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i didnt have to make this a vid but i did bc i got the song in my head ANYWAY THIS WAS A RESPONSE T OTHIS QUESTION

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okay so, I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this idea, but what if the Ravenclaw door that demands riddles instead of passwords only asked questions that the recipient has it in them to figure out?

Like, I mean, a lot of people who would fit in Ravenclaw aren’t necessarily going to be good at wordplay. If I weren’t Slytherin, I’d be Ravenclaw most likely, and heck, I’m terrible at riddles. Also, the riddle is supposed to be challenging, what’s challenging for an 7th year might be impossible for a 1st year. Not to mention all the riddles that might require knowledge that muggleborn students wouldn’t have because they reference things common to a wizard upbringing

So I mean, what if the knocker is sort of like the hat and is capable in some fashion of asking personalized questions. One person might get a standard word play riddle (ie “what’s the longest word in the english language? Smiles, because there’s a mile between the first and last letters) while another person might get a logic riddle (like the sheep wolf cabbage river crossing problem) and maybe yet another person will get a straight up math problem or a riddle referencing their best subjects. 

I just think it would be nice, because the goal with the knocker seems to be challenging students on their knowledge and wit, keeping them on their toes- not about expecting ¼ of the student body to have the exact same knowledge base, experience, and specific facet of problem solving


you’re drivin me bananas, take that and split ya monkey. :p

(the couch is somethin heavy feather drew and gave me permission to use, i use it as a base to draw everything else off of, he made several props like that that i may use in the future to make drawin stuff faster and im gonna start makin some of my own too. also D:< startlight gears a scrub and aint got nothin on me.)