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So kind of a weird question: did the whole touching human skulls thing bother you as well? I studied paleomammology and didn’t focus on humans, but the school had one real specimen in their collections. I never quite figured out why, but I could barely touch it and every time I had to I had this uneasy feeling. I was just wondering if you ever had the same problem, or if it’s something that takes some getting used to, or if I’m just weird. Btw I love your content esp the osteo stuff!!

I never felt that way but a LOT of people do and it’s totally valid. Those skulls used to be living, breathing human beings, and not all of them consented to having their bodies used for science. I think I never felt weird about it because I’ve worked with handling human tissues since I was a kid (my dad’s a surgeon). Honestly, considering where skeletal collections come from, we should all at least take a moment to consider them and be thankful that we do have them, and treat them as respectfully as possible.

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In an interview, the boys were asked to describe their fashion in 3 words. If you are gonna do it for them, what would you say?

RM: Japan, denim, muted (colors)
Jin: Hoodies, comfort, simple
Yoongi: comfort, black, plaid
J-Hope: Expensive, creative, color
Jimin: chic, slacks, stripes
Taehyung: shirts, patterns, oversized
Jungkook: Oversized, comfort, black

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apparently there’s only 2 episodes in November and they’re 3 weeks apart. do you think if this is true Disney did it bc something big with the gay storyline happens in 3x05?

Possibly anon although I think 3x06 (Cookie Monster) could be the bigger ep in terms of the gay story line. The canoe scene was filmed the 6th week of production but it was actually for the 5th episode which makes sense as that week was a very crowded week with TJ, Amber, Walker, and Metcalfe all on set. 

Since we now know that Amber is at the canoe scene in ep 5 I think that ep 5 will serve as TJ’s return but the dirt biking scene, the angsty cafeteria scene, and Cyrus and TJ confessing their feelings will happen in ep 6. Since Cyrus is at the lake in 3x05 with a bunch of other characters I find it hard to believe they’d give him enough screen time to also allow for the dirt bike scene in the same episode. I think Cyrus will get the B or at least C story in 3x06 to allow for basically the same rough plot Muffy had in 2x07 except they get together at the end instead of splitting apart. Although if Disney doesn’t want to give Tyrus too much focus they could definitely squeeze it in to ep 5. Or if they were generous with Terri they may have let the dirt bike scene be in ep 5 and the cafeteria angst and confession scenes be in ep 6. 

I honestly have no idea why on earth Disney would decide the kill the show’s momentum by airing 5 eps taking a 3 week break then airing at least a couple more into December. That kind of hiatus will sink the ratings even further. I guess if Disney really wants to keep Tyrus under the radar that’s one way to do it but then why allow TJ to show up for eps 5-8 instead of forcing Terri to spread out his initial appearances? And in a way spacing out eps 5 and 6 like that seem like it would in fact build up anticipation for Tyrus in a way that simply airing the eps in a row wouldn’t. But given how much Disney has been hemorrhaging viewers there may not be a nefarious plan or any kind of plan at all; just desperation and panic. 

I’ve gotten a lot of asks about the ep titles so I’ll just address them here. That Synching Feeling is obviously a boating based pun that also references being in our out of sync. This is the last confirmed ep that Walker is in although if Darius’ snap chat is to be believed he may have been on set for ep 10. Either way this ep will almost certainly capsize Wuffy if not sink it outright. If he comes back in ep 10 I suspect it will be so he and Buffy can clear the air and part on good terms so Muffy can have smooth sailing. Wandi will be sunk outright and I’d imagine a large part of the drama involves the fallout of the conversation Andi and Walker have in 3x03.  Why Amber is randomly there I don’t know but it does set up the party that Andi and Amber attend in 3x07. 

As for Cookie monster I can only come up with two possible explanations and both are stretches. If this is the episode that Metcalfe appears in then it may be a reference to the cookie food fight in 2x06, I could see Andi or Buffy sarcastically calling him Cookie monster. If this is in fact the dirt biking ep I could see someone, most likely Buffy, calling TJ that as some sort of insult after hearing about his behaviour at the dirt bike park. 

Regardless of the specific order and episode, Tyrus almost certainly needs to be canon by the end of 3x06 at the latest. TJ is also in eps 7 and 8 and he has scenes with Cyrus as well as the GHC both at school and out and about which wouldn’t be happening if there was still tension between them. And the funeral looming in ep 11 that TJ attends and where Cyrus will come out to his parents requires Cyrus to be already dating TJ and I think the show will want to actually show them as a couple on screen before Cyrus comes out so his decision doesn’t seem rushed or not thought out. It’s basic writing that you give Cyrus a happy story line to make the blow of his Bubbe’s death land that much harder. And the most important point, this is still Disney. There’s no way that any kind of gay jealousy or angst story line will be allowed to play out more than an ep or two. 

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I think a important lesson rapunzel should learn is that running a kingdom is like a Shepard taking care of a flock of over 100 sheep. If one of them goes missing in a snowstorm the Shepard should leave to look for it sooner rather then later and leave behind the other sheep and return with the lost sheep

I cannot agree with you less. Varian is not individually more important than the whole of Corona. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.”

Running a kingdom is not like looking after a flock of sheep, because the mental differences between humans and sheep are vast. Humans are social by nature, but they are capable of survival without their fellow humans for a time. Not to mention, what Rapunzel did to save Corona was Varian-inclusive, because she literally stopped the storm. Sure, that wasn’t what Varian needed or was asking for as an individual, but do you really think he would have survived if the blizzard had raged on? The winds were so strong they were knocking down pieces of the palace. Rulers are not shepherds and citizens are not sheep.

Not to mention, Christian parable or not, no shepherd would literally leave ninety-nine sheep save one. That’s foolish and unwise. In fact, the whole point of the parable was to show that God would foolishly display his love for man, or with reckless abandon. It’s acknowledged in its own teachings, in other bible verses. Plus, Rapunzel’s not Jesus. She’s Rapunzel. But you know what? She is kind and generous, and she struggled really hard with the decision. It left her in this state of depression that was portrayed in “Painter’s Block.” She felt horribly guilty. But that doesn’t mean that she should have risked all of Corona to chase after Varian (who, by the way, she would not have been able to help in the way he was requesting).

Now, I’m not trying to say that Rapunzel is faultless, or that she shouldn’t have checked on Varian after the storm. But she’s human and fallible, as is Varian. He had a bigger part to play in what happened to Quirin than Rapunzel did, and, at the last that we saw him, he is taking none of the blame for what happened, literally saying, “It’s not my fault,” as he loses his grip on himself. But what you are implying with this ask is that Rapunzel should be perfect, with savior-like patience, understanding and foolhardiness, and only take care of Varian despite it being the absolute worst of her many choices. She literally sent Eugene off to his potential death, because it was what was best for the kingdom, but somehow, Varian should have mattered to her more.

Rapunzel is only just learning how to do this, and not just be Queen. She’s only just learning how to balance a social life and have an entire community look up to her and pay attention to her, to not live in a tower. She can’t be expected to be perfect on her first ever foray into ruling. No one is perfect, and Rapunzel is no exception to that.

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Reincarnation AU where they all remember because a teacher has them read part if the barricade section for class and "Hey, Enj, this guy has your na- Oh my god, Victor Hugo spied on us and published us dying, wtf"

Les Mis AU in which Les Miserables is a fanfiction of My Immortal-esque status and les Amis keep reeling about it

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76 + 160 w/Reddie ?

You’re one hell of a guy,” Richie says with a smile. His eyes trace over Eddie’s messy hair and freckled face. He still looks breathtakingly beautiful, even disheveled like this. It is one thing to listen to Eddie talk about skateboarding, but it is another to see him actually skateboard. Eddie only grins in reply, his white teeth on full display as he pulls his skateboard off the ground to tuck it underneath his left arm. “Do you think you can teach me that?

“How about I teach you how to get on a board without falling off first?” Eddie laughs, steadying his hand on Richie’s shoulder. The gesture strikes Richie straight in the heart; he loves Eddie’s touches. Even the friendly ones. Even the ones they don’t address, or can’t talk about— the ones that go beyond friendship. “Here,” Eddie says, dropping his board to the ground and stabling it with his foot. “Get on. Hold my hand.” But Richie’s hand is wet with sweat. Richie chuckles nervously and wipes his hands on his jeans, reaching out to grab Eddie’s outstretched hand. Their fingers lock and Richie gets one leg on the board easily, though it seems as though getting his second leg on will take some encouragement. “I’ve got you, Rich. Don’t worry.”

“Fuck,” Richie says. “I’m scared.” Silence settles between them. A minute must pass before Richie jumps on the skateboard, and he nearly falls over in his sudden rush of courage. Eddie holds onto Richie’s hand and ghosts his arm near Richie’s torso (just incase). “Eddie. I’m scared. Eddie—Help me get down. I don’t like this.”

“You’re such a baby.” Rolling his eyes, Eddie begins to walk with Richie, leading the skateboard down the street and forcing Richie along. “If you ever wanna flip a skateboard, you have to learn how to ride one.”

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Has Dramafever been permanently shut down or something? Im confused

It’s True: DramaFever has permanently shut down. 


Many of you guys noticed a week or two ago, when the DramaFever app stopped working correctly; it was skipping random subtitles and not allowing downloads offline. Tech support was useless and telling people to download the beta OS for their iPhones to maybe fix it (you want me to download a beta operating system for my entire phone so that your one app will work properly?…) 

It should have been a big red flag that things weren’t going well, and most of us noticed this letter on the df site yesterday (I didn’t see it until today because I was on a 13 hr plane ride.)

Did large corporations kill DramaFever? Probably.

Don’t large corporations kill everything? Sorry, that’s my super cynical viewpoint but I stand behind it because it’s a literal fact. 

“Today, Warner Bros. Digital Networks will be closing its DramaFever OTT service due to business reasons (edit: obviously money) and in light of the rapidly changing marketplace for K-drama content, a staple of the service’s programming,”

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How DramaFever died according to the facts:

  • Drama Fever, a small 20+ employee company was founded in 2009 and backed by investers before it was sold to Softbank.
  • Softbank sold the site to Warner Bros in 2016.
  • For a while everything was fine I guess? (totally factual)
  • Within the last year or two, larger corporations like Netflix, hulu and amazon began putting in bids for international dramas, raising the cost of licensing from the 10′s of thousands to up to a million dollars per show (Mr. Sunshine for example).
  • This prevented smaller companies from being able to compete for licensing, thus having to give up shows, or sell content to larger sites making their brand less profitable (this happens in ALL of capitalism btw). For instance: Viki releases some subs through netflix. DramaFever released some shows through Amazon, but if people go there for the shows, they won’t go to the source.
  • Warner Bros was purchased by AT&T in mid 2018 to supposedly make the best streaming service EVER (as if they could do anything that cool) and this is where I take a little artistic license:
  • AT&T (probably) took a look at the little 22 person company of DramaFever and was like “What’s this tiny stupid thing? We can’t make enough on it: Press Delete.”
  • DramaFever dies a sad death leaving us to scramble and find our niche content somewhere else. Send help.

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I have a leopard gecko named Bella, she's two years old and I've had her for a little over a year. Since I got her, I've always been hand-feeding her with a certain pair of blue plastic tweezers, so she associates them with food (she'll even follow them if I hold them in her tank without any food) but it would be nice if I could train her to eat from a dish. How do you suggest I go about this?

Congratulations, you’ve target trained your lizard! That means getting her to eat from a dish is gonna be so easy. Put bugs in dish with tweezers while she watches, and then just put the tweezers with their point in the dish. She’ll figure it out!