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You know i just realized something..You guys still haven't found Akane's liitle brothers and sister, have you? Well, you guys know how Souda killed his dad, maybe Akane did the same? I mean didn't she starve herself to feel despair of not eating? It'd made sense though, the only reason she's a gymnast was to get them better life. So, what would be more despairing then killing them? (Don't get me wrong i love Akane but she deserves some character development too. Even if it's through despair)

(No problem don’t worry !!)

What are you saying? I know I’m kinda new to everything since I just woke up not too long ago but there is no way Akane would do something like that, right Akane?


Akane? *approaches her*

Stay away !


*catches her* Akane?!

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Is it wrong to go into medicine for wanting that prestige/honor and still loving medicine while being a humanitarian? I say all of these things because it applies to me, but I don't think I have ever day dreamed about actually helping patients and yearned for it per say.

Hi anon!

I think this is a question that only you can answer, not me. Just reading the few sentences you have written here, I can tell there are many stories and feelings behind what you’ve said that are not fully expressed here. Only you can really answer what honor and prestige mean to you, what being a humanitarian means to you, and what it means for you to aid others, not just patients. 

It sounds like you like the idea of practicing medicine, of making the right diagnosis and the glamour and respect medicine affords, the cool parts that we all see in House MD or Grey’s Anatomy, but have never considered or experienced what it’s like to make a change in a person’s life at the most personal, one-on-one level. I don’t mean to sound cruel, I’m just making an observation based on the two sentences you wrote. I’m not at all suggesting that you’re some sociopathic Hannibal-esque character who eats kittens and kicks puppies. I’m just saying that you sound like you may not have had that much interaction with medicine as a profession or other service professions yet.

Listen, before I decided on med school, I never ever entertained the idea, period. I didn’t want the white coat, I was sure I would panic and freak out during any and all emergencies. I never imagined myself counseling anyone, diagnosing anything, helping anyone. I didn’t even like the prestige of being called doctor, because growing up, the responsibility and burden of being a doctor made it so my father prioritized his career before his family every day of the week. 

I ultimately chose medicine not necessarily because I thought I was going to be of help to anyone. I empathize with you in that respect because I never contemplated it. I chose medicine because I was going to fucking try and protect people. I never banked on succeeding. But I’d give it a shot. I knew what it felt like to never feel protected, to be sick constantly. So I didn’t know how I’d be of use, but I would try and learn. 

Before pursuing medicine, maybe consider volunteering and shadowing. Get out that there and change peoples lives, and as you do so, consider whether you like that! Also really consider what honor is to you. Is it people agreeing with what you say? Is it the responsibility of being a leader? Think hard, talk to people, get out there and experience some medicine!

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I would just like to say a heartfelt "thank you" to all the wonderful artists who contributed such stunning pieces to this book, and to the absolutely marvellous S3 - without whom, this artbook would never have come to life. You're all such lovely humans and if I could merge through the screen to offer congratulatory tea and cupcakes (or whatever takes your fancy), I would :)

Did you mean: offer a bottle of wine, while we cry under the table, because of the words of kindness you just wrote for us & the artists? DEAL! 


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Hey :) what do you know about port arthur? I haven't researched it yet let alone have heard of it. Maybe because I'm European, so I don't hear about such things as often, maybe because I'm a newbie to columbine. I thought starting to get a quick overview here would be a good idea. If you mind telling me, just say it in your answer and I'll respect that too ofc

When I say basics, I mean BASICS. The perpetrator was Martin Bryant, 28 at the time. He opened fire on April 28 to 29 in Tasmania Australia and killed 35 people and injured 23. Ages ranged from 72 to 15. 

Bryant was a spree killer, killing people in multiple locations, such as the Port Arthur Historic Site, the Broad Arrow Cafe, a gift shop, a Car park,  a toll booth, and service station, and the Seascape roadway.

He was sentenced to 35 life sentences without a possibility of parole. 

Bryant is currently imprisoned in the Wilfred Lopes Centre because of mental disability and overall mental instability. His psychiatrist suggested a possibility of schizophrenia.

Growing up, he displayed signs of autism such as hurting and killing animals and antisocial behavior. Later he was diagnosed with Aspergers. As a baby he did not like to be cuddled with or touched, a big sign of autism. He didn’t have many friends growing up either. He was bullied in school from a young age for looking ‘weird.’ Later on unfortunately he began to bully kids younger than him too. For his 14th birthday, he was given a gun as a present from his father. he used it to kill small animals, such as birds. As a teen, he held the point of a spear gun to his only friend Greg’s head. His parents knew of this incident but didn’t do anything about it.

His family had history of violent nature too. Apparently Bryant’s great great grand-parents were shipped to Australia as prisoners. His father had depression, which ended with suicide. So a ‘criminal gene’ may have been a factor.

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[1/?] But Noah, I'm having a bad day (more like week), so let me rant about fluffy Destiel, because I love fluffy Destiel and I love your blog and I love you, my precious cinnamon roll ❤. And by fluffy I mean Cas and Dean just NEEDING each other. Dean clinging to Cas for his dear life, because he loves Cas and Cas is the only person he can be vulnerable with. And Cas holding and touching and kissing Dean so gently, like he's made of glass so thin he could destroy him with his fingertips.

And Cas knows Dean just HAS to have him close that night and Cas wants to have Dean as close as possible, too. And Cas is such a sweet little bean he just caresses Dean’s body whilist whispering how important and brave he is. And Dean fights his tears back, but it doesn’t work, so he may sob a little, but it’s okay, because he’s with angel and nothing’s going to hurt him if they’re together. And they just have the sweetest the most tender sex you could possibly think of and Cas holds Dean thight and Dean wraps his legs and arms around Cas. And then afterwards they just cuddle under the covers, still over sensitive and shivering but it’s perfect and they’re happy and they’re safe and Cas still strokes Dean’s hair until they both fall asleep. *makes sad noises*

*insert gross sobbing noises* this… is so beautifullllll

I hope you start feeling better soon, my dear! I reblogged some pretty good fluffs earlier that might help?? There a SUPER CUTE ONE called “Flowers and Flours” that just always makes me smile rly big.

Otherwise! There might be something in my fluff tag to help cheer you up?? Hope this helps! *hugs*

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I was also disgusted by Matt/Elektra making that top 10 love stories list. I mean, seriously? That scene in 2x13 just drives home that fact that Matt is hopelessly in love with Karen. M/E shippers will say "but they were going to run away together"...which is bullshit, even Elektra saw right through that. She knew the only reason he wanted to go was because he had royally fucked up everything else in his life to the point where Daredevil was all he had left.

right? They could have gone for MattNat or MattKristen but no let’s put this toxic relationship and leave out the most important relationship in matt’s life, i mean it’s not like karen has a love letter written in form of a comic just for her oh no no and not only that, It’s the fact that pretty much every-fucking-body specially their stans deny that Elektra was pushing Matt into killing a human being just bc the thrill of it and bc she could, even they justify her instead 

How to Love an Introvert

1. Try not to take their need for space personally. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

2. Don’t try to fix them. Accept an introvert for who they are and they’ll be loyal to you for life.

3. Know that introverts don’t let many people in, so you must be pretty important to them.

4. Introverts hate confrontation. Give them time to process things instead of pressing for immediate answers.

5. If you want an introvert to open up more, truly listen without interrupting when they do talk.

6. Recognize an introvert’s need for alone time is crucial to their health and happiness.

7. Know that introverts are fiercely loyal when they love someone and they expect the same in return.

And I wonder if you see my name on your phone and your heart breaks a little. If you receive my phone call and you choose not to answer because you know my voice might make you sad. If the idea of that exchange might break the glass house you’ve built around your soul. I wonder if you talk to the moon with a glass of whisky when you can’t sleep. Or if you play my favorite song on the way to work without meaning to. I wonder if you have to quiet the fire in your chest every night before you fall asleep, and if you’ve named the flames after me.

Because mine breaks a little. I choose not to answer sometimes. I’ve got a glass house. And I talk to the moon too. My fires are named after you and for fuck sake I’m running out of ways to say that I miss you.

—  carryyourown 

So I was sitting down at my kitchen table eating pasta when I had this thought.

Tikki’s favorite re-energizing food is cookies

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Plagg is a cheese freak

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(This is my new favorite gif)

But then I realized…

Adrien also really likes baked goods (when he gets them, that is…)

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But that made me think… is their favorite food the same as their other half’s kwami?

Is Marinette’s favorite food

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I hope she does…

The big four sitting at lunch together.

Alya: Hey Marinette, what’s your favorite type of food?

Nino: I could have told you that one.

Adrien: Really? What is it?

Marinette: *honestly unaware of favorite type of food and a little offended that Nino thinks he knows the answer* I honestly don’t know what it is, so please enlighten us, Nino.

Nino: *with a big smile on his face* Cheese.

Adrien: *slightly taken aback at this new development*

MArinette: *Thinking back on her life and slowly realizing he was right.*

Alya: Dude, how do you even know that?

Nino: First of all, she has cheesecake for her birthday cake every year. Second, last year she hosted a big study party with a bunch of kids from our class and she made a pasta dish. While she was cooking Kim asked if she had enough pasta and sauce with her cheese and Marinette just dumped an entire container of parmesan cheese into the pot and said, “Not quite.” So yeah, cheese is her favorite food.

Marinette: *glances down at plate which is literally that exact same recipe with just as much cheese as Nino described from the party*

Alya: I’m a little shocked, but I am mostly impressed.

Plagg in Adrien’s shirt pocket: Marry her.

Garnet lied about Blue

When the latest batch of episodes leaked I could not for the life of me get over how different Blue Diamond was from how she seemed in The Answer. I mean look at this shit

In her story, Garnet portrayed Blue as as a calm, cold, ruthless queen who would had no issue with ordering Ruby’s death on the spot for stepping out of line, that’s a pretty far cry from the big moping blueberry that we got here.

Now you can go and say that this was before Pink Diamond was shattered, but look at Blue’s court. It’s all bluish and pinkish gems with none of any other color, and the rubies assigned to Sapphire didn’t have a diamond on their uniform to show who they were working for. This was right after Pink Died!

Now take a moment to rewatch how Garnet acted when Blue Diamond was involved. Garnet was scared, mortally terrified of Blue, to the point that she didn’t want to get anywhere near her.

Do you think someone this terrified could really have given an accurate recollection of what happened on the day she was sentenced to death?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt for a minute that Blue called for Ruby to be shattered, but I don’t think it was because Garnet broke some insane interracial love taboo. No, Blue had her sister’s murderer right there in front of her, and Sapphire had confirmed that she would face judgement…


Does this mean Blue Diamond was right to have Ruby executed? Fuck no it doesn’t, but all the same Blue here isn’t the insane, bigoted, love-hating tyrant that Garnet told us she was. She’s a deeply hurt, deeply flawed individual in a position of power struggling to hold it together after she watched her sister’s killer escape justice because a bumbling guard distracted everyone!

So yeah, she may still ordered an execution, but give Blue a break. At least half a break. This definitely was not in cold blood.

So yeah maybe I ran out of questions but you ran out of answers.
where the fuck were you when i was half drowned in a bottle of whiskey just asking for a text back?
where the fuck were you when life crawled under my skin and tore itself out from the inside?
where the fuck were you when I was going through it last November and you said looking at pain this close made you uncomfortable?
where do you get off with telling me I shouldn’t talk to him and that he’s bad and he only cares about one thing when the only goddamn time you were interested in me is when my clothes were off and yours were too
look at this game we played because it never was that to me but you only just now put your cards down so you could hold her fucking hand and
i can’t be mad about it I can’t feel it in my chest like a jolt of electricity i can’t beg for you to come back when you were never even here so
maybe i ran out of questions
but only when you stopped fucking answering them.
—  so block me again we’re not even friends– lily rain
It’s almost 2017. I’ve done everything I told myself I wouldn’t do in 2016. I still haven’t kicked my bad habits, when you’re looking for answers where there are none… it’s a bad habit within itself, everyone moves on without you and you’re still here writing your I love you’s. It’s another vicious December, it’s still another me that I can’t accept. Just because you write well, just because you’re smiling when you’re not really up to it… it doesn’t mean that you’re okay. It’s another 4 am poem, yeah, I should be asleep. I’ve been sleeping these last few days, your addiction to anything will do that to you. You spend energy on negative parts of your life and sleep when you’re most positive– I’m almost certain that I don’t dream anymore, and that kills me whenever I’m awake. The person that I’d love to be, drowning inside of things that I can’t let go. So don’t tell me that I’m amazing or that I’m great– I know that I’m not, I’m just trying to make this year a little better than the last and maybe that’s the only way that I know how to survive.
—  A letter for 2017 me
Hiraeth | Pt.11

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 | pt.10 | pt.11 |

Words: 5,690.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

Warning: Contains mature content (such as coarse language and violent themes).

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What do you like most about Stiles and Lydia's characters?

oh god Here We Go


  • I mean. the sarcasm. i too, use sarcasm and humor as a defense, in literally every situation.
  • the fact that he canonically has anxiety and panic attacks and social anxiety like that’s so?? important to me?? and he’s so in touch with it and it’s such a big part of his character but it also doesn’t rule his life and that’s just so important to me x2
  • his fierce loyalty. for a slytherin, the dude really does have some hufflepuff characteristics. he would die before he betrayed any of his friends, and is always on guard against any threat toward them
  • i also really love the fact that he is inherently suspicious of everyone. it’s a flaw, but it’s important to me because i can #relate and i think it says a lot about him as a character. not only is he loyal to his friends, he’s protective of them, because he can’t believe he has them and doesn’t want anything or anyone to break them apart. he wanted them to all stick together for college. that’s so precious? stiles stilinski loves his friends with everything in him 2kalways
  • going off of that, i love how deeply he loves?? like whether it be his dad, or scott, or LYDIA, he just loves with everything he has and so selflessly it’s heartbreaking like what the fuck save some for yourself you ball of mush.
  • i mean, he’s Too Smart. he’s the one who Always Figures It Out. he’s clever and observant and PERSISTENT when it comes to solving mysteries and figuring shit out and he’s gonna do so well in the FBI my son
  • his moral grey area is also very fun. me too stiles, me too. 

Lydia: (i have spent a significantly longer amount of time diving into who Lydia is than Stiles, so this could be even more extra than his list.)

  • her fear of vulnerability. it is extremely hard for her to let anyone see all of her at once, and she’s reluctant to show genuine emotions. this has changed quite a bit, through the seasons, but you still get that sense sometimes that she’s uncomfortable in intense emotional situations, and that hits my core man.
  • she’s insanely brave. we see this really early on, like in 2x11 (EEP) when she wanted to help jackson and had literally no method of defending herself but she was about to march into battle anyways. and now that she’s come into her powers, that bravery is still there, but it’s more confident now, like she’s not sacrificing herself anymore, but actually fighting.
  • my girl is a literal genius. deadass going to win a field’s medal. the actual reason i haven’t dropped out of school yet. and i love love LOVE the slow progression of her owning her intelligence and letting people know about it, from pretending she didn’t know a cougar was a mountain lion, to molotov cocktail, to “i read”, to slipping in little Lydia-isms here and there, to Kira in season 5 literally baffled at the fact that she used to pretend to not be smart. I’m so proud of my baby. that’s my girl.mp3
  • lydia martin exists unapologetically, and that’s kind of always been the case, now more so. she is here, and she is HER, and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, you can watch her perfect strawberry blonde hair sway as she walks away from you not giving a fuck.  
  • her development into someone who stands up for herself, removes herself from toxic situations, and fights for what’s right. this is where the pack really comes into play in her evolution, and it’s truly one of my favorite things. before allison and scott and stiles and the rest of the pack, she had never experienced or seen real love and friendship and what it can do, and once she had them supporting her and started fighting The Good Fight, she gained so much strength for herself and realization of what she deserves. (which is the world btw)
  • lydia martin rocks kickass outfits, on point makeup, beautiful hair, and HEELS most of the time, all while being an actual genius/badass in every sense of the word. she enjoys looking nice and spending time on her appearance, but it never takes away from the fact that she’s the smartest person around and could ruin you in a single “AAAEEE!” ?? lol this is really important to me because i love looking nice every day but i’ve legit had people question my intellgence because of it, and lydia just helps me to say fuck you to those people. 
What People With BPD Wish Their Friends Understood
  • 1. “Even the slightest sign of rejection destroys my world. Things like not answering texts, not picking up the phone or canceling a date on short notice leaves me devastated, thinking my friend hates me and doesn’t want to be with me anymore. Fears of abandonment are hard to deal with.”
  • 2. “I’m crap at keeping in touch; I don’t mean to be. I love all the people in my life, I just don’t want my illness to affect them. I also carry shame from the times it has, making it hard to face people.”
  • 3. “I wish friends knew how sensitive I truly am. I feel so deeply in every emotion. Bear with me, and don’t walk away. BPD really shows you how many of your friends are true. Stay strong, fellow BPDers.”
  • 4. “I don’t mean to be annoying, but fear of abandonment and rejection makes me feel like I need constant validation.”
  • 5. “I keep absolutely everything to myself to avoid the embarrassment, rejection and the anxiety I go through trying to get out what’s inside.”
  • 6. “I always feel like a burden on my friends. Or like I’m just in the way. I’m scared I annoy everyone around me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to show my friends how much I love and appreciate them.”
  • 7. “I don’t cope with cancelled plans very well, especially if they’re last minute. I feel as if they have found something better to do and don’t want to see me — even if that’s not the case.”
  • 8. “That person who comes out sometimes isn’t me. I feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I’m stuck in this tiny corner of my mind, watching as I lash out at people, inwardly screaming to stop. Afterwards I’m so ashamed and embarrassed I feel like I don’t deserve to live. The people who stay with me despite Jekyll are my heroes. I couldn’t make it through this without you. I love you all, and thank you for not abandoning me.”
  • 9. “I wish other people could know the pain I feel inside. It feels like I’m internally bleeding the vast majority of the time, and if I don’t feel scarred and raw, I feel numb. Overall, I feel like a wandering, vacant hole who needs constant affirmation that I exist. Sometimes I struggle and wonder if I am real. I feel like a tremendous burden to everyone, especially my boyfriend and therapist. I feel constant shame about the way I behave, and my therapist usually gets the brunt of my “love-hate” cycles. Most of the time I can hide my symptoms from others, but they can spill out. Sometimes I want to disappear. I work in the world of mental health, and frankly, people with BPD are often treated like lepers. I’ve seen ‘difficult’ people labeled as ‘borderline’ if others can’t understand what’s going on. Even my therapist gets frustrated at me at times, and it makes me feel like I’m too much, like I’m damaged goods.”
  • 10. “No matter how great our friendship may be, no matter how much fun we have and laughs we share, if I’m having one of those days it doesn’t matter what you say or do: I just constantly think my friends hate me. I feel like I’m not as good as them. I feel they must not really like me because I don’t like myself, so how could they? No matter what I try, whether it’s trying positive thoughts like: ‘Would they be with me if they didn’t like me?’– it doesn’t matter. I will always feel I’m not good enough for anyone — friends or family.”
  • 11. “People with BPD have tremendous compassion and empathy. We can feel with people in a way others often can’t. We have a lot of strengths even though we feel fragile.”
  • 12. “If I had any friends, I’d ask them to understand my extreme emotional sensitivity. I’m sorry I can’t watch ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Walking Dead.’ The violence stays with me. I can actually feel the fear, the sadness, the horror the victim experiences.”
  • 13. “When I have an upswing, I forget myself and just go on impulse. Sometimes that means endless reposts on Facebook, to the annoyance of some. But it’s just my way of working things out in a less dangerous way than I could be.”
  • 14. “I put on a very hard confident shell every day, but it’s not real. Not in the slightest.”
  • 15. “When I flake out on plans all the time, it’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you, it’s that I’m afraid if I spend too much time with you, you will discover I’m as horrible as I think I am.”
  • 16. “My emotions are extreme, and I can’t control how I feel. I feel things so over the top, and it’s hard to come back to baseline. The abandonment feeling happens if it’s just an acquaintance, never mind if it’s someone I’m close too. And yes. I cry in response to my feelings. And no, I’m not acting childish. It’s just how I’m wired.”
  • 17. “It’s not the easiest thing to explain. And when I finally do find the words to explain it, their first reaction is self-diagnosing themselves with it or saying everyone has that.”
  • 18. “I don’t even understand BPD myself, so be patient with me.”
  • 19. “I don’t seek attention. And every single day I get up and force myself to keep going and function is a huge accomplishment.”
  • 20. “I am not a lost cause.”
  • 21. “It’s incredibly lonely to have a disorder that affects how you handle interpersonal relationships. We wear loneliness like a cloak, weighted down with insecurity and doubt. We love our friends and families. Even when we pull away, even when our emotions are out of control, even when fear keeps us from demonstrating or saying the words, we still love you. We are not perfect. No one is. But we are worthy of your trust and your love.”

How will be being a father change John?
Well, I think in the ways that it does in real life, I guess — the ways that it changes you as parents in real life. That’s just a big responsibility. It can’t change the show that much because the dynamic of the show generally speaking is Sherlock and John, and their shenanigans fighting crime, but there has always been an emotional heart to the show as well, I think. It’s not just a procedural CSI type crime of the week thing. It’s also always been about that friendship between those two and the other people in it. John is a little bit changed, but you can’t change the shape of the show too much.

this answer is just so fucking hilarious im girg  ewfjkwekf 

martin: well, having a baby is going to change john, i guess. but like, the show is about john and sherlock and their life together. i mean, i guess, it’s a baby, you know.. but the show will never be about anything other than its emotional heart, john & sherlock
the interviewer: i… that’s not what i asked? 

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Does the saying "trust your instincts" have actual weight in real life combat and strategic/critical thinking? It's a bit unclear to me if instincts are equated to experience when it comes to such things, and while I understand how relying on experience can help you, aren't instincts more unreliable and unquantifiable? And possibly more prone to bias?

The answer is both yes and no.

Everything that’s considered “instinct” by most people are actually based on experience or confused with reflex. What most fictional worlds mean by instinct is the character did it without thinking about it and serves as an easy justification for why the character could behave as the plot demands. The problem with this method of thinking is that it drives directly against what instincts are.

Instinct is your Fight or Flight response.

99% of the time when someone’s referring to instinct, they’re usually talking either about their reflexes or about a learned behavior. Your responses to different situations can be trained and are constantly being updated as you gather new information.

Combat training will retrain your “natural” responses to situations and stimuli. A character isn’t going to load and fire a pistol off the cuff, pull off a proper punch with no outside stimuli, or notice when a fight’s about to start if they have no understanding of human behavior. You can be trained, passively by life experience, aided by outside stimuli, or intentionally, to perform or recognize these actions. You can become so practiced at them that they become reflexive and you do them without thinking about it. That’s the point of training and practice, to teach you how to act without being slowed down by your thoughts.

Now, any behavior you practice or pattern you follow can be exploited by someone who knows it’s there.

Say you get into a practiced pattern where you always show up at home five minutes after five at the end of the day. If someone was unsure where to find you but knew you’d always be home at exactly five minutes after five, then they could move to intercept you.

Combat does this all the time. A technique becomes a practiced pattern of behavior, one that has moved from thinking to automatic. However, the more a technique is in use then the more others become aware of it and how it works, they develop their counters to it.

Feints in martial arts are about disrupting what as become your instinctual reaction to an incoming blow, in order to trick you into reacting to a false action so that your defenses are opened and your opponent can hit you.

A common beginners combo in Taekwondo is the backfist and right punch.

The martial artist throws the backfist as a feint, the backfist catches in their target’s peripheral vision and they raise their front hand to block. The martial artists switches to punch them in their now open midsection.

The basic thought is: if I flash my hand in your peripheral vision, your first instinct will be to raise your hand to stop it. Sometimes, you’ll raise both hands. Sometimes, you’ll even turn your head to protect from harm. Best case on top of everything else is you closing your eyes in preparation for the hit.

When this happens, I have opened up your whole body to do whatever I want with it.

Your body’s natural instincts will always protect what your body prioritizes as its most important parts. These are the parts it needs to keep existing. These are your head and your internal organs. This is why when you’re injured, your body always moves to curl up into a ball. When you’re trapped on the ground, your first instinct will be to roll over.

Protect the head. Protect the center.

It is more complicated than this, but on a simple level this is what the natural human reaction to injury is.

Combat exploits those reactions, even the most basic cheap street fight techniques.

Here’s the rhythm:

1) You get sucker punched in the gut.

Natural reaction: You bowl over. Your head and arms come forward. One by the force of air leaving your lungs, two to protect your stomach, the part of you that was just hit. Your body’s natural reaction is to move the damaged body part away from danger.

3) They grab your head as it comes forward.

Natural reaction: When your body reacts to an injury, it is not normally conscious of its surroundings. The grabbing of the head is the exploiting of this response.

4) They knee you in the face.

Natural reaction: This move is easy enough to pull off that most people have learned it from watching kickboxing, MMA/UFC, or some other type of action movie. A knee strike doesn’t take the same amount of training as a kick. This isn’t a natural reaction at all. It’s a learned behavior.

The general rule of thumb regarding instincts in the martial field is don’t trust them. Use your head instead. Instincts react directly to generalities, they don’t take the situation into account. Your fight or flight could send you running right into a wall. It could send you running at the enemy behind you that you didn’t see. It can be used against you.


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