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If Chara doesn't see Tori and Gorey as their parents, does that mean it wasn't them who knitted the "Mr. Dad Guy" sweater?

It is very likely that Chara knitted the sweater in canon! This is also the case in our AU. 

We have always found the additional “Mr” and “Guy” always made “Mr. Dad Guy” sound humorously distant and even a bit sarcastic. In this AU, Chara refuses to call Asgore “Dad” out loud, but made one singular exception for his birthday. Chara made Asgore a dad sweater they knew he would appreciate, but only with the sassy additional modifiers. Asgore treasures it regardless.

All the foxes lived on campus, right? So like. Who was their resident assistant?? What poor motherfucker got placed as the RA on their floor?? What sad, tired kid had to answer the on-call phone at 4 AM bc the legendary Kevin Day was too drunk to find his keys and Andrew thought it would be funnier to make the RA let him back in that to help him find them??? If the RA saw any of the foxes pulling some shit while they were on rounds, would they even have the guts to say anything??? Did the RA even bother handing out roommate contracts to the foxes or did they take one look at them and contemplate quitting their job??? @korakos I need answers

Finally Happy || Will Byers Imagine

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Request: Can you please with cherry on top write a imagine of Will Byers hopelessly in love with Reader because she’s basically the only girl who treats him not like a freak. But, he’s too shy to confess to her so he ends up slipping Love notes in her locker until one day she ends up getting annoyed because she knows it’s him and she gives him a kiss??? I tried, I am not sure if the scenario is good, if not you can change it all that maters is a Will Byers Imagine. Lol thank you!

A/n: i finished Season 2 in one day and holy shit its so fucking goodd. Please send in some Stranger Things request. Btw i hope you like this, please let me know!

(And sorry if it suckss, i wrote this at 2.30 and i didn’t proofread it)

You were glad that for once everything was back to normal. Will was back, the demogorgon was gone and for that moment you were happy. When Will was taken by that monster you couldn’t function properly. Your best friend was gone and who knows if he was safe or not. You couldn’t live with yourself if he died. You just couldn’t. 

You shook that thought out of your head and tried paying attention to the teacher but you couldn’t. Kids around you would snicker and point at Will saying mean shit about him. And that pissed you off. You wanted to punch anyone who talks crap about Will.

“God what the hell happened to zombie boy. Gross.” The girl behinds you giggle along with her friends. You rolled your eyes trying so hard not to curse at them. “Just look at him, coming from the dead messed him up.” The girl sneered, “he’s always messed up anyways.” 

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Phone vendor gets more calls than he expected

This happened around twenty years back.

I was looking to buy a secondhand cellphone.  The place to go for such things at the time was a physical paper released every Thursday and devoted solely to classified ads for stuff being sold.  This paper didn’t actually charge you to place an ad - it charged you only if your item sold.  If you paid the fee upon sale they would kill the ad; if you didn’t, then your ad was run for four or five editions of the paper.   One consequence of all this was that immoral humans would tell the paper that their items had not been sold when in fact they had, thus denying the paper its fee and leaving their pointless ad to continue running.

So one Thursday, I buy this classified ads paper. I find a good phone at a great price (Nokia 8210 for anyone who cares…this was circa 1999), and I call the landline number listed in the ad.  The home’s patriarch answers and puts on the vendor, who I’m guessing is maybe 18. He tells me the phone has been sold that morning.  Okay, thanks, bye.

I don’t buy a phone that week, so the following Thursday, I buy that week’s paper to look again.  And the ad is still there.

So I call this guy again, and say I’m ringing about the cellphone.  This conversation ensues:

Him: I’ve sold it.

Me: But it’s only 10am.  When did you sell it?

Him: This morning.

Me: Well that’s funny, because you told me exactly the same thing when I called you last Thursday.

Him: AWWW FUCK YOU MATE!!! [slams down phone]

Well now I’m pissed off.  This guy has wasted my time and abused me because I called him out for his shit. Time to get even.

As it happens, every Saturday the major newspaper in the same city had a classifieds section that allowed up to five free ads per week for items priced below $100.  So I submitted five ads for a variety of items, with his landline as the contact number.  I can now only remember three of them:

1. “Trombone - used once, child decided he doesn’t like it, just want to get rid of it, $99.”  The other ads for good student trombones at that time seemed to mostly be around $300.

2. “Playboy magazines, complete series from 1972 to current day, great condition, only a few centrefolds missing, $99.”

3. “Nokia 8210, great condition, only a month old, $99”. At that point 8210s were worth about $300.   (This ad was designed to ensure the victim could work out who’d placed all the ads.)

Saturday comes. It’s mid morning, and my best friend is at my house. I commission him to place a call to the victim’s number.   The call is answered by a kid who my friend says couldn’t have been more than four years old.   Here is the ensuing conversation as relayed to me, verbatim.

4yo: Hello?

My friend: Oh hi, I’m calling about the trombone?

4yo: IT’S SOLD!!!!!! [slams down phone]

They’d received so many calls, they’d instructed their toddler on how to shut them down.

Revenge: acquired.

TL;DR- got screwed around when trying to buy a secondhand phone, made the vendor’s landline ring off the hook for hours / days.

I’m in love with this concept @taylor-tut!

It’s a cough paired with occasional sneezing and a slight headache; it’s not bad, more a nuisance than anything, but it’s just enough to have Peter thumbing through his contacts in search of Tony’s number.

The older man answers on the third ring with a gruff, almost distracted, greeting that has Peter dropping against the edge of his bed with a weak cough.

“Mr. Stark, I know we have that mission with Cap later today, but I’m not feeling so hot.”

His voice is brutally honest, from the slight waver to the hint of a rasp coating his tone, but the deep sigh that emits from the other line has his fingers curling tightly around the phone as he swallows back a few coughs.

“The weather’s changing, kid. Everyone is a little sick right now.”

He’s not wrong, Peter thinks. The temperatures have been steadily dropping as the last remnants of fall are shoved away by a biting winter breeze, and it’s got everyone at school sniffling and sneezing. But, Peter fears he may be fighting off more than just a seasonal cold.

A light sigh slips from his pressed lips as his shoulders slump deeply. His grip on his phone weakens, and he clears his throat, wincing slightly at the quick, heated pain that stings across the back of this throat.

“I know, Mr. Stark, but-”

“We all work through colds, Peter. I told you this wouldn’t be easy, didn’t I? Are you really going to tell me you can’t help with this mission because of a small cold?”

Tony’s voice is firm and calm, yet it pierces like a dagger, dangerous and effective. Peter tugs the phone away from his ear for a moment to muffle a cough into his shoulder before he pushes it back against his ear, eyes falling to the floor as defeat burns against his tongue.

“No, Mr. Stark. I’ll go.”

“There’s the Spider-Man I know. I’ll have Happy pick you up in a few hours. In the meantime, take some medicine and rest up to kick this cold while you’re ahead.”

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OTP inktober 15: DeAged. I love kid AU Holtzbert. 💖

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The families always get together on Christmas. It’s a tradition. It’s the 1990s and the gang is on its second generation:

- Mike and Eleven are hosting in their home, their little girls, Michelle and Jamie running around in their fluffy Christmas dresses. They’re not even a year apart, both with dark hair and big dark eyes, mild and sharp looking at the same time. Michelle looks more like Eleven, Jamie looks more like Mike. Michelle is four and Jamie is three.

- Lucas and Max show up first as they live right down the street. Lucas is holding the two kids, their four year old daughter, Kelsey, and one year old son, Shawn. Max has the honor of holding the bag of wrapped gifts which makes the Wheeler girls love her more. Kelsey’s wild curls are pulled into a ponytail and she has freckles like her mother. Shawn also has a few freckles, but not as many.

- Dustin and his fiancee, Eva, show up next. All of the kids swarm him because he’s the best.

- Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve show up shortly with the boys, Oliver and Jason. They’re nine and eleven so they’re not as wild and crazy as the little ones. Oliver is Steve’s biological son and looks just like Steve only with blue eyes. Jason is Jonathan’s biological son and looks a lot like Jonathan but also has blue eyes and favors Joyce and Will a little too.

- Joyce and Jim arrive with armloads of presents along with their reluctant teenage son and brother of Will, Jonathan, and Eleven. His name is Robert but is called Robbie.

- Will is the last to arrive with his boyfriend, Martin, who everyone has been eager to meet. They are late to arrive because of flight delays. Will’s friends are rude and before greeting Martin, immediately begin grilling him about any information he has on the upcoming movie “The Upside Down” based on his wildly popular comic book series that rivals DC and Marvel. Will tells them he isn’t at liberty to tell them anything and they all groan, annoyed. He introduces Martin and they’re all “Yeah, that’s great, nice to meet you and now tell us about the movie!” Martin just laughs and starts spilling secrets about who’s been cast and what not.

The kids run around hyped up on cookies and punch. Mike is busy trying to tell everyone about how the game shop is going (sales were great during the holiday for the special Upside Down version of Dungeons and Dragons and the video game) but Michelle and Jamie keep climbing all over him and El uses her powers to remove them and gives them a semi stern look so they run to Grandpa Jim who gives them a big bear hug.

Dustin talks about teaching at the middle school and running AV club and his fiancee, Eva, another teacher, goes on about how he was nominated for teacher of the year again, but she wishes he wouldn’t say “son of a bitch” so much in class even if it just “slips”

Lucas talks about the force (he and Max are both cops) and how it was a wonder they were able to have Christmas Eve off. Jim keeps interrupting him because he’s retired but always wants to know what’s going on at the station. Max discusses the new program being introduced that she and El founded that helps abused children.

Will is quiet, but everyone makes jokes about his wonderful career as a comic book artist with a movie deal and video game deal and board games and all kinds of cool stuff. Martin, who works in the special effects departments of Hollywood, talks about all of the work he did for Jurassic Park. Oliver and Jason won’t stop asking questions about it. Joyce teasingly nags him about grandchildren and Will shyly confesses that later in the year, he and Martin are planning on adopting a child. He feels with everyone sort of adopting Eleven and Jim sort of adopting him and Jonathan, it seems right. Joyce is so thrilled she starts to cry.

Nancy goes on about the house she and Jonathan and Steve just purchased. It’s bigger and they need more space because they want to try one last time for a girl. Steve jokes they’ll never get a girl. It doesn’t phase anyone that the three of them are in a relationship with kids and a house because nothing is strange or weird to any of them anymore. Martin and Eva’s brows kind of furrow in confusion, but they’re polite and don’t ask any questions. Steve talks about Jason being the best on the baseball team and swim team and Jonathan talks about Oliver’s art and how he got his work put on display at an art competition and then complains that he took over the garage and it’s now “Oliver’s Studio” . When Oliver says “Daa-aad…!” he just ruffles his hair. Jonathan talks about his own collection of photographs being purchased by a dealer. It was a whirlwind time when he was suddenly discovered by the art world so suddenly and now the family had enough money for a new house, new cars, Steve was able to quit his job to return to school full time as was Nancy. Nancy was hoping to teach (which immediately had Dustin and Eva chatting up a storm) and Steve was interested in becoming part of El and Max’s child protection program.

Joyce and Hopper brag on Robbie who is doing well in school and loves taking things apart and rebuilding them and inventing things. He has lots of smart uncles to thank for that.

Conversation turns to the little ones, Michelle, Jamie, Kelsey, and Shawn, who are all begging to open presents and are soon in tears about it. Jim finally stands up and says he can’t stand to see them tortured any longer and so everyone gathers round to open gifts. Steve and the others hurriedly pass out marked packages to eager little hands. Jonathan is hurriedly getting his camera ready. El and Nancy are trying to get the kids to settle, but it’s no use. The adults pretend to be as excited as the children at each gift they open.

Michelle and Jamie and Kelsey lose their minds because they get the newest Barbie Dolls. Oliver gets new baseball cards and Jason gets art supplies. Both boys get the newest game console from Will and Martin and Dustin, Lucas, and Mike are already wanting to set it up. The adults exchange gifts too.

After a while, there is a noise outside and Steve, Mike, Jonathan, and Lucas go out to “investigate”.  Steve runs back in and tells everyone that he just saw a reindeer run out into the woods so without any coats on, the kids run outside. The little girls are asking Grandpa Jim “Hold me” but he’s not there. El reassures them that he’s using the upstairs bathroom.

Santa Clause comes out from the woods laughing out “ho ho hos” that are cringe worthy and in a flat voice asks the children if they’ve been good. Instead of being excited, the kids start screaming and climbing their parents. Robbie, Oliver and Jason bite their lips to keep from laughing. Michelle and Jamie are practically trying to climb down their mother’s sweater and Santa approaches them and removes his beard telling them “Hey, hey. It’s me. It’s Grandpa”. He then has to explain that he is Santa’s “Helper” and the real Santa is on his way. The Santa experience was a failure.

Back inside over eggnog and hot chocolate, the adults are watching the Santa Experience on the VCR because Jonathan filmed it and they’re all cracking up. Jim is just shaking his his head, face in his hands. The kids are coming down from their sugar high, exhausted.

Everyone gets ready to part ways, hugging and kissing goodbye. Will and Martin make plans to stay with Joyce and Jim and Robbie. They will all meet there for Christmas dinner the following eveing.

Inside, Mike and Eleven collapse on the couch with sighs. The girls are passed out on the floor with their new toys and coloring books. Mike kisses El and then goes to the tree to retrieve one more gift, explaining he wanted them to be alone when she opened it. She opens it to retrieve a small blue sweatshirt. She frowns at him curiously. When she holds it up, a necklace falls out. In beautiful letters on a little gold disk it reads ‘Promise’. El then understands it is the shirt Mike let her wear the night he found her. Her eyes fill with tears and they embrace for a long time. She finally picks up Michelle and he picks up Jamie. They’ve been having a hard time making the girls sleep in their own beds, and tonight they just strip them of their dresses and take them to the master bedroom to once again sleep in the bed with them. They’re too exhausted to prepare for the one am tears and little knocks on the door.

Lucas and Max arrive home and listen to the million answering machine merry christmas messages. Lucas puts the kids to bed and Max calls the station to make sure everything is alright. Lucas returns with a package and Max frowns at him. “You promised we wouldn’t get each other anything” she reminds him. They’re saving for a summer Disney trip. Lucas only shrugs and Max opens it. She stumbles back slightly. It’s a stack of papers, but on top is a check. The city of Hawkins has financed the Every Child Counts Program. Events, shirts, ads, ect.

Dustin and Eva talk the whole way home about how cool it would be if Nancy decided to go back to teaching. She had been a great substitute. When they return home, Dustin feeds all the cats and Eva smiles a little. She tells Dustin she loves him and his crazy family and she wishes she had more to give on Christmas than some socks and new comic books. He kisses her, and then the engagement ring on her finger, and tells her she’s already given him everything he’s ever wanted. He ruins the moment when he says “Except that Batman statue we saw at the con that costs more than the Batcave itself. That would be pretty sweet”. She still laughs and kisses him again anyway.

Steve and Nancy and Jonathan are griping at the boys all the way through the front door because they boys want to go play hockey tomorrow but they have to visit Ted and Karen during the day and then the Byers in the evening. Steve finally has it and says “Stop asking” and they whine about it one more time and Nancy tells them to go to bed. Jonathan is their last hope, but he simply shakes his head and says, “Go”. The boys trudge to their rooms, but they’ll get over it. Jonathan goes to start the coffee pot and Nancy rubs her eyes, fighting a headache. Steve stands behind her kisses her neck telling her “Merry Christmas, Babe”. She turns around to catch his lips. He goes to the kitchen first to kiss Jonathan goodnight and then goes upstairs calling, “Lights out,you two. It’s almost midnight”. Jonathan silently brings Nancy some aspirin and water and she smiles appreciatively.  She then complains that Will bought the boys the game console because that was their “Santa gift” and Jonathan only shrugs weakly and says, “He’s their uncle. And he doesn’t get to see them much”. They go off to bed where Steve is already in bed, face down, snoring loudly. Nancy wakes up long enough to ask him if he’s going to be the one to put presents under the tree, but Jonathan volunteers to do it.

Will and Martin ride back with Joyce, Jim, and Robbie. Joyce is all smiles asking Robbie a million questions and tells him all about Will’s drawings and how she always knew it would take him somewhere and blah blah blah. When they return home she flitters around like a humming bird tidying up and putting fresh sheets on the bed of what used to be Will’s room but is now the guest room. Jim bids everyone goodnight and asks Joyce if any doughnut places will be open in the morning. When they’re alone and undressing, Will asks Martin what does he think of everyone. Martin says he likes them all and talks about how he was an army brat and never stayed anywhere long enough to make such a close-knit group of friends. He then confesses that he’s a little disappointed that Eleven is so pretty and down to earth. “She’s so different in the movie,” he tells him. Will only laughs and says, “You just don’t know her yet”.

The next evening everyone is together at the Byers for Christmas dinner. The women are in the kitchen making food. The men are playing video games. Max even makes a joke about gender stereotypes and then picks up baby Shawn and puts him in Lucas’ arms. Jonathan and Mike and Will actually being gentlemen occasionally buzz into the kitchen to ask if they can help. Jim takes the kids out to play in the snow and there’s a big disaster when he comes in with Jamie howling and covered in blood. She slipped and fell on the porch steps but she’s fine for the most part. Steve doctors her up and then everyone begins calling him Dr. Steve all night. As tradition, the entire house is lit up in lights. They call them ‘Will lights’ and Martin is amazed and asks Jonathan to take pictures so he can return them to California because he says the way it looks in the movie is nothing like this. The movie will do it no justice unless it’s just like this.

They all make plans to spend New Years Eve together.



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None of these strong amazing boys actually needs protecting but is that gonna stop me from trying? Is it?? (the answer is no)

Anon said: Hi! If you haven’t already answered this, would you mind listing the tags/ships you aren’t comfortable with people tagging your art with?

Ohhhhhh what an interesting ask, I’ve been thinking about how to answer since I got it and?? I’m not sure, so let’s put it like this: generally, if the art is obviously meant as platonic I’d prefer it if you didn’t use the ship tag on it, but as a general rule I don’t actually mind people tagging ships anyway? I know how this site works so if I’m really uncomfortable with the idea of it being misinterpreted as romantic I’m just not gonna post anything with those characters in it from the start

That said, sometimes people tagging ships confuses me a lot??? For example the majority of people who’ve reblogged my latest bnha comic have tagged it with the bkdk tag and? There’s nothing romantic about it?? Bakugou is literally off to kill Deku why is that romantic we just don’t know, bkdk shippers seem to have an understanding of romance completely different from mine haha

Ah, also I’ve been having people tagging my bokuro and akaken arts with the ot4 tag, even if I rarely ever draw all of them in the same place. Please don’t do that. Like. Seriously.

As for the general tags, there’s a lot of tags I don’t understand, but from there to saying I’m uncomfortable with them is a bit of a huge step… the one thing that comes to mind is people trigger-tagging Bakugou’s mom. That’s. Hm. I happen to really like that woman and my drawings depict her in a positive light always, so if people could stop that it would be very nice? That’s about it tho~

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Bruce occasionally has nightmares about his kids dying. So it doesn’t matter what his relationship with the bat kid in question is, he will take a burner phone he keeps hidden in his room and call the kid. Once answered he would hang up. That’s all Bruce needed most of the time. Speaking clearly? Check. Breathing? Check. Sometimes he would physically go check on the kid if he was near by (Neighboring cities counted). Bruce just needed to make sure his kid was breathing.


The one where you know what you want.

Finally, the fifth addition to the Divorce Series AU. I was inspired by two books written by Colleen Hoover, ‘November 9 and Hopeless’, I highly recommend giving it a read. They are amazing.  Let me know in my ask box if you guys are enjoyed this part. ENJOY! :)

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I would just like to say that watching bnha 2.1 after finding your blog was almost like paranoia "is that a ship moment?? What about that!? Oh and them! They said words to each other!is this the start of love???" (I've not read the manga yet and I feel s1 was a little lacking in ship fuel)

LMAO this is the best ask I’ve ever gotten oh my god I’m laughing - don’t worry anon, I don’t actively ship any crack ships in bnha and all the ones that haven’t happened yet start happening during the sports fest (reason #1 why it’s one of my favorite arcs), you’re not too far away from seeing The Goods™ 👍👍👍

Anon said:  I got a pretty bad concussion in a fight earlier this week so I’ve been barred from class and generally cooped up but plus side is I’m now completely caught up on the BNHA manga! Now I’ll get to experience your art in real time! Love your work!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that, I hope you really enjoyed it, anon!!!!! Sorry about the concussion though, I hope it isn’t giving you problems and that you’ll get better asap!! 💕💕

Anon said:  IWA’S ARMS HOLY R I P P E D B O Y

He’s canon jacked after all!!!!! God I’m so weak for Iwaizumi I feel everyone in Seijou a lot

Anon said: Ahh hi it’s polykid, I haven’t sent an ask in ages oh boy,,, I was just wondering if you have any poly ships in voltron??? The way you draw them is super cute I love ahh

WELP as I said as far as Lance’s happy I’ll ship anything, but as far as polyships go my faves are with Ketih and Hunk AND the garrison trio !!! Both ships are so damn good tbh~ and thank you!!!!! *O*

Anon said:  I kind of ship Sun Eater and Red Riot. What the actual fuck.

TBH I DON’T BLAME YOU I guess you might say I somewhat ship it too? But I’m general super weak for senpai/kouhai kind of relationships and Kirishima acting as Jiki’s personal motivator was just so pure???? It’s giving me all the sibilings feels TBH a bit like Deku and Mirio I’m very very glad for this new relationship please horikoshi let amajiki be fine

Anon said:  So… that colorpage for BHNA though…. LOOK AT MY SHY SON. IM DED

I KNOW RIGHT OH MY GOD HE’S SO GOOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH please horikoshi seriously let him be fineee

The Ex Makes It Awkward (Heechul)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Since i know you don’t do joonyoung can i get one where your like a rookie actress and you and Heechul broke up but then you appear on knowing bros and you end up getting back together and also can you add when the guest have to act like boyfriend and girlfriend

~I’m using Choi Minho as the “boyfriend”~

“So is this weird” Minho asked as you fixed his tie before pausing “why would it be odd?” you asked “it’s very well known that you and Heechul broke up. You’ve been a joke more than once on here” he says as you laugh. “They aren’t laughing at me they’re laughing at the fact Heechul doesn’t have ‘the next big thing’” you joke as he chuckled. You were older than Minho but younger than Heechul you were nearly 28 and had been dating Heechul nearly 3 years before you broke up. You two had gotten to the point where you couldn’t stand being near one another so you broke up. But it didn’t mean you didn’t care for one another, neither of you would admit it but you still loved one another. So were you going on the show for more than the reason than you wanted to rub it in his face that you were fine? Sure you had a role in a movie and it was good for you but you could make Heechul jealous by the role assigned recently was different pretending that you had a thing for Minho. That you guys were dating. 


Minho slid the door open and stepped in as they instantly greeted him but soon Heechul stopped as your head peaked into the room. “Oh it’s going to be one of those episodes” Kyunghoon says as you let out a laugh stepping into the room. You smiled largely to everyone before linking eyes momentarily with Heechul before Minho stuck his hand out and you took it. “They look like that couple everyone hated in high school because they’re good at everything” Hodong says as Minho smiled at you. 

“I don’t know if I would have dated Minho in high school, his hair was bigger than his head” you state as Minho lightly shoves you. “What kind of guys did you date in high school Y/N?”  Janghoon asked as Heechul seemed a bit annoyed by the question. “I didn’t date in high school. I didn’t start dating until I was in my 20′s and I only had been on a few dates before I was in a serious relationships” you explained. “So Heechul was your only boyfriend?” Sangmin blurts. “No today, she has me” Minho says as you were mentally screaming on the inside. 

“So on your sheet Minho I see you put you want to sit next to the other guest the most” Soogeun told as Minho nodded. You covered your mouth as your answer seemed so mean “dont read mone aloud” you say as you looked down embarrassed as Soogeun turned the page and started laughing “are you antisocial?“ he asked, Heechul perked up. “She wrote I just wants to sit alone behind Janghoon” Soogeun announces. “I use to sit in the back in high school behind the tallest kid so I never was called ro answer anything” you sooke as the room filled with laughter “Minho wants to sit beside you” he tells “if he ants to join me in the back he can” you say “its more romantic that way" Minho tells.


After Minho finished his questions you had your chance to go up. “What was my first job before I decided I wanted to act?” you asked as you knew at least one person knew of your job but he had barely said a word since you got on. “Heechul” Hodong spoke “you haven’t said a word recently everything alright?” he asked as Heechul sighed. “It’s awkward. Seeing me is probably something he didn’t want to do. Especially when I habe to pretend” you tell them as the make a sound. Heechul gave small smile knowing you felt as awkward as he did before he decided to treat you like every other guest. “She was a sales woman at a lingerie store” Heechul answered as you smiled lightly. "What?” Hodong asked “yeah I actually did work there “did you meet Heechul there?” Kyunghoon asked “I don’t know why he would be looking for lingerie. His body wouldn’t work in it” you say as Heechul smirked “I met her in the elevator of the building where we live” he says “wait you guys live in the same building?” Sangmin asked “yes. The past fee months have been annoying. There’s been more than one occasion where we got to the elevator at the same time. Heechul literally stands behind me and does this-” you say as you tilt your head down and do the glare he gives. “Wait how do you know that?” Heechul asked as the room once more filled with laughter “the reflection of the door” you say. Through the rest of the show Heechul kept making it clear he was teasing you. When you and Minho were asked to act how you would be in a relationship together you saw the little gleam of anger in Heechul’s eyes which made you smile. He cared and it meant a lot to you to see that.


You stood waiting for your manager to finish a phone call so he could drive you home as a jacket covered your shoulders. You glanced over to see Heechul there “you know it’s hard seeing you hold another man’s hand” he says as you two looked forward at the wall in front of you guys before you nodded “you never told me you didn’t date before me” he told you “I figured you dated” he continued as you chuckle. “I was never good with the opposite sex until I had to be” you tell him. “You know I miss you a lot” you say “I still sleep with the stuffed animal you gave me from our first date” you tell him. 

He grabbed your arm lightly and pulled you close to him “you know people get married and they go through tough times and you and I can’t even get over a rough patch” he says as you nod. “But I think we could. If you want to try again” he says as you give him a look. He wanted to date again? You were shocked to hear that from him. He took your face into his hands and pulled you in for a kiss. “Lets try please” he begged lightly as you simply bring him in for another kiss, his hands moved to your pushing you lightly against the wall deepening the kiss. You guys were lost in it before a throat cleared. “I’m guessing you need a ride as well Heechul?” your manager asked as Heechul gave you a look and nodded. “Don’t do anything in the back of the van again. You left a stain last time. I had a hard time explaining that to management” your manager rambled as Heechul took your hand into his. “Promise. Save it until home” he spoke as you rolled your eyes. This was the man you love though. The big dorky man.

Pukwudgie Slytherin aesthetic

Cold nights and warm blankets, stormy evenings, keeping cool in the heat, cold showers after a hot day, warm tea, wanting to start an herb garden, glass jars, sweet coffee, brown boots, sunsets, thigh high socks and knitted cardigans, old casette tapes, falling asleep on the car ride home, worn out books with dog earred pages, telling friends to put themselves first, saying it’s okay to be selfish, learning new words, fake smiles and polite conversation, worried glances, connecting freckles to form constellations on skin, warm eyes, nervous laughs, fidgeting hands, loud thunder, cats lazing in the sun, a fireplace used for smores, harsh words and awkward apologies, running away from home to find a new one, trusting few but being respectful to all, dancing under the sun on the walk home when no one is looking, owing nothing to no one because kindness should always be free, knitted blankets, making plans for the future, keeping kids from crying, telling someone the answer when the teacher calls on them, messy desks, always having an extra pencil, modern twists on fairy tales, setting fire to a forest to make way for new growth, a practical heart, big dreams, something more, this is good enough for now but not forever