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hello! correct me if i'm wrong but i think you're the jikook lover i follow who recently said they love reading fics?? so i was wondering if you know of fics/scenarios that build on that iconic hotel vlive when jimin may have been hiding in the bathroom? 👀 i thought about that last night and my imagination went kinda wild lol if not, any jikook recs will do! please and thanks! JIKOOK FO LYFEEEE💞

Hi Anon!! Sorry this was so late, the past week has been pretty wild for me. But anyways to answer the first part, no unfortunately I dont know of any fics that build off of that iconic vlive :( im sorry.

BUT that recent vlive came out right? With Jimin in the bath robe and that Jikook stare….ah yes. I know theres a couple of fics that build off or are just based off of that.

 A Private Conversation by ambers

 the jimin effect by euphoriae

I read these two recently and they were 👌👌 A++ would read again. As for my other Jikook recs, oh boi *cracks knuckles* here we go:

Blow Me Like Your French Horn by ohdizzy Chapters:8/8 >>> Ahhh! I love this fic!! Its so hilarious and adorable and such a great read honestly. I highly recommend this fic!!

Constraint by Harlot Chapters:1/1 >>> Basically Jungkooks journey from str8 to gay but oh, oh m a n, Its so beautifully done. Right from the beginning, all the emotions that Jungkook goes through are very real and the Jikook was developed so well. Please give this one a read.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Seven Days) by jeonify Chapters:2/2 >>> God, this really is a tear jerker this one. Its very sweet and fluffy and angsty and just so perfect. You can never go wrong with soft!Jimin and internationalplayboy!Jungkook 😊

Dream Maker by graesun and Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) Chapters:12/12 >>> okokokok guys, read this fic. You will not regret it omg. The perfect mix of fluff, angst, smut and more fluff, this fic is a snipet into the lives of Jikook, who are just barely getting by with what little money they have, but theres lots of kisses, laughs, some angst and cute domestic shit™ This fic made me feel so many things and I loved it so much!! Give this one a try guys.

Don’t Think, Don’t Speak, Just Smile for Me by Ragi Chapters:27/27 >>> This fic left me shook for a solid week man, good god. So soft, so sad, so real. I loved the realism regarding homophobia and idols in Korea. Everything in this fic is written with care, and handled very well, plus the Jikook is beyond soft. I enjoyed this fic sooo much.

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk Chapters:1/1 >>> Skater Jungkook, Dance teacher Jimin, A+ smut and fluff, read this fic.

Well Done! by annafeu Chapters:1/1 >>> Okay, I suggest giving the tags a thorough peek through before reading this one because its twisted as fuck, but so damn amazing. This one features Bunny!Jimin, Wolf!Jungkook lots of filthy smut and grade A Jikook. Really great read, however do please read tag warnings before starting if you think you might be uncomfortable!

The Hook series by miskeen >>> Cute as fuck, domestic as fuck, hot as fuck, fuck. Read all the stories in this series please, theyre all 10/10 amazing.

The Good Doctor by snarcsics Chapters:1/1 >>> Frick doods, this was some of the hottest, well written Jikook fics ive ever read. Featuring sex addict Kook psychologist Jimin, and some excellent office sex, yes.

two sides; same story by namjoone Chapters:4/4 >>> Basically Jikook are neighbors and they both secretly think each other are hot as fuck and they rly wanna bang but they wont actually admit it to each other, typical jikook lmao. Anyways, this is sooo good!! Super steamy and super cute 👌

I Know I Can’t Have Him (but I want him anyways) by Shealezz Chapters:4/4 >>> ft fuckboy!Jimin and innocent!Jungkook (also fwb v/min) man this is filthy lmao, but a fantastic read!! God bless innocent bottom Jungkook honestly. Amen.

A Touch of Sin by pettey Chapters:10/10 >>> One word. Beautiful. Absolutely, beautiful. Right from the start to the finish, this fic had me feeling things in every chapter. Its graphic and raw but so beautiful. Highly recommend this one!

Okay last one before I get too carried away….

Relax, Dont Do It by yoongidontdoit (sammyinnerdglasses) Chapters:4/4 >>> Funny, adorable, smutty (extreme switching™) and overall so so good. Wild party animal Jungkook swearing to go at least 90 days without partying, late nights, or sex. But then he meets Park Jimin and that last part becomes slightly extremely hard not to do… *lenny face* Pls read this lmao.

Okay!! Thats all I got for now. I hope you enjoy 😊


The man-tiger should be proud of his garments. But he should still learn how to wear a belt properly.

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Hi can you give me some sh blogs to follow that don't have a lot of negativity please, this drama is giving me a headache

Hi! I may not be the best person to ask this of, but I will do my best. 

Tbh, I’m glad you are still following me after all of the drama I’ve been posting about. I advertise as “negativity free” with the intention being that I would only post positivity and nice things and stay away from the drama. Lol. I don’t think I’m doing too great at that. 

However, I have tried to remain level-headed and fair in regards to all the critical discussions happening in the fandom rn, when I do engage in it. I’ve lost several followers, but also gained some. So I must be doing something right XP. Thank all of you for sticking with me btw!!! You’re all amazing. 


I follow a lot of great people, but with the whirlwind of posts and opinions flying around I have not really kept track on all of my faves opinions on everything. I know they are all varying so you should totally check out the people I reblog frequently because even though they may have different opinions on what qualifies as negativity, they are all super nice, wonderful angels.

You can start with these people right here:

@malecisright @leetje @ladymatt @blj2007 @mypatronusismalec @boyfriendsmalec @peachyjellybean @bonus-point @only-1-a @daddarios @gleeksfreaksandwannabes @darquebane @magicandarchery @sfjessii @sharona1x2 @alyxhavok @write-yourself @courageincombat @alec-s-arrows @lightwoodsibs5ever @soulisthirsty @highwarlok @summerseasbooks @magnusandalec @ninsuninja @x5vale

Sick day… (>.,<)


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Thank you for taking your time.


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because i just go onto my dash and i see the most horrifying stories about ice cream and an image that looks like the spawn of satan and im like,,, what happened while i was binge-watching parks and rec

OH i had mentioned an ice cream truck earlier and then ppl shared their ice cream truck stories


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“Which one will you choose?”


Hello, it’s Hini, I’m kinda upset here… I have a problem with Tumblr login, I lost my old account (even the blog still exists!!!), I can’t login on it anymore…  😭

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You make an “ahh” face and nod; however, you are still confused as ever. Has technology really gotten this far? You do not recall any news about “Units” or androids this realistic looking with the ability to produce emotions as well as he(?) does.
You ask what to call him(?) by.

“Prussia or Gilbert is fine, or, if you really want to, you can call me: MR. SUPREME AWESOMENESS!! KESESESESESE!!!”

You nod, and mentally sweatdrop at the last name he mentioned. You then help him out of the crate.
Now that he is out of the crate, you can see the other objects that were in the crate.

You got:

•An ID Card
•Two sets of extra clothes
•Beer(???) x3
•An old flute

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Hey can you guys please recommend me some REALLY kinky fics? I don't really care about which kink is It, I just want to read some seriously heavy kinky shit that afterwards makes you feel like you are going straight to hell and need to bath in holy water or something lol

Let Me Be Your Call Boy - After coming out as gay to his friends on his birthday, the last thing Dan is expecting is to be gifted a call boy as a present, let alone one that’s been paid for for the entire night. Allowing Phil to show him the ropes is his first mistake, paying him to come back every week is his second, and using him to convince his parents he really is gay is his third. As a successful lawyer, the money isn’t the problem - falling in love is.

Oh, TeacherEssentially Dan seducing Phil while he’s teaching a class, sexting him and making bedroom eyes, all that good stuff, until Phil reaches his breaking point and acts on it. Basically pwp.

Playing by ear (ao3) - Dan has been running himself ragged and Phil is wondering how he can make Dan listen to him and make some time for himself. It’s simple, really. By recording some very special, very private 3d audio and then tying Dan up to make him listen.

Weave Me Into Your SkinWhen Phil finds a pair of panties mixed in with his and Dan’s laundry, he’s not sure what to think, consider he’s certain neither of them has brought home a girl in the past few weeks. What’s even stranger is what he finds in Dan’s room when he goes to inquire about the offending garment.

Stuck In A Rut - (ao3) Alpha!Phil goes through his first rut with help from Omega!Dan.

So You Can’t Run Away When It Starts Hurting (ao3) -  What will happen when Phil finds out his boyfriend has been hiding his BDSM kink from him

Don’t Cry, We’re Just Getting Started (ao3) -  When Dan misbehaves, Phil needs to show him who’s in charge in a not so enjoyable way. Not a crack fic, just hardcore BSDM

4 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life - Phil thinks it’s time for them to move out of their apartment and into a house of their own and what better way to surprise his boyfriend than to look at some property websites to try and narrow down their options for potential houses. If only Dan didn’t stumble on one of these websites on Phil’s laptop and come to a completely different conclusion.

you may also wanna look in the kinks tag (:



So guys not much have answered on my previous post. So I try it again. This time I tag some of my fave people here on tumblr. Hope you don’t mind.


Send me the title or the number of the fic you would like to read next. I haven’t written a single thing yet, so I wanna know what you guys would like to read. Please take the time and vote! Love every single one of you guys! You are amazing! ♥♥♥

~ (my birthday… so see it as a little gift for me. lol) ~

1)   ::★:: HAPPILY EVER AFTER ::★::

It was supposed to be the most beautiful day of her life. Her wedding day. But it became her worst, after catching her fiancé sleeping with her best friend and bridesmaid. She went to the only person that came to her mind. Tony Stark. After the huge betrayal of her fiancé he’s the only man she trusts completely, along with the other Avengers she knows. But how does the new addition to the heroes, the handsome Bucky Barnes, fit into the picture?

2)   ::★:: MIRROR OF HER SOUL ::★::

Making the people around her believe they know how she feels through her hair colors is one thing, but showing them her real feelings is something else. More than once she wished she could also manipulate her eye colors with her mutation. Then she wouldn’t have to wear sunglasses all the time to make sure no one can read her like an open book. See right into her soul just by seeing the colors of her eyes. Especially not Bucky Barnes.

3)   ::★:: SIRENITY ::★::

Reader is a mutant with a special power … well voice. Her voice is like that of a siren, making every man who hears it instantly fall in love with her. She promised herself to never speak again because of her mutant power. But what happens when she meets the handsome Bucky Barnes and helplessly falls for him? Can she still keep her promise or will she use her voice to make Bucky’s heart forever hers?


James Barnes is the most feared man of the world. Mortals know him as Hades, God of the Underworld. You are a goddess yourself by mortals called Persephone and still you’re scared of James. When Zeus and Demeter decide you will become his wife you are furious. But you also can’t deny you’re drawn to the dark attractive god. Maybe he’s not like everyone sees him. What better person than you to look behind his facade, his wife.

Tags of amazing people:

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Well, that’s a relief.

So as some of you know, my fiancé and I are expecting our first. I’m extremely excited but also scared. That’s normal to feel both right? Anyway, even though Jen hasn’t been pregnant a few weeks yet, I’m just already buying things. Like yesterday, I went to the store and bought baby proofing tools. I already hid the coffee away from Jen, and I bought pretty much all the parenting books you’re supposed to read. If anyone has any tips, please let me know. I need to be prepared for this as much as possible. 

Remington (my OC)

“love is a necessity, stop taking it from people”

also: to the few people asking if they can submit things to me, your answer is PLEASE. i love you guys and want every opportunity to read what you write ❤️

hey guys so i kind of need some help

i’m doing a paper on how lgbt+ folks are misrepresented in literature. this is both via stereotypes, intersectional issues (such as racism towards poc lgbt+ characters, ableism to disabled lgbt+, etc.), well intending straight authors writing lgbt+ characters badly and how lgbt+ are killed off constantly in the media.

i had to change my question really quickly and it’s due in two weeks and i’m kinda panicked because i’m strapped for examples besides the books i’ve already read/mentioned. so if you guys have any books/authors you want to point out where you felt lgbt+ were misrepresented, message me or reblog this post with your answers. please books/poems only.

thanks guys