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i reached 300 followers today, which is something never expected when i started using tumblr 

thank you all so much, you support means so much to me

rotten-dan  asked:

have I ever told you how much I love your art? I was checking ur art tag and I just got overwhelmed with this feeling to tell you how much I love how you draw bodies, how you color and your lineart, like, wowie....

I want u to know that u are Art Goals™️️ so to hear you say this to me, i want to cry omg. Everything u draw is super cute and expressive? dont do this to me omggg

speaking of that coffee shop au, has anyone here actually worked at a coffee shop???? if so pls message me???? bc i have nO idea what the schedule/basic times/etc. are??? like do u have weekends off, is ur shift always the same or does it change, do u become friends with the other baristas, do u have any spare/free time, how often do u have breaks, etc. etc. etc.

sb: asks a question
jensen: answers it honestly in order to prevent ppl from getting their hopes up
everyone: gets pissed at him for answering the question
me: ?????????

anonymous asked:

I honestly loved your blog for such a long time, but this race stuff is becoming a bit extreme and so negative. Especially the "ugly white feminists" post. Why are you hating so hard on people and suggesting they're racist just because they're white? That's equivalent to suggesting people are criminals just because they're black. I thought this blog was about unity but lately your posts make it really seem otherwise.

I’m going to repost this because I added it on to another post and I’m sure most people didn’t see it so here it is. Though, to begin with, I’m not sure that you know what we mean when we say “white feminists.” Not all white feminists are white people and not all white people who are feminists are white feminists. White feminism is an ugly thing, so please take a moment and read about what it means to understand why we call it out.

Thing is that white people (I am also white) are raised in a racist and white supremacist society, and as a result, those values become a part of us whether we like it or not. Some of us do our best to resist them and change our ways of thinking, others embrace them, and many others deny they exist at all and pretend they have grown up as blank slates. I remember waiting in an airport lounge for a flight when a group of Muslim men in traditional dress walked up to wait with me, and the first thing that crossed my mind was “they’re terrorists here to blow up the plane.” I was horrified with myself immediately, but that thought was still the first one that popped into my head even though I didn’t truly believe it just because it was the one programmed into me by Western white society. Do these biases inform how I treat Muslim people? I have no doubt that they do, and until I acknowledge this, how can I ever hope to change myself? It’s not my fault that I was raised the way I was, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. It’s up to me, not other people, to face my own internal prejudices and work on eliminating them.

No, not all white people are consciously racist, but we are all racist to varying degrees simply due to how we were raised and the sooner we accept this truth, the sooner we can work on changing society for the better. We exert so much energy denying that we’re racist at all when we could be trying to address the unconscious biases we’ve absorbed within ourselves. No one likes to think that they’re racist, but we need to realize that racism isn’t always intentional. If we don’t accept this truth, we are going to keep wasting valuable time trying to make white people feel better when we could be actually doing something to combat the issue.

So no, saying that all white people are racist is not at all the same as saying all black people are criminals cause one of those things is true and the other is a racist lie. I’m sorry that this blog isn’t interested in letting white people ignore our own inherent biases so we can all sing kumbaya together and get nowhere as a society. We can focus on unity once everyone is equal.

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i honestly hate everyone's reaction to historia's backstory like she looked very depressed after telling them all that and none of them cared at all. A+ friendship.

Sometimes I really wonder if reactions to character deaths or situations aren’t skipped because of the time because nobody also wondered whether Ymir was ok or not but then I remembered these little details like…

Connie taking care of Sasha - Ch. 85

And more recently

Nile’s sad face - Ch. 85 & 89

Then I remembered Ymir wasn’t that close to the rest of the group aside from Sasha and Connie and these two weren’t there. Besides, Historia doesn’t have any close interaction with the rest of the group. Relations between the 104th in general is mostly friendship and camaraderie, at the exception of several deep relationships (ie. Mikasa and Eren+Armin, where she doesn’t want to let these two go). That’s why people aren’t really concerned for Historia in the first place, besides, as soon as EMA and Levi arrived, she quickly hid her tears, suggesting she doesn’t want people to see her in that state.

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I'm an ace pansexual and I definitely get way more shit for not wanting to have sex than I have gotten for being pan, in fact I have never had anyone have a problem with me being pan, but people ALWAYS tell me I'll change my mind about sex. Thank you for sticking up for us

^^ See? It’s really just personal experience and a matter of the social environment and educational background. 

Since I followed some people for my gaming needs on the dashboard, I’ve read so much about asexuality and I don’t think that it’s fair that they get excluded. I don’t think that it’s fair that we devalue their struggle because, not being it in our personal experience, we can’t understand. That was the reason why I started bringing it up in conversations in the first place, because I wanted to see what people thought of it, and it’s really awful and violent. Some of those answers are honestly the exact same we get for us.

oneycomb  asked:

can you explain me how the reptile fairtrade is ethical? i love reptiles and i'd love to have one but i just feel like it's maybe harmful to the animals?

I’m going to answer this honestly–some parts are and there are some parts that are not. That’s why there is such a push for captive bred animals. 

There are certain species, like Ball Pythons and Leopard Geckos, have an oversaturated market. 99% of the animals that you buy are captive bred and probably have been for several generations. To buy those animals? It won’t affect the wild population at all. I think that those are completely 100% ethical. Some others? Not so much. 

Some others can chime in on this as well because I am in no means an expert in the pet trade and how ethical it is. There are others on here that are much deeper in the pet trade than I am. 

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I hope Jensen doesn't, but I wonder if he'll stop going to cons because of the hate he is getting on here, Facebook and Twitter. I have a feeling that "fans" just won't get the hint and will continue to be rude to him whenever they get the chance. He was asked a question, a question that wasn't supposed to even be asked and answered it honestly. Please people just let the man have his own opinion about something. Thanks for being level-headed about this topic, Kait. I love your blog!

The rumor that cons will stop has honestly been going around for the past year, because of things like this (correct me if I’m wrong). It’s a touchy ass subject! I don’t think they want to be rude about it, or come off as rude, or say anything that will offend anyone. That’s why fans can’t (or aren’t supposed to) ask questions about Destiel. It’s not because Jensen is a raging homophobe, it’s because he literally doesn’t know how to answer the question. He doesn’t understand Destiel, because it’s not in his script. I don’t understand how people don’t get this. Like he literally spoke truth at Jaxcon today, but not out of hatred or ignorance. He was just saying what he knew to be true! People take it as he’s saying they can’t ship Destiel, or that he said it doesn’t exist PERIOD. Like, no? Just the show people, just the show. Continue to ship! If Jensen didn’t exist, one half of said ship wouldn’t either. Just sayin!

Thanks for being cool. I try to have a level-head about things, but I just want to understand why this is even a thing.


You’d been waiting for Jaebum the best part of an hour, and right as you decided to get up to go look for him, convinced that he’d forgotten about you, he walked through the door of your shabby, little home. Probably a luxury studio apartment in its time, now it served as a bare minimum essential.

He came in without so much as a word, a grim, weary expression on his face.

“Hey,” you greeted, moving to make space for him. “Everything all right?”

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Keen, I'm honestly so SICK of people mentioning that they think Mark will mistreat Ethan and Tyler the way he did Matt and Ryan. Firstly, we don't even know the exact details of the situation or how their friendships turned sour, and secondly, no matter how much people think they do, they don't KNOW Mark. They've likely never met him and don't know him personally and never will. Predicting all of his actions based off of an online personality he presents is kind of just ignorant, honestly.

That’s true, I think it’s quite a stretch for people to assume that Mark is an abusive person. I don’t believe he is at all. I mean, bad shit happened between Mark and the Supermega boys but people make mistakes and Mark tried to own up to it and it seems like it’s somewhat bridged. 

I don’t foresee Mark hurting those around him. He’s actively trying to learn to be a better leader and friend to those around him and seems in a better place now. It’s unfortunate it had to make things tense with Matt and Ryan for him to see that. 

anon--ymous  asked:

The following is an ask being distributed to the top blogs of each ship. Please do me the honor of accepting the ask and answering honestly. I, as an avid VK fan, am happy to see the baby steps of YuMe’s and ZeKi’s forming a bridge of coexistence. That is why I’m asking each blog that receives this ask to tag a blog of the opposing ship that they respect, love, and/or would follow if not for being a blog about the opposing ship. I look forward to everyone’s participation.

Hi there,

Thank you for your question and apologies for my late response.

I unfortunately have a rule that I do not answer anon asks - though I must admit, you have created a very clever way of getting around this haha! 

Whilst your intentions are good, I think it would be nice to take a slightly different approach. Rather than only distributing your question to what you describe as ‘the top blogs of each ship’, why not open it to everyone in the fandom? My reason for this is that your approach, although I’m sure this was not your intention at all, creates an unnecessary ‘hierarchy’ and division which is something I hope never happens within the yume community. Blogs of all kinds can answer this question! Just because someone may not edit or regularly post does not mean they do not provide the same value or share the same passion towards Vampire Knight as other blogs that do.

If you really want a ‘coexistence’, a wider approach is needed. 

Everyone - blogs of all types - need to be involved and should be encouraged to answer this question :)