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Zayn's family's behavior on social media is the reason why some fans that believe the official narrative think Gigi is bad for him. Apparently his cousins have done twitcams where they've said they miss Perrie or something. This heps to push the idea that she's lerfect and Zayn is an asshole for having dumped her which encourages people to support amazing perrie's music.

I dunno if there’s any truth to the twitcam thing because I don’t follow any of 1D’s fam very closely. But I know “they” have liked Little Mix things on social media and promo’d Shoutout to My Ex. And by “they” I mean most likely 1DHQ/LMHQ. Cousins like Sarooha and Aaroosa along with Zayn’s sisters have a large social media following. Their social media has clearly been monetized. And it’s my belief that a deal was struck with 1DHQ (which is also LMHQ) in order to buy their cooperation as far as Zerrie was concerned. It’s no coincidence that there’s also Gigi shade. Because that benefits Perrie as well. Imo, this is all transparent and obvious as hell.  

Sarooha posted this…

…and mere days later the Little Mix promo ramped up on her social media. Just like 1D has shown us a bunch of times in the past, she knew the stunts were coming. The pic she posted was probably a pre-emptive strike. 

Once again, I can’t state strongly enough how low down and foul this kinda thing is. It’s absurd to think that a family as close as the Maliks–who have never been shy in their adoration of Zayn–would turn on him over some woman?? Especially AFTER she has intimately disrespected him in a very public way. It’s really naive to think that. Blood is thicker than water. And besides, no one knows better than they do how fake Zerrie was.   

But we know 1DHQ has done it over and over to get gullible kids to buy what they’re selling. Look back on Louis’ fam and Eleanor. In hindsight, does anyone really still think they loved her as much as social media and photo ops portrayed? And honestly, does anyone think Roo Payne took a break from honeymooning to defend Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini on twitter? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. And yet, so many make zero effort to figure anything out. My only hope is that this fandom isn’t as feckless, unaware and vulnerable offline as they are online. If so, they’re gonna have plenty of sad stories to tell. 

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I don't really mind lin got a lot of screen time in the doc. The thing that bothers me the most is how the Schuyler sisters are brushed over SO MANY TIMES. There were multiple instances where whoever was interviewing/ in charge of the doc could've interviewed the girls but there were maybe six lines about Eliza and two things said about Angelica. Like what ?? We are just going to skip over these strong women, degrade Maria, and then spend so much time talking about Washington & Jefferson and

Paul Ryan by himself got more screen time than Pippa, Renee, and Jazzy Jazz combined.

George W. Bush by himself got more screen time than Pippa, Renee, and Jazzy Jazz combined.

Jimmy Fallon (I hate him so much you guys) by himself got more screen time than Pippa, Renee, and Jazzy Jazz combined.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fridge and hardwood floors by themselves got more screen time than Pippa, Renee, and Jazzy Jazz combined.

Says it all.

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'May you Live in Interesting Times' for the fic title meme? :D

In which Alec Hardison is pretty convinced that he has acquired some kind of ancient curse, maybe during one of the jobs where they steal artifacts back from rich collectors to give back to their native countries (you cannot tell me they don’t do that, they definitely do) (and seriously, that’s not even fair, Alec was doing good things with those artifacts, why is he cursed), because disasters just do not stop happening around him.

… And also Parker just said that they should ask Eliot to be their boyfriend. Between that and the domestic disasters, Alec has no clue what is going on right now.

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+ (sorry this is so long btw) oak was barely in the doc I think he said one thing about mulligan and that was it. Anthony barely got any time at all. I think he got interviews once when he really could've talked so much about Phillip and Laurens but nah let's just not. Jasmine didn't get interviewed. She said 1 thing about Maria and that was all. It was enjoyable 70% of the time but it was messy,,,

Sorry, I published the first part already!

This is what I’m saying though.

This was not a doc about Hamilton: An American Musical.  This was a documentary about the parallel lives of Alexander Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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Daredevil, 'in just seven days i can make you a man' :D

Oh man, see, I am torn. Because this could be a horrible Stick-related fic where he, like, decides that Matt needs to be Retrained and taught to be Truly Stoic And Alone for his Own Safety (this half-assed pushing people away isn’t enough, he would say! Do it with cruelty and deliberate intent!).


It could be the one where in college Matt makes the mistake of mentioning that he’s never been to a Rocky Horror showing and Foggy spending the week before the local one getting super intense about making sure that all the weirdness and audience responses are accessible for Matt.

(Relatedly, I submit to you: Matt Murdock getting unwillingly recruited by Marci to be Rocky in the live casting. “Literally no one else on this campus can pull off the sparkly gold underpants, Murdock. Now thrust more.”)

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So the other day I was playing a skirmish on Route 66, I was in the attacking spawn, there were 6 enemies sitting outside of spawn killing anyone who left (if we stayed in spawn they were friendly). A mercy then joined my team (I was playing Genji), she didn't realise what was going on and they started shooting her. She struggled to make it back into spawn so I dashed in front of her and hit reflect and we both made it back safely. she followed me around thanking me. I thought it was really cute

Originally posted by plumkat

gency is everywhere

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Can't wait for the next chapter! But just wondered how old the kids are in your fic, since nobody in Europe drives before they are 18 (and in reality more like 19-20) I thought they were still in high school?

In my fic the kids are 18, it’s the summer and they’re about to graduate!

In regards to the whole “nobody in Europe drives before 18″ well…I’m European and I know many, many people who learned to drive before turning 18 ^_^” The law in England (and in France too, I did research before writing the chapter) is that you have to be 18 to be able to drive a car on your own.

However! With parental supervision and use of L plates, a teenager can drive on the roads. I myself had driving lessons with my parents using a provisional drivers license (I think you can drive with a parents supervision from around the age of 16 in France, I’m not sure of the exact age but I know 100% that you’re legally allowed to drive with supervision before you turn 18).

For this chapter, Alya is borrowing her mums car- something I explain. (Not many people own cars if they live in Paris- the same as London- because traffic is a nightmare and the transport systems are good, but I do think that a working mother with 3 kids, 2 of them young twins, would find benefits with owning a car). As her mum has had the car for years, I headcannon that Alya was one of those kids to have lessons from her mum before being formally taught. Knowing Alya’s competitive streak, she’d steamroll through her formal driving lessons and be one of the first to pass her test. 

Hope this clears everything up! ^_^

I put way too much thought into my fanfics but I can’t help it lol I’m just a giant bloody nerd

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What about James Alexander Hamilton, Alex's son? Sorry if you already answered this.

That’s after Ham’s father.

All the Ham kids are named after a relative:

Philip/Philip 2.0: Philip Schuyler

Angelica: Angelica Schuyler Church

Alexander Jr: Alexander

James Alexander: James Hamilton

John Church: John B Church

William Stephen: William Hamilton/Stephen van Renssealer

Eliza: Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

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do you really get hate just bc the blog is about a straight ship? not in a "I don't believe you" kinda way but in a "what's up with those people" kinda way

yeah it happens! the most common (and most harmful) kind of hate thrown at the gency shippers is that “everyone who ships gency is homophobic because it’s a straight ship" even though the fact that it’s between a man and a woman doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a straight ship which you think the lgbt agenda would recognize right?

it’s honestly pretty stupid. because here’s the thing, even if someone were to headcanon both genji and mercy as heterosexual and in a relationship with one another there is nothing fucking wrong with that at all. 

a little while ago i made a comment in the tags of one of our posts that this hating on someone based on nothing but their sexuality is just like hating on someone based on nothing but their race. “i hate you because you’re [insert sexuality here]” is just one word away from “i hate you because you’re [insert race here]”

so honestly i don’t see why the sexuality of any ship should matter in its validity, and i DEFINITELY don’t think that it should determine if it’s right or wrong

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Medicare is basically partial health insurance for the elderly, Medicaid is full health insurance and more for anyone who makes under a certain income level

ah ok so they CAN take it if it’s medicare? but medicaid they can’t

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it is some fucking bullshit

Thank you!

Like, I thought the best part of this doc is when Daveed/Chris/some others were talking about grappling with our nation’s history. And there was a place to talk about the role of women there and they didn’t. Obviously, those should’ve been two separate segments and should not have taken away from what was shown, but I feel like they could’ve done a lot more with the women in this show rather than what they did. Did we need to see Lin’s apartment? Does ANYONE care that he hasn’t unpacked? Wouldn’t you rather see Renee who has worked so hard for so long talk about this experience for her?

If you’ve seen the In the Heights doc, it was so great! It was about the community and bringing this thing to life.

This was like a (bad) Ham/Lin documentary.

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Hey sorry but do you happen to know if it's true that kate has nipple piercings? Btw I love your blog 🙈

thanks, anon! xx

now, i can’t officially confirm or deny whether kate has nipple piercings, because i don’t really know for sure one way or the other. however, i have heard several rumors floating around about encounters with kate, and i’m under the belief that she has one nipple piercing. there’s also this pretty convincing piece of evidence…

do with this what you will.