now, lets move on to the second reason as to why this object in the video is more than likely not Champ. As I mentioned earlier, the video is extremely smooth. The unknown object comes into view and glides along the surface of the water without interruption and exits the frame on the other side. While it does look interesting as it is moving, what is even more interesting is that there are zero disturbances on the waters surface the entire time it’s moving. If a large dinosaur-like creature were to actually be swimming (or walking) past this camera, you would surely see ripples from the large body. You would be seeing the churning of water with every movement of its giant flippers. Because of how close it is to the shore, you would quite literally be seeing small waves created and moving in towards the camera. You should at least be seeing some exposed part of the bulk of the body or even some small part of the tail breaking the surface as it moves by. But you see absolutely nothing like this. Since none of these signs are present, this leads one to believe that this object is not alive.

So if the object in the video is not Champ, what is it? Simple, what we are looking at in the video is nothing more than (what we believe to be) a leafy branch caught in a small offshore current. Watch the way the object slightly bobs on the surface at the same moments the other objects do. Notice how it appears to never change direction in even the slightest way. It is not a lake monster, it is a branch. 

Alright, so it’s not Champ, but why does it look like a creatures head? Another easily answered question. The reason it appears to be a living creatures head is because of Pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon in which your brain applies a familiar pattern to objects where no pattern exists. We are seeing the features of a head because we want to see them. Take looking at clouds for example, if you stare at them long enough you will begin to see the shapes of animals or machines or people. This same thing happens with all sorts of other objects as well. If you happen to be in Florida and you stare out into any body of water, a submerged branch or log can easily become a hidden alligator. If you are in the woods and you see a downed tree in the distance with its roots exposed and dirt still attached, your mind could change that into the shape of a shaggy, dirty Bigfoot (this actually happens quite often). Faces appearing in wood grain, rock formations showing facial features, tree limbs looking like extended hands. Any scenario is possible, just look at the famous face on mars.

One final thing to solidify our pareidolia theory, since the object in the video is shown to us under low light and night vision conditions, the subtle details have become washed out. We are no longer able to see the individual branches or the leaves of the phony creature. They have all become blended together to give the appearance of one solid shape, a shape that just so happens to look somewhat similar to a creatures head. 

-The Pine Barrens Institute

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Ok but imagine this. Wayhaught secret admirer fic?????? Like Nicole being all soft and gay and leaving Waverly little notes and presents and flowers and at first she thinks Champ is finally being romantic and he tries to take credit at first but then she realizes that he's a total lying dickbag. Waverly finally figuring out its Nicole bc she leaves her violets (the historically gayest flower ever lol) or Nicole slips up and says the same thing as one of her notes. Just super gay and super cute.

ooh this is so cjuut!! thank you for the prompt c: i hope you like this

It was just like Waverly to manage to do something major right before an international holiday. What would have been her favourite holiday of the year was looking to turn out like a major blow. Not that she hadn’t broken up with Champ before. But this time, he had been way too immature for Waverly to handle. He didn’t really listen to her. Like, ever. And now he had the audacity to plan her future for her. Their future. To be perfectly honest this breakup had been a long time coming. It just happened to have been coming a week before Valentine’s Day which made it no easier for Waverly.

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Fill in the Blanks - Gus (3/5)

Ever wonder how Gus knew in 1x09 that Waverly was interested in a certain sheriff’s deputy? Here’s a drabble series attempting to fill in those blanks. Or in the alternative: four times Gus McCready thought Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp were perfect for each other and one time Gus was finally proven right.

Pt. 3 takes place post 1x06. 

Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 also available.

Gus McCready has never outright disliked Champ Hardy. But she’s not particularly fond of him either. He’s a typical small town, dime-a-dozen doofus, Gus thinks, with his rodeo “fame” and boyish good looks being the only things that make him standout. Which really isn’t saying all that much. So she’s tolerated him, for Waverly’s sake, even though Gus always knew Waverly could do much, much better than a man-child who never quite treated her as well as she deserved.

And although Gus has secretly wanted Waverly to chuck him to the side of the road like yesterday’s garbage, she feels bad now that Waverly has actually dumped the fool.


Almost bad.

“And then I told her,” Champ slurs, clumsily slamming down his bottle of Bud, “that she’d always be the keeper of my boner.”

Champ laughs at his lame joke and Gus, scowling, takes it all back. She doesn’t feel bad for the yahoo in the slightest.

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i completely agree with what you're saying about Eliza, she looked incredibly uncomfortable and sort of fed up with the whole situation, i would love to hear more about what you have to say about that interview and what her body language was saying.


“She’s got to tend to this urgent matter and move on which is obviously what Clarke does, every time, somehow”

By the time she’s said this, she has rolled her eyes, touched her eyebrow and gripped the back of her neck. She says this with blatant disdain. Eye rolling is self explanatory, she’s being sarcastic, the eyebrow touching is caused by stress, the gripping and rubbing of the back of her neck is pure, unadulterated discomfort. If you’ve ever watched any other interviews she’s done, she’s a very energetic, engaged interview subject. Her energy was far lower than I’ve ever seen and she CONSTANTLY avoided eye contact while  answering, this is another sign of her discomfort.

“I don’t think she’ll be able to love anyone like she loved Lexa.”

While saying this, she shook her head almost the whole time. “I do not think”… normally nodding accompanies agreement but that’s when you’re saying something is, here she is saying it is not. In other words she whole heartily believes what she’s saying as she talks about Lexa and Clarke’s love for her and their connection.  To give you an example, when Clarke says, “I’m going to fix you”, she’s nodding. When Lexa says, “I won’t” (betray clarke again), she shakes her head. (so for some of you thinking she was fed these answers, her body language  [which one can’t control] suggests she was telling the truth)

“Not in our world” followed by a nervous chuckle. She wasn’t supposed to say that. She wasn’t supposed to suggest that media doesn’t exist in a vacuum like her employer obviously believes. She holds back so much during this interview. 

“There’s only one Lexa” followed by another eye roll and a very interesting eyebrow raise.

The raise of her brown would suggest Alycia/Lexa was irreplaceable to her. It would suggest that she doesn’t think any romance following Clarke and Lexa’s will ever live up to what they shared (which is also evident by literally everything she just said about their comnection)

Next, one interviewer is inquiring about all the weight on Clarke’s shoulders and how she has to make such awful, difficult decisions. Eliza crosses her arms. That is a sign of closing off and not particularly wanting to discuss whatever is being discussed. Much like when you fold your arms during an argument.

Her eyes widen when she says “yea, it’s crazy, every week I’m like wow, okay” she then avoids eye contact for the millionth time. The eyes widening in this context is sort of like saying, “man, this shit is stupid” it’s equivalent to shaking your head at someone when they say or do something stupid. This would suggest she does not agree with the direction of the story line.

More neck touching,  with  both hands this time, she’s a bundle of nerves and doing this interview is making her uncomfortable. (She was extremely uncomfortable during this 6 minute interview, blatantly so)

Interviewer asks about getting the Lexa dies script, she huffs a breath through her nose. She does NOT want to talk about it, at all. It’s super subtle and if you’re not into reading body language, you’ll miss it, but she does, she huffs.

Her eyes widen again and and she swears when expressing that the issue  (representation and mistreatment of the lgbtq community) is really sensitive. Her tone and body language suggests she doesn’t believe her employer has handled this backlash properly. This is a point of frustration for her. She ends eye contact yet again, looks down, this subject is upsetting and she’s in discomfort. In answering, she’s looking all around AND her speech pattern has changed. She’s speaking much slower. At that point, she was choosing her words extremely carefully.

“Alycia had to go to a different show. I know fans are upset” breaks eye contact again and begins rubbing the back of her neck.

“But I’m grateful for the experience” this is tricky because she looks directly at the interviewer so she’s being honest, but her eyebrows raise and the corner of her mouth lifts slightly contradicting what she just said. Since I’m not a mind reader, I’m going to chalk that look up to whatever she was thinking at that moment. My guess is it was in regards to her employer and the predicament he placed her in with his actions, not the words she had just say. Which her body language would suggest was the truth.

At the end of the interview she’s talking about knowing she wanted to act since she was 11. It’s the most open her body is through the entire interview. She perks up talking about it. Her nerves dissipate significantly. She makes more eye contact answering that question than she does answering any of the others. There is a clear shift in her demeanor meaning that was a welcomed subject.

I truly commend her. All of the actors really because their employer has really screwed the pooch and it’s put them all in a terrible postion. But I applaud her for sucking it up and doing this inevitable interview and getting through it when it was clearly  very  difficult and uncomfortable for her. She took it like a champ but she’s clearly hiding her feelings as best she can but she was also as honest as she could be. It was interesting to watch her wrestle with not being about to say what she truly wanted to say

Disclaimer* I’m not a professional but I study this shit like I’m gonna get tested on it, so…


Daryl Dixon Imagine

I wanted to write something but I couldn’t really bring myself to write something happy so here’s this…dark and probably a little confusing but I really hope it’s at least somewhat ejoyable. :D

The group is captured by Negan. In a desperate attempt you try to rescue them by convincing Negan to take your life instead.

word count: 1224

approximated reading time: 6 minutes

“Where are you?”, I whispered into the dark, there was no light around and it was barely possible to see my own hand in front of my eyes.
“Just say something”, I hissed groping my way through the darkness. I was lost. Tears started to dwell up in my eyes and I had to bite my lip hard. This was not the right moment to cry and most certainly not the moment to collapse to the ground. I tried to fight down the panic that was slowly crawling up inside of me leaving a tickling sensation all over my body.
“Daryl, please”, I pleaded. The darkness was rigid, not even the faint idea of light could be seen. I had to find Daryl… or the exit… a flashlight… anything to get me out of this darkness.
Was that a noise behind me? The faint rustling of fabric sliding across the dusty ground? A walker? My heart started pounding faster, I could almost hear the blood rushing through my veins as I stood glued to the spot listening into the dark room. It was almost impossible to hear anything, as if the darkness was not only swallowing the light but also every idea of sound that would tell me where to go or where not to go for that matter. If there were walkers inside with me… I had better not run into them.
“Daryl, pleeease.” I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore. “I’m so scared”, I breathed. “Help me.” My hands were trembling as I started to move again. No matter how scared I was of moving I knew that doing nothing wouldn’t change anything either. I had to get out of here and I had to do it myself. Daryl wouldn’t come to my rescue, not this time. Maybe they got him. The thought struck me like lightening. What if they got him and I was alone? What if he was….dead!? It was almost unbearable to even think of it, but there was a possibility that I was now alone in this world. They had been right all along: there was no escaping Negan. I had told him, I had told Rick not to mess with him, I had told him that it was a stupid idea to hide in here, but he just wouldn’t listen. The terror on his face when he shoved us all inside. I swallowed hard. Why was I still here? It wouldn’t be fair if I lived, no, I wasn’t supposed to live.

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I remember the last time I played comp a level 0 sha lin picked. I kept getting people like that and eventually I came out bronze because we were losing so much. I know I shouldn't blame my team but it sort of sucks

that sucks so bad, i’m sorry you had to go through that my dude. the new comp is cool and all but i think they should’ve kept that you need to have a champ at mastery 4 to play them in comp. keeps idiots who try and play a champ they’ve never touched before from doing that in a competitive game.
the higher rank you’re at the less people do that, but for people stuck in lower ranks, it’s shitty

I don’t think many people pick up the small hints that 5sos give us when fans meet them in situations where there’s no photos. On the aussie break Calum went to the State Champs gig and a few fans approached him and he said no pictures but they can all hang out and talk, but the girls wanted pictures so he moved backstage. Now these girls met Calum and Luke and obviously they were uncomfortable with being recorded since they said today’s a no photos day. They want to talk to us and they like talking to us and they like hearing that we love their music and they like answering questions about new music and they like talking to us as a normal person to a normal person, but we just keep lowering our own opportunities for that cause soon they’ll think there’s no people who actually want to talk to them.

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I'm not sure if you've already answers this or if you and Dodie have decided to keep it private, but I'm very out of the loop. Why did you and Dodie move out? I really hope I'm not bothering you, I'm sorry if I am. Also, you're absolutely amazing (:

Honestly, I’d be suss if I was on the outside. No dramz though. She just wanted something new. That was the latest answer. Dovan Flat was a lovely stepping stone for her to get into London. Ever since we moved in I’d always talked about looking for a better place. The area took ages to get to despite being in zone 2 and it was on the small side for Dodie. I never had time to actively look for another place though because I was always so busy with work/travel/YouTube. Hazel hit a rough patch and bounced back like a champ and when the opportunity arose for them to live together Dodie took it! They’re good friends as well, so really it all worked out. 

There was never an outcome where I didn’t get the short end of the stick as I’d either be stuck in Dovan Flat alone or I’d have to find somewhere else (alone). Most of the people I’d be okay living with were in uni or didn’t have the same budget as me. But everything worked out on my end. I really love my flat. The location is absolutely unbeatable and I can get home from anywhere. Zone 1 bbzzzzz. And one of my flatmates speaks German so I’m able to use German around the flat to build my fluency. Alles ist gut

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Tell us a ridiculous story.

Oh man. Time to tell Tumblr about the Marshmallow Incident.

When I was in 8th grade, my school had this assembly thing where a “representative” from each grade (7th through 12th) would come up and play a game. The game, in this case, was essentially a fusion of Chubby Bunny and Jeopardy—they’d ask the group a trivia question, and whoever answered it (correctly) first won the round, meaning everyone else had to put a marshmallow in their mouths. In order to win, you had to be the last one standing—the marshmallows were not allowed to dribble out of your mouth, and if you answered any questions, they had to be intelligible. The prize awarded to the winner was the remainder of the bag of marshmallows. I was always really fucking eager to do shit like this, because I’m kind of an attention whore and always have been, so I volunteered to represent the 8th grade.

Now’s a good time to note the size of these marshmallows. They weren’t those pansy-ass cocoa marshmallows—these were honest-to-fucking-God campfire marshmallows, about an inch long. This is important.

Now’s also a good time to mention that I have really crappy reflexes. This is also important.

The game started, and I quickly discovered that my reaction time simply wasn’t as good as everyone else’s. I knew all the answers, pretty much, but I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough to actually answer them. You’d think this would get me out of the game early, right?


Keep in mind that if the marshmallows began to dribble from your gaping maw, you were out. This disqualified a good chunk of the group fairly early on, since these were pretty damn big marshmallows. And for some reason, I was a really determined 8th grader, so I just kept shoving marshmallows into my mouth like a fucking champ. I might have given up on answering questions at some point—it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I was the only one who never did get to answer a question, but I was able to hold so many goddamn marshmallows in my mouth that I was still one of the last two standing. The only reason I didn’t win was because my opponent had answered a lot of questions and thus didn’t have a mouth full of ‘mallow.

As we were all exiting the assembly, a girl came up to me and said, “Anna, you do realize you managed to fit twenty-three marshmallows into your mouth, right?”

I had not actually realized this. I had lost count.

I don’t even remember who the winner was—just that he was a boy, and that I think he was an 11th grader. What truly stands out to me is the fact that for the rest of 8th grade, I was the fucking Marshmallow Girl, and I basked in that glory.


Why u need to follow tumblr user Southpauz

A list of reasons why she should be on your dash a whole lot:

  1. Her art is super good you guys
  2. She got that Johnlock fever (and she loves it) for all the fans of BongMcGriddle Takesanap
  3. She’s cute as heck
  4. Gif game strong, she got it locked up
  5. Tries her best to answer questions in the best way and replies to anon hate like a champ
  6. She’s cute as heck
  7. Them comics tho
  8. Super open and friendly
  9. Dat singing voice though
  10. She's cute as heCK
  11. I’m not kidding she’s cute as heck
  12. I mean wow

And that is the reasoning that you should totally be following tumblr user southpauz

go do it I gave you a list you got no excuses now

Edward is ten, and it’s his Dad’s birthday. And Dad wants to celebrate it with his friends.

There’s no baseball games to be went to, and he doesn’t have anyone to watch his kid, so he’s stuck to something a little child-friendly: go to a friend’s cabin. It’s in the woods outside Gotham, by a little lake, and they’re going to spend the day fishing.

“I’ll be fun, Champ!” he’s told, hands smacking over his back. He cringes and doesn’t answer.

It takes all of the men approximately ten minutes to forget he was ever there, drinking on the dock and roaring about fish. Like they could get any that way, Edward thinks. They’d scare them all away.

After an hour of hovering around the doorway, Eddie cautiously walks around the side of the cabin, then right down the path into the woods. He doesn’t plan on going far, just out of sight. He has a Game Boy. Not his, he borrowed it form the Lost and Found, but he’ll give it back next year. Unfortunately, those need light, and he ends up wandering further than he thought he would to get to a cleared space for the sun to light the screen.

The sound of the drunken men fades to nothing. All he can hear are the birds, and the gentle rustle of leaves in the midsummer breeze.

Oh well. It’s not too far, he thinks, planting himself down and flipping it on.