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this is my favorite blog on this site, i grew up with scooby doo and looking back on the animations closer now that i'm older is hilarious!!







-aaaaaaaa, thanks, all!

I work to make SDM the most fun possible for y’all each and every day… I’m a perfectionist, I take its silliness (and your enjoyment) super seriously.

As goofy as it all is, SDM is an endless process of brainstorming, rewriting, and perfecting details to get comedic timings juuuust right it’s wonderful to see people’s days being made a little happier by it.

And by the looks of it, the world could really use some silliness and laughter to come together over right now. 

Don’t worry, I’ll keep supplying the laughs… just like Shaggy and his endless supply of stuffed bear heads.



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i stg i read this student!dan teacher!phil fic a while ago where dan runs a nsfw tumblr blog, phil likes it, skype secks happens, phil recognizes dan at school because of his bracelet but i can't find it???

Teach Me How To Love - Dan, a dark and gorgeous seventeen year old could have anyone he wanted. But, some people tend to avoid the boy because of the sheer mysteriousness he projects. What happens when he gets a little too involved with someone he thinks he has yet to meet face to face, but ironically he’s known all along?


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Could you please suggest any good youtube videos dedicated to hannigram?

Hey dear anon!

Ah I think you came to the right blog because I LOVE fanvids so much!

I have a small Hannigram playlist (about 60 vids) with most of my favourites - watch here

You should definitely check out these channels:

@voordeel-ts with jaw-dropping stuff like Glitter & Gold

@shainira makes beautiful vids like From Deranged to Divine

@hannalioncastle  (Sivandivan) with amazing vids like Take me under

Way down we go is a vid i just discovered and I love the editing!

Maybe my followers have more recs?


i reached 300 followers today, which is something never expected when i started using tumblr 

thank you all so much, you support means so much to me

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just asking your thoughts on this, I read somewhere that undomesticated species/breeds do better with not too much space. Their reasoning was that they will be overly territorial with too much space. I don't buy it, but I was wondering if there's a grain of truth to it?

That’s super false! This rhetoric comes from breeders who maximize how many animals they can cram into a space. In reality, animals pretty much always do better when given options and room to actually move. (There are some species that do legitimately feel threatened by large spaces- I recall hearing some anecdotal evidence about some tarantulas that just didn’t do well in large enclosures- but reptiles, more space is going to be better.) However, you gotta take the animal’s natural habits into consideration. A ball python’s going to be nervous and snappish in a big enclosure if there’s not sufficient ground cover and hiding spaces because they do spend a lot of their time hiding in nature! A leopard gecko will climb on stuff if given the space and opportunity- but you might not see them do it because they’re largely nocturnal. 

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Drabble for Empress Rey/Senator Ben? Good luck with your last semester!

screeches while rising from the depths of writer’s block hell
and thank you!

He stood almost as soon as it was over, hurrying to redress. He had his pants belted before she was coherent enough to speak. “Where are you going?”

“Home, where I always go when we’re done,” he snipped, sliding powerful arms into his shirt.

They’d been sleeping together for a while now. It never started affectionately, or cheerfully. Instead, they whipped insults at each other. He bit hard and she scratched his skin raw. She wasn’t sure what she had been expecting, hate-fucking the number one senator who opposed her rule, but it wasn’t this. Frankly, she had been prepared for a lot more blood.

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I honestly loved your blog for such a long time, but this race stuff is becoming a bit extreme and so negative. Especially the "ugly white feminists" post. Why are you hating so hard on people and suggesting they're racist just because they're white? That's equivalent to suggesting people are criminals just because they're black. I thought this blog was about unity but lately your posts make it really seem otherwise.

I’m going to repost this because I added it on to another post and I’m sure most people didn’t see it so here it is. Though, to begin with, I’m not sure that you know what we mean when we say “white feminists.” Not all white feminists are white people and not all white people who are feminists are white feminists. White feminism is an ugly thing, so please take a moment and read about what it means to understand why we call it out.

Thing is that white people (I am also white) are raised in a racist and white supremacist society, and as a result, those values become a part of us whether we like it or not. Some of us do our best to resist them and change our ways of thinking, others embrace them, and many others deny they exist at all and pretend they have grown up as blank slates. I remember waiting in an airport lounge for a flight when a group of Muslim men in traditional dress walked up to wait with me, and the first thing that crossed my mind was “they’re terrorists here to blow up the plane.” I was horrified with myself immediately, but that thought was still the first one that popped into my head even though I didn’t truly believe it just because it was the one programmed into me by Western white society. Do these biases inform how I treat Muslim people? I have no doubt that they do, and until I acknowledge this, how can I ever hope to change myself? It’s not my fault that I was raised the way I was, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. It’s up to me, not other people, to face my own internal prejudices and work on eliminating them.

No, not all white people are consciously racist, but we are all racist to varying degrees simply due to how we were raised and the sooner we accept this truth, the sooner we can work on changing society for the better. We exert so much energy denying that we’re racist at all when we could be trying to address the unconscious biases we’ve absorbed within ourselves. No one likes to think that they’re racist, but we need to realize that racism isn’t always intentional. If we don’t accept this truth, we are going to keep wasting valuable time trying to make white people feel better when we could be actually doing something to combat the issue.

So no, saying that all white people are racist is not at all the same as saying all black people are criminals cause one of those things is true and the other is a racist lie. I’m sorry that this blog isn’t interested in letting white people ignore our own inherent biases so we can all sing kumbaya together and get nowhere as a society. We can focus on unity once everyone is equal.


@alynna5 since I’m suffering on mobile and can’t post a picture to your ask, here is a picture of your ask and a picture of some written stuff from this evening. Since it was taken on mobile I have no idea how that is going to look, so I am sorry in advance if it’s really squished and small.

The chapter is 10k as of now and I’m in a weird position because I’ve written the beginning, stopped because I got stuck, and then skipped to the start of the ending scene (which has proved up be a lot longer than anticipated but is looking like it’s about to wrap up soon). I’ll have to go back and write the middle afterward. I’m anticipating 20k but I don’t know if that’s a good estimate or not. I’m being very slow with this and it’s frustrating, but I’m still progressing bit by bit, and I’ve written a lot that I’m proud of, so I think that will make up for it.

This chapter will also earn its M rating. :)

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Hey, so I was looking for this fic where phil was scared to let Dan come to his house because he covered his wall in pictures of them? I read it a little while ago and can't find it anymore.

Does that make me crazy? - (tw) In which Phil is an art teacher, who’s ‘mildly’ obsessed with his student Dan, who loves drugs.

This probs isnt it but ik it happens in this one

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have you ever been cheated on and if so, who and when?

Guy number one was my first boyfriend – he cheated on me and the girl called me to rub it in. I was 15.

Guy #2 – was a devout Jehovah Witness and cheated on me with the congregation slut in a parking lot.

Guy #3 – was in a relationship with his ex for 1 yr while with me. We were together 2 years.

Guy #4 – I got a gut feeling something was up. Woke up in the middle of the middle of the night and saw him texting girls he loved them.

Guy #5 – lied and said he couldn’t come hang out because he had work to do. He was actually at a Hotel with another chick celebrating her birthday.

Guy #6 – lied and said he wasn’t talking to his ex and apparently they were still in cahoots.

Guy #7 – was over at this house, called him to use his laptop because I was bored and he was at work and snooped around his photos and saw he was snap chatting some girl and writing her love letters.

but none of this kept me from finding love. never let one bad experience direct your course.