I’ve met younger versions of myself too, such as and he is learning so much about chaos.

And some that are problematic like But we are alike when it comes to chaos.

((Here are some other really cool discord blogs to check out!))

And also a great artist who drew discord in a stunning way

askmickeymonsterdiscord.tumblr (tumblr is not active anymore however.)

It’s been a long few months you guys. I kinda am back I suppose.

I’m surprised too that the show of our universe is being broadcast just recently, I had left when the last season had ended! You humans are so lazy.

At this rate, I’m going to have to move away from the pony world and go to…. let’s say… the Steven Universe… Universe!

In fact, I already made my own GEMSONA!

This is Discord, my very own unique and original gemsona! I plan to adopt this form if I do migrate to beach city. Isn’t he great?

Who needs Steven when you have DISCORD.

I have been having fun around the multiverse, Tumblr is such fun to mess around in. The color of the dress changing? That was just a dress I put up together. (A chromatic changing fabric technique created by my old OLD and dear grandma.) And in Twitter it was fun causing the Playergate fiasco, all these things were entertaining.

You humans are so weird with all your ideologies, its fun to fiddle with them.

The artist prefers to work on his Original ideas. BLEAGH. How boring…

He is making this comic idea thing and multiple other projects. I don’t know much about them, but they sound really stupid.

This is the artist’s stupid original character. Her name is stupid and I don’t care much about them.

But I know artist loves to draw me, he just can’t stop. I’ll make sure I pry into his little mind and make him use his skills for MY benefits.

Chaos is all I love to do, and I’m sure that I can answer to all your petty questions… in a chaotic way!

I mean, I’m on Tumblr, am I not? That’s already chaotic enough!

See you all humans later.

Ta taa!

I’ve been investigating in my kitchen!

And I have learned the horrid truth when I was sprinkling a bit of salt on my candy the other day.

I couldn’t believe it. There was a little ball inside.

But it makes SENSE in a chaotic way.

With all the tumblr movements, gamergate, deflategate and gategate you can already tell that your planet is preeeeeeeeetty salty.

Robin Williams was a great man, and a fantastic comedian.

I always grew a smile on my face, mostly because when he appeared in movies, in most of them he felt real. I was glad that such a talented and noble person existed.

I enjoyed his role as the Genie, I loved his acting on The dead poet society, ms. doubtfire…

It’s just too much

RIP Robin WIlliams, may your happiness remain in this world as long as it may.

I’m honestly not exactly sure how often I’ll be able to update at this point.

Here is a brief summary as to why:

- I’m currently working on making a comic and that takes some time.

- I’ve been trying to practice art even more than before and I’ve started to draw once again more than just MLP art.

-I’ve been writing a couple of fanfics and that takes a bit of time as well.

-I’ve been also watching Vinesauce a hell lot and making art of it.

- I’m about to get an internship job, but it takes 7 hours out of my day with absolutely no pay till the next month, so pppppt


I can probably update in black and white if that is not a big issue to anyone, and it’s possibly the best option.

And that is all I suppose.

((I deserve it, I’ve been neglecting my Discord blog for FAR too long. Which is why my desktop computer died a while ago… I had to get a new computer to work on.))

((I’ve been working on more personal projects of mine which are two comics and also trying to get a better grasp at painting stuff.))

((I’ve also been looking at the possibility of going to FanExpo this year and once again to CanterlotCon but as a vendor!))

((Hopefully I can bring more discord posts to you guys!))