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oh man how about victuuri for 'into something good'??

Okay I have been saving this till towards the end because this would be HILARIOUS. (Honestly, it would be hilarious cast either way, but I decided in the end that it would be more hilarious this way.)

So, what happens here is that Viktor is so so tired of attending ISU events alone. He’s 27, he travels and works all the time, and he loves the ice, but when he’s off it he’s lonely and bored, and even the ice isn’t fulfilling him all the time anymore. He just can’t face up to the tought of another Grand Prix Final gala banquet with no filter between him and the sponsors who think they deserve a piece of the Golden Boy of skating.

And what do you do when there’s an event you don’t want to attend alone but the only people you know are people who are going to be there anyway? Why, you hire an escort, of course!

So when Viktor arrives outside the banquet to find a gorgeous (but terrified-looking) young man pacing on the steps outside, wearing the right color tie, he assumes that it’s his escort, arriving promptly! The young man (what did the receptionist at the escort agency say his name was? Yu-something, he thinks) actually yelps upon seeing who his date his, so Viktor beams at him, and thus it is that in this universe, the first words Yuuri hears from Viktor aren’t “Commemorative photo?” but “There you are! I was hoping you’d already be here. Shall we go inside?”

The escort (who introduces himself stammeringly as Yuuri (”I knew that, don’t worry!” says Viktor, who did not know that at all, but he doesn’t want his escort to think that he forgot his name instantly)) turns out to be an amusing character, very shy until he gets a few glasses of champagne into him.

And Yuuri is so friendly and sweet! He acts like he already knows half the people at the banquet and even Yuri, bafflingly, takes him aside and seems to scold him, and really, he’s the hit of the party, especially once the dancing starts. And if everyone is saying “well, I never thought about you two but he must be very happy,” well, Viktor has no idea what that’s about and he really doesn’t care because he’s being challenged to a dance-off and he thinks he hears a tango.

He gives very serious thought to asking if Yuuri does (*ahem*) extras, but that’s the kind of thing that gets out to the ISU and he would no doubt be in terrible trouble with Yakov, so with regret, at the end of the night, he kisses Yuuri on the cheek and says goodbye.

… Only to check his phone an hour later and find a voicemail saying that the escort had to duck out with a broken arm from slipping on the ice, very sorry, Mr. Nikiforov, a full refund will of course be given.

But he can’t exactly ask anyone at the party who Yuuri was, because if he’s supposed to know him already, which he clearly is if half the people at the party already knew him. And being Viktor and the least logical human being on this planet, he doesn’t go looking through GPF information and thus the piece of the puzzle never clicks in his head.

Until, a few months later, he’s suddenly inundated with links to a video.

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Not hugging them but at least like... take a closer look? This is a whole new world you guys are in. What if those are just how the locals look? Surely you've seen some strange characters in the other worlds you've visited.

I mean, yeah, we’ll keep an eye out for locals and stuff, but if it attacks like heartless, isn’t physical like heartless, and dies like heartless–

then we can’t afford to hold back

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years since it's been clear with Jyn/Cassian?

(Last one! And what a delightful prompt it is.)

Cassian does not like Jyn Erso. They are co-workers, they are not friends, they pretty much always need a buffer of Chirrut and Baze and Bodhi in between them. However, when he overhears Jyn telling Bodhi about her terrible apartment with an air like it’s a joke and not probably breaking some damn laws, he jumps into action and invites her to stay in his apartment until she can find a better place.

Jyn objects but their team overrules her and within forty-eight hours he has moved her into his apartment and threatened her landlord with legal action if he tries to penalize her for breaking her lease when he will not fix potentially life-threatening problems in her apartment.

And it’s … awkward. Jyn stays in her room pretty much all the time except when she’s making meals or coffee, and seems disconcerted whenever she walks by the living room to find Cassian looking after the windowsills stuffed with plants that he very carefully looks after.

Plus she keeps going out for walks in the middle of the night and he keeps waking up to the sound of the closing door and stays awake worried for hours at a time that she’s going to get hurt or something, and they maybe yell a little bit until she agrees to write down the route she’s planning to take.

And then they start sharing meals, and Jyn sometimes brings her laptop out into the living room to sit and do something while he trims his geraniums or yells at the television, and things become a lot less awkward. He’d actually be willing to say he likes her. He’d actually be wiling to say …

Oh, shit.

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(I hope this hasn't already been asked - I'm having trouble keeping track!) All You Have Is Your Fire with Finn/Poe(/Rey if you like!)

(It has not! And obviously I am going to add Rey in here.)

In this city, corporations like to use people with powers as their own private security forces, and the people with powers don’t always get a say in it, because they’re taken out of foster care or bad situations and made to feel indebted. Finn has spent most of his young adult life in one of those corporations, training to use his empath abilities to tell whether someone is lying to his bosses in meetings.

He has two soulmarks, which is unusual–they try to recruit people with negative marks, or none at all. It makes it easier to keep them loyal. One of them says Let me go and the other one says Why are you helping me?

Finn half-expects never to meet them until a man comes in for a meeting at First Order Inc. and Finn can tell that he’s planning some kind of corporate espionage, and Ren, who has some mental powers along with his terrifying array of them, can sense that Finn is sensing something and that means Something Bad is going to happen to Poe. Poe’s put in a waiting room while they “discuss his proposal” and Finn is sent to keep an eye on him but instead he says “Follow me if you want to live” and Poe’s eyes widen before he follows him.

“Why are you helping me?” he asks, one floor down, and it’s like the world falls out from underneath Finn.

They escape, but they lose each other and Finn is sure that Poe got taken, so he’s stumbling around the city, no idea how to live on his own, when he finds a girl with the strongest superpowers anyone in the city has seen since the last Jedi Knight left the city behind. She’s got a drone with some AI equipped with her, and it accuses him of being a thief, since he has Poe’s coat, but she doesn’t actually speak to him till he grabs her hand, hearing the sound of people out searching for him, and she says “Let me go!”

It’s only later that she realizes the first thing he said to her was “Please, I don’t want any trouble.”

She wonders if he has another mark too.

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Have you heard the English credits theme for Shadows of Valentia? Its called "The Heritors of Arcadia." Its gorgeous. Its just as good as Lost In Thoughts All Alone, except sadder. Which is a good thing.

Yes i have! And you’re right, sadder is always a good thing. I didn’t buy the limited edition box so i’m a little sad i don’t have the cd soundtrack, but i’m planning on buying fates soundtrack instead, b-because.

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"That's how easy love can be" with leverage ot3?

“It’s not a Secret Santa, it’s a Non-Denominational Holiday Gift Exchange,” says Nate.

“I LOVE SECRET SANTA,” says Parker.

Nate’s the principal, Sophie teachers fourth grade, Eliot improbably teaches kindergarten (come on, he would), Hardison teaches math for the upper grades and also runs a tech club after school, Parker teaches the world’s most acrobatic gym class.

Hardison and Parker are already together when the fic starts, but Nate gets Sophie in the draw and decides it’s finally time to woo her properly and Parker gets Hardison and decides to give their relationship Eliot for Christmas.

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I'd like to know what you did to edit your "livingroom" picture because damn, it's really nice! :O

// sweats // thank u so much sweet anon!! well i did two pictures (before and after) and i did them both in completely different ways, so i’ll try and do a quick lil overview okay!!

before;; a product of cupidjuice’s sweetpea action and an edited version glitchysims’ psd, which is why it’s so saturated!! i used thesweetpea action with the perfect setting (foreground colour ‘f4cbbe’) and went backwards to the last gradient; i then adjusted the hue-saturation settings a lil and then i duplicated the psd onto the screenshot and set it at 20% opacity, i think. there was so much more i did, probably, but i can’t quite remember. that’s the gist of it!!

after;; i used an edited version of snapdragon’s psd for this one (i hid some of the selective colour layers, a vibrance layer and a brightness layer) and curves. after duplicating the psd onto the screenshot at 89% opacity, i added two ‘lighter’ curved layers to it. then i fiddled a lot with selective colour to get rid of the overwhelming orange and reds, and darkened it just a little. it’s not a completely accurate way of what i did, probably, but it’s relatively the same!!

and now that i’ve just wrote all that and actually thought about it, you probably didn’t ask for a tutorial and were maybe just asking in general. this wasn’t much help anyway. sorry. hehe ♡

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True Colors with Vikings OT3 :)

Ragnar and Lagertha are each other’s brightest mark. They even have similar colors, both in the red family, and their children’s marks on them are bright, but they don’t ever expect to get another mark that’s anywhere close to as bright.

… At least until Ragnar meets Athelstan, and comes away from hauling him upright by his cowl with a deep blue mark on his hand, a familiar red staining Athelstan’s throat.

Athelstan doesn’t have many bright marks, not from parents or family or his brothers in the monastery. I feel like there’s some kind of ritual in this era that when you join a monastery or convent the abbot or abbess is supposed to touch your forehead and the purer your calling the darker your mark, at least in theory, and that’s probably Athelstan’s brightest mark, but even that isn’t too bright.

When Lagertha sees what’s happened, she puts her thumb to Athelstan’s lips and leaves them stained red as blood.

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OMG I read that 'which god are you' post and did you know Kakashi is a Virgo? Did you see what Virgo is?? It's perfect for him lol!

ANON!!! Omg anon why are you anon? How can I fully appreciate your genius you are on anon???

I do know he’s a Virgo (ja gyal is a lil obsessed) but I didn’t check his sign (I’m not obsessed enough, apparently)! It is too tooooo perfect.

For those who missed the post:

Virgo: Metztli- deity of the moon, night, and farmers

Thank you for pointing it out, nonners!

The post in question is Signs as Night Gods in case you wanna check yours. Mine fits me too, I’d say 😜

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Has anyone requested an infodump for Rosalyn yet? I'd like to know some more about her. ( - A very curious Rose Lalonde)

Rosalyn was born biologically from an adult Roxy and Calliope; and she was raised in a very accepting household and learned about LGBT+ at a very young age.

She was the first to come out as a lesbian when she was 13-14 to all of her online friends, and even her mothers were very accepting and got her clothing and things that had the colours of the lipstick lesbian flag.

Taking in interest in magic as well, she was known as a talented user and stored her own crystals and the likes in her home. She also created personal spells to help her friends out in tough situations; pulling something out of the void and forming it to her own uses.

Her sprite was one of the taxidermy animals her mother Calliope kept around the house and a lipstick lesbian flag, giving her a very pink, gay cat-snake sprite. 

She’s very close to D and visits him as often as possible, and is very protective of him. She’s known to threaten breaking a couple necks or arms if she finds out someone is being hideous to her cousin. 

When she meets up with Jadeth the first time irl, they kiss and they start dating and go out on a date on her land! They talk it over and they decide that for now, an open relationship would be good. When they get separated, Rosie develops a crush on Minade and a pale crush on Siglen.

Post game, she gets married to Minade and Jadeth after they figure out out they have crushes on each other as well!

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That meme is the stuff of dreams *o* Beautiful Music Together and the Leverage OT3 please?

I don’t know if I’d even do this in a music AU! That’s not really the center of the AU in any case. This is just the one where, in an AU or in canon, Hardison and Parker manage to be incredibly bad at sex. They know how it works, in theory! Hardison spends a lot of time on the internet, he knows where the good porn is, and they watch some of it together in the spirit of academic interest, but it just does not work for either of them, and they’re kind of in despair.

Well, Hardison is in despair. Parker goes to ask Eliot for advice.

Eliot’s advice, as it turns out, comes with the offer of demonstrations, and he makes everything really, really good.

Good enough that when he starts looking sad and says he probably shouldn’t have sex with them anymore, they’re getting the hang of it, Hardison and Parker exchange a look of perfect understanding and start doing everything they can to keep him.