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In the Modern AU, Eliza tries to teach Alex how to horseback ride. How does it go?

Well, he does not think it can be that hard, of course.  And the first time, Eliza finds him a nice and gentle horse.  So Alex thinks he’s got this!  Eliza’s horse is confused because Mushroom 2.0 is like ‘uhh don’t we usually go faster?’ and Eliza is like “shh shhh” and stuffs his mouth with apples.

They stick with that for awhile, but honestly, being in the saddle kind of hurt.  So his favorite part is when they stop for a picnic.  The horses get to drink water at a lake and he and Eliza sit in a tree and he’s like “this is the best part!” but also he’s like “we could’ve just driven.”  Of course, he also can’t drive, but she can.  So she can teach him that next!  Anyway, he’s like “let’s totally make out” and Eliza is like “not in front of Little Mush.”  And that’s when he decides he actually hates horses.

He makes lots of excuses for why he doesn’t/shouldn’t go in the future.  Even when his daughter starts wanting to ride, he’s like “nah.”  He keeps Eliza pregnant all the time so she won’t ride and thus he won’t have to. But really he’s resentful.

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You ever gonna address the horrible crimes you committed to the african people ?

//Not ic no, but if you want it to be addressed, I could step in.

Because the U.S. has literally been built on the foundation of racism, greed, slavery, and murder. Black people have had to suffer for decades just for basic human rights, and even today it hasn’t reached the point where we’re all equal in the eyes of the law. And now when we’re educated as children it’s all swept under the rug until we reach middle school, maybe high school. So they’ve suffered, and now everyone is in such a rush to forget it and insist that not everything is a race issue, especially when it is. It’s disgusting and shameful and wrong on so many levels.

But this is a Hetalia blog.
Literally based on a character from a webcomic.
A niche character.
I’m sorry, but this isn’t the most respectful way to address the travesties my country has been through over the centuries.

This blog is too light-hearted and upholds too many of my own ideals to suddenly address this with art and an in-character reply. Heck, I’m still hesitant to make a Brexit joke that probably isn’t offensive but potentially could be, I don’t want to overstep my bounds and hurt anyone when the wound is still there.

So sorry anon, but I don’t think I’m ready to have Amy discuss slavery, discrimination against indigenous peoples, deportation, or even what’s happening in Puerto Rico, my grandmother’s home and heart. I hope you understand.

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what flower is poncho eating in this post? post/149470079939/numnum I'm trying to find more greens to feed my beardie

clover flower! they’re good for a treat but not an all the time thing

try some of these:

  • turnip greens
  • mustard greens
  • collard greens
  • dandelion greens

these can all be fed as a staple, meaning every day, BUT if you do get dandelion greens be careful of pesticides and other chemicals. if you use those in or around your lawn, I wouldn’t feed them to your lizard.

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Does that mean Grillby's available ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ima get me a piece of that hot ass

* i mean, i’m not 100% sure if Grillby isn’t already seeing someone on the side.  he’s, uh, kinda quiet about his personal life.

* well, he’s kinda quiet about everything.  that’s just one of his many charms, i guess.

* but be careful.  if you’re really that thirsty, i’d think twice about having a fling with a fire elemental - you’re likely to get even more dehydrated, heh.

* nah, but seriously, i’m gonna do you a solid.  i’ve compiled a handy guide full of tips and tricks to help you hook up with that torch of a monster.  now, i’ve put a lot of thought and careful consideration into this, so please be sure to read it thoroughly.

* if you closely follow this guide, you’ll be guaranteed some red-hot lovin’.  maybe.

* you can thank me later.

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Heyy is dere any chance f ,E's pov make your hme n me ?everytime I read I wonder abt wats going on his head//??

Hi there! As far as actual fic is concerned, the chances are probably slim to none, I’m afraid. But I’m happy to ramble on about Enjolras’s perspective on things here!

So when Enjolras put his ad in the heart-and-hand magazine, he was really just looking for a marriage of convenience. And especially in the wake of R’s letter(s), he really gets it into his head that this is a hired-hand-codified-under-the-legal-protections-and-guarantees-of-a-marriage-contract situation, and sets his expectations accordingly. He’s not expecting a relationship, and he’s not really wanting one, and of course they’re both idiots so in all that letter-writing they never actually laid out their expectations of one another and made sure they were on the same page, so when Grantaire shows up expecting a home and a husband in more than just name and all the things that accompany that, that’s a large part of the origin of the conflict between them. And Enjolras has seen enough relationships turn sour and end poorly that he thinks he doesn’t want that, that it’s easier and safer to keep it to just the business arrangement that he was expecting.

But he really was not prepared for how attracted he’d be to Grantaire, or how easily Grantaire would get under his skin – in both good and bad ways – and so Enjolras spends much of the fic in a lot of inner turmoil, his head fighting with his heart, his logical detachment vs his gut-level attraction to and growing affection for Grantaire. We don’t really see that in the fic, because he works very hard at keeping that emotional/visceral half squashed down, but at least half of the anger and frustration that he expresses at Grantaire, he’s really directing at himself. Everything Enjolras thinks he wants ultimately boils down to an anchor, to steadiness and steadfastness, and Grantaire sweeps into his life and he’s a hurricane, setting everything, including Enjolras’s emotions, into a spin, and Enjolras lashes out because he doesn’t really know how to cope with that, and he can’t even admit to himself that maybe he likes it, maybe there’s good to be found in it too.

But yeah – when we see him relenting to Grantaire, particularly the part where he’s like “FINE I’ll have sex with you BUT IT’S PHYSICAL, NOT EMOTIONAL”? That is Enjolras bargaining with himself way more than it is him bartering with Grantaire. That’s Enjolras relenting to the tide of his emotions and his desires, while trying to still find a way to cling to safety. “Okay, okay, fine, I want him, that’s obviously not going away despite my best efforts, so – maybe I’ll just let myself sleep with him, and it’ll get it out of my system, and then I’ll be fine! Yeah, that’ll totally work fine, it’ll be great, because this is definitely definitely physical, self, and not at all emotional.”

But that one little leak is going to turn into a crack, and his defenses are going to start falling faster than he can shore them up. I’m not sure how well I succeeded in this, but what I really wanted to do was to show that, in each successive sex scene – to show how, even as Enjolras tries to stay in denial, he’s slipping, and his emotions are getting caught up in it anyway. And then when Grantaire gets hurt – that’s when the dam finally crumbles and gives way. That’s really when Enjolras is forced to confront the truth of his feelings for Grantaire, and the strength of them. That’s what Grantaire’s hearing in Enjolras’s voice during that post-coital moment when Grantaire’s starting to drift off to sleep and he realizes that Enjolras is very much not. It’s why he hears Enjolras’s heart racing long into the night, why his arm is tight around Grantaire’s waist, why he spends the whole night lying tense behind Grantaire. Grantaire interprets it “as though he’s braced for a fight”, but that’s because Grantaire still believes Enjolras when Enjolras says this is just about sex. Which is why he doesn’t realize that Enjolras is tense and his heart racing and clutching him close because he’s lying there going “oh shit, oh shit, I’m in love with him, oh shit”.

And it’s why he tries to send Grantaire away – because he doesn’t know how to do this, his heart is on his sleeve and he’s so, so worried about it getting hurt, and the most likely way for that to happen is for Grantaire to get hurt. So he tries to send him away, because he still hasn’t learned how to communicate, but all he’s really thinking when he makes that decision is “if Grantaire isn’t here, then he can’t get hurt.” He really is doing it to try to keep Grantaire safe, he’s genuine about that, despite how poorly Grantaire takes it.

And then, of course, Grantaire gets himself kidnapped, and Enjolras has absolutely no defenses left, no room for pretenses, he’s just smacked in the face by the force of everything he feels for Grantaire, and all the fear and worry and desperation that comes along with that love. And– well. The rest of it you already know, because Enjolras finally learns how to use his words, and does a pretty good job of telling Grantaire how he feels and what’s going on in his head in the scene in Joly’s clinic. :)

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Does EVERY system experience passive influence? Also, is it possible to experience passive influence, but not recognize it as that?

Passive dissociative intrusions are a major part of DID/OSDD-1, but not every system will necessarily experience them the same way, frequently, or in a recognizable manner. It’s very common for an individual to not realize that they’re experiencing passive influence while it’s happening or sometimes even after it’s over. Individuals may feel like the emotions, thoughts, memories, or urges being shared were their own or simply assume that they’re a bit dissociated at the moment. It’s not necessary to be able to list specific examples of passive influence that you’ve experienced.

I hope that this helps,

-Katherine of Those Interrupted

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Gives nose/forehead kisses?

Dan. Its just so easy for him to bend down and steal one. Especially when Holly is focused on her art projects or if shes just unwinding on her computer uwu

Gets jealous the most?

Hmmm…Maaaaaybe Holly? Im actually not sure. Alot of ppl talk to Dan on a regular basis and people think hes hot tbh; sending all types of odd messages on this accounts and hollering at him in the streets. But he seems to be the type to avoid it/ignore it so Holly wouldnt really have a reason to be jealous. And for Holly, shes cute and adorable and shes got tons of creeps online. But shes been dealing w this for years and shes an expert at blocking these people whenever she can so Dan would have nothing to worry about. I dont really see either of them as the jealous type now that i think about it..

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive?

Dan. I dont know!! Id like to think Holly likes to hang out w her peeps from time to time and sometimes they get rowdy lmao. BUT!! This doesnt happen all the time yanno? They usually have a dedicated driver but whoops!! She doesnt like having to call Dan bc he rarely gets to stay home and just relax but he doesnt mind. “Id rather you call me then get stuck at the bar you dingus.”

Takes care of on sick days?

Holly. Holly is the best caretaker all around and she does her absolute best w home remedies and over the counter goodness. Not to say Dan isnt capable to take care of himself (or others!) but hes got a p bad habit of working himself into the ground and getting horribly sick u_u She makes him some tea, makes him REST, takes his Skittles away from him (”Holly no, no please;;”) until he gets better >:0

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day?

HOLLY. Dan is…more willing to go to the beach nowadays but god its literally like trying to drag a horse to water lmao

Gives unprompted massages

Dan. Look at his hands!! I rest my case.

Drives/rides shotgun

Uhhh…they both?? Maybe…. I dont know oh my gosh. Like i know Dan can drive.. and im p sure Holly can drive?? So maybe they swap depending on who feels like driving and who doesnt :0

Brings the other lunch at work

Both!! But its not like they stop by to drop off food, its more like “Hey whats up, i know im late but i brought everyone tea and coffee”. Or like “Im ordering chinese today who wants in”

Has the better parental relationship

Like w their parents?? I think Dan does?? Like I think Holly has some stuff happening w her parents but god if I could remember. But I know Dan has a p good relationship w his family in general. He hangs out w his nephews all the time!

Tries to start role-playing in bed

oh my god?? I dont..i …h-holly lmao

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Dan. Like he doesnt get drunk often but hes a legit good dancer so of course he starts feelin it when it kicks in lmao

Still cries watching Titanic


Firmly believes in couples costumes

HOLLY!! But not just any costumes, like full on detailed cosplay couples costumes that she makes just for the cons they go to uwu

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Holly. But she means well!

Makes the other eat breakfast

Dan does. He doesnt exactly make it himself but when he goes out to eat breakfast, he makes sure to bring takeout back home w him. :> Holly ALWAYS remembers to feed her pets but she tends to forget she needs to eat too u_u

Remembers anniversaries

Dan!! Dan does hes so sentimental and remembers every single milestone of his life. Hes got the memory of an elephant :0

Brings up having kids

Im gonna say this now so i dont repeat myself later. But i hate kids. I honestly do. I cant stand the thought of pregnancy, i cant stand the thought of how expensive they are, i cant stand the thought of how uncomfortable labor is how fucked up your body is for having one, how much TIME it takes to take care of one so im just going to refrain from answering this question for future responses, its just not fair to people who want an actual answer wo my preexisting bias towards it.

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can we talk about how kevin doesnt always have to be the one fucking neil? like what about andrew? or what about andrew getting fucked? or kevin? i just am thinking a lot about this because in kandreil neil is always the center of attention and i just feel like that wouldnt always be the case you know? do you have hcs about this?

OK SO LISTEN…. there are some valid points in here but let me explain my thoughts on them (nsfw ofc):

  • re: kevin fucking neil always: he of course wouldnt be the only one to do so. andrew would def get in on that sometimes. 
  • (i just hc that andrew really likes to watch and so i write about that a lot, if it gets repetitive just lmk!!!)
  • (picture neil laying back on kevin’s chest and andrew fucking him and andrew + kevin leaning forward to make out over neil’s shoulder)
  • re: andrew bottoming: …i just dont see this happening for a long while, if ever. andrew has so much trauma associated w this that i just??? i mean. ok in this sitch i feel like it would be for neil, but i see neil as a total sub so. just my personal hc. he is a little Shit outside the bedroom obviously, tho… u guys know i love to think about neil purposely antagonizing his bfs for the sake of sexytime
  • maybe i will explore this later tho if you want to see that. 
  • (idk about kevin as a bottom….. like.. im so here for him going wild for andrew fingering him while neil blows him and his fingers clench in neil’s hair and andrew grips his hips and arse but………… idk about actually being fucked)
  • re: neil being the center of attn: to me, neil is the “glue” that allows andrew and kevin to come together, bc idk… i dont know if they would have got together on their own, just bc: i also see kevin and definitely andrew as more dominant personalities.  they would butt heads on their own but giving up control is a sort of catharsis for neil with these two boys he trusts so much, and andrew/kevin thrive on having someone to protect/teach.
  • andrew definitely gets involved in more ways but it takes him awhile to be comfortable w being touched, obviously.

anywa y i am always Here for more discussion re: this if you guys want, just shoot me an ask!!!!!

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Hey if you don't mind me asking are you going to have your hernia fixed like surgically? either way i hope you aren't in pain anymore soon, stay strong lizard dad.

not sure! if it’s not giving me symptoms I don’t think they’ll do anything for it tbh?? thank you though!! 

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I've skimmed through the askthesafonts and aside from the, y'know, rape and how poorly it's handled, what really bother me was the oldest kid Roman. From what I could find out he was born prematurely causing him to be "the monster equivalent to Autistic" WHICH IS NOT AT ALL HOW AUTISM WORKS. I, myself, am not autistic but from what I know it has to do with how the brain develops in the womb. And Also, the fact that the 'mentally ill' kid got sexually abused just rubs me the wrong way...

* I’m autistic and while damage in the womb can cause a variety of issues with your mental health, I honestly didn’t ever consider Roman autistic. Obviously I don’t go deep into that disgusting comic but what I have seen while digging around for shit to use back when we bothered with them doesn’t seem like autism at all?

* I mean Autism is very flexible in how it works so I can’t say their interpretation of it would be wrong, but I can say that generalizing a character to be some kind of physical interpretation of autism is incredibly inaccurate for the exact reason I just stated. And honestly a little offensive and misinforming. But hell if I’m gonna whine about them just being stupid and impossibly ignorant as usual.

* Mod Chara *

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Am I the only one who would like a time jump? Well, if that "theory" is correct, 4 months! we would lose development. I know it, but on the other hand they would be healed. On the Earth 4 months are more than only 4 months. No more mourning, and more important no more Clarke looking at a piece of plastic (I'm done), no more Bellamy crying for O, no more Jasper with PTSD.... More "happiness" and yeah, I'm thinking that this would mean more possibilities for Bellarke ngl hahaha


you are not the only one! I actually would really like it too! it has its perks & disadvantages. like you say we would miss sweet healing moments of everyone healing from their trauma. 

but also like you say: Clarke could finally be moved on (yay!) Bellamy could be in a better place emotionally & jasper! (everyone really!) more kabby development…..

 and think about it nonnie….Bellarke would have been together non-stop for 4 months! that’s the longest they would be together in the history of ever!  they could be oh so #married (but still platonic) but just looking after each other, sharing all their stuff. going on squad adventures, be tender and patient wit heach other, it’s endless! and that means they could have constant romantic tension between them from like ep 3 & could literally snap and kiss at any moment. what a time to be alive anon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

either way I’m super excited!!!  thanks for the ask!