The Hot Darkness of Hannibal Lecter’s Mind

A look at the intimacy that Will and Hannibal shared in the first half of season two, in the context of their physical separation

The first chapter of the third season operates in a manner in which everything that happens physically also happens metaphysically, and this is key to the resolution of both the events that occur and of Hannibal and Will’s relationship. 

On the surface, the story divides itself into multiple main locations: Florence, Palermo, Aukštaitija, and the United States. But, within all these locations, there’s only one real location, and within that location, time moves both backward and forward. It is the landscape of Hannibal’s mind. 

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do you have a favorite poem?

Who can resist this stirring, subtle piece of wry satire by Théophile de Viau, dating from 1623? 

Au marquis du Boukinquan (to the Marquis of Buckingham) 

Apollon avec ses chansons
Debaucha le jeune Hyacinthe,
Si Corridon fout Aminthe,
Cesar n’aimait que les garçons.

On a foutu Monsieur le Grand
L’on fout le Comte de Tonnerre.
Et ce savant Roi d’Angleterre,
Foutait-il pas le Boukinquan?

Je n’ai ni qualité ni rang
Qui me donne un Marquis pour garse.
Et tu sais pourtant bien que j’arse
Aussi fort qu’un Prince du sang.

Which translates loosely (because I only have an A Level in French) as:

Apollo with his songs
Debauched the young Hyacinthus,
If Corridon fucks Amyntas,
Caesar loved only boys.

One man fucks the Baron of Bellegarde*
Another fucks the Count / Earl of Tonnerre.
And this learned King of England,**
Did he not fuck the Duke of Buckingham?***

I have neither the status nor the rank
Which makes a Marquis of a wench.
And yet, you know I could****
As well as any Prince of royal blood.

Sheer poetry.

* Monsieur le Grande was a cute lil nickname.
** King James I of England.
*** George Villiers. Also, in response to the question posed here, yes.
**** I actually have no idea what ‘j’arse’ means, because it looks like no word I have ever seen before, so I was intentionally ambiguous and left it up to context. Naughty me. I am not a translator.

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I just want you to know that "Nice talking to you, Apple" is my favorite line in the entire fic and I think about it every day.

If I could draw I would reply to this with a doodle of teen!Amell sobbing into a pillow while teen!Jowan pats at his back and says something like, “I guess an apple a day really does keep the healer away.” 

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Crushes: well he has these captivating green eyes and freckles seem to be everywhere you look. His personality seems to shine through his eyes. He has these adorable little shy moments and I personally find it adorable. He's just so perfect. Sad thing is I'm crushing on a celebrity help?? A married celebrity *sigh*

Originally posted by supermerwholocked2893

Oh gosh, you’re in trouble. But I don’t blame you. That fucker up there ^ is really handsome. I think we all have crushes on him. But it’s okay! You’ll find someone to call your own one day ^^

Tell me about your crush!

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Since I'm quite curious, can you do a design of maehara and okano when they're older?? :D

Class E Alumni: Maehara Hiroto & Okano Hinata (age 22)

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Wait, the localization says the little sisters are 18? Who are they trying to fool? Elise looks like she hasn't even started puberty yet.

Psh, I know right? I mean even in her support with Camilla, she’s all like, “I can’t wait till I grow up into a beautiful lady like you, onii-san!” What 18 year old says that? I mean, it was bad enough in Awakening where you had Nowe who acted like she was 12 (Even though she was A THOUSAND YEARS OLD *rolls eyes*) but with Elise and Sakura it’s doubly bad since they are your sisters (and they really emphasize their sibling love for Kamui) and look like they are 12. I respect everyone’s choice  of waifus and husbandos but the whole looking-underage thing is definitely not my shtick.

for fuck sakes garon you creeper no stop it

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I was really mad during a hockey game so when this guy told me that girls can't play hockey I was attempting to hit him and I was yelling "fuck you you fucking asshole you and your shitty team can shove ur opinions about me up ur ass" and other things that I don't remember, in the team photo after that game I looked so mad

YOU ARE MY MOTHERFUCKING QUEEEEEN this is so awesome, you fuckin tell em!!! i am literally so fucking proud of you anon 

once time some goalie douche basically told me the same thing in a road hockey game and i literally yelled “can dudes do this???” and shot the ball past him and THROUGH THE NET AND EVERYONE LOST THEIR MINDS 
(granted, it was a shitty net and i must have just hit just the right spot for the net to tear but it was the coolest moment of my life) 

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I find the sound of your voice soothing and your reading of Killing The Love very relaxing. It reminds me of something very.. old in a way. The bad quality of vocaroo probably adds to the effect of the recording being antique or something, but I absolutely love it. Just wanted to let you know. (: I hope you keep doing these reading things. And I swear I'm not being creepy!!!

Hey, I appreciate it! Hahaha it sounds terrible imo but I do get the “ancient” effect of it and what it causes. Wait until I get a real microphone, things might as well get easier and realer, I really couldn’t do nothing with my voice except reciting poetry or answering questions though so the entire thing is limited…but yeah. Thanks. A lot. x

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Becky x Woozi pt 3: Becky and Woozi had to go on a date because all these Caratslut babies were ruining their lives. Woozi called up Seokmin and said, "Hey watch our babies." Becky and Woozi went on a date to a fancy waterfall. "I love you, Woozi," Becky said, embracing Woozi in a tight hug. "Love you too, babe," Woozi said. They made out for the whole date except for when they stopped and had carats for dinner. When they went home, they were greeted by their dumb caratslut babies. "I love you."

whoever wrote this is dead to me

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top five 5sos moments

1. the stanley got fucked in the ass deleted keek

2. that time luke impersonated james blunt

3. that livestream where michael had on the pig head and luke wore a tutu and calum was in the alligator suit and ashton had some stupid hat on or smth

4. fetus 5sos in general aside from the times they were problematic


//ask me top 5 anything//

ok but au where draco is a trans guy and not out at school (excuse my Shit Writing, also tw for misgendering (kinda), dysphoria, internalized homophobia, and unsafe binding)

on his first train ride into hogwarts, he introduces himself to harry as “malfoy, lyra malfoy.” when ron scoffs at his name, he feels offended. this boy - this weasley - has the gall to insult the blacks’ naming traditions. sure, his name doesn’t quite feel like it’s the best fit for him, but who is ron to question lucius and narcissa’s choices?

in third year, draco is beginning to realize his identity. in astronomy class, he notices people looking at him when professor sinastra starts talking about constellations. this gets him thinking about what he might go by when - or, rather, if - he ever opens up about himself. eventually, he decides on naming himself after the constellation draco - it’s near the constellation from which his birth name came, but it’s larger and far more graceful. ((i could go on for ages about how and why he chose this name oh gosh))

in the summer between his third and fourth year, dobby notices “mistress lyra” sitting at his vanity and pulling his hair back, pinching and pushing at his face to try and match what he thinks it should look like. after a couple minutes, he stands up, turns to the side, and, with a cautious swish of his wand, flattens his chest. he notices dobby before he can disapparate, and his heart seizes up along with his hands around the house-elf’s shoulders. the house-elf will not tell his master about this.

during the next school year, he starts to really notice the boys at hogwarts. when he starts to develop feelings for them, he takes it as proof that his discomfort with his gendered treatment s just fetishization. i mean, he can’t possibly be a boy if he wants to be with one.

behind a magically locked door and an anti-apparation charm this time, fifteen-year-old draco experiments with appearance alteration spells. he starts with strengthening his jaw, then his brow, trying to emulate the features of those boys he’s admired at school. he doesn’t want to change them back.

sometime around january in his fifth year, he magically alters his face and build ever so slightly in the prefects’ bathroom before going down to the library. nobody really seems to notice. he doesn’t know whether to be glad or not.

in his sixth year, he spends a lot of his evenings huddled up in the corner of his bed. between this impossible task (”i am hesitant to give such an assignment to the likes of you,” voldemort had said, eyeing him up and down, “but who who else am i to trust at that damned place?”) and the growing feeling of dread about how everyone sees him, has seen him, will always see him, he feels completely helpless. he picks up the habit of picking at his skin. he keeps the bed curtains closed to try and forget which dormitory he’s in.

in the battle at the end of that year, he receives a wide, deep wound on his chest. madame pomfrey, of course, is able to fix a good bit of the damage, but she still bandages his chest so that it can heal as completely as possible. while she jokingly apologizes to draco for decreasing his bust size, he’s mesmerized with how his torso looks. how could he not have thought of this before? from then on, he conjures bandages like those (charmed to feel more natural against his skin) and uses them every day.

for some reason, in his seventh year, he feels less anxious about how everyone sees him. by this time, he’s come almost completely to terms with himself, and he figures that his peers are as afraid of him now as they would be if they knew he was a boy. 

after voldemort’s death, he returns to hogwarts for his eighth year in an attempt to regain his reputation, but he drops out soon because he thinks theres really no point. he doesn’t really keep in touch with his old friends. however, one of potter’s friends, of all people, is one of the first people to reach out to him, albeit after a few months. he doesn’t really see any similarity between the two of them, save for their ridiculously blond hair, but fuck it, she’s someone to talk to. 

she eventually becomes his best friend - a real friend, not a sidekick like crabbe and goyle or a our-parents-are-in-a-terrorist-group-together buddy like zabini or parkinson. after a long while - a year, maybe even two - he comes out to her, second-guessing himself the whole time. 

she suggests that he make an announcement in her family’s publication, the quibbler. he takes it up. 

the wizarding world learns to know him as draco malfoy, the boy who made all the wrong choices.

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idk this is the strangest thing to me.. I've had about 5 sif accounts across the JP, EN, and KOR platforms, and the wonderful rush maki rare has never been given to me, ever. I've been playing for about a year and a half now, and she's never ever shown up on a single scout I've ever done. it's bizarre.

You haven’t gotten a single one across five accounts? Woah, that’s so strange!! Why won’t Maki come home? I can’t imagine a life where I wouldn’t be able to see her make this weird face everyday:

I hope she’ll bless you soon!

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At this point it's pretty clear to everyone that Jade's been horribly shafted plotwise so maybe there's enough resentment and complaint for Hussie to fix things (See: EVERYTHING regarding Dave in the recent updates, in light of how every popular discussion on him immediately gets thrown into canon, the whose 'caucasian' debacle)

It’s true that everything regarding Dave recently reads like Hussie is going down a fandom wishlist checking things off. Those updates have been an island of well-written, well-handled coherence in the midst of the sea of ????. But then again, the fandom tends to be quite loud on the topic of Striders. 

Hussie frequently does observe his readership’s reactions, and that does sometimes inform what he writes (even if it is occasionally to mock them). That’s why, as I said, I’m a bit leery of alt Calliope’s words to Jade re: ‘you’ve already proven yourself a hero, Space players must learn to yield’ because I worried it was a response to readers’ frustration with Jade being ignored and an attempt to justify it. It’s also possible that it was a product of alt Calliope’s viewpoint coloring a lesson that, in moderation, would be good for Jade to learn, but I guess it’s too early to tell. It made me antsy, though. 

If enough resentment and complaint could truly change Hussie’s mind, though, I’d start the ‘delete combo sprites and replace them with Jade and Jane’ brigade and go right over to the printer shop to get placards made.