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Hi sorry I swear I'm not trying to be facetious in asking this but I was wondering what asexual's fight for in terms of legality? Like, what bills need to be passed that would benefit asexuals/aromatics? Sorry if the question offends, I'm not trying to be smart I'm legitimately curious...

Hi Anon,

This is not an offensive question, but instead something very important that I think can be helpful for people to know. These are heavily answered with advice from David Jay - thanks :)

Family Law - how are non-traditional relationships respected by the law, especially aromantic relationships and romantic relationships that don’t look like what people would expect. This comes into play with what happens when people breakup, inheritance, child services, and immigration law. Often ace and aro relationships do not look like what people have written laws for and so when these issues come up they can treat ace & aro relationships like “friendships” which do not have legal status most of the time. Friendships is in quotes because I would love to have friendships be an option for legal recognition, but the state currently does not.

Non-discrimination - there is problematic academic and anecdotal research that shows that aces (not aros yet) face discrimination in housing and in work environments. There’s a debate about whether ENDA should include mentions of asexuality. 

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What do you think about this whole Paige thing?and that Alice followed her

I don’t really think about it. I think about his nipples dancing in this gif

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!!!!! For the other anon: when you have the urge to cut or self harm try ice cubes on your wrists. If that doesn't help then you can do things like cutting up an orange (weird but helpful), pinch yourself, hit your bed stand (it hurts but a knuckle pain is safer) go outside and sit in the sun if you can and it can relieve you for a bit, bringing a book is distracting and good too (sorry to clog your ask but i wanted to share this for anyone who needs it)

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I'm rewatching s1 of ouat and Emma just gives no fucks she answers the door in her panties wears see through tank tops chops off trees girl had no chill

yo let’s go back to those outfits in season 5. i feel  like dark!emma will dress a lot sexier and NOT give a fuck

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what power-ups do you suggest for the medley festival events?

Here’s a list of the power ups, for reference. Just copy/pasted from my Medley Festival guide!

The boosts are:

  1. Higher chances of getting silver or gold song rewards by 20%
  2. Perfect Support: It’s like a perfect lock card skill but better. It turns the first 5 good/bads you hit into perfects
  3. EXP Boost: Gives you 10% more EXP
  4. Tap Score Increase: Gives you 10% more score from every note you tap
  5. Skill activation increased by 10%
  6. 10% more event points
  7. Stamina refilled 30% between songs

I’ll talk about them in the same order!

  1. I wouldn’t go for this one. It’s very expensive and in general doesn’t have much success. I’ve gotten a fair amount of gold rewards in my time but haven’t gotten a single one while using this boost. Different people may have different luck with it, but it’s not worth it in my opinion. 
  2. Only worth it if you can almost FC the song but might hit a few good/bads. If you’re not going to even be close to FCing the song this isn’t worth it because it only allows 5 good/bads.
  3. Would recommend! More EXP means leveling up faster, which means a faster LP refresh.
  4. I only recommend this if you can’t S score the song(s) without it. If you can S score the song(s) without this boost there’s no point in using it.
  5. Use this if you want your skills to activate more, I guess. I’ve never used it but it seems useful if you’ll need stamina restores.
  6. Would recommend! This gives you more points than you deserve, which will help you quickly increase your event rank and get event prizes faster.
  7. Use this is you’ll need it. If you’re unlikely to lose a lot of stamina you won’t need it. If you’re likely to lose a lot of stamina (and will be at risk of failing) use it for sure.

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Is there something about writing series that takes inherently longer than writing many standalone books? Authors like Grisham put out a book (~400 pages) a year or more, though they're all standalone novels.

It depends on the author (how fast they can write, how long it takes to edit, etc.), but series tend to take longer because they need long-term planning. With a stand alone, you just have the one book to worry about.

However, there are series in which a book is released every year. Again, how fast these books come out depends on the author and the publisher.

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what does harry do when louis is upset? like i truly want to know

Well I imagine Louis not letting it show unless he wants Harry to know.

So when Louis is upset he looks for Harry and just curls into him. Harry could be on the couch and Louis just plops down onto him, knees on either side of Harry and buries his tiny little hands in Harry’s shirt and lets his face fall to the crook of Harry’s neck because the smell of Harry always calms him down and Harry just kisses his head.

Or Harry is making tea and Louis comes up behind him and Harry is just like, “Oh Lou,” and he picks Louis up and puts him on the counter, hugging Louis close, he whole time asking “What’s wrong, baby?” and making sure Louis is okay  and making Louis’ tea extra sweet.

Or Harry is in the shower and Louis just needs Harry so badly. Just needs for Harry to hold him so he gets in with Harry and Harry washes his hair and massages his back, whispering, “I love you,” after every time he kisses the places his fingers just were.

And Louis is all warm and cuddly in his pj’s and Harry makes him a warm tea and Louis falls asleep to Harry’s words of, “I love you” and “You’re okay,” and “I will make you chocolate chip pancakes in the morning” with the television playing in the background. So harry picks Louis up like a baby, Louis’ legs around him and he tucks Louis into bed before cuddling into Louis, making sure Louis knows he’s loved.

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I think that it's sad when people get an abortion because they're killing a child. why can't we have people help pay hospital bills and then the mother give it up to adoption of they don't want it? I'm a girl and a vegetarian btw

because many women don’t want to have the child in the first place because if they were raped its a constant reminder 

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Belarus please?

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and it isnt supposed to harm or offend anyone

Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual with a strong preference for males
Gender Headcanon: dude i totally love the headcanon that she is a trans woman
A ship I have with said character: belarus/seychelles
A BROTP I have with said character: belarus/liechtenstein
A NOTP I have with said character: belarus/russia or belarus/ukraine
General Opinion over said character:
she would probably break my neck and i would probably thank her for doing so