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Asche: “My friends are like my family, if that’s what you mean…”

“They’re usually here, with me, but right now they have some things to deal with.”

Two of them are solving some family issues, one of them is travelling with her trainer -though she said she’ll visit me soon, so maybe she’s in her way to this place?- and the last one… I don’t really know, he’s rather unpredictable- I think he was solving some issues too?”

“And- well…”

Asche: “I’ve always wondered what happened to them. Maybe they’re dead? Maybe they just abandoned me? Maybe they lost me?”

“I don’t really know, and I don’t care either. I mean- yeah, I’d like to know about them or something, but it isn’t that of a big deal to me.”

Asche: “…Mom just… went to search for food one day like normal and…”

“… And never came again…”


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Pop songs the boys like but would never tell anyone? XD alsoo hunger games Jalph AU?


Ralph is in love with Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. He listens to it on repeat and WILL obnoxiously scream the lyrics if he ever hears it on the radio. Even if he’s in the back of the car, or in another room, he will lunge for the radio to crank the volume if it comes on.

Jack’s favorite is Love On Top by Beyoncé. Well…Jack actually loves ANYTHING by Beyoncé, but shhh that’s a huge secret. Despite the insane amount of octave changes at the end of this song, Jack is convinced he can sing through all of them (he can’t).

Simon’s secret is that he loves Everytime We Touch by Cascada. This doesn’t come as much of a secret when the others find out, it genuinely seems like an song Simon would like. That doesn’t stop him from blushing as everyone looks directly at him when they hear this song.

Roger admits he lives for Circus by Britney Spears. He doesn’t try to sing along to it, because it’s just not near his voice range at all, but he’ll dance to it. “Dance”. Roger is in fact terrible at dancing, but this song gets him going.

Maurice loves Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. He’s not even sure why, he just knows the melody is caught in his head all the time. He loves to belt this one in the shower.

Piggy rolls his eyes at all of them. But he really really really likes Glamorous by Fergie.


The jalph hunger games AU will be made sometime soon in a second post!!


These are some of my babies❤❤ how does one get people to follow their plant blog? I’ve had a side blog for a few months and only have three followers :/

They’re so pretty! And the water propagated pups are super impressive wow. Well i just started by following lots of people, reblogging more recently posted plant pictures, answering questions and posting my own! i hope you get more followers, your plants are awesome and sorry for taking so long to reply

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How would Shinsou react from a "Finish the Heart!" meme? i'm doing a drawing about it but i'm afraid it could be a lil ooc (possibly from someone u ship him with)

lul he asked but did it anyway

seriously though i think his reaction will depend on who the other person this and how close he is to that person. but you know me… since im a sucker for shindeku…. (also it’s okay to be a little OOC!!)

Probably one of the biggest arguments I see being used against astrology is the Barnum effect. Basically, it’s an effect that states that people are naturally inclined to believe in general, vague descriptions that can apply to everyone.

The people who make this argument get so smug because they think, “It’s true, the astrological descriptions are all so vague and applicable to everyone, so therefore, it’s bullshit!” when really, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

If you look at your natal chart, you’ll see that all of the signs are present. You are supposed to feel all of the signs resonating within you. When you read those vague Sun sign descriptions, they should ideally resonate somehow in some way. If you don’t, you have an interception, and interceptions can feel quite painful for anyone who has one in their natal chart since it shows an imbalance of the signs.

The people who make this argument also argue on the assumption that astrology was supposed to be extremely accurate, in an objective sense. What these skeptics don’t realize is that astrology is a subjective subject, and that accuracy, or the truth is truly a subjective idea when humans have different biases and perceptions due to their complexities. If accuracy was so objective, why do people still have arguments to this day? If accuracy, or the truth, was so objective, wouldn’t everybody know about it to where no conflicts would occur? Of course, this wouldn’t happen because the subjectivity of the truth is connected to our uniqueness as an individual.

Astrology was not and will never be an objective subject in its essence. If astrology was objective at all, it would be for the sake of existing and mental understanding. After all, you can’t objectify the human personality, and people who generally take an objective stance will struggle to understand that.

Astrology isn’t vague because it’s inaccurate, it’s vague because it takes the essence of life into account. Astrology is a subject that realizes that random circumstances, environments, and events all come into play when it comes to the individual. Take the variables away, and you’ll see a warped, incorrect picture of life.

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I haven't read Harry Potter (and I haven't seen the movies either), but a person I follow reblogged one of your posts. I accidentally clicked on your blog and got lost in it, and now, I think I'm going to start reading it!

i’m glad you’re here friend!! but there’s no need to read the books.

those are the only two passages that matter. they sum up the essence of harry potter quite well. you’re welcome! :)

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Hey, I know for a FACT that you're holding out on us. GIVE THE PEOPLE THE GOOD STUFF!

/sigh, I was hoping you wouldn’t find out about this… But I guess my secret is out. I guess I have no choice but to show you my prized possession

Please forgive me for withholding this, I don’t know what came over me. So selfish Jo, whats happened to you?


guess that fate brings them together in one way…or another! Haechan forever promoting his Mark hyung ♥

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Do you still like stony?

Ugh, Stony. No, my anon, I don’t like stony anymore. I mean, who does? It’s stony! Who can stand a ship that has this adorable goober 

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married to this ridiculous one? 

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Come on! It’s so unrealistic and so not canon. Who was the person who gave them a look and decided, “I’d ship that”? 

What’s so great about stuff like this? 

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Heck, not even animators would dare ship it 

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Or have an episode where the two reach out for each other because some invisible force is keeping them apart

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Not like the actors themselves acknowledge or play along with the ship 

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Or have those same actors have great chemistry with each other and give us perfect content for the ship

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Honestly, who likes stony? 

aldkjshgkdghsd of course I still love them oh my goooooooosdkfsdfa


Favourite reality show?  That one where they cook a meal under pressure and if they don’t do it in time or it isn’t good enough they have to enter a gladiatorial pit vs some unspeakable ancient horror. Love that show. Also, I like Planet Earth.