answer to me 1997


I like you. I said I like you.
Yah, do you know what sort of things I did because of you?
In order to go to school with you, I waited in front of the gate for an hour. Until you came back from the study room, I couldn’t even sleep a blink because I was so worried. “Why is she late? Has she fallen asleep again?”
Hey, all of my concern was always you. You!
When we coincedently met at the bus, when we went to the concert together, and when I received that shirt from you on my birthday. I really thought I would go crazy because I was so happpy.
I wanted to see you a dozen times more a day, and I was just so happy whenever I saw you. I have always wanted to tell you since a long time ago. 
I like you so much. I love you.

OMO!! Done all episode of Reply 1997 *finally
I just endured to watch the final episode because I can’t get over Nice Guy from my head. And finally, after suffering so much to know how’s the end of this AMAZING DRAMA, YEP, AMAZING I SAID.

Because so many, many, we can learn from this drama. About family, friendship, love (of course), so maaaaaany. LoL

And also I didn’t want to watch the ending before, because I predicted Shiwon would be Taewoong wife, and OMG!! It’s relief that she’s belong to Yoonjae in the end. It’s touched.

But, yeah, Happy ending. I usually love tragic or sad ending but now, why I hope happy ending for this drama??? I think because Yoonjae had suffered enough, haha

This drama mostly dedicated for all fangirl especially H.O.T and Dongbangshinki, I was crying when I saw the scene that they sang “HUG” from DBSK. And for all who want to nostalgia to 90’s era.

Nothing much to talking about. BEST of THE BEST RECOMMENDED


Favourite KDRAMAS:

1. Goblin
2. Kill me Heal me
3. Healer
4. Age Of Youth
5. Master’s Sun
6. Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart
7. I Hear Your Voice
8. W-Two Worlds
9. Reply 1997
10. I Miss You


Reply 1997 - “At 18, Oppa-s are everything in my life” - tells the story of the first generation of crazy fans, and the rise of idol groups in the popular music scene. Sung Shi Won once said (or argued), that, “How can you say fans are shallow, you’re just bias, Bias! Our love for our idols is also a form passion! Passion!”. She spoke up for all the fan girls in the world.

Reply 1994 - “The Youths of the 8 Provinces in Seoul” - tells the story of young people from different provinces coming to Seoul, getting to know one another and understand each other’s dialect, cultures and background. I can never forget the longest ever argument Haitai and Samcheonpo got into, each blabbing in their own respective dialects, when they first met.

Reply 1988 - “My final love is my family” - tells the story of 5 families living on the same alley. It emphasises that family is still the most important no matter what happens, family is where you can call home, where you can fall back to no matter what happens. What’s more touching is, the drama shows that blood relation is not necessary to form a family. The 5 families on the Ssang Mun alley are rather like one big family.