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I'll tell ya what was "unscripted" / I understand if you don't publish: The last sex scene of this season. When S rubs his scruffy chin up C neck and she sort of loses it--after that. I'm sorry, but that something a ONLY a boyfriend would do. That extra know/add is the most telling / unscripted / got-ya! of all that says---you know what each other likes w/ lots of practice. It's not actor just acting it's something he knows. My BF knows my weakness but no one else.

I’m just going to leave this here. For Science’s sake…

Probably one of the biggest arguments I see being used against astrology is the Barnum effect. Basically, it’s an effect that states that people are naturally inclined to believe in general, vague descriptions that can apply to everyone.

The people who make this argument get so smug because they think, “It’s true, the astrological descriptions are all so vague and applicable to everyone, so therefore, it’s bullshit!” when really, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

If you look at your natal chart, you’ll see that all of the signs are present. You are supposed to feel all of the signs resonating within you. When you read those vague Sun sign descriptions, they should ideally resonate somehow in some way. If you don’t, you have an interception, and interceptions can feel quite painful for anyone who has one in their natal chart since it shows an imbalance of the signs.

The people who make this argument also argue on the assumption that astrology was supposed to be extremely accurate, in an objective sense. What these skeptics don’t realize is that astrology is a subjective subject, and that accuracy, or the truth is truly a subjective idea when humans have different biases and perceptions due to their complexities. If accuracy was so objective, why do people still have arguments to this day? If accuracy, or the truth, was so objective, wouldn’t everybody know about it to where no conflicts would occur? Of course, this wouldn’t happen because the subjectivity of the truth is connected to our uniqueness as an individual.

Astrology was not and will never be an objective subject in its essence. If astrology was objective at all, it would be for the sake of existing and mental understanding. After all, you can’t objectify the human personality, and people who generally take an objective stance will struggle to understand that.

Astrology isn’t vague because it’s inaccurate, it’s vague because it takes the essence of life into account. Astrology is a subject that realizes that random circumstances, environments, and events all come into play when it comes to the individual. Take the variables away, and you’ll see a warped, incorrect picture of life.

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Could we appreciate how bitter Peter Parker would be when he saw how Team Cap treats Tony? He'd be furious! At first he would just observe, but when he saw how it really hurts Tony and how Tony seems to make himself smaller everytime they say something mean, how Tony, Mr. Stark, Iron Man, Pete's biggest hero, looks like he's about to break, Peter just can't. He says something that shuts team Cap up and then makes sure to tell Tony how much he appreciates and cares about him, every single day.

There are two things most people don’t know about Peter: 1) He’s Spiderman (though the circle of those in the know seems to grow at an alarming rate lately). 2) When you hurt someone he cares for, he is vicious. (The circle of those who realise this through personal experience is currently also growing at an alarming rate.)

It doesn’t start slow either. There’s no building up to it, because there’s nothing like offending everyone who’s worked their asses off to get you back home for the last six months in under an hour after your arrival. Seriously?

So, Peter who, as childish as it is, already isn’t very happy with those no-longer-exiled dickheads–because he’s seen just a bit of the injuries Mr. Stark had after those fights and it was already too much, and also because he’s been here, he’s seen how hard Mr. Stark worked, how much time and energy it cost him, how exhausted he always is–and he’s just not ready to put up with this shit, damn the consequences.

So he doesn’t.

The second the first passive-aggressive comment is thrown into Mr. Stark’s direction–Peter sees the way the man’s shoulder’s slump, as though the hurtful words are physically dragging him down, sees the way his face closes off–he sees red.

“Yes, well, nobody asked for your opinion, so take that clue and keep your mouth shut!” he hisses, followed by some much less pleasant words. He hits way beneath the belt and he knows it, he just doesn’t care. It’s not even about the accords or the fight in Germany that could’ve gotten him killed, it’s the entitled attitude that really gets to him. Especially since it’s directed at/against Mr. Stark.

“Spider-” Mr. Stark starts, and Peter knows that tone, knows the man wants to calm him down–and he’s still protecting his identity even with just the team around, and Peter is just so done.

“No,” he interrupts. “I don’t- We don’t have to put up with this. They’re back, yay and yippee, justice has been served, whatever. A pardon doesn’t excuse their behaviour right now. If nothing else they should at least appreciate the effort you put into getting them into this room. But since they clearly don’t, I prefer to spend my time with people I actually value, so let’s just go!”

With that he takes Mr. Stark’s hand and pulls the unresisting man out of the conference room, slams the door shut behind him because if he’s going to act his age he’s gonna own it, and into the elevator. It’s only there that he slowly pulls off the mask and spends a very long, awkward minute staring at Mr. Stark, where it seems neither of them quite know what to say.

“You probably should get home, your aunt will be worried,” is what Mr. Stark ends up saying eventually, looking as uncomfortable in his skin as Peter feels–and that’s not right at all.

“She won’t expect me home until dinner,” Peter says without thinking, “Besides I like spending time with you–in the lab. I mean, if you don’t have anything else to do. Which, it’s cool if you do, I get it. I just-”

“You like the lab?” Mr. Stark interrupts, sounding surprised.

“Of course!” Peter grins, relieved to have his panicked babbling interrupted. “It’s great, the equipment’s great and I’m learning a lot more from you than all my teacher’s together! It’s brilliant!”

And the way Mr. Stark straightens at those words is better, is great, because like this he looks as though he could take over the whole world with just his mind and a smile, already sharing an idea on how to improve the mobility of Peter’s newest suit, and this is how it’s supposed to be.

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How on earth do shiny exoskeletons form?

Exoskeletons are formed by layers of chitin formed from the epidermis. While most invertebrates get their colouration from pigments and reflect light like so: 

Inverts that have shiny exoskeletons get their colour and shine from the way the light interacts with the microscopic structures of their exoskeletons. The light that hits these structures is specular reflection, while light hitting normally pigmented exoskeletons is diffuse reflection (like above with the red lady beetle).


For example: 

Chrysina gloriosa

These beetles get their shine a liquid crystalline material produced on the external surface that assembles into three complex polygonal shaped structures: hexagons, pentagons and even heptagons. They selectively reflect left circularly polarized light on the beetles excoskeletons that gives that shiny and brilliant green appearance!

Another example (another couple of coleoptera) Chrysina aurigans (gold) and Chrysina limbata (silver).

These beetles get their shiny excoskeletons from multilayer nanostructures allowing for that metallic shine appearance. Also to note these beetles are not  iridescent! (this means they appear gold or silver from every angle). 

These beetles exoskeleton’s are made up of over 70 layers of chitin and each have difference refractive indices that allows light waves to be reflected at each interface. 

Another example is the use of  iridescence that can create that shine in excoskeletons (more beetles I know. But beetles are the largest order and have lots of good examples). 

(a) Loxandrus rectus, (b) Phalacridae gen. sp., © Cicindela scutellaris scutellaris, (d) Amarygminae gen. sp., (e) Phanaeus vindex, (f) Eupholus sp.

There are a number of structures and mechanisms that these beetles use to get their shiny exoskeletons.

  • Multilayer reflectors - that are thin layers of chitin that have difference refractive indexes and are spaced to one-quarter of the visible light wavelength. 
  • Additive or ‘pointillistic’ colour mixing - where the external surface of the beetle is covered with an array of closely packed, minute punctae. That each individually reflect narrow bands of wavelengths 
  • Circularly polarizing reflectors  - Like explained already above in Chrysina gloriosa
  • Broadband reflectors - these are multilayer structures that reflects most or all wavelengths of light simultaneously
  • Three-dimensional photonic crystals -  these crystal structures (found in scales on the exoskeleton) have closely-packed shapes; hexagonal, diamond lattice, pentagonal, ect, that reflect saturated colours and reduce the angle dependency. Colour is produced by the high ordered lattice in the scales. here’s what they look like (as shown in Pachyrrhynchus congestus pavonius).

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Hello, dear <3 Simply for scientific research, why do you think Jiminie is as graceful as a baby giraffe when he walks or stands or sits, but suddenly he's smooth like a snake when dancing (most of the time anyways)?

When I will understand why he smiles like the warmest weather

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then looks at you and it turns into thunder

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When I will understand how he gets embarrassed for the smallest things 

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then manage his hip thrusting like he was part of Magic Mike

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When I will understand how can he be the shortest in BTS

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then jumps the highest

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When I will understand how he gets shy when someone looks at him 

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Then stares at someone for minutes like he is willing to consume all their soul

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When I will understand how much bullying he does not respond to 

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then out of the blue become the most savage of the team

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When I will understand how he ATTAC

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When I will understand some of these I will make sure to answer you by then ^^