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Essays in Existentialism: Undies

You’re an underwear model and there’s a giant billboard of your toned body just across from where I work so I have to look at you every day AU

The office on the twelfth floor was fairly empty. Despite three years in the position, the inhabitant did not add much in terms of personalizing it. There was a soft leather chair in the corner with a blanket from her alma mater draped over it. There were a few stacks of books around it, on her large desk, littering the floor neatly. It was fairly boring, until she opened the window.

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My dear lgbt+ children,

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it! <3

Whenever I write about holidays, I send out big virtual hugs to all of you and especially to those of you who dread this day, for example because they will be surrounded by homophobic relatives, get deadnamed and misgendered, need to wear clothes that make them dysphoric or cannot spend the day with their partner.  

I want to do that today, too, so please feel hugged - but I also want to tell you what I feel thankful for: 

I feel thankful for all of you. 

Yes, that sounds cliche but I mean it - I get so many sweet, kind messages that I don’t even get to answer each single one, I get told that I comfort, help or even save lives and I don’t know how because, honestly, you save mine.  

We could complain about some problems within the (tumblr) lgbt+ community, yes, but feeling like a part a community has been nothing short of amazing for my emotional health. 

Feeling connected to others, even just knowing there are people who can relate to me is beautiful. 

If things get ugly with your family on this day, I hope you know that you have another family right here on this blog. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Biggest payday of my life for 2 minutes of work.

Another tech story: I’m a contractor at a big bank in New York City. No benefits but I’m paid by the hour. I like the people I work for and while I realize I get paid well, I try to make sure they get their money’s worth.

On the Friday before last (start to the three-day weekend), I was told by one of the managers (mine is out on vacation) that one of “my”applications was malfunctioning in production and that it absolutely needed to be fixed pronto. This application was tested to a crazy degree, so the first thing I did was call up the server admin and ask what was different between our test and production systems. After some prodding, I figure out that the production system consists of two clustered servers whereas the test server is all on its own. On the theory that the data isn’t transferring between the paired servers fast enough for the next web page to be rendered (it’s a survey application where the answer to one question determines the next question to be asked), I suggest checking the “sticky bit” (which would ensure that when a person uses the application, they will “stick” to one server, to eliminate the data transfer problem.)

The admin (who’s a friend of mine) tells me she can’t make that change without her department’s manager’s approval, a kind of know-it-all guy.

Fine. I tell my substitute manager what I think the problem is (thinking he’ll go to bat for me) and instead, he tells me to “stay as long as it takes, including giving up my weekend to ensure it’s working” and he tells me I’ll have to work it out with the department manager for the server group.

Long story only slightly shorter, that guy proceeds to make my and his two employees’ lives miserable all weekend. I keep suggesting the sticky bit, he keeps telling me “there’s no way that’s it” and suggests dumb strategy after dumb strategy. I keep telling my substitute manager what’s happening, he keeps telling me to work it out…and stay as long as I need to.

Finally, late on Columbus Day, my admin friend says “I’m just going to try your idea without telling him.”

Fixes the problem…less than two minutes effort.

When my manager got back from vacation last week, he called me over to his desk. He had just gotten the bill from the contracting firm. He seemed pissed. I had billed for three extra 8 hour days.

Him: “I just have one question: where did you sleep?”

“On the couch in the waiting room.”

Him: “OK. Thanks.”

Earlier today, my manager came over with an envelope and when he handed it to me he said “I’d tell you to thank [substitute manager] and [server group manager] for this but since it came out of their budgets, maybe best not to. Don’t spend it all in one place.”

Check was for my regular pay plus, um, almost $18,000. My manager socked their budgets for time and a half from the end of business of Friday to open of business on Tuesday.

When I told him later that I felt bad, he said: “You shouldn’t, you taught them a very valuable lesson in server technology and business management that they obviously missed.”

Did I mention my boss used to be a programmer himself?

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Why don't you notice some of the good asks? Don't forget most of us still adore you and want you to feel better :/

i do!! i literally have so many lovely asks and i’ve answered some of the non-anon ones privately i just feel bad answering some and not all and i can’t answer all bc it’ll clog up everyone’s dash and ahhh idk i’m sorry i love you all tons

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would you be comfortable with someone getting a tattoo of your work? how much do you charge for something like that?

I’ve answered this one before, and the criteria hasn’t changed.  If you get a tattoo of something I have painted, you are obligated by infernal contract to send me a picture of the finished work.  When someone gets a tattoo of my work my knees start to itch, if I don’t get a picture I unleash a legion of gibbering kobolds to sext all of your relatives.

Fear Of A Nightmare

Antisepticeye x reader

Originally posted by elms-t-r-e-e-t

You walked up to him, wearing that oh so familiar smile. He stayed where he was, hands clamped behind his back, wearing a predatory grin as you sauntered closer, so close your chests pressed together and he could feel your heartbeat, beating at a steady, healthy pace. “Anti…” you whispered, lips ghosting over his own his smile widened as he brought his hands to the nape of your neck to mash your lips together. He rushed the kiss, being as rough as he liked, as his hands slithered to surround the rest of your neck…and he squeezed. Your lips flew off of his as your hands started clawing at his own, eyes begging for him to release you, but he held the exact same smile as he felt your heartbeat pound fast and rhythmless, and as your eyes finally misted over and you fell onto the cold floor with a loud thud, he let out a deranged laugh.

He was not laughing as he woke though, instead anti had to stop himself from crying out as he opened his eyes and looked upon your sleeping form, with his arm draped over your upper body-no, as his eyes adjusted to the darkness he realised he wasn’t stretching over your chest like usual, his arm was hanging over your neck. Anti scuttled away from you, falling off your shared bed.

His breathing was irregular as he stepped towards your side of the bed and let out an inward cry of relief when he had made sure you were unhurt. But Anti had never ever wanted to seriously hurt you, he’d never had a desire to kill you of all people before, but that dream felt so real and he couldn’t help but wonder why he’d dreamt it and if it meant anything. He felt sweaty and needed to do something with his newfound pent up energy, he ran to the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water repeatedly, hoping he could shock some sense into himself. He almost jumped through the ceiling when he felt your hand on his shoulder, he hadn’t realised you had followed behind him and he spun around quickly.

“Anti?” You yawned, your voice scratchy. “Why are you up, it’s only 6am?” You asked trying to read his face, “are you okay?” Anti’s look of shock crumpled to a look of shame as he tried to play off what had happened, you didn’t need to know anything of it. He shrugged not caring much to answer which surprised you since he was normally such a chatterbox “are you?” He asked solemnly. “What, of course I am.” You responded still too tired to try and understand his thought process right now and since he didn’t seem to be in the mood to strike up conversation you took matters into your own hands “look, I’m already awake, why don’t you finish…washing up, and we can find some crappy day time tv to watch together? Okay?” He nodded, still not speaking so you just nodded back, except before leaving you gave him your everyday morning kiss on the cheek, but you didn’t notice that today, he flinched when you made contact.

20 minutes later he slouched around the corner of the room where he saw you spread across the couch and when you saw him you patted the space in between your legs, inviting him over. He took his time laying down and finding a comfortable resting position for the next few hours and after he stopped shuffling he finally felt relaxed as he rested his head against your shoulder and closed his eyes. At first he was at ease. You noticed he was cuddlier than usual considering he used to whine about cuddling, saying it was boring and pointless, but now he was laying there, complacent, even curling up to snuggle against you, which delighted you. He didn’t make a sound as you braved to reach out your fingers and glide them through his green hair, in fact as you kept repeating the movement you knew he wasn’t finding it all that terrible as he sighed into you. With his bashful behaviour and his lips slightly parted like that you couldn’t help yourself from pressing a soft kiss against them. He responded to you after a few seconds when he started to kiss back, it was so unusually feather light you hadn’t even noticed he’d started kissing back at first. As you pressed your lips more firmly against his, he pried his eyes open to take in the image of you gifting him with your touch. He closed his eyes once again as he slowly started deepening the kiss, taking care not to hurt you, even cradling the back of your head as you held your long embrace. He used to love feeling your touch, a sign you were comfortable with him and you were affectionate towards him, but he found himself wishing none of those were true, as the image of your dead body in his hands flashed back into his mind.

He shivered and you both tensed upon feeling it. He removed his hands from where they were settled on you and slowly got up from the sofa. He could tell you were hurt but still distanced himself from you, shoving his hands in his pockets and avoiding eye contact. “H-have I upset you?” He heard you whisper from where you still lay on the couch. His heartstrings pulled at how small your voice sounded but he found that when he looked at you he now couldn’t see the bright sparkle of your eyes, instead the dull emptiness he had created in his dream. “No, it’s nothin’” he said in response to your question and before you could question him any more he shuffled out of the room, leaving you confused, hurt and alone on the couch.

In fact your confusion and hurt only worsened throughout the day, as whenever you walked into a room he occupied, moments later he would mumble an excuse and leave. You hadn’t spoken to him all day and you’d barely seen him since the morning.

You decided that since nothing eventful seemed like it was going to happen you were going to go to bed early, you didn’t even bother informing Anti about it and headed there. You found that, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t sleep, with all the questions that had formed in the day itching to be answered. You’d been laying, eyes closed, for hours trying to get to sleep but to no prevail. Your chest tightened upon realising that he might not even come, you two had been so distant that day. But you were thankfully wrong when, thinking you were fast asleep, he quietly walked into the room. But you weren’t fully satisfied as, instead of pulling you against him like usual, he seemed to be on the edge of the bed, as far away from you as possible. You were facing the wall and he was facing your back, you could feel his eyes on you, not realising you were wide awake. After lots of awkward silence and debating whether to inform the entity you were awake and pin them down so he had to answer your questions you felt the sensation of someone playing with your hair. Not so much that it could have stirred you from sleep but enough so that anti had the satisfaction of touching you whilst being as far away from you as possible.

Hours after you had felt the twirling fingers cease their caress you still hadn’t managed to sleep, unlike him. You were really upset about the whole situation and couldn’t put it off your mind. But you were stirred from your stupor when you were kicked quite hard in the calf. You turned over to put your lights on and face anti but you discovered that he was still asleep, and shaking wildly. The whole room was filling with static and his face was contorted, like he was in pain in some way. You put your hands on his shoulders and leant your face over his, still keeping a distance so he wouldn’t head butt you as you shook him awake “Anti? Hey, wake up!” You said, loud enough to pull him out of sleep. As soon as he made eye contact with you, however, his eyes widened in horror and he glitched into the nearest electronic device which seemed to be your alarm clock.

You fell onto your face as he disappeared, losing your balance, and when you looked up he was gone. You didn’t know what you had done to make him feel this way. And despite your strong will you found yourself crying. At first you were silently shivering with your face buried in your blankets but as you knelt upwards and covered your face with your hands you let out multiple sobs, and tears streamed down your face as your cries increased.

Anti didn’t want to get too close to you but he couldn’t just stand there watching you cry. As he appeared In front of you he slowly pointed to your leg where a bruise had already started forming “D-did I do that?” He asked quietly, shocked he had hurt you, even in his subconscious, but wasn’t that what he feared right now, his subconscious hurting you, like it had just done in his now recurring dream. Upon hearing his voice your sobs stopped but your last tears kept falling as you rose your head to look him in the eyes. You didn’t answer his question. You had bigger ones for him. You were staring at him with tear filled eyes and Anti’s voice started getting shaky as he spoke. You knew anti didn’t really cry and that he had other indicators to show how he was feeling, his voice shaking like that usually meant he was upset or scared. You desperately wanted this resolved but knew that a relationship needed both people to want that too. “What happened Anti? What’s made you like this recently?” Anti bit his lip in shame and looked down at the floor, how could he admit that he had killed you in his dream? He couldn’t! When you didn’t get an answer you told Anti the logistics of the situation “if we can’t talk to each other, and can’t be in the same room as each other… then what’s the point of being together?” Anti loathed the idea but found himself thinking over the possibility that maybe it would be best for you, but upon seeing your tear stained eyes and knowing he was the cause he couldn’t stop himself from slowly extending his palm towards you, so you could take it and gently lead him back into the bed.

He sat in your lap with his back against your chest so he didn’t have to look you in the eye when he said what he had to. And you wrapped your arms around his waist as he explained his nightmares to you in a quiet voice, stuttering when he told you the worst part and you kissed him on the shoulder inviting him to finish. You finally understood why he’d been so distant that day, “Anti, I’m glad you told me this…” he huffed at that “it was probably you being scared of the possibility of hurting me rather than actually wanting to” you reasoned smiling sadly at how he’d buried this. He turned to lean his side into your chest rather than his back so he could read your facial expressions. “Really?” He asked “you’re not scared of me?” He was searching your eyes to find a hint that you were lying when you said this, he couldn’t find one. “Anti, the most scared I’ve been of you was when I walked in on you trying to learn freestyle dance” you reassured him. He giggled at this and carefully nuzzled into your collarbone so you could cradle him. And after a blessed day of silence you knew his usual wit was back when he whispered “I have sick moves…” and you were glad he was back to his normal, boisterous self. “Well, maybe you couldn’t use those moves right now and just stay still like this for a little longer” you said, tightening your grip around his waist and he obliged, but soon you both lay down rather than sitting up as sleep overtook you both and when Anti woke with his arms protectively around your torso and you resting cheek to cheek he concluded that it was one of the best nights sleep he’d ever had.

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How can one write or what makes an effective and interesting villain? Any tips? Also, huge supporter of your blog! Stay well!

Thank you! I’m still figuring out where to draw the line between my personal time and this blog, so I appreciate your concern for me :)

For your question…

Look at them as an “antagonist” instead of a villain.

Yes, I’m getting nitpicky with terminology, but a ‘villain’ typically refers to an evil person whereas an ‘antagonist’ just means someone who opposes the protagonist. You can have a non-evil antagonist really easily, and they often make for better stories because you can’t hide behind the excuse of “the person is bad and that’s why they’re being fought”.

Make them an actual threat to the protagonist.

The most effective villains create real tension by actually being able to affect the story, and the protagonist, in a real way. Sure, you can write a good story about some far-off evil king and the journey to take him down, but the strength of that story isn’t going to come from the king. Have the antagonist actually cause problems, create consequences for the plot, and push the protagonist beyond their comfort zone.

Give them a good reason to be the ‘villain’.

“Because they’re evil” isn’t a good reason. They need a history that explains why they chose the path they chose and it needs to actually make sense within your world. They need motivation to be in the position they’re in and why they’re opposing the protagonist. 

Connect them to the protagonist. 

If the conflict is personal, then the protagonist is really going to care and that’s naturally going to translate into interest for the reader. It also means you’re more likely to explore who the antagonist is, make their motivation clear, and integrate them into the story in a way that gives them actual presence.

Be vigilant for any plot convenience, coincidences, or ‘forced actions’.

An antagonist that is known to truly work hard is going to look more effective than someone who just appears when things start going poorly. Their actions need to have clear effects and consequences for other characters, typically negative ones, and need to have a reason to be an action in the first place. I’ve seen a few too many antagonists whose motivation isn’t clearly explained, so I can’t feel them to be a threat because I don’t know why they’re a threat. Someone who just “shows up” isn’t increasing tension or interest, they’re just a tool for the protagonist to snark at and leave. 

Good luck with your antagonist!

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i thought and i’ve never wanted anything more than taako, living his solo traveling life post-forgetting, on the road n shit, and lucretia shows up to all his shows. every single one. she’s always there. he never pays close enough attention to the crowd to notice, but she makes time for him

That’s so sweet, I think she would have been there for almost all of them.

She wasn’t there for Glamour Springs

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If there's one thing the new HoTS voice lines have taught me, it's that Hanzo may not be a villain, but he certainly laughs like one.

i love his laugh. it waters my crops, pays my bills, puts wings on angels and puppies in loving homes. i love him. I LOVE THIS MAN. I LOV-

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I hate you, you know. I don't even listen to Twice but I ship Saida now. Like those two are goals af. Sana is such a touchy-feely person and DH is like affection what's that. Anyways I live for their interactions and I personally think that SN is gay/bi Obviously duh *waits for you to post Saida gifs*

You would get along so well with someone in my group chat sweets 😂  I may have hardcore converted a few people to twice 😂😂

Anyways, I promised her a Saida thread to answer this ask 😂  so this one is for you sweets and for my lovely oldie Cherrymay 😘😘😘  #nosaidanolife

My Boys Drabbles - Thomas (Part Two)

hey guys! thank you for the responses with the first part of this story :) It can be found HERE. Thanks @jia911 for reviewing it for me. @em-m-j I answered your prompt in this one, I hope you like it. @bluebelle18 , I don’t even have to say it, do I? :)

My Boys Drabbles – Thomas (Part Two)

“Look, the chief is coming here.”

“Damn, he looks pissed.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t think you guys are the target.”

Amelia distractedly overheard the conversation between two nervous interns and then Deluca’s tone of reassurance that the young doctors shouldn’t be concerned. The neurosurgeon noticed how alarmed everyone else around them was. Nurses, interns and even some attendings had immediately stopped what they were doing as they caught sight of the chief of surgery walking in their direction with a facial expression that indicated he wasn’t just upset.

He was mad.

And in that case, she knew it could mean one thing.

“AMELIA SHEPHERD.” Owen strode by them, making eye contact with his wife in a clear attempt to control himself. “In my office. Now.”

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How old is tom ? 14?16?

I could never find a canon answer about this (as one coming either from Daron or one o the writers), but I guess he’s around Star and Marco’s age. All the teens in the show are probably around that age (Pony Head is slightly older than Star, according to Daron’s tweet)

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Do you still think Uta is shady?

Hi! Well, Anon, let me ask you this instead: is there anyone in the whole fandom who actually thinks that Uta is not fishy? Especially after the latest omake batch…

…since he was confirmed to be that guy that Yomo met with a mask on?

Because I have, like, 3 different possibilities as to who Uta could be, but in the first place the fact he is so mysterious definitely signs that he’s sketchy as hell! :)

So yeah Uta is sketchy, shady, fishy and I do still believe he is important to the plot, if that was your question. :) Now is he related to the Nagaraj, to the sunlit garden, to V, the Washuus or something else, I can’t be certain, but there is definitely a reason he’s still so mysterious when we’re gradually getting answers!

Have a nice day Anon!

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hi today marks one year of me following u and having u on notifs bc of the boncas, thank u for making me laugh and stuff!! wishing u the best, here's to another year *clink*….you’ve had me on notifs for a year? are you ok? like are you actually ok that sounds awful i am genuinely so sorry

but also thank you :’))) ❤️

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So Shawn has a recent interview with some radio show, and he was answering questions, and one of them was wheat was the oldest lover you’ve ever had, and he said she was 25, and he was 19. That was recent and I’m go Shawn 😂😂

I saw it and I’m just sitting here like “Yes homeboy, go get it” :D 

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Is there more than one season of girls und panzer? I always see more content on your blog than what I have actually watched.

Girls und Panzer has like 

  • 10+ Short OVAs
  • 5+ Akari’s Tankery Corner (which is like little details on tanks)
  • A 40 minute long OVA on the Anzio Battle
  • and an OVA for the movie

And then the Finale will air soon 

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say one good thing abt some of ur mutuals here!! like, shout outs I guess!! :)))

shouts out 2 all my Mutuals!!!! i love every 1 of u !!! here are a few Really Cool Blogs who r great ppl with great aesthetics!

@hexpuppy @assmansenpai @fakecdrom2 @symmetryforempathy @pethana @siccmum @menospreciado @sacrementvierge @bomberman94 @hightech0000 @gr0ceries @reb6669 @2pistolx @soapmouth @lightrose76 @healthgothmom @coinfarts @p-o-l-l-o-n @monst3renergy @purabruja @cheeseburgerwitch @litebrite2003 @ratsorb

sorry i couldn’t list everyone!!! s/o 2 all my mutuals