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The long journey to a small angry planet is a 10/10 book that I would highly recommend for you if you haven't run across it yet (key elements include: diverse alien cultures, no alien tits, multi species found families, ladies lovin ladies in space, humans r like not important in the galactic political food chain, clerks are very important, and wormhole building is a job that ppl have)

My friend I love this book SO DEARLY and am looking forward to a reread this winter. I read it and was so overwhelmed by joy at the ending that I had to put the book down and had to stare at the sky for like ten minutes before I could even ponder rejoining the real world. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

In return, have you read A Closed and Common Orbit? It is equally amazing, though the tropes are not Deliberately Targeted To Kill Me as in Small Angry Planet. And there’s gonna be ANOTHER ONE, I don’t know about what yet.

(… as;kljgak;jha I just found a summary IT’S OKAY EVERYONE I’M JUST GOING TO DIE THAT’S ALL)

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idk if uve seen it but theres this tumblr post where a brother and sister are both gay so they pretend to be dating each others partners so when they sleep over their parents make them sleep in the other's room. do u know if theres any fics that exist where harry and gemma do that?

Sorry, love but I definitely haven’t come across any fics like this. But I’ll tag a few blogs just in case they know any :)

@writing-about-larry @alarriefantasy @noellehenry @nottooldforthisship

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Hi! This might seem silly to ask, but I’ve heard the term ‘GA’ and ‘PR’ around a lot on SPN blogs. What do they mean? I’m sure once I hear the definition it’ll click back into my mind.

There are no silly questions, only silly answers, but I’m going to give it to you slightly bent (because at least that’s more fun than completely straight):

GA - General Audience (aka the peeps generally not into meta)

PR - Public Relations (aka the relations the show wishes to have with the public) (so dirty this year) (balls all over the place) 

I shan’t extrapolate. For deeper explanations I refer you to the boundless source of information that is the internet. I thank you. ;)

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hey there. im having a hard time expressing my interest in women who i know like me because ive very much internalized the predatory lesbian shit. i have a lot of potential partners who have become "just friends" because im afraid to ask them out or even tell them im attracted because im scared. i want to move past it but i need help so i thought i could turn to this blog for help. thanks in advance.

Hello, anon :)

I wanted to answer you slowly and attentively because I think a lot of us end up internalizing the idea of being predatory to some extent. It stems from internalized lesbophobia, of course, and one could even argue that it comes from that rancid idea that lesbians are like men – which, needless to say, we aren’t. I’d wager that the media we’re exposed to is so dominated by the male perspective that we sometimes fool ourselves into thinking we look at women the way men do, that just because we’re attracted to women we should think that a woman on the cover on a lad’s magazine is attractive even in her artificial posing and cheap, lewd expressions, carefully set up so as to satisfy the male ideal of what a woman should be like.

But that’s not true. Although male desire is basically crafted upon a predatory view of women, as if women were but pieces of meat to be taken at will, we have nothing in common with them. Their framing might sometimes taint our eyes, but it does not change us and make us like them. Far from it.

That being said, I do understand the hesitation. It can take a while to extricate external influences and feel at home in our natural selves, in peace with our desires. I’ll say that friendships with men and exposure to pornography can warp our sense of ourselves, make us feel as if we were like them – but at the same time, when you distance yourself from how men talk about women or portray them, it’s easier to understand how we, ourselves, talk and think about other women in our own company. Do you really think that our loving and desiring another woman is a bad thing? That expressing that love is a negative action? That it betrays a fault of character? No! It’s only natural and it is a beautiful thing at that.

There is no shame in telling another woman that you’re interested in her. Sometimes you won’t get the reaction you’d like, but that doesn’t mean you’ve just crossed a sacred boundary and disrespected or invaded her personal space. It doesn’t mean you’ve intruded upon her or threatened her in any way. It isn’t predatory to love, and I believe it’s not necessary to include a parenthesis on what kinds of love are healthy and what kinds of well, obsession aren’t – you seem to me as if you already know that there’s nothing wrong with you or your feelings, you’re just being held back by this abstract idea that doesn’t correspond to reality but has managed to convince you in some way of its truthfulness.

So, my dear anon, worry no further. Let not a lesbophobic concept with no grounds on reality rule over you. Remember, you’re a lesbian, not a man, and your love is a lesbian’s love, not a man’s; their desire might be harmful, but ours isn’t because it’s not modelled on theirs. Be not scared of who you are or your heart – as long as you’re considerate of other women’s wishes (if someone doesn’t want to go out with you, don’t insist, for instance), which you shall be when your love is genuine, there’s no way you’ll embody that fear of encroaching on women. Besides, you say you know your potential partners already harbour some interest in you – why would you pose a risk to them? Why would they consider you as offensive?

Breathe, accept yourself and love yourself and go forth to ask women out, tell them you like them. Set aside what you might have picked up from male media. Cherish the friends you’ve made and will make still, but don’t beat yourself up about becoming a stereotype that only exists in the soiled imagination of straight men and women to delegitimize lesbian love and experience. I wish you all the luck <3

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AHH MOM I THINK IM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE. He found out I'm anemic and he told me he spent most of his free time from training studying and making sure he knows exactly what anemia is and everything about it. And he told me he's set alarms to remind me when I need to take my medication and stuff. And aw mom I think I'm actually in love with him. He's so sweet. He's done more research than I have and he's even teaching me stuff about it that I didn't know about

AWW MARRY HIM jkjk >.< That’s honestly really cute!

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Who did u get some sims from? I need to do the same :)


  • @bratsims brat got some cute as heck kidz and i lov them
  • @womrats i’m screaming their sims r adorable and they’ve always been a big inspiration of mine
  • @mishbli god-tier sims. that’s all i can say before i combust
  • @plumboops her sims are so cute and they’re different sorta sims so u can mess around nicely w genetics!
  • @meisiu has some cute sims 10/10 rec

hmhm wms and catplnt have some cute sims too! and sometimes i just sorta squint my way through sssvitlans’ sims tag!!

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Hi! My ideal Dean?hair: demon!dean length hair but maybe not as neat? So the longer length but like hunter chic. (although that might actually be a bit too Jack like now) A bit of scruff just so Cas can stroke his cheek and say "nice peach fuzz" when he comes back. I asked this before 13x1 so now basically anything happening that makes him not look so gaunt and devastated will make me happy. (Ergh, I hated buzz cut/fakebake season 4 Dean.) Thank you for replying and asking back! 😘

Hello again, Nonny! Yes, the long hair would probably be a bit too much like Jack and, also, Sam’s mane is hard to compete with so I feel he should hold the dibs for the toss-worthy locks and Dean can keep his hair sorta as is. For my taste. :) And yes - the peach fuzz!! :P (I erroneously called it “beach” fuzz) (I think because Cas is by water I keep thinking beach beach beach and why aren’t he in beach wear and like half necked?) (then again I pretty much always think that) (peach fuzz sounds like an even yummier cocktail) (it also makes me seriously rethink my joy of eating a peach) (–> stubble) 

YES to healthy happy Dean once Cas is back. And omfg we have the goddamn Burger Date shirt of doom with the blue T-shirt to look forward to and it is magical!! :) 

So much my pleasure replying and so good of you to settle my curiosity! 

For that I give you…

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Anon wanting a radfem gf, even libfems can be educated. but there are lots that are apolitical mostly and uninvolved and they lap up radfem rethoric like there's no tomorrow, bc tbh, women hold a lot of radfem beliefs already, they just don't have a name for it. don't give up. my gf was anti feminist and now shes more vocally radfem than i am. just gotta get rid of their internalized misogyny and take baby steps. don't lose faith! you too shall have a lesbian rad household 😂

Yesss I strongly agree with you! My girlfriend converted me from nonbinary libfem to detrans radfem in like a day (less actually, just a couple of hours and a bunch of links and Magdalen Berns videos…).

So yeah, there is hope. Especially apolitical lesbians can easily see the light against trans ideology’s bs.

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😑, 🤘, 👑, 🌎, 🎬, 🎮, 📚 and 🎶 <3

😑  pet peeve (previously answered but i’ll give a few more)

  • slow internet/pages that take forever to load
  • accidentally opening a program that takes 5000 years to load (photoshop)
  • stopping in the middle of a crowded hallway/sidewalk  

🤘  first concert you went to

i think it was a Romanian band that came to my hometown for a celebration event //// most recent was a really cool folk rock concert that i went to in may 

👑  favorite Disney princess(es)

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🌎  where you want to live

maybe Denmark

🎬  favorite movie

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legit my favorite movie of all time: the last unicorn

🎮   favorite video game (previously answered but i’ll give another one)

ensemble stars 

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📚  a book you are currently reading

ahhh… hmmm… sailor moon volume 1 ;v;

🎶 top 5 favorite songs (currently)

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Hello my lovely, could you perhaps clarify some things for me? Plot wise: If Mary had kept out of the nursery that night would she have died? If she hadn't died then would she have to die later to kick start Dean and Sam hunting? Meta wise: Why burning on the ceiling with a stomach wound? It's a pretty weird M. O. isn't it? Ta

Hey, my foxy foxy!

Forgive the late reply, please, I have always the best of intentions and then Time is a right fuckererer. 

Plot wise: If Mary had kept out of the nursery that night would she have died?

Well, she had to die in the nursery for the plot to have a starting point, right? If we ask ourselves: If Mary had lived, what would that have meant for the plot? The answer is that John would have no cause for a revenge/search for answers road trip, the brothers would have had a suburbia childhood and not been meddled with by Heaven or Hell until the time was right for it. Ie. we’re talking a whole different show because the Supernatural universe is so tied to that first inciting incident: Azazel killing Mary.

If she hadn’t died then would she have to die later to kick start Dean and Sam hunting?

We’re spinning off into AU with this question, my dear! As said, the Supernatural universe rests entirely on the fact that Mary died and she died because she made a deal with Azazel. She didn’t die because she went into the nursery that night, narratively she died because she made the wrong choice in saying yes to Azazel bringing John back to life, allowing him entrance in the first place. So, if you take the moment when Mary dies on that ceiling out of the show and it changes the very foundation of the plot itself. 

Could Kripke have done it differently? Sure! But he didn’t, because being hunters, living on the road, dragging baggage around from their messed up childhood due to their mother being murdered was the setup he wanted for the boys! :)

Meta wise: Why burning on the ceiling with a stomach wound? It’s a pretty weird M. O. isn’t it?

Right, so I’ve actually thought about this, and I think it’s possible it was a stomach wound because she was the mother sacrificing her child. I know Jessica has the same thing, but that’s more because her death is a mirror of Mary’s to serve as a visual motivator for Sam, who spends the entire Pilot beating against the hunter life and refusing to do what his father, through his brother, want of him, to then pick up a gun saying “We’ve got work to do” - stepping right into John’s place and it’s pretty amazingly built up to. I’ve also thought that it’s very possible Kripke simply thought to himself “Alright, what type of death would look freaky as fuck?” And went with it. Because it does look freaky as fuck. :) 

However, the burning is, I think, a visual plant of the fact that Mary is murdered by a demon and her death is linked to Hell. 

And right now in S13 she’s in her own Purgatory possibly working alongside Lucifer to stay alive! I’m so excited!! :P