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Oh! Could I ask for Hanzo and kissing headcanon? I've been thinking about it lots since NTIC and Game Theory.

It’s funny that you mention those because that’s kind of my general HC for this! I think that given Hanzo’s upbringing and extrapolating from what gets Genji in trouble, younger Hanzo either had very few romantic/sexual encounters, or he had plenty of sexual ones (for whatever value you assign to “plenty”) but that those typically don’t have much emotional investment and probably didn’t last long. In NTIC ‘verse this comes out as he’s had lots of sex but mostly as one night stands or other quick flings, no strings attached, and that’s why he’s such a weirdo when it comes to feeeeeelings. He honestly just has no firsthand experience to tell him what he’s doing.

Anyway this is how I got to the kissing head canon where he finds kissing enjoyable enough but has never really given it much thought as something people might do for its own sake. He’s kind of been treating it as a necessary, if pleasant enough, step on the way to sex. He’s probably good enough at it and reasonably attentive to what the other person likes, because he wouldn’t want to be bad at anything, but it’s not like a thing he actively seeks out on its own. In other ‘verses where he’s his actual canon age, I assume this is possibly still true but that maybe it’s some baggage he’s unlearned/unlearning, lollll. 

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  • Rating: BIG
  • Fav or least fav thing about its design: He’s loooooooooooooooong and people can just. Make him appear in battle. A huge floating blue whale in the middle of the room that, somehow, fits perfectly. Also great round corners and i love the little dot eyes! :]
  • Which generation’s sprite is my fav for it:


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1,2,4 and 5 from the npc asks for Nine?

@rinjirenee also asked for 1, 4, 7, and 9, and @anchanted-one wanted to hear thoughts in general, so I’ll pick a few more…

Cipher Nine. Imperial NPC.

1. Would they be recruitable? 

No. Nine shows up several times across Imperial storylines with a series of quests, but if the player attempts to recruit her she will always decline- politely, to an Agent. Mostly politely, to a Bounty Hunter. Recruitment attempts by Sith are met with outright laughter. 

2. Would they be a class specific character? (ie. Imperial Agent only. Republic character only)?

No, any Imperial-aligned character will encounter Nine a few times. (At least, you’re pretty sure it’s the same woman every time. She calls herself Cipher Nine, at least, and she certainly remembers *you,* but you could swear last time her eyes were a different color…)

4. Where would you recruit them from?

Dromund Kaas, initially. Additional missions on Nar Shaddaa and, during SoR, on Yavin IV.

5. What would their recruitment mission be?

The woman swirls her wineglass idly, eyeing you up and down- another Kaas City dilettante by the look of her. ‘Just a little favor, darling. You’re already going to Lord Grathan’s estate- just pop this spike into a networked console, won’t you? The pay’s good. I simply can’t quite manage it myself.’

Later: ‘Your credits, courtesy of Imperial Intelligence- oh. I suppose I did neglect to mention that earlier. Your patriotism (you can’t be entirely sure, but you’re about 99% sure that’s sarcasm) is admirable.’

7. Would there be a character they don’t like? Would that cause you to choose sides?

As she wouldn’t be a companion, you’d never have to choose between Nine and your followers. She may comment on your choice of follower, however. She has particularly negative things to say about DS Jaesa (’you’ve let that one go feral, my Lord. I would have expected better of you.’), Broonmark, Khem Val… basically, any who’d choose violence for violence’s sake.

8. Are they romanceable? Why/why not?

No. Upon successful completion of her Nar Shaddaa mission, characters of either gender can attempt to initiate a romantic encounter with Nine. However, she only responds positively to other Agents and Bounty Hunters- and she doesn’t stay the night.  

9. What would they say if you clicked on them?

Ready to work.’

Not until I finish my drink, my dear.’

I’ve got ops to run. Can it wait?’

After persistent clicking: ‘I know twenty-seven ways to break fingers, you know. Shall I show you?”

10. Do they know any other in game characters? (ie. trained under Satele Shan during the civil war. Knew Talos before he went to Hoth)

Nine seems to know a little about almost everyone. She knows the Minister and Watcher Two, of course, though she appears to be assigned to another oversight team.

17. What letter would they send post vanilla class story?

this message will self-delete in 30 seconds… 29…. 28—

Still alive, I see. Very good. People like us, we’re hard to kill.

(if unromanced, or a Force-user class) But the war’s just getting started- you know that as well as I do. My sources tell me something even larger’s looming just over the horizon. If I catch sight of it before you do, I’ll be sure to give you a ring. 

-Cipher IX

(if romance completed) But the war’s just getting started- you know that as well as I do. If you need a little down time before the next big fight, I think you know where to find me- or if you don’t, you don’t deserve me. 



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🔥 + Christy Altomare

I adore her to the moon and back but I wish that she had kind of distanced herself from the fan base a little more when “Anastasia” first opened because I feel like a lot of people used her accessibility and how kind she is to their advantage, in order to get backstage. It just breaks my heart now hearing about how much backstage tours tire her out due to how often she does them but we all know that she won’t stop because she doesn’t want to disappoint anybody :/

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Vaporeon?! My baby!!

  • Rating: a solid 9
  • Fav or least fav thing about its design: I love that little?? collar thing? and the finns (especially the ears!!). I like that her design has some more flavour compared to other eeveelutions! 
  • Which generation’s sprite is my fav for it:

ready for action!

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PoV Prompt: Your muse’s mother.

The crackling sound of wood giving way and beginning to ignite resonated from all sides now. Her hand was wrapped around of wide-set shoulder, face buried in among cloth. Tears welled in her eyes. She squeezed them shut to picture an adolescent boy with azure tresses and a wide grin.

My son, forgive me for the fate that has befallen your father and I.

The pressure against her chest doubled and despite her efforts to keep the rising sobs from wracking her body, she hunched forward with a shaking frame. In comparison to the unbearable heat radiating around them, the cool touch of her tears rolling down her cheeks was a momentary respite.

It has been so long since I last saw your face. I only wish that it had been you that had come for us. Even if our fate was the same in the end, it pains me that you spent so long from us. Was it out of shame? I long for the distant days when you were but a newborn and our days were many. Or for when we shared secrets from even your father like when you stole that Huntresses’ quiver.

Flames licked at her flesh now. She dare not open her eyes. Despite her unwillingness to accept the circumstances, they were inevitable as evidence by the pain sweeping across her body. A suffocated wail escaped her, no longer could she hold it in.

I pray that you and your brothers are far from here. Take care of each other as I took care of you and love one another as I will always love you.

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What do you think of mimikyu?

  • Rating: 10000/10 i love my little boy and my little girl i have 2 and i would die for them
  • Fav or least fav thing about its design: i love the crayon texture of their pikachu marks it’s so sweet :( also the ✨ ✨ eyes under the disguise are amazing. and their stretchy little ghostly arms coming out of the disguise to high five you ???? ; ___ ; baby. ily 
  • Which generation’s sprite is my fav for it (if it was released before the most recent ones)


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Stiles Stilinski and 12 for the headcanon asks?

12. Grudges and vendettas 

Oh boy. You better believe that Stiles still holds a grudge for a thing that happened in elementary school. He remembers all the people who wronged him or the ones he loves and he holds grudges like no one else. Once you’re on his shit list, you better hope that there is someone on a higher position than you, so you won’t have to suffer immediately. Then again, the waiting for the revenge might be worse. Because Stiles will get back at you for whatever you did. No one else remembers anymore, but you better believe that Stiles does. And he has a plan for all of the people on his list.

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“My letters are my most secret possessions… I write a letter when I have a crush so intense I don’t know what else to do. Rereading my letters reminds me of how powerful my emotions can be, how all-consuming. And Margot would say I’m being dramatic, but I think drama can be fun.”